tagFetishNathalie's Ticklish Breasts

Nathalie's Ticklish Breasts


"Who wants to go with me?" Melissa, my mistress, asked my wife, Amber and her cousin Nathalie, our nanny, if they'd like to accompany her for a weekend of shopping in New York.

Nathalie (or "Nat") chimed in with an enthusiastic, "I do, I do!"

Amber also expressed interest in a quick jaunt to the Big Apple for some shopping!

It was settled. The three girls would take the weekend off from work and their family responsibilities to hit the salons and shops in New York. I would watch the kids and have some time alone with them.

We were all looking forward to our weekend festivities, when Murphy's Law hit us, square in the face!!!

Our son, Chris Jr. got the chicken pox! All of a sudden, Megan AND Nora BOTH got them, too!

Nat was beside herself with worry, thinking that I couldn't handle three little babies, all itching and scratching and crying like crazy! And, in truth, I couldn't. (Hey! I'm a guy! Whad'ja expect?)

The women all offered to stay home to help me with the kids. It was finally agreed upon that Nat would stay while Amber and Mel went and did their thing.

The weekend came and I could see the disappointment on poor Nat's face as the Airport Limo service came to pick up Amber and Mel from the guest house. (It was decided that Amber and Mel would stay in the guest house, as soon as the kids got sick, so they wouldn't spread the disease to everyone on the airplane.)

My poor little friend and I were stuck in a house full of screaming, crying, itchy toddlers.

OHHH, the calamine lotion was a'flowing that weekend, let me tell ya'!!!

We were almost drowning in it, when I had the idea to fill up the little bath-tub with the pink fluid... And I'll be darned if it didn't work, too!!!

Megan, Nora and baby Chris all started to calm down...finally. This gave Nat the chance to sit down and relax... Catch her breath... And think about what she was missing by staying here with us!

She started to cry...

I comforted Nat by putting my arm around her and giving her a big hug and a kiss on the forehead. This left a big lip print of calamine lotion on her face! I hadn't realized that the kids had splashed it on my face, too. But I realized now that we were both splotched all over with the stuff! We both looked in the bathroom mirror and laughed our asses off at the sight of two grown people who looked like they'd been run over by a leaky Pepto Bismol truck!!!

Once we'd finally calmed down, we decided to take a shower. We checked on the kids first, then stripped each other and climbed into the tub!

"AAHHHH! That feels SO GOOOD," we both sighed at the same time! As we scrubbed each other's back, front and face, we realized we were getting turned on by the hot, soapy water!

We started to hug and kiss each other, licking each other's face and neck.

Nat got down on her knees and took "Henry" between her lips. She sucked him all the way to the back of her throat, exciting the head with her tongue and lips!

I was getting very close to shooting a load of cum down my hot little friend's throat when we heard Nora crying!

"UHHHN!" was all I could say before I asked Nat to go check on our daughter. Nora was just hungry. Both babies were hungry, so, being the "Earth Mother," it was her duty to keep the babies happy and fed! I came in with baby Chris and set him in Nat's arms alongside Nora.

"I love watching this," I said to Nat.

"You love watching THIS?" Nat asked, incredulously.

"Yes," I said, "The intimacy that you mothers share with children. That's a bond--a closeness-- that we fathers will never know."

"Well, consider yourself lucky, Daddy," she said, looking at Nora, then Chris. "If not for the big breasts- which I might add, are not going to stay this big, 'cause as soon as the kids are weened, these'll return to their perky, little size- this gig would suck!"

"Really?" I asked. "I kinda' like you, all busty, like this."

"Oh? I always thought you liked small, pert and perky tits, like Amber's!"

"I do... I really do! But, I love your big gazongas," I kidded.

"GAZONGAS, are they?!" Nat's voice raised just a little bit. Not enough to wake the kids, who were finally sleeping, contentedly, but enough to let me know that I was "gonna get it" when we were alone!

Once the children were put to bed, Nat came into my bedroom.

"Alright, Mister! What about MY 'gazongas?'" Nat asked, smiling.

"Nothing," I said. "All I said is that I LOVE them!"

"Are you lucky! Because THAT is exactly what I wanted to hear!" And with that, Nat closed the door to the bedroom and jumped into my arms, knocking us both onto the bed behind me.

Then she started to tickle me! I still love to be tickled!! I laffed and laffed and laffed as she dug her fingers into my rib cage!!! I laffed so hard my stomache muscles were sore.

I finally rolled over and pinned Nat under me and applied the dreaded "T.T." on her!

Many is the time I've used the "Tickle Torture" on the women in my home! It makes for great foreplay. When used as a precursor to sex it can heighten orgasms immensely! I highly recommend it!!

Luckily Nat had gone to the bathroom before we'd started our mutual tickling games. Unfortunately, I had not. I excused myself, to "go potty," and when I returned Nat was already naked.

God, did she look gorgeous lying there, on her side, with her head propped up on one arm. She gave me her infamous "come-hitherto" look that is guaranteed to give any man an erection!!! Henry has never been impervious to that look, so, of course, I followed my dick to where the Siren's song was calling us!!!

Anticipating a night of wild debauchery, I had taken a "Viagrow" tablet. Even tho' it hadn't kicked in yet, I was still as hard as a steel girder, and, of course, little Nathalie noticed Henry's seven inch extension!

"Aww, did I do that?" Nat asked, coyly. "I'm sorry, Daddy. Come here and I'll make it ALL better!"

I love it when she uses her baby voice to induce an erection from me. It always works, for some reason... Sort of like my wife's sexy smile, which never fails to give a rise to my fries!!!

I jumped onto the bed, mere inches from Nat's spread legs, then crawled, oh-so-slowly, to my wife's cousin's dripping vaginal orifice! I inhaled the lovely, natural musk of her young and wet hole!

"Ahhh! God, you even SMELL fantastic," I exclaimed to my little friend on the bed before me. She just giggled and spread her legs further, inviting me to partake of her womanly charms!!!

Nathalie has the best tasting twat in the world!!!

I licked and sucked and slurped my way into her hot, little body... I used my lips and toungue and teeth and fingers and nose, and would've used my elbows if they would've fit, to get my friend to acheive an orgasm so big, she'd remember it for a decade!!! Finally, I stuck my index finger in her and moved it upwards, till it hit her "magic button" and watched her shoot off like a rocket!!! I had to put my free hand over her mouth to quiet her shrieking, for fear of waking the kids again!

When she finally came down off the ceiling, she asked me to put Henry in her... ANYWHERE he wanted to go!

Henry has always loved our Nanny's anus. Nat's anus has always loved Henry.

Talk about synchronicity!!!

Or talk about pop music, for all I care... ;)

Nat knew what Henry was thinking (yes, I am a guy. And, yes, we do think with them at times... Sheesh) and she was all for it, as well! But here is where things got kooky...

We had no lube for Nat's asshole!!!

Then an IDEA went off in her head...

"Suckle my breasts," she said.

"Why?" I asked, stupidly.

I love sucking on her breasts, so I didn't have to be told twice!!

I took her left nipple into my mouth and sucked for all I was worth! I Hoovered it until I tasted the sweet milk that my children drink every day!! This, for me, is an erotic experience! I don't know why, nor do I care why. It just IS an incredibly intimate thing that I really love to do with my little friend, Nathalie!!!

Nat began to laff. She said my walrus-type mustash was tickling her breasts! As she laffed, I could see the juices pouring from her vagina!!!

"How about this for a lube?" I asked, scooping a finger-full and holding it up to her mouth.

She licked my finger off and said, "Only as a last option. Keep sucking."

Okay, so I kept sucking. I know better than to mess with a woman's plans!

Her nipples were now distended to their full inch and a half glory! She asked me to sit back and watch the "show." What she did next blew my mind...

She grabbed the nipple that I had been sucking on and squeezed and pulled it with her thumb and forefinger. It looked painful, but then again, Nat DID used to be our sex slave and resident S&M godess, so nothing she's done has EVER really surprised me!!!

Anyway, she was literally milking her own breast. It started to squirt milk in steady streams!!! It was in-fucking-credible, how she was able to do that. And with such precision, too! She shot a couple streams at my open mouth, which I promptly licked up and swallowed down. Then she shot some at Henry, who was harder than I could ever remember him being!!!

Then she filled up the palm of her free hand and rubbed the greasy, sweet fluid into her own anus, thus creating her own brand of anal lube!

"If you still want it, here it is... All lubed up and ready for Henry," she said!

Well, I positioned my hard-on at her sphincter muscle and pushed in the head of my cock! Nat is an anal sex expert and can relax her anus easily! Henry had little problem sliding into Nat's back-door entrance! Nat just groaned once I was completely buried into her asshole!!!

"NNNAAHHN!!!" Nat cried out, as she had another orgasm. "Come on, Master, please shoot your cum into me! Please, Master!! Please!!!" Nat often reverts back to her slave persona when she's at the height of her arousal. I was NOT going to disappoint her, either!

I felt the cum boiling up from my swollen testicles! I was at the point of no return, when I told my little slut to hold still. I couldn't believe how much cum shot out of my body! It just flew out of me and filled up Nat's bowels 'til she was almost drowning in my semen, she later told me.

"Good God, Nathalie, you hot, little slut, you!!! Do you SEE what you do to me? And Henry... My gosh, look at Henry!"

We both looked down at my penis as it plopped out of Nat's anus.

It was still hard!

It was covered with breast milk and cum, but it was still hard as a rock!!! I guess the old "Viagrow" had kicked into overdrive!

Nat took one look at Henry and sucked it clean. Using her lips, tongue and warm mouth, she was able to keep Henry hard for ten more minutes!

When she realized that Henry wasn't going to relax, she asked me to fuck her pussy with him!

I told her to lay down on her back and hold her knees up to her chest. I then grabbed a butt plug from a drawer, next to the bed, in which I keep things like that for Amber! I inserted the plug into Nat's already-slick asshole and heard her have a little orgasm as I was shoving it in!!

I then grabbed Nat's legs and told her to lock her ankles around my neck. With Nat in that position I could get the deepest penetration into her hot, little cunt!!!

I plunged my cock into Nat's wet vagina! AHHH, I love her cunt, almost as much as her asshole... And that's saying a LOT, because I LOVE her asshole!!!

The "Viagrow" was working true to form. Henry stayed hard for thirty more minutes, in which poor, little Nat had to BEG me to cum in her pussy so she could catch her breath!!!

Henry was getting close, anyway, so she needn't have worried! I plunged my dick into her cunt a few more times, eliciting another orgasm from my friend! And with one last, final push, I told Nat to squeeze her "twat down and hold on for dear life, 'cause Henry's gonna blow up!!!"

And he did!!!

We both saw stars from that last orgasm of the night!! We fell asleep in each others' arms, and Henry stayed nestled in Nat's warm and loving cunt-hole all night.

We woke up the next morning and headed for the shower. After bathing each other just like the night before, we checked on the kids. They were still, miraculously, sleeping.

We walked down the stairs, fixed a big breakfast, and sat down to eat, playfully stroking each others' hands, arms and bare legs, as we ate.

Amber and Melissa returned the next night with bags and bags of presents and goodies for us and the kids! When my wife asked how our weekend went, we just looked at each other, grinned, and said it was uneventful.

Amber knew we were fibbing, of course, but I knew she'd get the full details from "Blabber-Mouth" Nat, soon enough! And, truth to tell, I was going to use what Nat and I did as a story to enhance my sex with my wife, that night!!!

THE END!!! (For now...)

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed my story... I know I sure loved writing it!!!

Drop me a line and let me know what you thought...


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