tagBDSMNatural Selection: The Next Day Ch. 02

Natural Selection: The Next Day Ch. 02


The atmosphere in the room was slightly tense and the conversation strained...not through any lack of social skills but quite the opposite, my sister, our female guest and myself being intimately acquainted to the extent that normal conversation seemed unworthy of the occasion. Since the occasion so far that memorable morning had entailed various combinations of my salaciously succulent slut of an enslaved sister being fucked or sexually used by our Gothic fetish model guest and myself you'll understand that small talk seemed a waste of our precious energies and at this point all involved were recovering in anticipation of putting my submissive and expressive little sister through further depravity. The fact that she was heavily pregnant had only increased her need for deviant indulgence and being the one who'd impregnated her it only seemed fitting that I had benefited most from her hormonally increased licentious compulsion for extreme forms of sexual extravagance.

Hence upon learning of our parents' sudden departure for a few days I had decided to give my good pain whore a torrid treat in the voluptuous shape of Phoenix, a Goth lesbian who's concupiscent nature attracted her to spotting my sister's perverse potential shortly after I'd initially corrupted her. Now she sat panting from post coital exertions in an easy chair whilst I fondled my enslaved slut laid out appealingly next to me on the family sofa. Of the three of us the Gothic beauty was still the least naked, although her spike heeled boots, fishnet thighs with the crotch torn out and black shiny corset with half cups which displayed her heavy breasts to perfection only embellished her deviant desires in a way that nakedness never could. My sister and I sat naked as befitting our relationship but all three of us bore the distinctive evidence of licentious activity, our hot exposed flesh coated in various levels of shining wetness whether it be sweat, cum, spit, female lubricants or the sticky nutrients coaxed from my prematurely lactating slut's swollen breasts.

In addition to the slippery nature of my happily reclining sister, my erection was standing upright in rigid anticipation of further indulgence and, since I hadn't cum for a while, a steady stream of clear viscous pre-cum was trailing down to pool on my sister's slender thigh....a flow she was encouraging with subtle movements of her hips against my hardness. I was keen to plunge my aching member back into my sister or just masturbate over her reclining body if she didn't have the energy for anything else, which given the upward spiral of adrenaline fueled lust seemed unlikely, but I was prepared to pace myself and not give Phoenix the satisfaction of becoming sated before her amoral appetites were filled. My sister was devoted to me, but I know that the Goth temptress had designs upon her submissive servitude in ways that lay far beyond this cordial gathering.

Much as I was aroused by seeing my slave's immolation upon the altar of punished indulgence I wasn't the sadist that Phoenix was and wanted what was best for my little sister. The fact that I'd discovered that what was best for her was hard fucking, spankings, whipping and other forms of BDSM joy just proved my point....there was no depth that I wasn't prepared to leap into in order to indulge her craving for depraved passion. And whilst my current sharing of her with the cruel Goth seductress was as much for my pleasure as for her bi sexual lusts, I knew that she wasn't all that aroused by the thought of being chastised physically by a woman and that cruel glint in Phoenix's eye had grown throughout the proceedings in a way that told me that I may have to intercede if her enthusiasm got too much. Luckily I had a plan in place.

Phoenix's fishnet clad buttocks began to shift in her chair and she slowly parted her strong thighs to display her naked cunt in a way that told you that she was familiar with how tantalizing the pose was; having confessed early on that she regularly masturbated whilst watching the results of her fetish work it was no surprise that her display was so polished, she probably practiced studying herself in a mirror. As planned the move had caught both myself and my sister's attention and the invitation was unmistakable. My erection felt like tempered steel in its hardness and I needed to bury it back into my ever wanton slut, so taking hold of her hair I tugged her up and stood myself. It was pure selfish desire upon my part that made me lead her towards the confidently expectant Goth whilst holding her naked sticky warmth close; I was proud of my slave and what could be more natural that showing off such a prized possession? I positioned her stood in front of the seated woman and moved up right behind her tight behind in a stance that let me grind my rigid cock against her whilst freeing my hands to roam up the front of her fascinating body, stroking her wet stomach before capturing each refilling breast in the palm of my hands and massaging them in a practiced way that I knew would stimulate the mammary glands back into production.

"Look how wet Phoenix is for you, my pet," I teased, "Don't you love seeing her soak our furniture like this....look at that clitoris all hard for your mouth on it, sucking her little girl cock and making her cum like you do to me."

I was laying it on a bit corny I knew, but my slave always responded to the right verbal encouragement and with my hands pulling on her nipples and my balls rubbing her pert arse I wanted her fully aroused and ready to serve our bold guest with her exceptional oral skills. My sister moaned as I pushed her desires in this way and Phoenix shot me a smoldering look that was half defiant at this display of Ownership and half pleading lust to be allowed my sister's usage. I continued to hold her and play with her a little longer until Phoenix gave into temptation and her black-nailed fingers rushed to touch her bloated clit just as I felt the first of a fresh batch of mother's milk dribble over my gripping fingers and cascade obscenely down onto the smooth curve of my slut's occupied belly.

I was too impatient to tease either girl any further so without letting the spurting tits free I guided my salivating sister down onto her hands and knees and walked her between the vicious heeled boots and firm legs that spread wider to allow her progress until my slut's flame red curls were within grabbing distance of the greedy Goth and they were seized and pulled into her sweltering cunt. My orally inclined possession went to work with a passion, her teeth capturing Phoenix's protruding clit and scraping it between sharp teeth that had the vampish woman groaning with the contact. I was still pulling upon my lactating slut's tits in my lust, bending over her from the rear with my throbbing cock trapped between our bodies until I could stand no more...the vision of my sister lapping away and driving the corset constricted woman back into dementia was too much for my self control. I released the milking hold on her breasts and, sliding down her curved buttocks till I was kneeling behind her, I grasped my upstanding erection and forced it between the cleavage of her pert arse and against the lubricated folds of her scalding cunt; with a thrust of my groin I entered her solidly and I scrabbled to grip her hips, lifting them higher as I impaled her good and deep. Ah, that exquisite rush of sensation flowed over me as I buried my incestuous erection down to the hilt until the barrier of her cervix was nudging the burning tip of my cock and my fuck pet was being fully utilized again as befitting her sexual perfection.

My sublime sex slave arched her back as the full length of my stiff prick penetrated her solidly and she raised her head from its loving lapping in order to express her delight in the form of an adorable squeal....Phoenix shot me a glare of malice and forced my slut's mouth back to fellatio of her distended clitoris, her well made up face a mask of lustful contempt at my interrupting her oral reverie, but if she thought that a curled lip and a scowl would dampen my ardor then she seriously misjudged the effect watching her statuesque built-for-sin body holding my sister to her cunt had upon me...I dug my fingers into the pliant flesh of my slave's upper thighs and, lifting her slender weight slightly, hammered myself into her lubricated velvety tightness hard and deep with increasing pace, each in stroke giving an audible slap as my genitals hit hers.

As I pounded her faster I lifted her higher in order to improve my impalement until she was suspended by the Gothic grip on her head, her hands holding the ankles of Phoenix's stiletto boots and my supporting grasp upon her hips as I fucked her remorselessly. Trapped between us and held so compromised she was helpless to resist our separate desires for satisfaction in the way that I knew she adored being used and even tho' I was receiving increasing jolts of pure pleasure from having her clutching cunt milking my cock, I couldn't help being envious of not having my sister's mouth serving me at the same time, impossible as that would be.

The sexual frenzy was fast approaching its zenith again, as was inescapable given the sensual tension that this gathering of like minded hedonists was bound to create and even tho' the usage of my insatiable slave was mind blowing, fucking her in this elevated doggy style I wanted to up the stakes slightly, just for the sake of taking full advantage of the occasion. Thus I pulled back and my erection sprang free of her molten cunt; lowering her back onto her knees I quickly grabbed my slippery erection and pressed it to the tempting entrance off her ass...her taut sphincter was still slightly relaxed from the tongues and fingers that had violated it already, but, lubricated as it was, the purple tip of my cock still met enough resistance for me to proceed gently at first as her anus accepted the intrusion. I watched intently as the bloated bulb of my mushrooming erection edged its way inside her but I hadn't taken into account the insane arousal coursing through my sister; without warning she thrust her rump against me, forcing my shaft inside her in one fell swoop in a way that must have sent exquisite agony coursing through her as I stretched her with my swollen prick.

I grunted with the shock of suddenly spearing her so savagely but I didn't want to let her painful gesture go to waste so I gripped her hips once again and with savage jerks of my body fucked her tender ass hole brutally in a way that I knew she wallowed in. The ripple effect of my anal assault was immediate: My slut must have bitten some sensitive part of Phoenix's vagina as I filled her arse, going from the scream that she gave, but it was the trigger for the latest Gothic climax as well as my slave's and as orgasm ripped through the two women I slammed myself into my pregnant sister with lustful force. My possession had raised her head from Phoenix's crotch as she howled with incoherent bliss but was still held by the Goth close enough to receive a face full of female ejaculation...even tho' my vision was swimming as I fucked harder I couldn't miss witnessing my lascivious whore trying to catch the full brunt of the squirting cunt juice in her open mouth even as she gave herself mindlessly to her own climax... I was loath to decrease my ass fucking given the overdose of stimulation filling my senses and kept my sodomizing pressure going hard and deep. The more frenzied my fucking the longer my insatiable slave continued to cum until despite my need to shoot my incestuous load inside her I took pity on the whimpering, semi-comatose girl impaled upon me and ceased my thrusts, just holding her limp, soaked body whilst still buried deep inside her. I supported her this lewd way as her body went limp with the sensory overdose it had suffered and fearing her falling flat on her filled belly with disastrous results, I moved my hands higher up her body and pulled her upright as I went back on my haunches until her sated figure was cradled vertically against me and held safe in my arms whilst my still unsatisfied erection was lodged inside her tight rear.

Given the animal lust still gripping me I was tempted to bounce her up and down upon my groin until I came, but I wanted her to be aware of every perverse deed she inspired and at this point she was beyond cognizant thought so I contented myself with molesting her wet tits until she recovered enough to twist her face to mine and we kissed passionately savouring the exotic taste of fresh Goth cum.

This lingering kiss did nothing to reduce the red raw lust that I still carried inside my breast and head and engorged erection that was anally impaling my recovering fuck slave, but a little self control is vital if I was to boast the title of Dom, so I contented myself with stroking her warm, slippery body... I would use this deferred need to cum just as my sister used the pain I favoured her with, as a spur to be used for more intense depravity. And as the various pleasurable stimuli she'd wallowed in so openly and wantonly already that day had left her in a most responsive sub state it was time to inflict some of the painful chastisements that she craved in equal measure to the ecstatic indulgences.

Therefore as I felt her breathing return to normal, or as normal as could be expected when held on my lap impaled with an ass stretched full of brotherly cock, I began to condition her to her upcoming ordeal of contact play by pinching her nipples as we continued to kiss. My sister's slutty powers of recovery never failed to amaze me and her tongue moved against mine with increasing passion as my fingers deftly tugged her teats back into activity, tiny spurts of nutritious white liquid returning to the hard points. At this I ceased my milking....I had more harsh ways of coaxing that corruption of natural bounty in mind. My luscious whore gave a little noise of disappointment as my hands left her tits, but I was determined to move the proceedings along and loath as I was to dislodge myself from the sheath of her anus I motioned her to lean forward so I could slide my cheated erection from inside her. As she returned to her hands and knees, I saw Phoenix watching this lewd display with a mixture of fascination and impatient desire to get her hands back on my precious slave, so I took my time withdrawing my protesting cock from inside her until it sprang free into the cold air, aching for relief still.

"You are a naughty slave, sister, allowing yourself to be sodomized and milked and leaving our guest unattended... I think all these orgasms we've given you have made you forget your manners," I teased her and given the close nature of our BDSM relationship she anticipated exactly what deviant delights were about to be introduced and jumped instantly to her feet and assumed a suitably submissive stance, arms by her side and head bowed in the way she knew made her look so desirably submissive... a stance that the observing Gothic woman recognized. She leaned forward in her seat with refreshed enthusiasm.

I rose on legs stiff with cramp and gave my approving nod to her alert pose, her slender pale body all shining with the juices of the morning's adventures and looking even more ripe for demented corruption with the swell of her pregnancy paying testament to her corrupted innocence. 'That beautiful supple skin will look even more pretty when decorated by well deserved stripes,' I thought to myself and the sadist in Phoenix was obviously aroused at the promise of punishment regimes for she too stood and ran a tongue across dark painted lips, her stiletto heeled boots helping her tower menacingly over my defenseless sister. Well, not quite defenseless whilst I was there to protect her from unwanted harm.

The lust was growling up inside again as I reached out and slapped her most slappable arse with a sharp crack that reverberated in the heavy silence.

"Go and fetch your punishment case," I ordered her, my voice a tone lower as the fierce desire to chastise swelled in me and she obediently trotted out of the room, the high heels impeding her eagerness slightly but her exit was still done with poise and grace, her naked slenderness being sorely missed the instant she hurried through the door.

Standing in the buff in the room before our Gothic guest with my engorged erection poking skyward was slightly strange without the presence of my sisterly slave... the sort of social occurrence that I was fairly unaccustomed to, but Phoenix seemed at ease and I was beyond caring anyway, such was the focus of my perverse lust. Just as the sub-state is a recognized mental condition, in the right atmosphere then I was in the Dom-state and foremost in my mind was giving my deserving slut the exquisite punishments that kept her my devoted whore.

"I brought a couple of presents for your sister," Phoenix casually volunteered with her trademark mocking edge in her voice and to pass the time till she returned I made inquiring noises; the Gothic woman sauntered over to the hand luggage that she'd brought with her and deliberately bent down from the waist in order to maintain her erotic grace... unzipping the treasure bag, she produced several items that I had no doubt were best sellers at the adult store where she divided her spare time between fetish modeling and where I was convinced she only still worked in order to take advantage of the generous staff discount it gained her.

The first item I recognized was a vicious-looking dressage whip which would have made most horses tremble, but which Phoenix regarded with a loving eye as she displayed it. As usual she was taking liberties for she knew already that my slave's submissive desire for chastisement only lay in receiving it from a male hand, more specifically mine, and I doubted that she intended the gift to be presented to me.

"I prefer a crop or flogger; you can use them at close contact and I like to keep my sister close,' I informed her with as much cool dignity as one can standing bollock naked and erect, but she seemed unfazed and laid it aside in order to produce the next package. This was that popular brand of vibrator called the Lucid Dream, which I presumed that she could recommend highly.

"That might prove more useful," I thanked her just as my near breathless slut burst back into the room, her haste a tribute to perverse devotion to duty. She had brought the emergency case we had assembled with implements necessary for the hardest discipline workout including ropes, floggers, nipple clamps and riding crop, which she handed to me expectantly then resumed her submissive stance like the good girl she was about to prove to be.

"Look what pretty presents Phoenix has brought for you," I informed my flushed slut and the Goth woman held up the whip and the vibrator, one in each hand, representing the two extremes that my Owned whore constantly yearned to be exposed to... pleasure and pain. I knew which indulgence she needed to be given right now, considering she'd already had considerable pleasure forced upon her already, not that I doubted her capacity for further sexual exhilaration given the effect that pregnancy that had on her already licentious libido. Still, a brisk session of physical chastisement would keep my pain whore nicely balanced and drive her into a higher state of arousal ready for further deviant overdose and, besides, I wanted to show off my enslaved slut's endurance for punishment in front of our sadism inclined guest like the proud Owner I am.

"Would you care to do the honours?" I asked Phoenix as I withdrew the first length of specialized black bondage rope from our bag and the shiny black clad femme set aside her thoughtful gifts and took hold of the length of rope.

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