Nature Hike


Karen was going for an afternoon hike. She had never hiked on her own, and was careful to pick an area that was safer to hike. There were no dangerous ascents, easy access to water, and well-traveled paths. It was a sunny day, so Karen decided to wear light clothing, a tank top, short shorts and a nice pair of hiking boots. She packed a day pack, and a light sleeping bag.

The sun felt good on her body as she started on her chosen trail. Karen was in great shape and felt good about her body. She was 5' 7", and had an hourglass figure. Her light brown hair ran down to her shoulders, and she had a very a soft complexion. Not a stunning looking girl, but still very pretty. Regular workouts and hikes were part of keeping herself fit, and enjoying life.

Today's hike was to a small waterfall at the edge of the forest. She made her way there, placed her bag on a rock, and relaxed in the sun. Even though the water was cold, she decided to swim naked. Pulling her tank top off, unsnapping her bra, then pushing down her shorts and panties, she dove into the water. The cold water took a bit of time to get used to, but she felt refreshed and invigorated. She swam over to the waterfall and let the water pelt her back in a gentle massage. It felt like she was in paradise.

Two arms wrapped around her and pulled her in against a male body. The man's hard penis pressed against her ass as she was held in his grasp. She knew that even if she screamed, nobody would hear her. The muscles in the arms told her that struggling was futile as she was being held by a very muscular man. The man adjusted his cock so that it slid under her pussy as he held her close. His hands were exploring her body as he whispered, "you are very beautiful."

She could see that he had long dark hair and a nice body, and seemed to relax a little bit. The warmth also felt good. But still, she felt like she was still on guard with the stranger in the falls.

"Who are you?" she says.

And he responds, "I'm also a lover of waterfalls, and, of course, beautiful women like you. I'm going to rape you, but I hope that you enjoy it. If you play along you may have fun, otherwise it could be painful.

She thought about it a bit, and said, "How do I play along?"

He said, "You let me treat you like a sex toy, and give you some pleasure, but you cannot look at my face. You will do what I say, and I will be as gentle as I can. I will release you when I am done using your body for my pleasure."

"Are you ready to play along?" She nods her head. "OK", he says. "Come back from the falling water and get on your hands and knees, facing away from me." He backs up and gets on her hands and knees. He begins rubbing her back and gliding his cock under her pussy lips. Then he laid on his back as he tells her to lower her pussy onto his face. She does this and he begins licking her pussy, playing with her clit, and fingering her at the same time. She is overwhelmed with nearly every emotion, fear, hate, love, pleasure, her body begins to build a wonderful orgasm. Her body pulses with pleasure as he licks every drop of her juices.

Then he gets behind her, and rubs her tender pussy a little more as he glides his tip over her juicy hole. "I'm going to fuck you now," he says. And she feels his rather large cock push deep inside. She's never felt so violated, but full inside before. It was like her body betrayed her, and welcomed this invasive cock. His thrusts went deeper and harder as her body began convulsing with pleasure. He moans and says, "God, your pussy is awesome." He doesn't seem to wane as he fucks and fucks her through two orgasms. She doesn't know if she can even stay on her hands and knees anymore, when he pulls his cock out, and begins working on her ass.

"Oh, please don't put your cock in my ass!" she yells to him, but he won't listen and after putting some spit in her hole and sliding a couple of fingers, he decides she is ready and she feels his tip push against her ass. She's trying to relax, but this was a big cock for her pussy, so she's very concerned about her ass.

As the tip slides in he says, "You can push against my cock to push me deeper when you're ready." It seemed like a nice gesture, but given that he was raping her, it didn't seem that gentle. She obliged and winced as she pushed and pulled until her ass had absorbed the length of his cock. She could tell because his balls were against her pussy.

He began to slowly stroke, being careful, yet firm. His strokes getting longer and faster as his balls hit her clit with each stroke. She thought, "Oh my god, I'm going to cum again." And, sure enough she did. He fucked harder and faster and eventually moaned a loud "I'm CUMMING." She could feel his hot cum inside her and even that caused her body to spasm even more. She had never felt anything like this before, but wished that it hadn't been rape, or did she?

He played with her tits a bit more, and said "You are a very pretty woman. I had to have you. You are free to go." And with that he disappeared into the dark cave.

She laid there a bit and then got up and jumped into the water, and climbed the rock to where she had jumped. She couldn't see anything or hear anyone. She wanted to find out who this man was, and how she could get more. This was strange for her, but she knew she had to have more. She shouted out, "Hey, can you come up here. I want to meet you. I need to have you!"

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