Naughty Niece


"Now, I'm going to put just a small drop on my foreskin and Anne take your thumb and fore finger and massage it around the tip. That's it. Yeaa. OH yeaahh. Not too fast Annie. Carlie, pull back my foreskin. A little bit more on the head now and start to stroke my cock. Not too fast yet. Mmmm. Nice and slow… A little tighter Carlie. Yeaahh. Now your turn Anne. And Carlie, I liked that bit with my nipple. Flick it with your finger. OOOO. That is incredible."

Meanwhile, Jenny is sitting in front of me. She is looking right at me and rubbing her breasts and almost humping the ottoman. And two naked girls are taking turns stroking my cock and rubbing my nipples. I wonder if I can get the Russians to make Jenny persona non grata. You know. Like calling Putin a fag.

Anne and Lefty are very quick learners. There is perfect coordination in their every stroke. Not a second of downtime. Speed, pressure, length. I am doing every thing humanly possible to make this last into, I don't know, the next election cycle?

I start rocking my hips into Anne's and Carlie's hands and getting ready to push the load of my life on my niece's tits.

"A little faster grip unh uhn tighter Carlie bite my nipple ohhh Annie keep that feels so gooood don't stop YES yes uhhnn my cock loves that Carlie get ready Jenny!!! get ready!! here here I'm coomminnggg!!!"

Jenny scootches forward and is almost titty fucking my cock when I hear someone scream. (Sorry. That was me.) I tell the girls to keep stroking, don't stop. Jenny pushes her tits together and catches my sperm on her breasts (good girl) while getting only a little bit of overage on the corner of her mouth from my last spurt. She casually darts her tongue out and cleans her face. Jenny, you are very naughty.

I lie back and watch as my cock slowly sinks in the south. Anne and Carlie slowly lick the cum off their hands while grinning at me. All three rise and tell me they are going to shower off and give me time to recover and think about course number two.

Course number two. Course number two. My gorgeous niece had given me so many dirty ideas I didn't know where to begin. Tag Team!

I could only fuck Anne and Carlie so how to get Jenny in the equation? I would fuck Anne and Carlie doggy style on the floor while they took turns eating Jens' pussy. This idea was dependent, of course, on whether these girls had done this before. But after the last three exhibitions, I had a good feeling this was not outside their 'friendship'. It would be a variation on the theme. While I would be fucking one of the girls, the other would be giving Jenny a tongue bath. Brilliant!

I'm walking around the room putting the final flourishes on this plan when I hear some squeals from the bathroom. Muffled laughter and shouting. Ten minutes pass. The girls come back wrapped in towels and shaking out their hair. Squegeeing the water between their hands, they're alternately hopping from foot to foot and leaning from side to side. They're looking at each other and back to me. Look at each other and back to me. Finally Anne looks at me.

"How did you do that?'

"Do what?"

"That move with your mouth on our pussies? We thought about that Seinfeld episode, you remember the one? We were trying to figure it out. Carlie said she knew but when she tried it on me it was nowhere near."

"So that was the noise. Ya'll really are friends aren't you? And to quote Seinfeld also " Not that there's anything wrong with it.""

"We like sex Uncle Graham. A lot."

"O.K. here's how you do it. Carlie take off your towel. Sit on the chair and push your pussy all the way forward until your ass is just hanging off the front. Spread your legs and give yourself a good base with your feet. Anne, give me your right forearm. You open your mouth and cover her pussy making a seal. Medium pressure as you blow air through your mouth. The result, Motorboat. Named because of the gurgling like sound of an inboard motor."

I demonstrated on Anne's' forearm. She lit up like a Christmas tree at feeling the effect. She turned to Carlie and dropped to her knees. She put her mouth over Carlies' pussy and blew. Carlie's face immediately flew open and she shouted "Eureka!" Carlie jumped off the chair and stuck her arm in my face. I blew. She looked at Anne and motioned for her to sit in the chair in the same position. She in turn dropped to her knees, covered Anne's pussy and blew. Anne sat straight up and punched the air.

Now it was Jenny's turn. I looked at her and she nodded, walked over to me, dropped her towel and lifted her forearm. I blew. She smiled and turned to Anne as she lay back again. Jenny opened her mouth, knelt down and lowered her face to Anne's pussy. She blew. Bingo!

"Now that I've taught y'all I guess you won't even need me anymore. Talk about teaching a girl to fish."

"Nonsense. We're Jenny's friends and she wants you be happy. And what Jenny wants, we want."

"Stop it. I'm going to get all verglemnt. Anyway, your new skill is going to come in handy for our next course. Tag Team. We all get to play. I'm going to fuck Anne and Carlie while they take turns giving Jenny that fishing lesson. Anne, Carlie get on your hands and knees next to each other. Jenny, get on your back in front of them with your pussy facing them. When I'm fucking Anne, Carlie? you eat Jen and vice versa. Beatles, Come Together."

I knelt on the floor and Anne and Carlie backed up to me. Anne on the right and Carlie on the left. I spread their legs slightly so I could go from one to the other without treading on their calves. Jenny lay down and presented her pussy to her two friends. She seemed to think of something and got up. She grabbed the cushion off the chair and placed it in front of Anne and Carlie. Now she lay down and put her ass on top of the cushion so that her pussy was elevated for a better angle. Perfect. Anne and Carlie kissed and looked back over their shoulders at me as if to say, "Well". I looked at Anne's ass and placed my hands on her hips. I pushed my cock into her pussy and we were off. Carlie leaned forward on her elbows and licked Jenny's pussy while I was getting into the rhythm. I didn't want to leave Carlie's pussy out so I reached under with my left hand and slipped my thumb in her pussy while my fingers were rubbing her clit. This was such a great idea that I reached around Anne's right hip with my right hand and found her clit.

The dialogue is too complicated for a verbatim at this point so I'll do my best to describe the action.

I'm fucking and rubbing and moaning and yes, whining. I switch my cock to Carlie and my hands are flying from ass to pussy to ass and back. Jenny is telling Anne to nibble harder on her clit and maybe use a finger now and then. I go back to Anne and signal Carlie by giving her a passing slap on the ass. This gets such a good response that I start using it as the signal. Slap means change partners and switch off on Jenny. Pushing my hips into each thrust so hard that my balls are almost inside too. Everybody telling body else that this is the best, YEA, Oh FUCK! Jenny is screaming as she comes. Carlie now moaning for my cock. Anne demanding you stay right where you are mister. Jenny saying don't you dare stop. Carlie pushing back into me and yelling harder, HARDER. Annie pinching her nipples and begging me to make her come. I'm fucking Carlie now and I'm ten seconds away. I hope we all finish on time.

"I'm going to come…I'm going to come…Ohhh… come .. Carlie .. come.. YES!!!"

I slowly regain my senses as I slowly finish fucking Carlie and fall over next to her. I look up in her eyes and see that she is frantically rubbing her pussy for another orgasm. I grab her with my left arm and roll her over beside me. I spread her legs and give her the 120 HP Evinrude. I am rewarded for my gallantry with a truly prodigious helping of girl goo and her panting, trembling third orgasm. I look over at Anne and she is still sucking on Jen's clit. I squirm under her pussy and pull Annie down on my face. 220 HP Evinrude! Screaming all around. Jen and Annie and Carlie still finishing.

A few minutes later and we're still lying on our backs in total exhaustion. Looking at each one as they brush the hair from their eyes and regain normal breathing. These three naked stunning girls. If this is a dream, don't set my alarm clock. I sit up and ask….

" Did everybody have fun?"

Jenny looks at Anne. Anne looks at Carlie. Carlie looks at Jenny. They all look at me and emphatically shake their heads, YES! Fade to black.

Jenny has her own car so thankfully I didn't have wake up for the early morning Monday whatevers. Made some calls and did my thing. Of course I played back the video about a gazillion times and wondered if this would in some way get awkward with Jenny and me. Well, getting to bridges and all.

Jenny got back from school around 4:30 and went to her room for homework and Facebook and Twitter and all the other benefits of modern life. I made dinner and called her. Literally. I hollered a couple of times and no response. Called her cell. Oh yea, dinner.

" How was school?"

"Good. I got an A on my last English paper."

Back and forth. Usual chit chat. Neither one of us saying anything about last night. She's eating and giving me sideways looks. Starting to say something and then shaking her head no. Trivial conversation.

" Uncle Graham, you liked Anne and Carlie didn't you?'

"I liked them very much. After last night it would be difficult to have anything but the warmest feelings for the both of them."

"Don't kid. They are my best friends and all. And we do share everything. I set it up but now I don't know."

"Don't know what?"

"You'll think I'm being childish or something. If I tell you."

"No I won't. Tell me." Long pause.

"Now, I'm jealous of them."

"Jealous of them?"

"You're my uncle and they got to be with you and all I could do was watch."

Whoa, whoa, yippee yi whoa. Deep water ahead. Pluses and minuses. Pluses and Minuses. Plus, one beautiful young sex machine. Minus….Minus….Niece?….Minus….Screw it. Let's see where she's going with this.

"You're my sisters daughter and all Jenny."

"That's the thing. I'm not."


"I'm going to tell you something I was sworn to never tell anyone. Your sister is not my birth mother. When she gave birth her real daughter had a terrible birth defect. The nurses at the hospital did something she thinks and the baby died a few days later. They were serving in Italy then remember. She was so guilty about the baby and letting something happen. She was beside her self. These same nurses said there was a solution. They knew of a just born baby girl. Illegitimate. Do a switch. Dad was away and she was on her own in a strange country. Everyone knew she was pregnant, how was she going to explain coming back without a baby? She did it and here I am"

"So you're adopted?"

"No, Uncle Graham. There were no papers. No forms. A complete switch. One hour baby Jane in the crib, next hour baby Jenny. Same birth certificate because I was switched before it was issued. You are one of only three people who know. Even Dad doesn't know. The only way anybody would ever know is if I need a DNA test in the future and they compared it with Dad or Mom.

"You're not my niece?"

"Yes, I'm still your niece. Just not your blood niece. I'm telling you now because I want you more than this secret. I've wanted you since I was nine years old but knew that because you're my uncle that could never happen. Then when Mom and Dad got the notice about Moscow she told me. She said the guilt was too much and she didn't want to die without telling me. Even after last night I wasn't going to break my vow to Mom. But I changed my mind. After not sleeping last night I decided to tell you and see if you might see me differently. Not just a little girl but a woman now.

" I guess this means that Anne and Carlie are now just your friends?"

"Yes. I'll make up some story to explain why they can't come over and play anymore. But don't worry. I'm going to keep you so busy you'll never miss them. This I promise."


She stood up and reached out her hand. I took it and she walked around the table and lifted her lips up to me and kissed me. Then she reached under the sink and pulled out a trash bag. (Trash bag?) She led me to the bathroom and opened the drawer under the Jacuzzi. She pulled out my magazines and dumped them in the bag.

"You won't need these anymore. Now, I want to show you what a promise from me means."

She leads me back to the library and tells me to sit on the left arm of my chair. (This is the damn best piece of furniture) She starts to unbuckle my belt. I try to help but she pushes my hands away. She undoes the button and slides down the zipper. She pulls off my shorts, then the briefs. Pulls my shirt over my head. She pushes my legs apart. Now I'm looking slightly foolish with this reversal. Me naked. Her not. Jenny steps back and steps out of her sweatpants. No panties. Pulls off her T-shirt. No bra. As she rubs her hips and starts to do a little shimmy, my dick comes to full attention.

"You're killing me here Sweetheart!'

"I just want to make sure you're ready. Now I also want you to talk all you want, because I like it too. Talk dirty to me. Don't hold back. I want to hear how much you like it."

Jenny knelt down and rubbed me from my knees to my crotch. Up and down, lingering close to my cock to brush it with her palms. My cock jumping at her hands, at her mouth.

"Oh, Jenny please just suck it pleaaassee lick my cock yeaasss that's it lick under the tip oohhh uhhnn your nipple jenny rub my cock on your nipple under yeeaaa you are so good never ever suck it like a lollipop around the head swirl your head around YES YES don't stop don't FUCK hold my balls jenny YES oh don't stop UHHNN I I ready jenny get ready keep sucking jenny UUHHHNN keep sucking OH keep sucking yes uh yes oh baby that was so good so good"

I leaned over so I could kiss her and tell her THANK YOU for the delightful blow job. I felt her mouth, so recently on my cock, so warm and salty. She bent over again to take my now softening cock in her mouth to lick me clean. Just like a mother cat with her kitten. Pussy indeed. She stood up and took both my hands and guided me back in the chair. She put her right foot up on the left arm and hopped in closer.

"Put your left hand under my leg and place it on the small of my back. Now I want exactly what Annie and Carlie got. I want it from the teacher. I want you to stick your tongue in my pussy and eat me like you were at a Four Star restaurant. I'm not going to talk because I want to concentrate every nerve in my body on you. And, Oh yea. I want that Motorboat at 400 miles an hour."

Your wish… I moved up to the front edge to get my head closer and whistled on her pussy lips. Not the express, the local. Getting her nerve endings warmed up. I pushed my tongue into her fold and swirled around her clit. In out. In out. Fucking her with it. I pulled my right hand through her pussy to lubricate it and reached around her left hip. I played my finger at her pooper. This got a sound! I continued to nibble on her clit while I pushed my finger in. She pushed hard into my face and I set up an alternating rhythm with my tongue and finger. Lick, kiss, suck, bite, push, pull, scratch…..


She collapsed forward into my arms. More moaning and whining. I brush the hair off her right shoulder and kiss her on the neck. She has her arms folded in against her chest lying on top me. She mumbles something into my ear.

" Is it too early to say I love you? "

"I just think you're in love with my tongue."

She pushes up to give me a playful swipe across the arm. Now Mr. Happy hadn't had anything to do for, I don't know, fifteen minutes and he wanted some overtime. Jenny looks down between her legs and there he is, ready to work. She looks down at me, throws her head back with a laugh.

She hadn't seen the secrets of my bedroom and I guess now was the time. With my cock leading the way I take her hand and we go down the hall. Conventional setup. Bed, tallboy, side table and pictures etc. The one twist was my own installation. Hidden in a pocket door in the closet frame was an accordion mirror. The closet was parallel to the bed and when the mirror was fully extended it matched the length of the bed. Anything on the bed, in the mirror.

I pulled it open and latched it. She looked at me and I could swear she almost licked her lips.

"What's that for?" she said in her best Little Red Riding Hood voice.

" I like to watch. I also like to fuck. Voila!"

"My, what big teeth you have. Or maybe something else."

There was another secret. The entire bed frame could be raised and lowered with a scissor frame actuated by a small motor underneath. The whole frame as one piece. Not like those cheesy beds on TV. My own invention I'm proud to say. Also remote control activated. I picked up the remote and gave a demo to Jenny. She got a sparkle in her eye as I put the bed through its' dance.

"Gimmee that."

She sat on the foot of the bed and looked in the mirror. She looked over at me. She raised it. Looked at me and lowered it just an inch. She turned to climb on the bed facing the headboard on her hands and knees. She spread her legs so that she was almost sitting on her heels. She looked in the mirror at me. Yes Mam'. I got behind her and lifted my cock to her pussy. She looked in the mirror and raised it back up an inch. Perfect!

"G.C. That's what I'm going to call you from now on in the house if it's O.K. G.C., would you please fuck me sir? I want to see your cock in the mirror. Full strokes. All the way in and all the way out."

" Jenny, would you mind if I sit on the bed for a minute and cry? What did I ever do to deserve you? …… Alright, I'm ready now."

I put my hands on the side of her waist so she could have that unencumbered view. I used my right hand to line up my cock with her pussy. I pushed slowly all the way down the shaft until my hips were touching her cheeks. I just stayed there, doing a little bumpty bump. She answered in kind and pushed back into me. Now I started. It was difficult to pull all the way out so that just my cockhead was still in her lips and not lose my place. But it had the advantage of making me last longer. Who knew?

" I've never had a view like this. We never get to see like you guys do."

All the way in. All the way out. I was getting into the technique and started to speed up. This brought an immediate response from Jenny. I was confidant enough now to look in the mirror at us. Jenny was looking too and swinging her head around to clear the hair from her eyes. I see her reach for her left nipple and pull on it hard. I'm driving like Ol' 67 and getting ready to come.

"Jenny are you ready yet?'

" Soon….soon… keep fucking me… slap my ass…whack! SlapmyassHARD. WHACK!……OOOHHHNN……don'tstop…..myclit…please…myclit..righthand.. reach her clit…squeeze… YES…YES. I'mmm .. CUUMMIing.. OOHHHnn.. don't ..STOP..fuckmefuckme… UUHHHHhhn.. uh."

I managed to come right after and pulled my pussy soaked cock out of Jenny and fell across the bed. She was sprawled on her stomach breathing deeply and turned her head to the left to look at me.

"Do you miss Anne and Carlie?'


The End

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Sweet niece

Very nice, exactly what I would love to do for my niece. Yummy

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