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Naughty Vacation


We arrived on Wednesday, my husband worked and I took in a few sights. In the evening we met with some work colleagues for dinner. All the while, Thursday night was on my mind. I couldn't wait.

Finally, Thursday night arrived. I was so excited. My husband was a bit apprehensive. I think he'd had a tough day of meetings, together with all the hype about the riots, he seemed a bit stressed. Earlier in the day I went out shopping for something sexy to wear to our night out. I didn't want to be competing with the girls so I chose to wear a lady's suit. I thought I'd be a 'gentleman' for the night. I bought a tight white button up top with wide collars, tight black trousers and a black jacket finished off with my favorite red stilettos. Underneath, stockings and suspenders, no panties and a cleavage hugging bra, top buttoned down so the top of the lace showed just a bit. I topped it all off with my hair slicked back and wrapped in a tight bun. I don't wear glasses but bought a pair of glasses with clear glass to complete the sexy female boss look. I thought it would be just a bit extra naughty to go out without panties.

My husband was already in a suit from his work day and arrived a little late so we just met up at the hotel lobby and walked down the street to a bar I saw earlier and wanted to try.

We started the evening at The Long Bar at the Sanderson Hotel. We were quite nervous so decided to have a few tall cocktails to calm the nerves.

After a few cocktails, we took a black cab to Peter Stringfellow's Gentlemens Club in Soho.

I had booked dinner and asked to dine with an "Angel". I asked for an English Angel because I thought it would be fun to chat to a proper English Lass.

I love that it's called a "Gentleman's Club" and the girls are called "Angels".

When we arrived, we were greeted by our host and told him it was our first time at Stringfellows. He welcomed us in and introduced us to a lovely girl called "Christina" from Romania who took us on a grand tour, past the various pole stages, opulent VIP rooms and decadent booths then offered us a complimentary drink.

We sat at the bar for a while and then our 'dinner date' arrived and introduced herself to us. "Jane" was very attractive, witty and intelligent and easy to have a conversation with. We chatted for a while and she introduced us to a few of the other beautiful Angels as they walked by.

The club wasn't really busy because most Londoners were still freaked out by the riots and "Jane" told us the past week was quiet scary. I was quite glad we missed the worst of it.

"Jane" then changed the topic of conversation and led us to a cosy booth with sultry red upholstery.

Jane was just gorgeous. Tall, slender, blond. Stockings, heels wearing sexy lacy lingerie. We were having a great conversation. My husband was quite bemused and by now looking quite relaxed. Jane and I talked about stripping - she gave me loads of sexy tips to try on my husband and demonstrated a few moves on me and him. She even showed me how to slowly grind into her lap, guiding my bottom into her lap and showing me some sexy new hip moves.

We ordered dinner, I had a salad, I can't really remember what type, I wasn't hungry - just distracted by what was going on - the decor, the girls, everything and of course Jane, dining with us in lingerie. It was quite surreal.

It was all so sexy. I was loving every minute of it. It wasn't intimidating at all. The girls also seemed to be amused by what was happening at our table. Jane said it wasn't often that they got married couples. She was really so good with the 2 of us and I wasn't in the least bit jealous, nor did any of the girls that joined us for idle chit chat make us feel awkward.

After desert and a few glasses of bubbly it was time for business.

I told her that I wanted to see my husband getting a private lap-dance and asked her to recommend a nice girl. She also pointed out who the really good dancers were in the club and had funny little anecdotes about some of them. I told her that my husband was also tasked with picking a girl for me. She sat down next to him and whispered her recommendations in his ear - to which he burst out laughing.

Jane led us around the venue to see some of the girls in action. We sat down a one of the pole stages and then watched her perform a beautiful pole dance. Such a stunning body. I felt really honored that we got to know her. Once she had finished, she approached us again, totally nude wearing only her stiletto heels. She sat on my husband's lap, took my hand in hers and asked: "So, who's it going to be? Who's the lucky lady? He 'asn't got all night y'know"

It was a tough choice but I eventually picked Jessica, a red-headed "Angel" for my husband. Jane said she was the most flexible girl in the club and I thought that would be something interesting to see and experience. Jane went to collect her for us. They arrived hand in hand, such a gorgeous sight. Jane introduced her to us and then left with a sexy wink. Jessica led us to a private booth with leopard print sofa. I sat on a chair, a short distance away to watch the scene unfold. In the far corner of the venue, I caught a glimpse of Jane begin a performance for a guy. I was secretly hoping my husband would pick her for me. Jessica was really hot. Her moves must have driven my husband absolutely crazy. So supple, she just lightly folded over him. My husband was clearly enjoying the artwork. There's no way I could do those moves (going to have to practice when I get back home...)

Jessica did this really hot thing where she signaled for me to join in. I politely declined with a friendly nod and she responded by blowing me a kiss and looked me in the eye as she grinded her sexy bottom into my husband's lap. Almost in a way that said "I know he's yours, you have nothing to fear, I'm just going to warm him up for you". And warm him up she did. She was obviously aware of our game and came up to me to tell me (in her very sexy Scottish accent) she was going to leave him aching with sexual tension. "He's going to ravish you tonight darling, I hope you're ready for it". Then she proceeded to sway and swing, slowly, lifting her leg up onto his, turning, twisting, all so slowly, gliding on and off his lap. It was incredible. I could see him just burning up inside. He looked at me and smiled.

Jessica eventually finished dancing. She'd kept her panties on (possibly out of respect for me). I appreciated that. I thought it added a nice touch. She blew him a kiss and whispered in my ear as she walked by "he's all yours now honey". She turned to her side and I slipped the money into the cheek of her panties. My husband was grinning from ear to ear. I was so turned on I just wanted to grab him right there and then but it was my turn next.

I asked him what Jane said that was so funny. "Nothing, it's a surprise" he said. We ordered another round of drinks and wondered around the club. We came across Jane dancing again on a small podium. I just had to watch her. She waved to us when she was done and wondered off into a 'staff only' area.

My husband then signaled to one of the girls, spoke to her and she led us to another private booth. My turn had finally arrived. Who would it be? Who did my husband choose to dance and strip for me? The club really wasn't busy and there were so many "Angels" to choose from.

Two girls came towards us, holding hands. So that was the joke, he arranged for 2 girls. Raven and Christi. Raven had long jet-black hair, she was tall and towered over me. Christi, petite with short blond hair. I saw the humor, tall dark lady with long hair and short blond with short hair. Such a contrast.

Christi sat beside me, smiled and watched her friend start to move and sway. She asked if she could touch me (which I thought was a really polite thing to ask). I said she needed to check with my husband. She moved over towards him sitting across the table, mounted his lap and whispered in his ear. I could only assume she asked if she could touch me. He nodded and Christi came back towards me and began caressing my legs and stroking my arm.

Then she joined Raven and the 2 girls began their incredibly sexy routine. And there I was, in a suit, on a plush red couch with 2 beautiful women giving me an incredibly sexy lap dance. I turned to look at my husband a few times, our eyes locked, he was incredibly aroused yet I could literally feel the electricity of his love for me from across the table. Amongst all this temptation, he still made me feel like I was the only girl for him. I found myself thinking about my husband as the girls slowly removed their tops and took turns dancing on my lap. It was a strange sensation, feeling them rub against me. Their breasts and nipples so close to my face, Ravens long black hair on my shoulders caressing my bare neck. Christi sliding between my parted legs and coming up again, her mouth and tongue pretending to lick my pussy. Raven then leaned with her her naked back against my chest, pressing against my breasts, my nipples hard, goosebumps all over my body. As she raised her back, her full breasts sank slightly into her chest, every detail of her small nipples bared out for me to admire. They were both so gentle, so erotic, so sexy. I was totally turned on. I didn't want to have sex with them, I just felt sexy being with them. I felt horny. I felt lust. I Felt sexual energy. I felt like I wanted to have sex. I wanted to fuck. I felt an urgency for sex. I lost concentration in what they were doing, I couldn't focus. Their naked bodies, 2 pairs of breasts, flowing hair, their breathing, silky smooth legs, tight butts. Their hands on my body. Their hands on my chest. It was all too much. I needed to release. This was torture. If my husband was by my side I would have taken him right there and then.

When the girls finished they sat down beside me. I think they could sense I was sexually worked up. Christi caressed by leg, ran her hand up and down. Raven stroked my hair and my neck. My hands frozen by my sides. Two beautiful naked women beside me, my husband in front of me. I never expected to feel so aroused and sexually charged from this experience.

Christ invited my husband over. They introduced themselves to him and asked if he enjoyed their performance. We chatted for a while, there was a time when we both had naked girls sitting on our laps at the same time. Christi the blond with me and Raven the tall dark beauty on him. It was so surreal. They then began collecting their bits of clothes and he tipped them both with notes tucked into the sides of their panties. When they left, I put my hand on his crotch, he was rock hard. I was wet. I suddenly remembered I wasn't wearing panties and could feel wetness between my legs. I crossed my legs in sensual agony craving for my husband's hand to touch and caress me between my legs.

Jane came around again and asked if we were enjoying ourselves. We certainly were. I told her I'd had a great time and that the girls were really great too. She thanked us for a lovely evening and said it was a refreshing change from the usual dinner and dance with "gentlemen". She said she'd enjoyed her time with the gentle-couple. We thanked her too and she led us out holding our hands via a few of the pole dance stages. We were given so much attention. Raven and Christi waved good-bye and Jessica gave us a hug.

We decided to skip the night-club idea and headed straight back to our hotel. We smooched like teenagers in the back of the taxi cab, then stumbled into the hotel lobby still kissing passionately. We couldn't get enough of each other, we were on fire. Our room was on the 10th floor and we made out in the elevator, against the passage walls and against the door to our room.

I had to peel him off me. "Back-off darling, there's something I need to do". I tied his hands to the bed posts with his business ties, unbuttoned his shirt and took off his trousers and underwear. He was naked and vulnerable. I then proceeded to strip for him. I rubbed his rock hard member and continued the sexual tease. His penis pulsed. If I were to touch it, I think he would have cum right then. I slowed things down a bit, just to calm him down. I slipped out of my trousers to reveal my stockings and suspenders and the fact that I didn't wear panties. I fingered myself for him (and for me). I bent down over him, pretending to lick his member, then giving it a quick lick. I pranced around the room, touching myself, doing things that those girls were not allowed to do. I was totally aroused by the sheer excitement of the entire evening. I felt fantastic.

I didn't want the night to end. I continued playing with myself in various standing, sitting and bending over positions until I could feel myself on the verge of a huge orgasm. I mounted him and (to use a great British term) "shagged" him good and slowly. Then picking up speed I felt the point of no return approaching and began 'shagging' him harder. He came first but I was on top and wasn't going to let him go until my turn had come too. Luckily for him I climaxed soon after him. What an intense and powerful orgasm. He kept thrusting too, we were just so worked up. I untied him and we rolled around passionately kissing for a few minutes. It was all just so intense.

I've certainly never done anything like this before. Thursday night was a huge peak in our sexual life.

My husband was out at meetings all day Friday and Saturday. Saturday night we had a business dinner. It was a bit strange, mostly men and their ladies/wives. The women were a lot older than I and we didn't have much in common. I was so bored and my mind wondered to what we did on Thursday night. I either needed to tell everyone what we'd done or do something else to release a bit of the sexual tension and pressure building up inside of me. I went to the bathroom, removed my panties and put it into his pocket when I returned. He totally knew what I'd done and blushed and grinned. Ooops, I did it again... Hand on his crotch under the table. No rubbing, just placed there to tease and remind him not to stay up too late talking business. I feigned a head-ache, excused myself and took a taxi back to the hotel. I sent my husband a picture of myself in a hot nurse's outfit that I'd bought earlier in the day. He arrived 30 minutes later.

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