tagSci-Fi & FantasyNaveen Knights Ch. 02

Naveen Knights Ch. 02


This is chapter 2 of Naveen Knights, a story inspired by a work no longer found on Literotica entitled The Virgin Princess. Where did it go? I mean, come on - how can you go wrong with an army of sex demons, a lovely but frustrated princess, a horny witch, an oddly perverse wizard, and a queen into S&M? (Ok, the queen is my idea - but it works)

Sir Emrys Lewthwaite and his men slowly approached the village of Amergin. They were there on the orders of the king's chief advisor, Mycaelis Caimbeul, who had sent Emrys on a scouting mission to see why they hadn't heard from the residents of the villages of Rafer and Amergin for many days. When Sir Lewthwaite and his men reached Rafer they found the children, old men, and old women had been locked in a barn, and everyone else was missing. Emrys sent the refugees they found back to the Castle Naveen with two of his men while he and his remaining ten men followed the trail of a force that they suspected had attacked Rafer and were headed from Rafer to Amergin. Now at sunrise the men of Sir Lewthwaite are at the gates of the walled village of Amergin.

The men slowly rode through the village gates and saw what they expected for a sleepy country village at sunrise; nothing. No movement, no people, only a few sleepy pullets scratching up their morning feed. They hadn't seen a guard either, but few hinterland villages have actual guards; in fact Amergin is a rarity in the fact that it has walls and a gate. The tired men rode slowly between the small buildings looking left and right carefully for any indication of what happened to the force and captives they followed this far.

"Sire!" shouted one man, his call breaking the still morning calm. "I found them! I think..."

As one man, Sir Lewthwaite's men wheeled in the direction of the call. Nearly a week in the saddle nonstop greatly improved the horsemanship of these foot soldiers that were pressed into cavalry detail mere days ago. Emrys reached the spot first and nearly fell out of his saddle in shock when he saw what lay before him in the village square. There before the mounted troopers lay the adult population of the villages of Rafer and Amergin entangled in an orgy of sexual overindulgence the likes of which the men had never even dreamed of.

Men and women, women and woman, men and men, tangled in pairs, trios, and more. The citizens were rutting, fucking, sucking, sodomizing, licking, and biting in ever changing combinations and perversions. Emrys and his men were aghast as they watched the spectacle. All participants were covered in dust, dirt, mud, and the combined sexual secretions of dozens of people.

"This is a foul blasphemy unto the heavens!" shouted Terentius Kinney, the most devout of Emrys' men. Terentius leapt from his saddle and advanced on the writhing mass of humanity. "I order thee to cease and desist in the most holy name of the Great Maker! Stop your foul machinations and beg forgiveness now before you all be damned for all time."

"Terentius keep back!" shouted Emrys' sword master Galfridus. "They may be bewitched!"

But Terentius would have nothing of it, in his heart he knew he could save these people from eternal torment, and he waded into the knot of thrashing bodies while holding up the Aleph, the symbol of the Great Maker. A slim woman with boyish hips rose out of the entanglement, her tiny breasts were covered in mud and dirt, but her erect nipples could be seen through the filth. She reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy with one hand then in a movement faster than the men believed possible she pushed her fingers in Terentius' mouth.

Terentius staggered back and snarled while reaching for his sword. He opened his mouth to curse the woman but suddenly he paused. His eyes were burning with a fire of righteous wrath, but they abruptly softened, his hand at his sword hilt shifted to his buckle and he dropped his sword belt and began pealing down his pants. The woman smiled and wrapped her arms around him and they slowly sank into the writhing mob.

"Great Maker!" Galfridus hissed as the men watched one of their own lost to the possessed villagers.

The troop edged their horses back nervously, many making the sign of the mano fico; raising their fist with the thumb between the index and middle finger to ward off the evil eye. They nervously eyed a woman who was crawling toward them from the tangle of bodies.

"Run!" she gasped, "save yourselves." Her large breasts dangled between her arms as she slowly crept forward. Her eyes seemed to change from crazed to sane and back as she tried to formulate words.

"What manner of witchcraft is this?" demanded Galfridus as his horse skittered nervously.

"Demons," she gasped, "they descended upon us in Rafer, they took our young and our old, they raped and ravished us, and every one they touched was bewitched with a burning need." Her eyes glazed over and she reached between her legs and began to rub her pussy. "They tied us up and took us in carts here to Amergin. We were a full day in the carts, bound immobile and burning with lust but unable to satisfy our hunger..." she began to rub her clit harder, her breathing came in gasps.

She continued even though she was having small climaxes during her monologue. "We were crazed beyond sanity with lust by the time we arrived here, and the demons gathered the folks of Amergin like they did us, but instead of ravishing the folks here they turned us loose on them and they marched off to Faolan. Our juices affected the villagers here like the demons did to us." She started to cry as she continued to rub her clit. "We carry the demon seed, a plague of lust!"

Just then a wild eyed mud covered man came up behind her, dropped to his knees, and unceremoniously mounted her. Without a word between them he began to hammer at her pussy as hard as he could and the look on the woman's face became one of blissful gratitude. "The demons had a wizard ruling them!" she gasped as her sanity ebbed away, "find the emerald wizard and avenge us!" and with a shriek she began humping back at the Wildman as hard as she could.

* * * * *

Princess Amia Reynard moved through the palace at a snail's pace. Even though she was in a hurry to her favorite part of the day, literature lessons, she moved slowly. The last time she moved through the palace at a pace more in tune with her eagerness she was accused by her mother of trying to purposely outpace her hand maidens and leave them behind and was ordered to walk at "a pace more becoming that of a future monarch".

"Future monarch; what a laugh," she snorted to herself. Here she was, the princess daughter to the lowest ranking vassal king in all of the twelve kingdoms. Due to her father's low ranking amongst the royal houses, if she does get lucky enough to marry, she'll end up with an elderly bachelor prince who probably has to kill a dozen relatives just to be invited to the Candlemas ball.

"I'm eighteen already, and never have been touched by a man, let alone have had one propose to me," she moaned to herself. By the time she was eighteen Amia's mother had already married, bourn the king two children (her second, a son, died shortly after birth) and had been crowned queen of Naveen. The only thing Amia has accomplished is to help her mother's handmaidens embroider a tapestry of the Battle of the Four Ridges that was fought several decades years before and a thousand miles away.

She glanced over her shoulder at the two handmaidens that were following her through the castle and thought for a moment of trying to lose them in the twisting corridors, but decided against it. As fun as it would be, she was almost at Mycaelis Caimbeul's tower. Mycaelis Caimbeul was her father's most trusted advisor and her tutor, having taught her mathematics, literature and several sciences. Her favorite was astronomy, she loved the long evenings atop the tower looking through Mycaelis' glass at the moon and the stars. Her least favorite was herbs and plants, probably because she considered his garden was very unnerving.

And to get to Caimbeul's quarters in the northwestern tower of the castle, one had to go through his garden. The garden occupied one entire floor of the wide tower, and through a clever series of mirrors and windows it was the brightest and warmest room in the castle. She slowed even more as she entered the garden to allow the handmaidens to draw closer to her. Even though the room was filled with light, it always gave Amia an uneasy feeling. Brightly colored butterflies and exotic birds flitted from branch to branch in the exotic growth. Bright green snakes coiled around low hanging branches, vines and moss hung from trees, and small creatures skittered among the leaves, moss, and ferns on the ground. The air was so moist it was actually foggy which made the garden seem even stranger to her. Amia followed the winding path through the lush greenery, and even though the air was very warm a chill ran down her spine. Her mother would say that the chill indicated that someone had just walked over her grave.

The handmaidens seemed to enjoy walking through the indoor jungle, they chatted quietly between themselves and looked about happily, but Amia prayed and muttered under her breath the whole time wishing they were already through the garden, and finally after long agonizing minutes they were. After what seemed to Amia to be forever they reached the stair case along the northern wall that led them up to Mycaelis' private chambers.

The chambers of the kings advisor were filled with bookshelves on which sat hundreds of books and ancient scrolls, they lined the walls and divided the large room into sections. Each section was used for a different purpose, one for alchemical experimentation, one for literary research, one for military planning, and one for general purposes where she normally had her lessons. Amia looked up at the towering book cases in awe, they reached the high ceiling and ladders on wheels stood at the ready to allow a researcher access to any tome no matter how high its perch in the room. She made her way through the maze to the general purpose area where she normally would find Mycaelis standing next to the fire place. He usually was waiting for her in a manner which showed great displeasure with her tardiness regardless of how late or early for her lesson she was, however on this day he was nowhere to be found.

His quarters were actually only two rooms, a small sleeping quarters and the much larger great room where all the books were stored. She searched through both rooms to locate him but he was nowhere to be found. She was about to tell her handmaidens that she was going to return to her suite when Mycaelis stepped out from behind a book cast in a dark green traveling cloak. He was brushing dirt and leaves off the cloak when he suddenly looked up and realized he wasn't alone. "You're late," he said.

"No I'm not," she started, angered at his accusation but he silenced her with a sternly upraised finger.

"Today's lesson will be held here tomorrow at the usual time. Please try not to waste my valuable time; your father isn't paying me to wait idle for you to decide when you're ready to learn." Anger washed through Amia, she opened her mouth to scorch the air with an oath so foul that her father's soldiers only uttered it in the most extreme of circumstances (like finding someone cheating at cards) but when Mycaelis raised his finger she found herself unable to speak. "Go now," he said in a quiet voice, "return when you're ready to learn."

More bitter curses sprang to her mouth, but Amia was unable to verbalize them. In fact she found her body moving to the door and down the staircase into the green hell of the garden. She stormed down the path ignoring her handmaidens who were bustling to catch up with her. She barely even noticed the shiver that went down her spine that happens every time she passes one particular point in the garden.

* * * * *

Mycaelis Caimbeul watched the princess leave with a blank look on his face, the effete little snot would never find out how much he wanted to kill her. In fact he was looking forward to the moment when he will rip the expensive gown off her exquisite body and plunge a dagger through her perfect breast into her ice cold heart. Murdering her in front of her parents had a delicious enchantment about it, however that was a pleasure yet to come.

Before he could entertain the thought of ridding himself of the spoiled brat any further he had business to take care of. He shrugged off his cloak and neatly hung it from a hook, then standing before the fireplace he held an Azurite crystal in his right hand while he made a complicated gesture in the air with his left hand. The crystal flared with an intense dark green light then before him the air shimmered and a Drusi appeared amidst the shimmer. The Drusi snarled at the intrusion but Mycaelis insure that the Drusi was trapped in a tactile protest; a spell which prevented it from voluntary mobility. Mycaelis then led the Drusi through the large room into his sleeping quarters and once in there he twisted a sconce on the wall over the bed's headboard. The wall opposite his bed opened to reveal a foggy blackness that had a certain feeling of depth about it. They stepped through the opening and without fanfare found themselves in the private quarters of the Keep of Lady Caelia de Ancriis.

Caelia was sitting up in bed awaiting their arrival. When they appeared in her bed chambers she bonelessly eased out of bed and approached Mycaelis, her flame red hair spilling over her shoulders, her lush body barely covered by a wisp of cloth that concealed her curvaceous figure as well as fog. Caelia's large heavy breasts bobbled with every step she took as she approached Mycaelis and the Drusi. "Is this for me?" she asked.

"You wished to inspect one," answered Mycaelis coldly as if the sight of her body had no effect on him. "This one may have about an hour left."

"Interesting," she purred as she walked around the Drusi inspecting the hairless, scaled humanoid. With a flick she pulled off its loin cloth causing the Drusi to leer at her and show her its pointed teeth, but the tactile protest kept it from attacking her. She crouched down and inspected the demons erect cock closely. It was long and thick, emerald green fading to royal purple at the head, standing straight out from the demon's groin. The Drusi's scales got smaller as they approached its phallus, but on the penis itself they were large and more defined, which gave its cock a covering of smoothly rounded bumps. From her close vantage point she could see the glistening coating of Oil of Azulee on its cock; it was seeping from pores between the scales along the length of its prong. The bright purple head of his cock was smooth and free of scales, but twice the circumference as the shaft of the penis. The long thick cock trembled with the Drusi's every heart beat and the musky scent of the beast filled Caelia's head. Just the smell alone was a powerful aphrodisiac and she was having a hard time keeping her plan clear in her mind. "Will it obey me?" she asked.

In answer Mycaelis traced a cryptic symbol in the air in front of the Drusi's face. "It will now," he said softly.

"Good," she smiled, "follow me, beast." She walked back to her bed and discarded her filmy gown. She lay down on the bed and stretched as the Drusi stood next to the bed. Then Caelia reached out and with one long elegant finger she stroked the length of the monsters cock. Immediately her index finger began to tingle, and warmth began to spread up her arm. "Great Maker!" she gasped. The feeling of intense sexual need was more than she's ever experienced before in her life. Never had she ever felt more naked, more sensual, and more open. Her pussy began to moisten and all she did was touch the beasts cock!

She brought her Oil of Azulee to her nose and inhaled carefully. As the musky scent filled her nose her mind was filled with images of making wild passionate love. Her head spun and she found it hard to concentrate she was so overwhelmed with passion. She bit her lower lip mostly to keep her jaw from trembling and brought her finger to her breast. She touched her nipple and nearly fainted from the sudden rush of carnal lightning that exploded from her nipple to her clitoris. Her nipple crinkled and hardened and her breast began to swell in a deliciously painful way. She brought her trembling finger to her other nipple and gasped at the jolt of pure desire that flashed from her large trembling tit through her entire body.

Caelia whimpered in need and arched her back as the lightning shot through her body; every nerve ending was alive and responsive. Every contact was the touch of a lover, even the slight breeze coming through the window was a tongue dedicated to pleasuring her body. Caelia's breasts swelled to the point where they stood up proudly from her chest like they did in her youth. Before she could change her mind she reached down and touched the Oil of Azulee to her clitoris and suddenly fireworks went off behind her eyelids. She could feel her pussy and anus desperately clutching, demanding to be filled. Her breasts ached for a mouth to suckle them, her body demanded another body to fulfill its desires.

Caelia was vaguely aware of Mycaelis walking round her bed slowly with an evil grin splitting his face. "That was just a drop, my dear sorceress," he hissed. "Imagine the aching longing of the villagers you had me loose my demons on, think of the sheer mind numbing rut of the future victims to come as the Drusi ravish them, and their sons and daughters."

"Dear Gods," Caelia groaned as her hands kneaded her swollen pillowy breasts. Her fingers were savagely twisting and pulling her long hard nipples, her areola were bright pink from her need and from her desperate pawing. "Lick me," she whispered. This time it was a request.

"You're in estrus, witch." He stopped at the foot of the bed, standing between her spread legs grinning up at her face which was twisted in delicious agony. "You're in heat, and cannot be satisfied by your hands alone."

"Great Maker please!" she cried, "eat me, lick me! Please?"

He leaned forward, his chin just above her flamed colored bush. "For a price," he hissed drawing out the word 'price'.

"Name your price and be done with it!" she whimpered. One hand lowered to her clit and began to rub in circled furiously but it just inflamed her passions even more.

"When we dethrone your brother I want half the kingdom, not an acre less."


"Plus the gold you promised."

"Yes! Anything, just take me!"

Mycaelis grinned and slowly lowered his face to her crotch. The fresh womanly scent of her pussy filled his nostrils and a normal man would have eagerly licked her to a dozen orgasms just for the joy of hearing her cries of passion, bit Mycaelis is not a man of fleshly pleasures. His desires lie in the realms of power, both earthly and mystical. He began to lick her pussy, from her tight little anus to her trembling clit, but he drew no pleasure from it. He drew pleasure from having this power over her.

"OH GODS YES!" cried Caelia, "lick me, eat me... don't ever stop, don't move!"

Mycaelis didn't notice the inflection she used in her final words; he just continued to slobber on her vagina. Just because he drew no personal pleasure from sex it doesn't mean he is unable to perform. He went down on her pussy with the intent of giving her a mind shattering orgasm just to show her he could, and he was doing a fine job at it.

Caelia cried and shrieked in shear rut as his tongue danced on her buzzing, throbbing clit. He suckled the little nubbin causing high voltage erotic lightning to flash through her body. She arched her ass up off the bed and held Mycaelis' head tight to her vagina with both hands as she shuddered and shook while waves of sweet release crashed through her body. "OH GREAT MAKER YES! OH FUCK! OH GODS I'M COMING!" she wailed. Her magnificent breasts wobbled and shook as her body was wracked with spasms of sweet release. She continued to hold Mycaelis' head tight as she babbled incoherently while her orgasm crested and washed over her body.

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