Naughty Nurse


She always loved having her pussy eaten, especially after fucking when her lips would still be swollen with lust and at their most sensitive. Carrie believed the 69 position would be the best, because sucking a big cock that is covered with a man's fresh cum was the second way she knew of to improve even a good coupling, such as she and Pete had just enjoyed. She cranked down the head of the bed until the surface was flat and Pete had adjusted the pillow under his head. During her wild gyrations while cumming, Carrie's nylon stockings had slid down to her ankles, so she pulled them the rest of the way off and left them on the floor. With everything ready, she got back onto the bed and lay on top of Pete again, this time with his cock by her mouth and her legs straddling his face.

She began by using her tongue to clean all his cum from the shaft and head, being careful to lick under the ridge to get everything there. After cleaning off and relishing all the fresh semen, Carrie slowly lowered her face, enveloping Pete's cock in her mouth. It had started to soften, but a few strokes between her lips quickly turned it as hard as it had been when it entered her pussy. As her avid mouth caressed the hard shaft starting to fill the warm, wet place where it was being made so welcome, her tongue curled around and laved it, reveling in the smooth skin that was stretched tightly over the hard roundness. When she felt the tip against the back of her throat, Carrie enveloped no more of the length, but let her tongue continue caressing the very welcome intruder in her mouth.

Pete loved eating pussy, and his favorite time to do it was immediately after the woman reached an orgasm from fucking, providing a rubber had been used. He adored the aroma of the great wealth of nectar available, and relished the flavor even more. After Carrie settled her pussy into position for his mouth to reach her, he wrapped his arms around her hips, sliding his fingers inside the cleft of her succulent ass to gently fondle her cute pink rosebud, and started licking the delicious treat from the insides of her thighs. After his tongue had sluiced the nectar from both legs, he began eagerly licking the juices from her crotch. The taste and the aroma and the texture of her skin under his mouth gave him immense pleasure, but the sensation of the sexy nurse's mouth making love to his cock was best of all.

He had received many blow jobs in his life, mostly from football groupies, but the young woman atop him was providing the best one in his experience. Her tongue, as it stroked his shaft, seemed to be simultaneously rough and soft, and billows of joy swept over his body from where it was caressing him. Her lips applied the perfect blend of tight and loose pressure as they moved slowly up and down his shaft. When he felt how she opened her throat and started taking every inch he had into her mouth, the entire length of his cock was being incredibly pleasured by her tongue, her lips and by some muscles he hadn't even known existed. Even his pubic hair as it brushed against her face was sharing in the carnal delights.

He had also eaten many pussies before, even including those few groupies who had bodies that were plump and sexy enough to appeal to him, but none had ever been as delightful as the one that was being thrust rhythmically down against his face. The heavenly taste and aroma of her nectar was unsurpassed, and the texture of the outer pussy lip his tongue started stroking reminded him of a warm satin pillow. Even more important, the woman he was eating really loved what he was doing, which was obvious from the way her sumptuous body was already starting to writhe on top of him.

Pete was right about Carrie loving to have her pussy eaten. She had been quite horny when she entered the hospital room, and the fucking had taken some of the edge off that, but her favorite activity was having a tongue, such as that of the man below her, stroking her most private parts. She especially liked the way Pete Sterling was doing it, even including the way he was holding to her ass cheeks. She relished all kinds of sexual activity, and that included having her rear hole fondled while a tongue is working its magic on her front hole, and the quarterback was doing both perfectly. Her first orgasm that evening had been great, but she could feel her second one building up to what she knew would be truly momentous.

Another activity of Carrie that would be high on her list of favorites is sucking a big, hard cock, such as the one she was repeatedly taking in and out of her avid mouth. Pete's equipment was thick enough to pleasurably spread her lips apart, but not so big as to hurt her jaw, and it was long enough to stuff her mouth, but not so big that she couldn't caress it with her tongue. Moving as slowly as she could, wanting to prolong her pleasure and his, she stroked the wonderful shaft steadily with her mouth, and she could feel her pussy fucking down into his face at the same speed.

He was having just as much fun as Carrie, maybe more and, after licking the first outer lip to its end and kissing her Mount of Venus, he devoured the fresh nectar and started on the second one. His tongue made love to this lip the same way, licking slowly and completely from the origin to the end. He kissed her mons again and pulled his face away to see what effects his ministrations were having on the gorgeous pussy above his face.

They were marvelous ones. Besides her body rocking from side to side and her pussy fucking against his mouth as she grew closer to another orgasm, Carrie's adorable clit had almost pushed its way out from its protective hood. He could have brought her to a climax by sucking on the delightful morsel, but he knew it would be more fun for both of them if he delayed doing that until she was at the apex of her sexual arousal. With that in mind, his mouth returned to below her pink hole and, after relishing all the freshest nectar, he began licking between an inner and an outer lip, starting with the ultra soft, smooth area between their origins.

He licked slowly and, when he reached the place where the labia are close together, he slid his tongue into the seam and started to caress both at the same time. Pete reveled in the delightful combination of the slick, wet outer lip and the spongy texture of its engorged mate, until he reached the place where the inner lips merge to form Carrie's clit hood. She was so sexually excited, the little cutie had completely pushed aside its protection.

From the thrill of eating the nurse's lovely pussy and from what her lips and tongue were doing for his cock, Pete was almost ready to cum too. He had been murmuring happily, but the sound had been muffled by the succulent flesh pressed against his mouth. For his own safety, he wanted to reach his climax before his partner, because he feared Carrie might bite down on his cock while she was in the throes of cumming. That would give the doctors something more important to be concerned about when they came to examine his knee, but he didn't want it to happen. He licked between Carrie's other pair of inner and outer lips the same as he had the first pair, but stopped before engulfing her clit in his mouth.

Carrie was aware of her high state of arousal, and she also knew Pete was close to cumming, because she could feel his shaft and head throbbing inside her mouth. Wanting to catch his semen on her tongue when he climaxed, she shortened the strokes of her sucking and increased the pace. Less than a minute later, she felt his cock jerking inside her mouth and stopped what she was doing, keeping her tongue in position right under the head. A few seconds later, she felt the muscles in his groin clench, and the first gob of cum landed exactly where she wanted it. Carrie continued stroking slowly up and down on the thick shaft between her lips, and was rewarded by another burst of his delicious semen. She continued bobbing her head over him until she was certain that was all there would be, and removed his cock from her mouth.

Under other circumstances, the eager nurse would have greedily licked all the cum from the shaft she was holding in her fingers, but she had another need that was too great to delay. "Suck my clit!" she urged Pete. "Suck my clit and make me cum."

That was exactly what he wanted to hear, and he was quick to do as asked. Her body was thrashing about on top of him, but he was still gripping Carrie's ass cheeks, and was able to hold her in place well enough to take the delectable morsel into his mouth. With his lips forming a seal, he sucked while his tongue caressed the engorged top and sides. Less than a minute after his enveloping her clit, she uttered a joyous cry and started cumming.

Her movements became wilder, but he kept his grip on her ass cheeks and his mouth remained firmly clamped around Carrie's man in the boat. For almost two minutes, the rest of her body pitched and tossed above him, until she gave another cry of absolute ecstasy, all her muscles clenched and she rammed her pussy against his face for an ultimate time. After her orgasm, she completely relaxed, and he feasted on the great wealth of fresh nectar he had earned.

Following their tremendous climaxes, the man and woman lay in a happy and satisfied pile, catching their respective breaths and resting, until Carrie said what she felt needed saying.

"That was wonderful," she murmured. "I love what your cock and mouth just did for me."

"Well, they really loved doing it, and what you did for them was just as great."

They lay together for a few more minutes, while Carrie's tongue began stroking the head of the cock she had just satisfied, wanting to get any leftover semen. She was elated when she felt the shaft, which she still held in her fingers, start to stiffen again.

"You know, it's still early," she said. "I think we could both cum a couple more times before you need to sleep."

"I don't see any reason why not," he replied as he breathed deeply of the truly delectable aroma of her pussy and felt how that delightful earthy scent was helping his cock get stiff enough for another round of sexual delights with the naughty nurse.


Thank you for reading this story by me, Boxlicker101. Here is an URL to many more of my stories: I hope you had as much fun as Pete and Carrie did and will continue having for the rest of the night. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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