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Naughty Student Nurse


Abbie Walden sat in the library in a stupor after five hours of intense studying for three major nursing exams. Very exhausted, she did not know how she would make it back to her dorm room on the sixth floor. With the last bit of energy she could muster, she gathered her books, slipped her book bag over her shoulder, and headed out the door.

Leaving the library, she noticed Bradley Parker standing against the back wall watching her. Their eyes met, and she caught him smile at her as she left. As she walked back to her dorm room, she could only think of Bradley Parker, and knew the time had come to make a move.

Bradley Parker was the Head Janitor in the nursing school dorm for over twenty years and well respected by the school’s administration. It was his job to assure all the other janitors working under him took good care of the school and the outside landscapes, while he took good care of the library and some of the student’s personal needs.

Despite his overpowering statue, he charmed the students with his caring nature and soft demeanor, and to some he was like a substitute dad away from home. Bradley was an attractive black man in his late fifties whose gorgeous smile only added to his flirtatious, but harmless behavior.

Bradley never took advantage of his position in an all girls’ dormitory and to most of the girls, he was just “ole Bradley.” Abbie however was a different story. He found pleasure in looking at the pretty girl from Oklahoma, whose long blonde hair and light blue eyes made her standout from the rest of the girls. Every time she had his undivided attention, the dull throbbing ache would return to Bradley’s groin, a feeling that disturbed him.

Abbie first noticed Bradley when she arrived at the New Jersey nursing school in late August. He was helping students carrying in all their belongings and never seemed to take a break from his work. She marveled at his strength, watching him lug heavy boxes several at a time up many flights of stairs. She was also mesmorized the rich color of his brown skin, and could not help but stare at him, wondering how his skin would feel beneath her fingertips.

Growing up on a cattle ranch out west, she was kept sheltered from the rest of the world, a world, she was very quickly discovering for the first time.

Abbie’s father ran his ranch with the help of 20 ranch hands, and each man knew from the day he was hired that Abbie was off limits. Most of them would not even look her way in fear of immediate termination. Likewise, Abbie had instructions to stay away from them and only knew them from a distance.

However, when Buck Halper was hired, things changed for Abbie. Abbie appealed to Buck the minute he laid eyes on her, and no man was going to keep him from seeking her attention, not even her old man.

Buck had worked the ranch about three weeks before Abbie began to give him any serious thought. She had watched him from a distance and loved the way he handled the livestock. She had known many a ranch hand growing up, and the tougher they were with the livestock the more she seemed drawn to them.

She would lie in bed at night and imagine what it would be like to be with Buck sexually. She fantasized him kissing her gently, his lips seeking out all the secret places that only Abbie knew gave her such pleasure when touched. Rolling her own hardened nipples with her fingers, she thought of him sucking hard on them, allowing her to feel small ripples of pain move through her. As Abbie sought out her own self-induced wetness, she thought about how Buck loved teasing her clit with his tongue. His tongue would first swirl her clit, feeling it engorge between his lips and then push it deep in her pink velvety core, sucking out all the juices she wanted to share with him. She loved wrapping her legs around his waist, pulling him deeper into her. Jerking and twisting hard beneath him, she felt the burst of an orgasm race through her body. Buck would move away from her grasp, pinning her arms back and down as if he were wrestling livestock, and he would push deep into her with one long stroke.

Abbie envisioned him taking her fast and hard, teaching her about how to love a man, and the nights that Abbie climaxed before drifting off to sleep were growing in number.

The first and only time Buck and Abbie spent time together was after a cattle drive in July. Buck had returned to the ranch ahead of the others and was unsaddling his horse when Abbie entered the barn. He was wearing tight jeans and a red flannel shirt, and although grimy from his ride on the dusty terrain, he was very appealing to Abbie.

“You startled me. You are back early from the drive. How come?” Abbie asked.

“My part was done, and I needed to get back to get things ready for the next drive down south.”

“Is my Dad far behind you?”

“I expect he and the rest will be along in a day or two. Not to worry young lady. He is fine.”

Abbie was not worried at all. She was delighted to be alone with a man in the barn practically right under her father’s nose. However, he offended her when he referred to her as a young lady.

“I’m not that young by the way. I’m 18.”

“You are right, and I apologize. And a pretty woman at that.”

Buck could not help but flirt with Abbie. Wearing a soft pink pastel summer dress that draped her body well, he found her to be pretty and extremely sexy, and he wondered if Abbie was involved with anyone. Although as protective as he knew her father was about her, he seriously doubted it.

“You heading off the ranch soon?” Abbie asked.

“Nope I am going to stay and relax for the next two days. Your dad has us on a tight schedule, so I am going to take advantage of his absence.”

Abbie wanted to do the same.

“Mind if I hang with you for a while?” She asked.

“Nope. Stay as long as you want. I have no plans and your company would be nice.” Buck wanted any time he could have with her. He wanted her.

The two spent the afternoon conversing about her life on the ranch, and Buck filled her head with what life was like past the ranch gates. She found herself very sexually attractive to Buck and enjoyed his flirtatious remarks towards her. Abbie knew if anything was to happen between them, she had to act fast.

“How would you like me to make us dinner? We are the only ones on this damn ranch, and I hate eating alone.”

“If you are sure it is no problem, then I would love to eat with you.” Buck desperately wanted to rephrase his comment.

Buck wanted a whole lot more, and although he remembered her father’s rule, the reality was, he was finding Abbie to be intoxicating to his sexual needs. He sensed her eagerness to spend some time with him, so his reluctance dissipated.

Abbie made them dinner and they enjoyed each other’s company, without any interruptions. After dinner, they sat by the fire and talked about each other’s dreams and ambitions. The wine they had been drinking had gone straight to Abbie’s head, and she aggressively sought Buck’s attention to meet her desires.

“Buck, do you find me attractive?”

Feeling the effects of the wine, he did not answer her, but leaned in to kiss her gently on the mouth. Abbie could feel heat rise from her core, spreading outward in all directions. This was her first kiss, so she allowed Buck to take the lead. His tongue moved over her lips, gently licking and tugging at them. Abbie soon felt an overwhelming need she had felt before, and responded to Buck’s sexual advances with her own assertive behavior.

“You are one hot and sexy lady Abbie.”

“You are pretty hot yourself,” Abbie giggled. Will you make love to me?”

“Oh yes baby, I will, and a whole lot more. Is this your first time?”

“Yes, but I have read about it.”

Buck had enough wine to feel good, but not enough that he did not know what he was doing. Abbie was hurling herself right at him, and he was going to take advantage of it.

Abbie awkwardly grabbed the bulge in his pants, and he urged her to stroke it. As she did, his hand cupped her breast beneath her shirt and his fingers pulled at her nipples. Abbie responded by pushing her body into his. Buck unzipped his pants allowing his cock to fall free and sensed Abbie’s reluctance to touch it. He knew he would have to teach her a few things, and found the thought quite exciting.

“Take it in your hands, baby. Rub it, nice and slow. That’s it.”

Abbie followed each of his commands, wanting only to please him, and to prove she was capable of being the perfect lover. As she stroked him, Buck struggled to hold back his mounting pleasure. His mouth moved to her breast taking her nipple deep in his mouth. The harder he sucked, the harder Abbie stoked his cock.

Their breathing grew rapid as their excitement escalated, but the release of pleasure did not come. Within minutes of beginning their physical lust for each other, the front door opened up causing them each to frantically pull apart.

“What the hell is going on here?” Her father’s voice boomed into the room.

“Daddy I can explain.”

“There is no need to. You go to your room, and you mister are fired. Now pack your bags and get your sorry ass off my ranch.”

The confrontation between the three of them was quick and to the point. Buck left the ranch that night, and Abbie and her dad never again spoke of the event. She was back to fulfilling her own needs alone.


When Abbie made the decision to become a nurse after finishing high school, her father immediately arranged for her to go to New Jersey where his sister would monitor her education and her behavior. This was not what Abbie wanted, but she would at least get out of Oklahoma and away from her overbearing father. There was a big world out there beyond the ranch, and Abbie knew she wanted to explore it. She desperately hoped her aunt would not be as protective.

She shared a room at school with a girl named Josie Moore who hailed from the south, and whose worldly experience amazed Abbie. Josie was becoming a nurse to “meet a handsome doctor”, but her ambitions did not interest Abbie. What fascinated Abbie more was Josie’s tales of her sexual adventures. On their first day, together Josie informed Abbie of her bisexual lifestyle, as casually as one would share an exchange of a phone number. Josie’s whole way of life initially puzzled Abbie, but she knew the potential to learn from her was definitely there.

“I honestly don’t know how you have come this far without ever having a boyfriend.” Josie said to her as they unpacked. “What in heavens name did you do for fun out there?”

“The typical things, I guess. It was hard growing up on the ranch, and my dad never let me date.”

“Good heavens! That’s just sinful. I bet you had fun with all them ranch hand boys though, huh?” Josie said, occasionally snapping her gum.

“They were all older than me. I didn’t really care for any of them.”

Abbie knew she had no real sexual experience or knowledge other than her own self pleasuring, and what she read, but she had no idea until Josie began her own background stories exactly how much she did lack. In addition, she did not intend to share with Josie her “several minutes of lust” she had with Buck that led to Buck’s termination and her spending time alone. Abbie did not want Josie thinking she was an idiot.

“Well here in the East, we date boys, play with boys, and then fuck boys, so we are gonna have to find you one at the college, and soon.”

Abbie thought Josie was a bit brash, but in truth could not wait to get to the local college. All she had to do now was hope that her aunt did not make a habit of checking up on her. As the girls were unpacking there was a knock at the door and when, Abbie opened it, she found herself starring in the eyes of Bradley Parker.

“I got your boxes here Miss.”

“Bring them in, and put them down over there.” Abbie directed him.

The room the girls shared was just about big enough for the basics. Space was limited, but each girl had brought with them the important items they had to have with them. Abbie had brought a box of ribbons she had won for riding at every state fair she had entered since age 4. They were the only things she cared about and could not part with leaving them behind.

“You girls getting settled in?” Bradley asked.

“Yes we are! Do you work here? Is this town any fun?” Josie quizzed him.

“I do work here. My name is Bradley Parker, and I am at your service Mam.” He winked at Josie. “And this town is fun, but you will be studying too hard to notice,” he added with a smile.

While he and Josie exchanged pleasantries, Abbie found herself looking at his hands. They were so large, and they had a roughness to them similar to the hands of the workers on the ranch. She longed to touch his dark brown skin and was mesmorized by his height. Bradley had Abbie’s total attention and she suddenly felt the heat rise in her like the time she was with Buck. Shaking the thought from her head, she returned to her unpacking.

Closing the door after Bradley left, Josie looked at Abbie and said, “Now that is one fine looking man. I bet he could make me cum all night long.”

Abbie was aware of her own discomfort with the dialog, yet at the same time she wanted to ask Josie so many questions about her sexual experiences.

“You slept with a black man?”

“We never had the chance to sleep. We fucked like bunnies all night long. I met him at a bar called Mulligan’s down near the point. We hit it off right away and before I knew it we were in his van headed to sexual heaven.”

Josie glanced at Abbie and immediately had the sense that she had never had sex before.

“Holy shit! You are a virgin aren’t you?”

Before Abbie even had the chance to answer, Josie began to chuckle.

“I should have guessed. Girl we have to get you laid. Lordy, I am in the presence of the Virgin Mary.”

Abbie could now feel her entire upper body smolder with embarrassment and turned away to fight off the tears welling up in her eyes. Of all the roommates she had to end up with, she found herself in the hands of someone who had probably had more sex than her daddy’s favorite bull.

“Well it’s not like I feel off a turnip truck. I have some experience.”

Josie saw that she had upset Abbie and went to put her arms around her.

“Listen, just stick with me and we will have that ole cherry picked before the end of the year. We have to find you the right man, and in the meantime I will teach you everything I know.”

As foul as it sounded, Abbie knew that her roommate was not a threat to her, and in some ways, she found her to be sweet. What did she have to lose? She knew she had no real experience and if someone was willing to teach her, why not take advantage of it.

The girls resumed their unpacking and in no time, Abbie discovered her thoughts had returned to Bradley Parker. She wanted to know more about him, and yet she wondered why she felt so drawn to this complete stranger.

As the semester progressed, Abbie was learning the basics of nursing at school, and the basics of sex back in the dorm. Josie had taken on the task of educating Abbie to all aspects of sex, and the two had become very close friends in the process. While Josie focused on Abbie’s sexual education, Abbie focused on her relationship with Bradley Parker. Whenever Abbie had the chance, she would look for Bradley in the dorm employing him to do something simple for her, just to be near him. The two would share unpretentious chat, but both would leave the other with a tremendous feeling of lust for each other.

Bradley had never spent so much time thinking about one student. He would always return to his room in the basement after talking with her, and masturbate in a frenzied state hoping he could rid his head of her, as easily as he could rid his body of his lustful seed. His desire for the pretty blonde haired girl drove his every waking thought.

Lying awake one night after seeing Bradley earlier that evening, Abbie’s thoughts of him could not be put to rest as easily as they usually could. She and Josie had smoked a joint before bed and she blamed her restlessness on the effect of the drug. Ever since Josie had introduced her to the benefits of grass, Abbie used it to help her go to sleep, leaving behind the stress she acquired during the day on the hospital unit. Tonight it was not helping her.

Sitting up, she opened up her nightstand drawer and removed the bottle of pills she had brought with her from home. Prescribed for her after a fall she had taken from her horse, she remembered how they made her sleep. Swallowing them, she heard Josie moving around in her own bed.

“What’s the matter Mary? Can’t you sleep?”

Abbie despised it when Josie called her “Mary”, the constant reminder of her virginal state. Once again flipping the pillows, she attempted to get comfortable.

“Just over tired I guess,” Abbie replied.

“Maybe if you got those thoughts of ole’ Bradley out of your head, you could rest easier.”

Abbie deeply regretted sharing her interest in him with Josie, as she persistently encouraged Abbie to go after him. She saw nothing wrong in the age difference and felt Abbie was ready to jump into a sexual relationship. Abbie knew she was more than ready, but still had some concerns she needed to work out on her own.

“I’m just stressed from school. Now go to sleep.” She snapped at Josie.

Josie had no intention of letting up, and walked over and sat on the edge of Abbie’s bed. Abbie could see the features of her face in the light that came through the window, and knew Josie was wide-awake, dismissing any chance of immediate sleep.

“I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t push you about him. But I know you like him. I just never worry about that age thing like you do. I told you about the time I fell in love with my dad’s banker friend. He was 62 years old, but when we were together, the age difference never seemed to matter. I hate seeing you so sad.”

Abbie could tell the drug she had taken was starting to work, as Josie’s words were sounding unclear to her. Abbie could not focus on what Josie was saying, and her thoughts only returned to Bradley. At Josie’s request, Abbie found herself moving over in the bed to accommodate more space for her.

“I can remember once…” Josie continued on about her and the banker, but in Abbie’s head, Bradley was leaning into her, taking her face in both hands and gently kissing her.

As the fantasy grew in her head, Abbie needed to feel herself climax. She reached down between her legs and traced the partially opened folds with her finger.

As Bradley continued to kiss her, she could feel a warm dampness grow between her legs, a feeling that she knew very well. Her two fingers spread her lips, while a third probed the wetness further. Collecting some of the liquid from her pink core, she placed it on her clit, and began rubbing it, slowly at first.

Abbie thought of his hands, grabbing her breasts, pinching her nipples, bringing about small twinges of pain. Her clit swelled as she encircled it, soon finding a rhythm that met her desires. Her fingers pushed deep inside her, and she felt her own heat swelter as her touching escalated.

As her fantasies of Bradley continued, she rubbed herself harder and harder. Small moans escaped from her lips, and she began to gently rock her self while her legs clamped closed over her hand.

Josie now more awake, realized what Abbie was doing, and placed her hand on Abbie’s thigh.

“Open your legs, Abbie.” Josie said.

In her drug-induced stupor, Abbie heard Bradley tell her to open her legs more, and she complied. His hand replaced hers, and she wanted him to make her cum with his long fingers, pushing deep inside her.

Josie had not been with a woman in a long time, and she was growing increasingly excited, as her fingers moved up and down Abbie’s wet pussy, pushing inside her to collect her juices. Pulling her fingers out of Abbie, she brought them to her mouth and tasted them.

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