tagBDSMNaughty Kate Ch. 02

Naughty Kate Ch. 02


Authors Note: This is part 2 of Naughty Kate, reading part 1 will give you a better idea of the story. You don't have to read it but if you like this, then you'll like it as well. All characters are over 18 and sexually transmitted diseases and other unexpected negativity from sex doesn't exist in the, very, fictional universe this story is set in. Enjoy.

Kate walked into the outer office early the next morning and saw Ms Lewis already sitting at her desk typing away at her computer. The secretary was dressed this morning in a mini skirt so brief that it rode up to flash her stocking tops as she was sitting at her desk, and a bright red blouse that had the top few buttons undone to reveal the edges of a black lace bra and the swell of her milky tits. Kate clutched her essay to her chest and hoped that she would be allowed to go into Professor Kings office, she would die of embarassment if the secretary was to take it off her to give to him when he arrived.

"Ms Lewis, Professor King said I was to put this on his desk, can I go in there?" Kates eyes were wide as she looked hopefully at the older women who looked her up and down briefly before nodding her head. Kate wondered if she was pushing her luck, todays skirt was only marginally longer than the one she had worn the day before and her school blouse was thin enough that you could see the fire engine red bra she had on underneath. She had gotten up early that morning to put the finishing touches on her essay and had spent an hour agonizing over what to wear, she had wanted to make it clear to Professor King when he saw her that her essay wasn't just empty words. A pair of Mary Janes with frilly white ankle socks decorated her feet and she had worn her white g string with little black hearts, which she could already feel was getting damp. She stepped behind the door of the office when she was inside so that Ms Lewis couldn't see her and lifted her skirt to inspect her panties quickly, they kept riding into her pussy lips and she wanted them to be covering her slit more, she wanted to flash her panties, not her pussy.

Kate let her skirt fall back over her hips and giggled and leaned against the wall as she realised that she was alone in the headmasters office, then hesitantly slipped her finger inside her panties and began to finger her cunny. She wondered how long it would be until Professor King arrived and imagined the trouble she would be in if he caught her masturbating in his office, she imagined him furiously ordering her to bend over his desk again for another spanking before this time he would take his cock out and fuck her needy snatch. Kate bit her lip as she climaxed and quickly readjusted her panties. She walked on somewhat unsteady feet to the headmasters desk and glanced out the door to see Ms Lewis still working on her computer. Kate looked at her wet finger, then wiped it across where Professor King had written the title, smearing the words slightly, before she kissed the bottom of the page to leave the impression of her lipstick behind. She placed the page in the center of the desk, where she remembered her panties had lain the day before, then walked out the door and nodded at Ms Lewis as she walked past her.

"Ms West, did you think to return the panties I leant you yesterday?" Kate stopped as she heard the voice float up from behind her. Had she heard her when she had been in the office? Kate had tried to be quiet but the door had been open.

"No, Ms Lewis, umm, they're, uhh, they're in the laundry." She turned her head and saw Ms Lewis' eyebrow raise.

"Very well, I'd like them returned tomorrow, please."

"Yes, Miss." Kate hurried away at the dismissal and breathed a sigh of relief, she would wash them tonight, they needed it anyway. Kate had left her study period early yesterday after it had become apparent that it was almost impossible for her to concentrate on writing her essay unless she had been toying at the front of her panties. When she had gotten home she had stripped down to her borrowed underwear and slipped her vibrator down the front of them. She had spent the evening imaging Professor Kings tongue lapping at her clit as she had tried to justify her choice and by the time she had finished writing it her panties and chair were completly soaked. Kate looked at her watch to see if she had time to duck into the toilets for another quick finger session, then cursed as she heard the bell for first period ring. She hurried to where she had left her bag so that she didn't get into trouble for being late, she wanted to be sent to the headmasters office but that was unlikely for being late, school policy was one spank with the ruler for every minute late to class. Kate shuddered as she imagined having to bend over and show the entire class her ass, the thin strip of material nestled between her cheeks offered her no modesty whatsoever and her bum was still somewhat pink from her spanking the day before.

She looked around as she entered the class and was pleased to note she had beaten the teacher there, then took her seat and waited for Ms Prince to arrive and start the lesson. She barely listened to the social studies teacher as blathered on about something or other, preferring to draw dirty pictures and write crude things about herself on the inside of her folder and before she knew it the bell was ringing to dismiss them. Theoretically they were supposed to stay seated until the teacher told them to leave, but no one ever paid any attention to Ms Prince anyway, she was the only teacher in school that had never assigned detention and she would only ever spank the girls for being late, and even then not very hard. Every boy in the school knew that if they were late to social studies they only had to suggest that they spank their teacher instead for Ms Prince to get flustered and try to change the subject, there was a rumour that in her first year teaching three boys had done just that and entertained their class by reddening her asscheeks while she bent over her desk and panted. Kate didn't think the rumour was true, but she had seen Ms Prince leaving the staff toilets hurriedly buttoning her blouse on only to be followed by a whistling senior a few minutes later. Kate knew how to recognise cum stains, she had washed many of them out of her skirt and blouse, and had recognised the teltale signs around the neckline of her teachers shirt the next period.

"Ms West! Wait a moment." Kate stopped and turned to see Ms Lewis walking down the hall towards her.

"Yes, Miss?"

"Professor King Asked me to give this to you, hurry along, you don't want to be late." With that the secretary turned and went back towards the staff offices, leaving Kate to examine the note in her hand. She opened it and read it as she walked to class.

'Ms West,

After reviewing your essay I have decided that you will henceforth sit in the front row of all your classes. Your teachers have been informed of the changes to their class seating plan. You are to report to my study at the end of the day.

Prof. King'

Kate walked through the door to Mr McDermotts' class and looked around, sure enough Donna Troy was sitting where she normally sat and she blushed as she realised the rest of the class was staring at her and wondering why they had swapped seats. She ducked her head to avoid there gaze and quickly took her new place, she looked up and saw that Mr McDermott was already writing the days lesson on the board, he never spoke to the class much he just wrote down their instructions and watched them like a hawk to make sure they were carried out. She opened her book and started working on her problem, concious of the gaze of her classmates on the back of her head.

Kate kept her head down and worked diligently for about fifteen minutes, feeling slightly uncomfortable with so many eyes on her, until she realised that the class had gotten on with her work and the only person staring at her was at the front of the room. She looked up at Mr McDermott and gulped, not only was he staring at her but his brow was creased and he was clearly irritated with her. She tried to think what she ight have done wrong when she saw his eyes drop sharply to her legs and up again, Kate swallowed as she realised that her classmates stare had unconciously made her press her knees together. As she looked back at her teacher she tried to think what was the best thing to do, yesterday when she had flashed him she had been sent to the headmasters office and even though she was eager to go back this afternoon at his summons, she dreaded the thought of being sent there and making him angry before then. On the other hand, Mr McDermott clearly expected her to continue her display from the day before and she didn't think she could stand him glaring at her for the entire period, she gave a shy smile and slowly parted her legs.

Kate shuddered as se felt the cool breeze from the air conditioning chill her wet panties, she had no fears that they would dry out she could feel herself lubricating again as Mr McDermott smirked at her and glanced around the classroom before lowering his gaze to her pussy again. She let her knees fall wider apart and turned back to her work only to find herself doodling in the margins of her text book, most prominent amongst her drawings was a crude representation of her face with cum dripping down her face to drip onto her tits. She glanced at Mr McDermott again and felt her pussy flood with juice as she realised that, unlike yesterday, she was now sitting close enough that Mr McDermott would be able to see every fold of her pussy through the sopping white material. She tried to concentrate but found that her eyes kept drifting up to seek out her teacher, who was ignoring her in favour of watching her soak her panties.

Kate closed her legs slightly, but stopped when she saw Mr McDermotts's gaze snap back to her face, when she felt a tap on her back. She waited a moment until Mr McDermott was focused between her legs again, then reached behind her to recieve another note.

'Hey Babe, what's with the seat change? J'

Kate thought for a second, then scribbled a short reply.

'I got into trouble for passing to many notes, this is supposed to make it harder for me. lol.'

She folded the note over and held it behind her until she felt it removed from her hand, that should keep the rumour mill happy while keeping them distracted from the real reason she had been moved. She bent over her book and made another attempt at her work, this time though she took a pencil and used the end to trace little patterns on her panties. Kate figured that since he hadn't gotten to see her doing that from up close yesterday it wouldn't hurt for her to do it again, she shivered as she felt her pencil scrape over the material covering her clit and used the pencil to push her panties into her pussy slightly. Kate grinned at Mr McDermott as he looked back at her face and lifted the pencil to her mouth, she glanced down and noted that it was shinly with her juice then she darted her tongue out and licked the length of it before sucking it into her mouth. Kate smiled at Mr McDermott as the bell ending the period rang and everyone started to pack away their things. Mr McDermott stood up and walked over towards Kate as he dismissed the class.

"One moment Ms West." Kates hands dropped to her side as she stopped reaching for her book. Mr McDermott picked it up and then opened it to the pages she had just been working on before he opened the front cover.

"What does this say?" Kate looked at the heavy black stamp he was pointing at and sighed slightly.

"It says, 'Property of Russell Preparatory', Sir." Kate looked at the words, the first two were all in capitals and bold with an outline around them, the name of the school was underneath and seperate slightly. The same stamp was on every text book that was issued and all the books in the library, as well as on all school property that could possibly be stolen.

"I seems that you spent the majority of the lesson drawing filthy, slutty things all over a school text book. Is it necessary for me to send you to see Professor King again? Twice in two days is not something to be proud of, young lady."

"I know, Sir, I'm sorry, please don't send me to the headmasters, Sir, please." Kate looked imploring at her teacher and hoped he wouldn't send her for punishment, his words had confirmed her fears that she would be in awful trouble if she was sent there before the end of class. She raised her eyebrows hopefully, perhaps if they had detention alone he would do more than just stare at her barely covered lips.

"Very well, report to me at lunch for detention."

"Yes Sir, Thankyou, Sir." Kate packed her things away and hurriedly left the classroom, hoping she would be able to manipulate Mr McDermott into having sex with her at lunch. There was only one period left until her detention and when she entered her next class she sat down in her new place and started to continue on from the previous lessons work. She looked up and saw her teacher, Ms Bertinelli, was staring at her. Kate stared back and her brow creased in puzzlement when she saw one of Ms Bertinellis' eyebrows raise, making her expression sardonic. Kate stared back for a long moment before she hesitently let her knees drift apart and blushed when she saw her civics teacher nod in approval. Kate attempted to continue her work, but for some reason she found Ms Bertinellis' gaze more disconcerting than Mr McDermotts'. Her pussy felt flooded and she was sure that she was starting to leak onto her seat, she shifted slightly to pull her skirt out from under her ass before she irreperably stained her skirt, she hoped that she didn't have a damp patch on it, everyone would know how horny she was, or think that she had wet herself. Kate honestly couldn't think what which of the two options would be worse.

Kate kept her head down and worked solidly through the lesson, only glancing up occasionally to notice that Ms Bertinelli wasn't as focused on her as Mr McDermott had been, she kept looking around the class and just glanced at Kate every now and again. Kate kept her feet apart, but let her knees start to drift together while her teachers attention was elsewhere as she tried to concentrate on her work instead of her pussy, when she heard Ms Bertinelli clear her throat. Kate looked up and quickly spread her legs when she saw the expression on her teachers face, the message seemed clear to her, since she had gotten into trouble for flashing yesterday her punishment was to be to force her to expose her cunny to all of her teachers, at least for today but who knew when it would end. She blushed as she realised that the thought of being forced to keep herself on display like that was turning her on and hoped that she might have to expose herself to Professor King later that afternoon.

Kate fidgeted in her seat as she tried to concentrate on her media studies class, her pussy was wet and she was keeping her knees parted so that Ms Bertinelli could see her soaking white panties. It was kind of weird sitting like this, Ms Bertinelli knew her parents somehowand she had met the women outside of school one or twice, she hoped she wouldn't tell her parents that she was wearing such skimpy panties to school. She started to pack up her things when the bell rang and when Ms Bertinelli dismissed the class she was the first to leave and she hurried to Mr McDermotts class quickly so that she didn't get into any more trouble. She got there as the last of his class left and she knocked on the door and spoke to get his attention.

"Mr McDermott? I'm here for my detention, Sir."

"Kate, come in, sit down." Kate sat in her now usual place at the front of the class and opened her legs lewdly, there was no one else here and she wasn't worried about anyone catching her flashing her pussy at a teacher now.

"Kate, I can't help but noticing that your panties appear to be wet all the way through."

"Yes, Sir. I can't help it, my cunny gets so hot when someone is looking at it and I've been sitting with my legs open all day. Every time you or Ms Bertinelli look at it, it starts to twitch and moisten, Sir."

"Professor King mentioned that my surmise yesterday was correct. Since you asked for help in becoming a better whore, it has been decided that the school will aid you in this. Part of that is keeping your legs spread to show that you're available for sex. Since we're alone right now, and since it wouldn't be apporpriate for you to be walking around with wet panties all day, pull them down to your knees. They'll stay there until you've finished your detention, they should be able to dry out enough for the rest of the day. If they haven't, you'll have to go without."

"Yes, Sir" Kate reached under her skirt and pulled her pantied down to her knees, pulling them together for the first time in hours. She left her feet wide apart and pushed her knees tpgether, then looked coyley at Mr McDermott, despite everything she had done, she was still nervous about showing her pussy without any panties to give her an impression of modesty. She hoped he would tell her to spread her legs again, but she couldn't bring herself to do it before he gave her the command. Kates expression changed to a pout as Mr McDermott turned his back on her and went to the board, where he wrote.

'I will not deface school property.'

"Write that out 500 times, then you can go have your lunch."

"Yes, Sir." Kate tried to mask her disappointment as Mr McDermott sat down and started to read the paper while eating a sandwich, he wasn't going to do anything to her, not even a spanking! Kate took out a clean piece of paper and started to write, she hoped it would take long enough for the air to dry out the moisture in her panties, she couldn't bear to think about having to show her bare pussy to her teachers for the next several hours.

Kate put down her pen and held up her hand, waiting for Mr McDermott to notice her. Schol rules said that when a student was in detention they were only to talk in reply to questions, or in acknowledgement to orders and Kate was fairly sure that even though she was being given new rules all the time, the old ones would still apply. She lightly bounced her knees off each other in the hope that the movement may catch Mr McDermotts eye, she only had ten minutes left to quickly eat a sandwich and make a quick trip to the bathrooms.

"Yes Kate, are you finished?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Very well, one moment." Kate lowered her hand as he came over and gave a cursory glance at her page that she had filled with lines, then he knelt in front of her desk. Kate blushed and parted her knees slightly, suddenly she didn't care if she got to eat lunch, this was the closest she had been to finally getting a teacher to fuck her. She gasped as she felt Mr Mcdermotts hand brush against her knee, then she felt him pulling at the panties that were bunched around them. She bit her lip and pushed her legs together to make it easier for him to take them off her, then let out a sigh of frustration as he released her garment and stood up again.

"They seem to have dried out enough that you can continue to wear them today. You can go now." Kate stared at Mr McDermott until he made a dismissive motion with his hand, then left the classroom somewhat downcast. She lifted her head, she didn't have time to dwell on her failure to get her pussy filled again and she rushed down the hall to a bathroom. After relieving herself she washed up and then went to her next class early. Kate sat down in the chair she knew would be hers from now on and ate her lunch, before taking out some homework she had due. She had study hall with Ms Bertinelli this period, followed by double biology with Mr Antilles, so she decided to catch up on her more mundane schoolwork while she had the chance. The bell rand to start the period and her classmates began to filter in with a large amount of noise, study hall was usually fairly noisy as students talked, ostensibly about the projects they were supposed to be working on, but more often about the latest school gossip.

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