tagBDSMNaughty Girl Ch. 01

Naughty Girl Ch. 01


I'm nervous.

Sir will be home soon.

I could try to pretend that nothing had happened in His absence, but I know I won't be able to lie to Him. And in some ways I want to be punished for what I've done. I'm scared but excited.

I hear His key in the door and my heartbeat quickens. I come out of the bedroom, cute baby doll & heels on, click clacking across the laminate floor to greet Him.

He always looks so good in his suit, and I'm always annoyed that when He puts in on, He leaves me to go to work. He smiles when he sees how I'm dressed and I run at Him to kiss Him.

"How's my baby girl?" He says as He embraces me, making me feel warm & safe as I breathe in His smell. At this moment I think I shouldn't tell Him. He's

so happy to see me, but I know that would be wrong.

I take His hand without looking up at Him and lead Him to the bedroom. Normally this is where I help Him undress, loosen His tie & hear about His day. But when we get into the bedroom I turn & kneel down at His feet.

Without looking up, I quietly say

"Sir, I did something naughty."

He doesn't reply, and I think maybe I spoke too softly. I look up and see His glare. It makes me bite my lip.

After a long pause He asks

"What did you do?"

I take a deep breath, look down at my lap and blurt it out quickly.

"I was lonely without you here. I was thinking about all the things you like to do to me and I got excited. I know I wasn't meant to... but I touched myself Sir. I'm sorry."

"Did you come?" Is his reply, his tone

giving nothing away. Is he angry?

"Yes" I look up at Him, hoping to be able to read His expression, but He turns away taking off His jacket.

I stay kneeling on the floor & watch as

He takes off His tie, loosens His cuff links and rolls up the sleeves of His shirt. He says nothing & doesn't look at me.

What is He thinking? Will He spank me? I don't like making Sir angry but I want to be punished. Maybe my disobedience

was because I need discipline, I want Him to beat my bratty little ass. But not knowing what He's thinking is scary. Maybe He'll just leave.

The sound of the chair dragging across the laminate flooring interrupts my thoughts. Sir places the chair in front of me. I attempt to apologize once more.

"I'm sor..."

"QUIET!" He shouts.

He's angry. I'm scared. I daren't look up.

After a long silence He begins to talk in a calm voice.

"You know what you did was wrong."

I nod.

"The reason I forbid you to pleasure yourself without my permission is because your pleasure belongs to me. YOU belong to me."

"Yes Sir." I whisper.

He continues.

"I want to know what you did. Exactly. And then I will punish you as I see fit. Understand?"

I look up and respond "Yes Sir".

He orders me to stand. He then tells me

to remove my babydoll and step out of my panties slowly as he watches sitting on the bed. He makes no comment, His face impassive. I stand in front of Him naked except for my heels and I feel vulnerable. Foolish for disobeying Him.

"Sit in the chair." He commands.

I do as I'm told. He stands and walks over to the desk drawer, taking out a coil of purple, Japanese silk rope. Slowly

He bends down and firmly ties each of my ankles to the chair legs. I can't close my legs, exposing my already damp cunt. He returns to the bed and sits directly opposite me, his eyes running over me.

"I want you to show me. Show me what you did when I wasn't here. How you touched yourself. How you teased yourself. Exactly. And you will look me in the eye as you do it."

I stutter, "But Sir.."

"Begin!" he commands.

And I know I can't refuse. I must obey Him even if it's embarrassing. So slowly I take my right hand and skim it over my belly down to my pussy.

"Look at me" He calmly says.

I meet His eyes and feel exposed. My legs are tied tightly and I can't close them. My index finger slips into my pussy and I feel my wetness. This is turning me on. I keep my eyes on Sir and I see a slight Smile on His lips. Sir likes this!

With that I begin to toy my pussy more quickly, pulling my slick fingers out and rubbing my wetness over my now throbbing clit. My mouth opens as I begin to feel the familiar tingle run through my body. Sir watching me is hot. I want to cum in front of Him. I begin to rub my clit ferociously with my two fingers, while I push my other hand almost entirely inside my wet

Cunt. I'm fucking myself for Him. The ropes pull at my ankles and the burn just adds to my arousal. I close my eyes, so close to cumming when I hear him.

"STOP!" He shouts.

He startles me and I freeze. Keeping my hands where they are, trying to catch my breathe.

He stands and begins to walk over to me. I place my hands in my lap. He walks around me and stops behind me so I can't see His Face, just feel His warmth, His breath.

He leans down so close He's nearly

touching me and whispers in my ear.

"This, what you've just done, is for me. This pleasure is mine. You only cum when I say so. When I want you to. This is why I stopped you. To show you that I control you. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir." I whimper.

"I can't hear you" he says.

"Yes Sir!" I try to sound more convincing, though I'm still trying to catch my breath. My clit is throbbing and the hairs on my neck are on end

because He is so close.

Suddenly He is in front of me, swooping down to undo the rope still restraining my ankles. I want to run my hair through His dark hair, to touch Him, but before I react my legs are free and I am in His arms. He cradles me for a second and I start to think I'm forgiven. But then He turns, sits back down on the chair & lays me face down over His Knees.

I know what's coming next, the anticipation excites me but I can't stop my body from tensing.

"Count" He commands.

And His hand falls hard and fast against my bare ass. The shock, is followed by the sting and I cry out through gritted teeth.


Slap! The second one is even harder and I feel the heat flush through my cheek.


Sir continues His assault on my naked flesh, and I continue to count. With each spank of my reddening ass I feel His erection getting harder, pushing into my belly. My pussy is dripping.


Sir stops. His hand softly rubs my sore skin bringing some feeling back. I relax a little as tears trickle down my face. The release I feel calms me and I hear Sir softly speak.

"Good Girl. You've learnt your lesson."

"Oh yes Sir. Thank you Sir." And I mean it.

He helps me to my feet and I stand in front of Him, my legs shaky from my spanking and the heels I still wear.

I smile at Him and He finally smiles back. I kneel down between His legs and he kisses my forehead.

I begin to unbuckle His belt and He sits back in the chair as I start to show Sir how sorry I really am...

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