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Natasha's Sex Toy


Fuck gambling, I was planning to visit Las Vegas and wanted to experience something REALLY exciting...a rendezvous with a beautiful and passionate, upscale escort.

I went online and found a site for well-reviewed escorts in Vegas. There on the first page, was a photo of Natasha. I viewed her website and instantly felt a bulge in my pants. She was exactly what I wanted, a beautiful, sensually elegant slut. I immediately submitted my information for screening and 36 hours later, our rendezvous was scheduled.

Finally, the fateful day has arrived. I've checked into my Vegas hotel suite, and yes, I'm nervous as hell while I prepare myself for what I hope will be an unforgettable evening.

I hear a knock on the door and know, it's show time. I open it and standing there is my fantasy woman dressed in a floor length, black mink coat and incredible smile. "Hi, I'm Natasha" she says, her eyes sparkling. She is stunning!

Natasha steps inside, I hand her the donation envelope, and she slips it into her coat pocket. Then pressing her body against mine, she begins to passionately kiss me. Her spontaneity and take charge attitude is so incredibly refreshing. Natasha's soft moans, full lips, and naughty tongue get me hard immediately.

I'm really getting into it, then Natasha pushes me back against the closed door. Her breathing is heavier, her kisses even deeper. I'm already in her control and she knows it.

She begins kissing my neck while unbuttoning my shirt, her mouth moving down my chest very slowly kissing me and stopping to suck and lightly bite my nipples. Now my cock isn't the only thing that's erect, my nipples are hard as rocks. I'm in a daze.

Suddenly, Natasha stops. She steps back, looks into my eyes, opens her fur coat and lets it slowly slip off her shoulders and onto the floor.

There she stands in nothing more than a black lace bra, garter belt with black stockings, a G-string, and stiletto heels. I want her NOW, but no, Natasha knows what she wants and there's no stopping her.

She begins passionately kissing my mouth as she grasps my wrists and holds them firmly against the door.

Natasha then drops to her knees and letting go of my wrists, she begins to work her lips and tongue over my hardness. Teasing me like this, I'm about to explode inside my pants. She unzips and pushes them to the floor as my hard dick shoots out at her.

Natasha takes my firm cock in her hand, while looking up at me, as she slides her bra straps off her shoulders exposing her luscious full breasts.

She circles the head of my cock around her erect nipples, occasionally slapping it against them and begins titty fucking me. I'm sure Natasha's about to receive a pearl necklace, but no, I suddenly feel her moist mouth surround my cock.

OMG, her tongue is magic as it circles the rim of my cock while she slowly yet firmly moves her hand up and down my hard shaft. Stroking, kissing, licking, sucking, and deep throating me. Fuck, how much more can I take?

Her pace quickens as my cock swells and begins throbbing inside her mouth. I hear her muffled words, "I want you NOW" as I shoot the biggest load of cum deep into her mouth.

Natasha rises and erotically looks into my eyes while swallowing my hot load, and says, "You taste fabulous, thank you."

My legs are trembling, I can barely walk to the bed to lie down.

As I'm recovering from this amazing experience, Natasha comes out of the bathroom with a warm wash cloth and hand towel. She begins cleansing my cock and balls, then patting them dry.

She tosses the towels on the carpet and leans over me, sensually placing her gorgeous breasts around my cock. Natasha gently lays on top of me, sighing or is it purring, and rests her head on my stomach. We are both satisfied and relaxed and enjoy this quiet, comfortable time.

I want to know more about this woman that just took control of me.

We begin talking and much to my delight, she's an interesting conversationalist. Natasha's travels have taken her around the world, and she has fun and exciting stories to share.

As I'm listening, while staring into Natasha's mesmerizing eyes, I start getting aroused again. I want more of her, all of her.

She's very intuitive and senses my desire for her sweet nectar. Natasha leans back against the pillows and spreads her legs open for me, as I move my mouth to her pussy.

She tastes terrific and is the easiest woman to orally please that I've ever met. Probably it's her sensual confidence with her own body and knowing what gives her pleasure.

Whatever it is, her movements point the way...what to lick, what to touch, and when.

Natasha grabs the back of my head, pulling me deeper into her wet mound and moans, "Tongue fuck me" as her back arches and she cums with a screaming orgasm.

What an ego boost it is to give her such intense sexual pleasure.

I rise to kiss her and she seductively licks my lips, then whispers in my ear, "Mmmm, I love tasting my sweet pussy juice on your mouth."

After a few minutes of cuddling she begins kissing and sucking my cock, then slowly moves down to lick my balls while her hand strokes my throbbing shaft.

She pushes my legs apart and erotically begins rimming me. Natasha coyly asks, or is she begging, "Does your ass dare take my tongue?"

Fuck, I want to shoot another load right now, but she knows how to pace it, so I don't.

After some incredible tongue action, she stops and says, "It's time for a body rub." WTF??? But Natasha definitely knows what she wants and there's no stopping her!

She straddles me in cowgirl position, leans back, spreads open her large luscious lips and wraps them around my hard cock. Rocking her hips back and forth, her pussy strokes and massages my throbbing shaft and head, now dripping with precum.

Natasha's hand cups her breast and as her fingers squeeze her erect nipple, she shoves it into my mouth telling me to suck and bite it. "Harder!" she demands. I do as told, as she moans with pleasure and pain. Natasha cums quickly, her body trembling and soaking my cock and balls with her sweet cream.

Damn, now that's what I call a body rub!

I can't believe I didn't cum, but I don't want to until I'm deep inside her. Besides, it's so surreal watching Natasha in action, like viewing my own personal POV video and I've become her sex toy...and I love it.

My insatiable slut leans forward and passionately kisses me, as I feel the head of my stiff cock being teased by her tight cunt...in and out, in and out.

Holy Fuck!!! My cock is suddenly being covered in Natasha's hot wetness as she finally allows all of my manhood to enter her.

Natasha sits up, placing her hands on my chest as I watch her beautiful face and large breasts, and she begins riding me like a wild animal in heat.

I can tell she enjoys me as much as I do her, as Natasha closes her eyes and moans louder and louder with each thrust of my cock so deep inside her.

She turns to reverse cowgirl, leans over and grasps my ankles with her hands, then asks, "So, do you like the view?"

God, I love this woman!

After a few minutes of grinding my cock into her hot pussy, she rises, then squats and tells me to spread her ass cheeks open.

I do as told and watch as Natasha slowly and gently lowers her tight asshole down my thick shaft. She doesn't rush, but takes it inch by inch until she's sitting with my throbbing cock deep inside her.

Natasha leans over, grabbing my ankles and demands, "Slap my ass, while you're in my naughty place!"

OMFG...I am, Natasha's Sex Toy!

Now she wants it doggie as she rolls onto her stomach, raising her ass in the air while looking back at me, teasing me, daring me.

It's my turn to now take control, so I sit and stare at this carnal vision, and make her wait.

Natasha pleads, "Mmmm, please cream my naughty place" and I mount her, grabbing firmly onto her hips as I once again enter her tight asshole.

She moans with pleasure and leans back into me, as I fill her full of my throbbing cock.

"Pump me!" she says, and I begin fucking her ass hard and fast as she rubs her swollen clit.

I'm ready to explode instantly but I want to hear her cum again. I tell her, "Cum now for me" and she obeys. "Fuck YESSS!!!" and her carnal scream of pleasure makes me explode like never before.

We both collapse in total ecstasy.

Expecting her to jump up and head to the bathroom, again, she amazes me. Instead, Natasha takes another wash cloth from the nightstand, cleansing my exhausted cock.

Natasha kisses my mouth tenderly, then lies beside me with her arm across my chest and one leg across mine.

I don't want this to end and it won't, the memory of my time spent with Natasha will always be with me. She knows she willingly has me in her control, and...I will rendezvous with her again.

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