tagMatureNaughty, Naughty, You've Been Bad

Naughty, Naughty, You've Been Bad


After not having seen my Stepmom, Carol, in eleven years, I not only bumped into her yesterday, Christmas Eve, I also had sex with her. I couldn't believe it. After lusting over the woman for all those years, after finding out that she was purposely flashing me and knew that I was purposely flashing her, I still can't believe we had sex. Pinch me.

Then, as an invited guest to Christmas dinner I had sex with not only my Stepmom again but also her bi-sexual girlfriend, Debbie, who was also an ex-girlfriend of my Dad. Boy, my Dad sure knew how to pick them. This holiday just gets weirder and my life is starting to read like an X-rated soap opera. With all that has happened in a span of 24-hours, my mind reeled from the weirdness of this Christmas day.

"Merry Christmas to me. Ho, ho, ho. Yawn. Boy, am I tired. Yawn."

Home alone in Carol's house, now, that Carol and Debbie were out visiting friends and wouldn't be back for a few hours, I just wanted to take a nap after my two hour long sexual marathon with the two of them. They wore me out, yet, after having my first threesome, I was hoping this wouldn't be my last. I was looking forward to later this evening when they returned home. Only, I needed some sleep. I needed to recoup my energy. I was so very tired.


"Naughty, naughty, you've been bad."

Startled, I looked up and there was an elderly woman standing at the foot of the couch staring at my semi-erect cock.

"Who are you," I asked putting a hand over my cock before replacing it with one of the couch pillows. I wondered how long she's been there staring at me.

"I'm Estelle, Carol's Mom."

"Carol's Mom? I didn't know Carol had a Mom. I mean, of course, I knew Carol had a Mom, but not here in the house. I thought I was alone. I'm so embarrassed. I'm so sorry. Please forgive my nakedness. I can explain, I think."

Oh, my God. I just exposed myself to Carol's mom. I was so embarrassed, mortified, actually. I wanted to hide.

"I can see why my daughter likes you. You're funny and you have a big cock."


"You're funny."

"I heard that part."

"And you have a big cock."

"Yeah, unfortunately, I thought that's what you said."

"You do. You have a big cock. I like big cocks. My husband, Bob, God bless his soul, may he rest in peace," she said signing herself. "He had a small cock and I always wondered what it would be like to experience a big cock."

"Carol's not home," I said ignoring her X-rated rambling.

Obviously, she wasn't right in the head. I figured she had dementia. She was making me more than uncomfortable with her unearthly leering and dirty talk. My clothes were clear across the room and I couldn't reach them without getting up and exposing myself to her, again.

"I can see that Carol's not home," she said, "otherwise you wouldn't be lying on the couch naked. You'd be fucking her, you naughty boy. Where'd she go?"

The way she pronounced the word, fucking, made me feel like the pervert that I was, after having flashed my Stepmom growing up and now having sex with her and my Dad's ex-girlfriend. Only, she made the word fucking not sound sexual, but more violent, as if I had fucked someone up, instead of making love to them. This conversation with Estelle was just adding a new level of weirdness to this day. Only, I didn't like it. It felt too strange and she was scaring me.

"She went out with her..." I nearly said lover, then girlfriend, but quickly changed it to, "...friend."

I looked at her wondering how she got in the house. I distinctly heard Carol lock the door.

"I see," she said never removing her eyes from the pillow that covered my cock. She stared at me in the way I stared at women, while hoping to see an up skirt or a down blouse.

"What are you doing here? How did you get in here?"

"What am I doing here? How did I get in here? You're so silly," she said with a chilling laugh.

I hate people who answer my questions by repeating the questions I just asked. It made me feel, as though I was being psychologically analyzed by a psychiatrist. Why do they do that? Is that to make sure that they heard the question correctly, understood the question, and/or to stall for time before answering the question? Whatever the reason, it was annoying and her laugh was annoying.

"Yes, how did you get in? Do you have a key? I never heard you unlock the door," I said raising my voice for no apparent reason other than she was old and I automatically figured that she was hard of hearing. Gees," I said half talking to myself. "I must have nodded off. I never heard or saw her come into the room. She just appeared from out of nowhere."

"I live here," she said with a sad little smile.

"You live here?" Now, I was doing it. "You do? Carol never mentioned you."

"Yes, right up there," she said looking up and pointing at the ceiling. "Upstairs in the back room. She was too busy fucking you to mention me," she said giving me another ogle.

She did it again. The way she said fucking scared me. There was no affection about the word. She made it sound dirty, instead of sexy.

Then, I thought how stupid that behavior was. Any time someone looks up at the sky, we have a habit of looking up to see what it is they are looking at. We can't help ourselves from looking. We are all so much like a herd of cows, following what the other person is doing or not doing whenever they are doing it or not doing it. The one day that you try and break that habitual behavior is the day that you'll be hit in the head with something that falls from an airplane or a building.

"Oh," I said looking up at where she was pointing. "And you just got home?"

"Just go home? I never left. I never leave my house. I'm always here. I haven't left this house, since before Bob died. I've been here the whole time in my room."

I thought that was odd that she hasn't left the house since before her husband died. Didn't she attend his funeral? Maybe she was ill at the time. Only, I didn't want to prolong the conversation by asking her questions. I just wanted her to go away so that I could get up, put on my clothes and hop in the shower before Carol and Debbie came home.

"Oh, well, that's really embarrassing," I mumbled to myself wondering if she heard Carol, Debbie, and I having sex before.

She must have heard us. We weren't being quiet, especially when Debbie was having an orgasm from being eaten by Carol. God, she's loud. That woman has a set of lungs on her.

"You must be Johnny," she said with a big smile.

"You know who I am?"

Well, that bit of information made me feel a little bit better. I felt more at ease that she knew who I was.

"Carol has told me all about you."

"She has? What has she told you?"

"Everything," she said with a smug smile. "She told me how she used to flash you her panties and bra every time you two played Scrabble and she especially enjoyed flashing you her pussy when you stayed up late at night with her watching a movie. Then, she told me that you started returning the favor by flashing her your cock."

"I had no idea," I said embarrassed to all Hell.

"How's your Dad?"

"My Dad? You know my Dad?"

"No, but I feel like I do with all my daughter has told me about that bastard."

"Well, I'm sure he's fine. He's drunk by now," I said looking at my watch.

"And I heard all what you've been doing with my daughter and her dirty lesbian friend. You are so naughty."

"You did?"

"Yes," she said with a sexy grin. "You've been such a very naughty boy that I have a mind to take you over my knee and spank you, just like my daughter spanked you and how you spanked my daughter. What say you be naughty with me, too?"

"What? With you? No," I said making a sour face. "I can't do that. I could never do that. Eww, that's just so wrong on so many different levels. Thank you, but I can't."

"If you don't have sex with me, I'll tell Carol you were upstairs fondling my breasts, while I was sleeping."

"I did no such thing. I haven't even seen your tits. I've never even been upstairs."

With that, she opened wide her bathrobe and exposed her boobs to me. They were magnificent boobs for an older woman. Yeah, they sagged more than Carol's boobs did, but she had a nice rack for an old broad. Immediately, my cock stirred to the sight of her boobs.

"Now that I showed you my boobies, show me your big cock. I want to see it, again," she said not bothering to close her bathrobe. I couldn't stop myself from staring at her tits.

"No," I said clutching the pillow tighter to my groin. "How old are you?"

"How old do I look," she said striking a pose that I imagined Gloria Swanson would strike, when she said, 'All right, Mr. De Mille, I'm ready for my close-up.'

"Old, I mean, old enough to be my grandmother."

"I'm 69-years-old," she said removing her bathrobe and slowly turning around to show me her breasts, pussy, an ass.

Quickly, I did the math. She was born in 1940 and I was born in 1980. She was exactly forty years older than me.

I couldn't believe Carol's Mom was standing not two feet away from me naked. Yet, for an elderly woman, she wasn't bad, but after just having sex with her daughter and her bi-sexual lover, Debbie, who, at 35-years-old, half the age of Carol's mother, Estelle, was tall, blonde, busty, and beautiful, my sexual preferences were much more refined. After having sex with Carol and Debbie, I'd never have sex with a 69-year-old woman, even if she did have a nice set of boobs.

"You better put your bathrobe back on and go back upstairs to your room," I said talking to her, as if she was a child and warning her that her mother was coming home. "Your daughter will be home any minute and you'll be embarrassed."

"No, she won't. No, I won't and no I wouldn't," she said acting like a child about to take a temper tantrum. "She just left. I heard her. They'll be gone for hours, which will give us plenty of time to get acquainted before we play hide the salami."

"Hide the salami? No way. Listen, no offense, Estelle, but I'm not attracted to you and--"

"Don't give me that shit, Sonny. You just don't want to give it up because I'm old."

"No, it's not that. It's just that, uhm, it would be weird having sex with you after having had sex with your daughter. It would be too much like incest. Yeah, that's it. I'm not into incest."

"Not into incest? That's a crock. I figured you liked incest, seeing how you had sex with your Stepmom, which is much more of an incestuous relationship than having sex with your Stepmom's mother. We're not related at all, by marriage or by blood, especially seeing how my daughter has been divorced from your Dad for years, now."

"You do have a point there. I don't deny that."

"Besides, my daughter doesn't need to know what I do in the privacy of my own house."

"This is your house?"


"And that's my pillow, too," she said pointing to and staring at the pillow that I held in front of my cock. "Give it to me. I want it and I want it now."

"It is?"

"Yes," she said putting out her hand. "Hand it over."

"Okay, here," I said reaching out to hand her the pillow, while covering my cock with my other hand.

I thought she was reaching for the pillow but, instead, she gave my wrist a hard tug and when I went to maintain my balance, I exposed my cock to her again. I never saw an old woman move so fast. She was sitting next to me in a flash with her hand on my cock.

With the both of us still naked, now she was sitting beside me. I couldn't help myself from looking down at her breasts. I was curious what they felt like. They looked firm enough and her nipples were already fully erect. She had big nipples. I wouldn't mind sucking those tits, I remember thinking. It was weird how the rest of her looked so old and her breasts looked so young.

Definitely, I'm a breast man and because I'm specific to that body part, my attraction for her breasts wasn't helping me resist her, especially when she started fondling the head of my cock with her old, albeit cold and wrinkled fingers. Then, she started stroking me. I'd be lying if I said it didn't feel good to have Estelle give me a hand job. It did, it did feel good. It felt real good.

I couldn't help myself and reached over to feel her breast and finger her nipple. She was cold to the touch. I figured it was her bad circulation. Yet, as soon as I touched and felt her breast my cock hardened and Estelle started stroking me a little faster.

"Did you ever have a gum job?"

"A gum job? What's that? Making bubblegum or something in a factory? No, I can't say that I have. Why?"

"No," she said sticking her hand in her mouth and pulling out her teeth and placing them on the table at the end of the sofa.

"Oh, eww, no. I've never had a gum job and I certainly don't want one now, thank you, anyway."

"Well, you can't say that anymore," she said quickly leaning down and impaling her mouth with my cock.

Oh, my God. I thought Debbie had given me a great blowjob, but this gum job, wasn't bad. Actually, it was really rather good.

"Suck my cock, Estelle, suck it. Yeah, that's right, let me feel those gums."

After having sex with Carol, then Debbie, and now Estelle, I felt like I was a porn star in a porn movie. Only, this is the first woman that I needn't remind to be careful with her teeth. She was sucking, actually gumming my cock, while caressing my balls with her ever so cold hands. I couldn't wait until her hands warmed a bit more. Yet, the pressure she was applying to my prick felt Heavenly. I couldn't help myself but to start touching, feeling, and caressing her boobs, while fingering her big, old nipples.

"Suck it, grandma," I said. "Suck my cock, Estelle. Blow me, granny."

The whole experience was surreal. It felt, as if I was dreaming, but when I opened my eyes, there was Estelle attached to my cock by her mouth. Estelle was sucking or gumming my cock while stroking me. It felt incredible, especially when I realized who was blowing me, Carol's mother. This was one for the record books.

Long after this day is done, whenever I find myself alone and horny, I'll be masturbating over having sex with Carol, sex with Debbie, sex with Debbie and Carol, and now sex with Estelle. I was actually getting a better blowjob from Carol's mother than I did from Carol. It was obvious that Estelle more enjoyed sucking cock than did her daughter. Like mother like daughter in the enthusiasm of their sexual appetites, only, her mother gave a better blowjob. Carol just dabbled really.

Never in my life have I had sex with daughter and then mother and all in the same day. What an incredible Christmas, the best Christmas of my life. Merry Christmas to me. Certainly, I wasn't attracted to Estelle because she was so much older than me, but her tits looked and felt incredible and she was sucking my cock like a Dyson vacuum.

"Estelle, you'd better stop. I'm going to cum."

"That's okay," she said removing my cock from her mouth to talk. "I swallow. I want you to cum. I need to taste you. I haven't had a man cum in my mouth in years. Go for it, you naughty boy. Cum in grandmother's mouth."

Gees, grandma swallows. She'll be the hit of the nursing home one day, soon.

"Oh, Estelle, this gum job feels incredible. You can really apply more pressure with your gums, something that you can't do with teeth. Suck it, Estelle. Suck my cock. I'm gonna cum. Yeah, blow me, grandma."

Suddenly, I shot such a huge load of cum in her mouth and down her throat. She sucked every drop and then licked me clean.

"Well, thank you, Johnny," she said getting up from the couch.

"You're welcome, but thank you," I said relieved that she forgot about me hiding the salami.

"I'm going to go back up to my room and get cleaned up before my daughter and her lesbian girlfriend return home. This will be our little secret," she said moving her fingers to her lips and locking them, as if she had a little key. "Okay? No one needs to know what we do behind closed doors and in my own home."

It was a foreboding warning and one that I felt I shouldn't violate by telling Carol that her mother Estelle blew me. Maybe Carol doesn't know her mother is like that. Maybe Carol wouldn't believe me. Maybe Estelle, when confronted with the truth, would tell her that I forced myself upon her and forced her to suck my cock. Shit.

By the time I looked up to agree with her, she had disappeared. She was gone, back upstairs, I guess. I never saw her or heard her leave. I've never seen someone so old move so stealthily fast. She was like an elderly Ninja.

"Yeah, okay, sure, no problem," I said calling after to her, when she was already gone somewhere upstairs in the bowels of the house. "Thank you for the gum job. Nice meeting you," I said louder hoping she'd hear me.

I remained on the couch wondering if I had dreamt the whole thing. Carol's Mom just gave me a gum job. She sucked my cock. Grandma blew me. I came off in her mouth and she swallowed my cum, all of it, every single drop. She had nice titties for an old broad, a little bigger than Carol's and her nipples were bigger, too. Estelle's nipples were dark brown, where Carol has pink nipples.

Quickly I fell asleep and didn't wake up until I heard the key in the front door lock and there were my two women, Carol and Debbie. I jumped up and headed for the shower, not giving another thought to Carol's Mom, Estelle. I needed to get ready for tonight's festivities with Carol and Debbie.

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