tagIllustratedNat's Party

Nat's Party


The Indian girl named Neelu had become very enamored with Natalie. She wanted to look more and more like an American girl. She let her hair grow out enough to have it styled. She began to wear nicer, more flattering clothes. And she even began to experiment with make-up.

Even though her family was from the Punjabe tribe near the Pakistan border, she was brought up Catholic and spoke the Queen's English. She was happy to not have to wear a dot on her forehead. Her cousins and distant relatives were sad to see the changes at first, but were happy that she was happy. Neelu also became less shy, and even went out on a few dates with a nice white boy from her German class.

He had to show her how to give a blowjob, but she quickly developed her own technique and was able to bring him to orgasm very quickly. He was a little disappointed that his cock spent more time in her hand than in her mouth, but she swallowed every time -- because he told her that all girls swallowed. He always returned the favor by licking her pussy to orgasm. He never complained about her thick pubic hair, and he respected her wishes to not "go all the way -- yet."

Sometimes, after a date, she'd go to Natalie's apartment and relive the night's events. Natalie would usually get so turned on that she'd finger herself to orgasm right in front of Neelu.

When the time came to "go all the way," Neelu was beside herself. She had gone to her boyfriend's apartment. His roommates were asleep and they had to be very quiet. To make sure she would be ready for his adequately sized dick, he went down on her at least five times.

She wasn't sure if she was relaxed or just exhausted, but when he put the head of his cock against her pussy lips, she didn't tense up at all. Her boyfriend knew to put a sheet on the couch they were on. As he eased the head of his dick past her hymen, he could feel the unfamiliar resistance. She bit down hard on her lower lip, then pulled him close and bit his shoulder.

He didn't mind, as this was probably one of the few virgins he would ever deflower.

When she relaxed her bite on his shoulder, he knew the hard part was over. He began to slide in and out of her pussy more easily. She stared between her legs, admiring the activity. A small amount of blood formed a ring around his cock, but she wasn't disgusted by it at all. She tilted her head back as he continued to fuck her for several minutes. A smile came over her face as she realized she was finally a woman. The smile was soon joined by spurts of come as her boyfriend pulled out of her pussy and ejaculated on her face. She quickly scooped the come into her mouth (because that's what he told her all girls did), and asked why he didn't come inside her.

"You'll have to be on the pill for me to do that, Neelu," he answered.

He disappeared into the bathroom and returned with two damp washcloths.

"This is the best I can do without waking everyone up." He said.

She cleaned herself as best she could and quietly got dressed. After he finished cleaning his parts, he dressed and sat next to her on the couch. For several minutes, they just looked at each other. Neelu was the first to make a move and leaned over to kiss him. He kissed her back and within seconds, she could feel a bulge growing in his pants.

"Okay, one more time, but then I have to go." Neelu said as she pulled his pants down to his ankles.

"Just blow me, okay?" He asked.

Neelu was a little disappointed, but re-buttoned her jeans and blouse. She bent over and gave him the best blowjob she knew how to give. At one point, the entire length of his cock was down her throat and he felt bad for not fucking her a second time. The bad feeling quickly went away as he filled her mouth with come. She gagged, but made sure to swallow it all and not make a mess.

From behind, she could hear several pairs of hands clapping. She turned around to see that her boyfriend's roommates had watched the whole thing and were now applauding her. One of them asked if it was his turn and pulled down his boxer shorts to reveal a dick twice the size of her boyfriend's.

"Maybe next time" was all she could come up with as she grabbed her purse and headed for the door. Her boyfriend didn't bother to get up as he was high-fiving his roommates. She closed the door behind her and quickly walked to Natalie's apartment.

Nat didn't care for Neelu's boyfriend, and thought she could do better. She asked Nicki where they could go to meet new guys. Nicki explained it would be much easier to bring the guys to them, instead of going out and looking desperate.

A few weeks later, Nicki decided to have a party in Nat's honor at their apartment.

Natalie invited Neelu, as well as ten or fifteen other boyfriends and girlfriends. Janis invited her ex-boyfriend, and a few other guys she knew in case her ex-boyfriend didn't show up. Andi and Nicki didn't invite anyone in particular. They knew that once word got around that they were throwing a party, they'd have to turn people away at the door.

Neelu had been on the pill for a few weeks and figured the night of the party would be a good opportunity to let her boyfriend come inside her. She couldn't wait to feel the warm gush of come fill her pussy the way so many of her cousins had described.

Natalie was a little disappointed when Neelu walked in hanging on her boyfriend, but knew that the night was still young.

Nicki knew a bouncer at one of the local bars, and asked him nicely to watch the door that night.

A simple smile and a peck on the cheek was enough to make him happy to be of assistance. He kept the number of people in the apartment manageable. There were probably eight to ten girls, and ten to twelve guys at any given time.

Janis was sad that her ex-boyfriend hadn't showed. Three other guys managed to cheer her up, though. One talked her ear off. Another rubbed her shoulders -- as if she needed it. Another rubbed her feet, and he seemed to be enjoying it as much as Janis. She had very pretty feet, and more than one guy had jerked off by sliding his cock between them.

Andi was in the kitchen entertaining a few guys and one of Nat's many girlfriends. Nicki started a drinking game in the living room, which had about ten soon-to-be drunk and happy participants. Nat walked around picking up empty cups, glasses, and beer bottles, but wasn't doing very much drinking, herself. Neelu's boyfriend, of all people, handed her a drink and invited her to join in Nicki's drinking game. Nat accepted the drink, but said she'd rather watch the game than play in it.

The drinking game went on for at least two hours. All ten people were so drunk; they could barely walk, including Neelu and her boyfriend. Eight of them stumbled out the door when the first of two taxis arrived to take them home. The bouncer knew the drill and called after the first hour of the game.

Neelu's boyfriend was passed out on the couch, but Neelu was still surprisingly coherent after several shots of tequila. She looked around for Nat and found her in the bathroom. She was bent over the sink while a tall black guy fucked her from behind. It was one of Janis' friends. Even drunk, Neelu was embarrassed, but also turned on. Nat didn't even look at her. She just kept her head down as the black guy pounded into her, making her ass cheeks jiggle with each thrust.

Neelu walked back into the kitchen to find Andi being fondled by the two guys and one girl that she had been conversing with only moments before. It seemed that within seconds, they had her clothes on the floor.

As Neelu turned the corner to the living room, Nicki was kicking her panties onto a potted plant. The three guys that had been massaging Janis now had their dicks out and began stroking them slowly.

Nicki, still in her high heels, pulled one of the guys onto the couch with her. Inches away, Neelu's boyfriend sat passed out.

Janis stood up and pried herself out of her skin-tight jeans. To Nicki's delight, her pussy was freshly waxed and she opted to not wear underwear. The other two guys next to Janis were beside themselves. She had one of them sit in an overstuffed chair. She backed up against him and let him rub his drooling cock all over her ass. The other stood in front of them. She grabbed his balls with one hand and pulled him closer. She ordered the one sitting in the chair to take his pants off, which he did without blinking an eye. The one standing in front of her moved close enough for her to take his dick in her mouth. Almost as if they had practiced it a dozen times, as one cock entered her mouth, the other entered her pussy. Neelu watched in amazement as Janis rotated her round hips on the cock in the chair while simultaneously bobbing her head up and down and back and forth on the cock standing before her.

The tequila was starting to catch up with Neelu. The room began to tilt and the floor felt like it was starting to move. Nicki was lying next to Neelu's boyfriend, with her head in his lap, while another guy pumped between her gorgeous legs. Another girl that had been sitting on the floor pulled the cock from Nicki's pussy and sucked on it until the guy came in her mouth. Another guy appeared out of nowhere and put his cock in the girl's mouth to add to the load she had just swallowed. When it looked like she had drained his balls, she stood up and leaned over the couch. Another guy came in from the kitchen and slid his long dick in her pussy as cordially as friends shaking hands.

Two black guys came out of Nat's bedroom and stood on either side of the guy Janis was blowing. She looked up and smiled as much as she could smile with a dick in her mouth. She quickly alternated between all three cocks, doing her best to make sure they stayed long and hard.

Neelu remembered Nat in the bathroom and thought she would check in on her. The bathroom was empty. As she neared her bedroom, Nat stumbled out wearing a shirt but no bottoms. Come was dripping from her pussy with every step. Neelu watched her turn the corner for the kitchen and disappear from sight. As she was ready to follow her, she felt someone grab her ass.

It was her boyfriend's large roommate with the big dick. He stood behind her, naked, with a growing hard on. "Is it later enough for you?" He asked Neelu.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Neelu said as she started to walk away.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"I think you do. What's the matter? Never seen a dick this big before?" He asked. "Maybe you should take a closer look."

He forced Neelu to her knees. Her face was even with his large cock and he tapped her on the nose with it. It was wet, and smelled like pussy. He must have just finished fucking Natalie.

"Look sweetheart, I can hold you there all night, or you can just start sucking. Don't worry. You're boyfriend is down for the count and what he doesn't know won't hurt him, right?"

Neelu looked up at the huge guy, then at his dick.

"At least let me take my shirt off. I don't want to get it full of come." Neelu asked.

"Don't worry, I'll fill you with come in other places." He said with a grin.

Neelu wasn't sure if he was serious or not, but she knew he was big enough to hurt her if he got angry. She thought it best to let him come in her mouth, and maybe he'd leave her alone.

She neatly folder her shirt and removed her bra. As she was about to kneel on the floor in front of him, he pulled her back up. "Don't stop there, missy. You don't want to get that nice skirt dirty, too, do you?" He asked.

She realized he wanted more than a blowjob. She thought about how good her boyfriend's dick had felt inside her and the fact that he wouldn't be fucking her tonight. She still felt lightheaded from the tequila and against her better judgment, slid out of her skirt. Her pussy was freshly shaved in an attempt to surprise her boyfriend. Unfortunately, it appeared the huge guy with the death grip on her forearm was going to enjoy it instead.

He let her kneel in front of him as she attempted to fit the head of his dick in her mouth. She struggled with his huge girth, but managed to put her mouth around it. She pumped her fist furiously around his shaft and he filled her mouth almost immediately. To her surprise, though, he did not go limp. Instead, he pulled her by the hair as he sat back on Nat's bed. He pulled her on top of him as if he was going to kiss her, but instead, pushed her head back on his dick.

She had just finished swallowing the last of his second load when she felt a tongue in her asshole. It was one of Nat's other girlfriends. Behind her, one of the black guys was busy burying his cock in her pussy. He fucked her hard and fast, and she whimpered as he pulled out and came on her back. She followed him to the bathroom where she washed his long black dick.

Meanwhile, Neelu was being pulled up to the big guys chest. He pushed her back and flipped her over so he could take a closer look at her shaved pussy. As if to remind her of her purpose, he pushed her head so her face was smashed on his rigid cock. She put his dick in her mouth again as he began to eat her hairless pussy. She felt herself coming almost immediately.

The large guy practically kicked her off the bed, then picked her up by the arm and pushed her back down again. Her ass was hanging off the side of the bed as he pushed her legs back as far as they would go.

"You are a tiny little thing, aren't you? You sure you want me to fuck that little pussy of yours?" He said with an evil smile. He wasn't really asking. She knew he was going to fuck whether she wanted his big dick or not. She wasn't sure if it was the taste of his come, or the tequila, but she was starting to be curious about being fucked by such a big dick. Her trance was broken when he squeezed her legs.

Neelu was filled with fear as he pushed the head of his large cock against her pussy lips. He pushed her legs back farther and her pussy let out a squeak of air. He eased the head of his dick in a little farther and relaxed pressure on her legs. As she relaxed, he pushed two more inches of his thickness inside her. She was thankful the liquor was dulling the pain, but it wasn't masked completely. Only half his cock was inside her as he hit bottom. He moved her around, and as she wiggled, he managed another inch or two inside her. She thought it felt more like someone shoving their fist inside her. When two thirds of his thick dick was inside her, he relaxed his grip on her legs and began pumping in and out. He was painfully slow at first, but the pain only got worse the faster he fucked her. She wasn't very wet down there and she thought he was going to pull her insides out. He fucked her hard for at least ten minutes before filling her with his come.

Neelu was so relieved at the lubrication his load provided, her expression looked as if he had just given her an orgasm. He picked her up and she did her best to lock her legs behind his back. She held onto his neck as he began to walk out of the bedroom.

"Where are we going?" Neelu asked.

"I thought I'd walk around with you bouncing on my dick. Any objections?" He asked in a mean tone. Still afraid, but getting used to the large cock inside her, she shook her head "no."

He walked into the living room where four guys were taking turns with each of Janis' holes.

Nicki, still sitting next to Neelu's boyfriend, was having her pussy eaten by one of the other girls. Three guys stood behind the girl on the floor, waiting their turn for a chance at her pussy or her ass.

Neelu's boyfriend was still passed out. If it hadn't been for his rising and falling chest, she would have thought he was dead.

Nat suddenly appeared at Neelu's side as the large guy bounced her on his dick in front of everyone.

"Having fun, Neelu?" Nat asked.

The big guy gave Neelu a warning stare.

"Loads," Neelu said with an uneven voice.

"Mind if I join you?" Nat asked.

The big guy smiled and pulled Nat back into her bedroom. Two of the other roommates followed and closed the door behind them.

Nat lay on her bed, waiting for someone to start fucking her. The two other roommates told her to turn over and get on all fours. She knew they wanted to fuck her in the ass so she arched her ass as high as it would go. One knelt behind her and spit in her asshole. The other one stood behind Neelu and rubbed his spit into her anus. Her pussy tightened around the big guy and he filled her pussy with another load of come.

"Ya' like that?" He asked.

"I don't think I want it in the butt." Neelu said sheepishly.

"You don't? It looks like your friend wants it, though. See?" He asked.

He turned so Neelu could see Natalie's head bounce wildly as the guy behind her was pulling her hard against his hips. He pulled out so Neelu could see Nat's gaping asshole. Then, he spit in it and plopped his long dick back inside her. Nat practically pulled the sheets off the bed. She looked like she was enjoying it, but she didn't really look like Nat anymore.

The big guy reached behind Neelu and spread her ass cheeks wide. The third roommate slid a wet finger in her asshole, paused for a moment, then slid it back out. He did that several times, each time, the finger slid in a little easier. She figured he was filling her with some kind of lubricant and within seconds he attempted to replace his finger with his long, thin dick.

Neelu cried in pain as the head of his dick attempted to push past her anus. The big guy began bouncing her on his large member to help take her mind off the cock being pried in her ass. Her asshole was incredibly tight, and she made it tighter for as long as she could. Eventually, she gave in. She opened her sphincter and several inches slipped inside. The guy in her ass came immediately. She sighed as he withdrew his limp dick from her ass. She could feel the come dripping from her asshole and felt bad that she was soiling Nat's carpet.

The dick in Nat's ass was ready to come. The roommate pulled out of Natalie's ass and pulled her off the bed. He grabbed her head and pushed his slick dick in her face.

Neelu thought she was going to throw up. Nat opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

The guy that had been fucking her ass so well pushed his dick in her mouth and she sucked on it willingly. A few seconds later, he was filling her mouth with his come. To Neelu's relief, Nat spit out his come almost immediately. He lightly slapped her head. Apparently, she had spit on his foot. He picked her up by the arm and dragged her to the bathroom where he made her wash his cock and his come-covered foot.

Neelu shuddered as she unexpectedly orgasmed. The big guy filled her with another load of warm come, and this one seemed to hit somewhere deep. She looked down and realized almost his entire length was inside her. For a moment, she thought she might faint.

Nat came up behind them and put her hand on Neelu's ass.

"Feel like fucking me in the ass this time? I think I can handle you, now." Nat asked the big guy. Her breath carried the smell of mouthwash.

He smiled at Neelu, then lifted her off his cock and set her on Nat's bed. Come dribble from her pussy as she tried to stretch her legs. Natalie dropped to her knees in front of the bed and pushed Neelu's legs back. Neelu protested at first, but as soon as Nat's tongue found her clit, she was silent. As Nat began to lap at Neelu's pussy, the big guy positioned himself over Nat's ass.

Nat brought her knees together, and angled her ass upward so he could slide in more easily.

"Now, that's more like it." The big guy said. He pulled her cheeks apart as far as they would go as he pushed his cock past her sphincter. Her asshole farted several times as he stuffed half his length inside her. She wasn't embarrassed. She was happy to be lapping Neelu's hairless, come-filled pussy. The lower half of her body seemed miles away.

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