tagFetishNatasha Ch. 01

Natasha Ch. 01


Natasha had just finished taking a shower and had just got out of the bath. Whilst she was drying herself she suddenly had a naughty idea. She was bursting for a pee and rather than going to sit on the loo why didn't she squat her buttocks over the edge of the bath and take a piss there instead. Dropping the towel to the floor, Natasha gingerly lowered her wide womanly bum cheeks down over the edge of the bath. Then, whilst she gazed down past her exposed breasts at her midriff, Natasha parted her legs to reveal the sight of her auburn triangle of pussy hairs nestled between her thighs. Now it was a simple matter of letting her pee come squirting out of her cunt and into the bath. Concentrating hard, Natasha waited with baited breath whilst the feeling of relief rushed down her body to her waiting pussy lips which immediately parted to allow a strong, thick golden flow of hot piss come shooting out of her cunt and rain against the bath wall facing her pussy. Natasha gasped with the thrill she was getting from doing her toilet into the bath basin. From her vagina, golden pee continued to squirt out of her pussy lips, crossing the short space between her cunt and the bath wall where her golden stream landed and flowed downwards covering the ceramic with a yellow sheen of urine. From under Natasha's buttocks came a soft hissing and pattering sound whilst she did her pee over the bath wall. The sight of the golden stream of pee leaving her pussy looked gorgeous as it covered the bath wall with a running stream of her hot piss.

Natasha had been peeing now for several long seconds. The golden spray squirting out of her pussy was showing no signs of diminishing. In fact Natasha had lots of pee left in her and she was beginning to wonder what else she could use in the bathroom to catch her piss. Spreading her legs wide to give herself a better view of her golden stream that was issuing out of her pussy, Natasha decided she would risk a quick pee over her towel which was still lying over the floor. Without stopping her pissing, Natasha used her hands to move herself forwards bringing her curly brown triangle of pubic hairs past the edge of the bath rim. Golden pee continued to squirt out of Natasha's pussy and within moments she was busily relieving herself over the red towel lying on the floor. Natasha gasped with the thrill of seeing the towel material darken as it absorbed her piss shower. Still peeing hard, the golden flow of piss issuing out of her pussy still flowing strongly, Natasha lowered her body towards the floor and the towel she was still urinating all over. Now she was squatting directly over the towel, her hot piss spraying the material only inches away from her parted pussy lips. The hissing sound caused by her pissing was louder now as she peed all over the towel, moving her bare bum cheeks backwards over the material so that she could pee all over it. After several more seconds of intense pissing, Natasha's closed her pussy lips.

As the golden stream of piss leaving her pussy vanished from sight, Natasha leapt up. She still hadn't finishing peeing, rather it was more a case of she had run out of fresh towel to piss over. Now she had somewhere else in mind to deposit her golden shower of hot pee. Moving up to the edge of the bathroom sink, Natasha moved her pussy triangle up to the edge so that her pussy lips were aimed into the bowl. Taking a deep breath to calm the butterflies in her stomach, Natasha resumed her toilet. This time when Natasha started to pee, her golden flow escaped her pussy and rained down to cover the bathroom sink bowl with a covering of bright yellow, vaginal piss. Standing up to the bathroom sink that she was now busily relieving her urine into, Natasha gazed into the bowl and at the mess she was making with her pee. Golden splashes of urine were now all over the sink, whilst her main flow of pee continued to flow unceasing down the plug hole. Natasha's bum cheeks were now facing the bathroom door. From there it was just possible to make out the sight of her golden pee stream as her piss flowed out of her cunt and into the sink.

Natasha was almost done now. Her stream of yellow piss leaving her pussy and raining into the sink bowl was diminishing. Desperate to do a pee in at least one more naughty place in the bathroom, Natasha ceased her pee. Moving her pussy away from the sink bowl she had just been using as a urinal to catch her piss, Natasha wondered where she could finish her toilet. Suddenly inspiration came to her. Grabbing the piss stained towel, Natasha picked it up before placing it down in front of the bathroom door. Then she went to position her naked body up to the door, so that her breasts and pussy were practically touching the blue painted wood. Without even bothering to look down at her muff, Natasha once again started to take a pee. This time, her honey coloured stream squirted out of her pussy and crossed the short space to the door frame where her pee stream started to rain against with a very slight pattering sound.

Suddenly Natasha heard somebody coming up the stairs and she guessed it must be her mother. Rather than stopping her pee over the door, Natasha decided it would be more fun to continue. Between her legs her golden shower continued to spray over the woodwork as she stood there up to the door, peeing all over it, knowing full well that there was somebody on the other side. Her mother would never imagine in a million years that her daughter was busily relieving herself all over the other side of the bathroom door whilst she walked unknowingly by. The stream of urine issuing out of Natasha's hairy cunt had now reduced to a little trickle. As her pee stream waned it stopped raining over the woodwork of the bathroom door and instead became a little falling stream of yellow pee droplets to the towel below. Closing her pussy lips, Natasha moved back from the door to admire the piss stain all over it. Grabbing the soap holder off the edge of the bath, Natasha held it up to her waiting pussy lips and started to let the few drops of her pee escape her cunt and fall into the holder.

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