tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNature Takes Over

Nature Takes Over


My cuckold boyfriend, James, and I were walking in the woods in the mountains where we were camping. We came upon a couple of hunters who had been in the woods for a couple of weeks. They had been alone all that time and had no pussy for that entire period.

They looked at James and said, "Hey there man, you have just want we need, a woman that looks hot and like she needs a good pumping... and we are just the guys to take care or her. We know you won't mind, because if you do, we'll just tie you up and make you watch us do it as we fuck her and make here suck us off."

There was nothing we could do; they were bigger than both of us were. They took us to their cabin where they stripped James and tied him up in a chair so he could watch them fuck me. He couldn't get loose and run for help. They tied me to the bed after stripping off all of my clothes.

When they saw James's small penis they ridiculed him and one of them asked me, "How can a woman that looks like you be with a man who is such a wimp? He has the smallest dick I've ever seen; he certainly can't please you. He probably can't even get it up. You need a real man that can show you what a woman is supposed to feel like,” they laughed.

“How could a sexy little thing like you be with a wimpy man with such a small cock? He can never give you what you need and must want!" He started stripping off their clothes.

Then the other hunter said, " We'll show you what you've been missing and longing for. You'll never want to be with this guy again." They laughed pointing at James's small penis.

They believed that he would be appalled, shocked and destroyed because they were making him watch them fuck me and forcing me to suck them off. They did not know that James loves to see me used by many other men.

One of them laughed, called him sissy names and said to him, "We are going to give this woman a better fuck than you ever can and when we're finished with her, she will want to stay here with us and we'll just send you down the mountain without her."

Little do they know that James was really getting off on their humiliation and ridicule.

Then they took off their pants and showed James and me their big hefty penises. The one who seemed the stronger of them licked his hand and rubbed it on the head of his penis to get it wet. He put it softly on my pussy and slowly slid the large tool into my wet cunt and started fucking me.

He started slowly at first just to see how much of him I could take; I believe. He was methodical and precise in his pumping, taking his time at first. Then he started to feel the friction between his penis and my pussy and I think he realized what he's been missing for the past few weeks.

He started pumping me faster and more furiously. The thickness and hardness of him made me moan; just feeling that hard cock pound inside of me and knowing he was filling the entire cavity of my pussy caused a friction that vibrated my whole being.

I moaned and screamed and begged for more and more... I could feel my pussy stretching to take in all of him. I cried, “Don’t to stop!”

I said to him, "I need this more than you will ever know! I love the feel of a real cock in my hot throbbing pussy... I want this to go on forever! Don't you dare stop!"

This excited him even more and he pumped me harder and faster. I was nearing an orgasm and he could feel my pussy pulsating and tightening on his large massive tool.

This propelled him to work faster and harder. I could feel the penetration down to my toes and it felt like hot lava flowing through my entire being.

Meanwhile, the other guy had been watching us and stroking his penis. He is getting really big and hard. He wasn't as big as the one that' was fucking me, but he is big enough to pleasure me. I could see that.

He couldn't wait for his turn; he was ready to fuck me now. But the guy who was fucking me wasn't ready to give up his position.

So this second guy started rubbing my mouth with his penis. Then he pushed open my mouth a little and his prick slipped between my parted lips into my waiting mouth. I sucked his dick like a bottle.

He looked at James and said, "She is going to love me after this is over." There was a smile from ear to ear on his face as I sucked him deep into my throat.

This of course made James hard and his little penis filled up with what little cum he had and he had a spontaneous ejaculation. T

These massive men saw his seed spill to the floor and laughed at him. While their bodies were teeter tottering in and out of my orifices, they asked me how I could put up with such a wimpy man.

"He can't even hold his cum while you're being fucked by us… what kind of lover can he be," they asked me knowing I couldn’t respond.

They laughed and continued to pump me from both ends. I was in ecstasy from all the meat that is going in and out of the cavities of my body.

The man who is fucking my pussy gave me orgasm after orgasm with his massive penis and my entire body convulsed with pleasure.

I could tell by his face that James was loving seeing my tits flop around as my body convulsed and rejoiced over the good fucking I was getting.

Suddenly the hunter that has been giving me pleasure for at least an hour filled my pussy with a massive load of cum.

At almost the same time the guy I was sucking convulses and loads my mouth with his hot tasty cum. I was floating in the warmth of the taste that I love.

The guy with his penis in my mouth said to his partner, "She has just been fucked better than she has been in her entire life, I'm sure of that!" He was really proud of what he had done for me.

The bigger man looked at me and said, "You really needed that didn't you?"

I smile and said to him, "Yes, I did, but now you need to move out of the way and untie him so that he can do his duty."

He laughed at me and said, "Woman, what can that guy do for you now? I know I just gave you the best fuck you have had in a long time. I stretched your pussy so much you will never be able to feel him in you ever again. Give me a few minutes and I'll fuck you again and you'll see that you don't need that guy anymore."

I begged him, "Please untie him and you will see. He knows how to do something that you would never do."

Since he was bigger than James and probably wanted to show what a real he man he was, he untied James and looked from James to me and then back to James. I believe he thought I was playing with him but he wanted to show me that he was the alpha male..

He laughed out loud and said, "Okay, wimp, let’s see what you can do that I can’t. I’m telling you, now that if you try to run, I’ll shoot you. Then I’ll fuck this bitch one more time and kill her too. Now let’s see why this woman keeps you around."

I looked James in the eye and pointed to my pussy and he knew just what to do.

He dutifully came to my side and the first thing he did was kiss me and licked the hunter’s cum off of my tongue. We shared the joy of the taste of the salty seed.

Then he looked at me and smiled, showing me the happiness that he had for the great fuck I had just had. He slowly kissed his way down to my pussy, stopping along the way to kiss my breasts and fondle then gently. When he reached my dripping wet cunt he spread the lips apart and kissed my clit and flicked it with his strong tongue.

Then he went to work and stuck that marvelous tongue of his into my cum filled pussy and started giving it a cleaning like he had never done before. He licked up all that thick, silky cum out of my pussy. He licked, teased and played with my pussy and clit. I moaned and moved to the rhythm of his tongue.

The hunters watched in amazement as James brought me to still another orgasm while cleaning me up.

The big guy that had fucked me looked at James in amazement. He said, "Hey, man, how can you do that, lick my cum out of her pussy?"

I smiled and said, "That's why I keep him around, to service me after big hunking men like you satisfy my deepest desires. He has a very tiny penis, this is true, but he has a marvelous clean-up technique. Do you want him to clean your cum and my pussy juice off your dick? He will if I tell him to."

The hunter laughed and said, “Yeah, let's see him do that!".

I told James to clean him and he did as he is told. He got down on his knees in front of this massive penis and licked him and by the look on his face I knew he could taste my juices on his dick. James moaned with ecstasy and the guy started moaning too.

I thought to myself about the hunter, “You're really enjoying this” and chuckle under my breath.

The look on the hunter’s face was one of complete acceptance. I believed that he was amazed that another man can make him feel that good.

The guy I had sucked off, said, "Well, while you guys are getting off there, I'm going to have my way with this woman. It's my turn to fill that sweet pussy with hot cum!"

He pulled on his penis for a few moments to get it hard enough to enter me and then he spread my lips and put his weight into me. I moan as he entered me because I was still throbbing from the fucking and cleaning that I had just received.

James licking and sucking the guy that fucked me also turned me on. While the second guy fucked me, I reached down and play with my clit because it was throbbing and wanting attention.

This really got the guy that was fucking me turned on and he started pumping me faster and faster, harder and harder. He moaned and breathed harder and faster because he was so excited. He reached up and rubbed my breasts and he kissed my open mouth, shoving his tongue deep into my throat.

I moaned and enjoyed the friction of his penis in my still hot, wet pussy. He was growing in me the faster he moved in and out. I could feel him stretching me more and more making my pussy massive. I told him, "Do it faster, do it deeper, do it harder... I want it all!"

This got him really excited and he went deeper inside of me hitting the top of my pussy and he hit my G-spot and I exploded. I moaned and twisted my body so I could feel every inch of him as he rammed his huge cock in and out of my now swollen pussy.

I was exploding with a pleasure that I had never felt before. The thoughts that flowed through my mind were things like, 'wonderful; oh don't let it stop; please fuck me harder, faster! Pump me please pump me more.'

Then I felt the hot steam of his thick cum pumping into me and my body convulsed to the throbbing of his massive penis. My whole body reacted to this feeling of joy!

Exhausted, he slumped over my body and his now shrinking penis slipped out of my cum soaked and filled pussy.

I turned to the now freed James who had just finished cleaning the other hunter and he knew what I wanted.

He came over to me, kissed me, and proceeded to my pussy. Once again he separated my lips, kissed my clit, and went go to work, cleaning that tasty, thick cum from the hallows of my now deep, wide, well satisfied pussy.

He had a mouth full of that cum and he lifted his face to mine and kissed me, sharing with me the warmth he had taken from my pussy. Then he went back down to the hallows of my loins and finished the job.

Meanwhile, the guy who had just fucked me said, "Hey, you cleaned him now clean me." I smiled and looked into James's eyes. He knew he had to do what I wanted him to do. So he started licking him clean and I smiled, watching him, as he tasted my juices on that guy's penis.

I'm still wasn't satisfied; I started rubbing my clit. The first guy had finally recovered from his two encounters and was ready for another go at me. He started for me while James was still cleaning his buddy and I told him that James needed to play this time.

He said, "Besides cleaning you out and licking my penis that guy can't keep up!"

I replied, “I want him to fuck me in the ass while you fuck my pussy good and hard."

I looked at the third guy and said, "I'll get you hard and I'll suck you off again."

He smiled and he came to my mouth and shook his dick at me. So now I was in an airtight situation with men in every one of my orifices. I was in heaven! My body was singing in pure joy! It had not had this much excitement in a long time.

We fucked and sucked for what seemed like hours, James spilled his cum in my ass and it felt warm and wonderful. My asshole tightened on your small dick as it had a tiny little orgasm of its own.

Then the guy that was fucking me felt James and my convulsions and he came deep in my pussy. This set off a chain reaction and I sucked deeper and stronger on the guy in my mouth and he released his seed in my mouth.

We all came together and it was fabulous! We each lay or knelt there for a few moments in a tangled heap as the tingling in our various body parts subsided. Then we peeled apart like the skin off of a banana.

We were all smiling and then the clean up procedure started all over again. The guy who first fucked me wanted to try the clean up procedure, so I told James, "Give him my pussy; you take my mouth".

James reluctantly, but gracefully let him try. He wasn't bad for a beginner.

Well, satisfied, the hunters let us go. As we walked down the mountain, I told James about all of the wonderful feelings I had being fucked by each guy and how it felt to be airtight. This excited James so much that he had another spontaneous ejaculation. I smiled!

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