tagErotic CouplingsNecessary Roughness

Necessary Roughness


The look of suprise on your face was priceless as I walked through the door of your bedroom. I knew you wouldn't be expecting me at all. That's why I had to come. It has been too long for both of us,and today we will get what we both need.

I waste no time and cross the room purposely. You let out a breath in suprise as I pull you forcefully to me,crushing your body against mine. My face inches from yours,you reach up to kiss me but I pull my face away. I smile,a glint of badness on the curl of my lips,then I shove you backward where you fall on the bed. You make a move to get up but I'm on you in a flash. You try to push me off but I contain your struggles beneath my weight. As you continue to squirm I further contain you by holding both your hands over your head,pressed into the bed with my left hand as my right hand roughly paws at your body. You continue to squirm,but your body convulses in pleasure as my hand presses and rubs firmly between your legs.

I roughly unbutton and unzip your jeans while still holding you down. You squirm as if to try and knock me off of you,in response I push my hand down your jeans and press my fingers into your clit,rubbing back and forth. You gasp and wiggle under me as I caress your pussy with my fingers.

You snap back to reality as I quickly stand up off of you. I tower over you and gaze down into your eyes. You make a motion to stand up but I push you back onto the bed. I reach down and grab your jeans at the waist and pull them off of you in one quick movement. Then just as suddenly I grab your panties and rip them completely off of you. Not one to delay the inevitable,I hurridly pull my own jeans off and free my cock from my boxers. I start to get on the bed and you back away,scooting on your back,using your feet and elbows. I grab your leg and stop you from getting off the bed,then crawl on top of you. You try to push me off but I force myself on top of you.

You play rough too,keeping your legs tightly closed as I try to get between them. With a grunt of force I push your legs apart and hold them spread open wide by the ankles. You struggle and squirm,but to no avail. I shove my hard cock into your wet pussy without my hands. Your struggles stop as I slide balls deep into you. I let go of your ankles and put myself down on top of you. Your shoulders and head hang off the edge of the bed from where you tried to get away. I pull my cock back then slam it into you,with force. The impact shaking the bed. Your response a loud moan. I do it again then again. I start pounding my cock into you with all the force I can muster. Your moans turn to half cries of pleasure,half cries of pain. You raise your head to look at me but I grab a handful of hair and pull your head back. I kiss your neck as I fuck you hard,pulling your hair as I thrust into your pussy.

Your cries grow louder,as I force fuck you then your body shudders and your back arches up. Your orgasm engulfs you,your loud cry of pleasure ringing out thru the room. As you cum,I force my cock as far into you as I can and hold it until you start to come down. Inexplicably I pull out of you and stand up. Although still shaken from your orgasm you are suprised. I grab your ankle and pull you to the edge of the bed.

You sit up on the edge of the bed and I look into your eyes.

"Suck my cock,"I let the words roll out of my mouth,each word spoken in low deep tones.

You shake your head and try to edge your backward. I reach out and grab a handful of your hair and pull you forward. You face inches from my cock.

"Suck my cock NOW!" The words spoken again but this time with a degree of edginess.

I look down in time to see my still wet cock slide into your mouth. I moan loud as I feel your tongue. Your mouth,sliding slowly up and down my cock.

As you start to get into it I pull myself away and jerk you to your feet.My control over you evident by your compliance to do my bidding. You start to protest until I turn you around,your back facing me and push you face first onto the bed. I come up close behind you,still standing.

"Get that ass in the air,"I say. The forceful tone in my voice unmistakeble. You turn your head back to look at me. In response I smack your ass.

"I said get that ass in the air!"

You pull your knees under and raise up. Without wasting a moment I come up behind you and force my cock back into your pussy. You moan loudly again. I grab your hips and began assaulting you with hard,deep thrusts. My body slamming into yours,the force jarring the bed. Your orgasm hits you in a flash. You scream out in pleasure and pain at the mixed feeling of my cock pounding you and your intense cum.

I know I won't last long at this pace,but I don't care. I've come to far to turn back. As your orgasm subsides I pick up the pace even more. Slamming my cock into you with incredible force. Your body shakes again,another orgasm gripping you. Your moans and cries adding to the force of my thrusts.

As your orgasm fades,I feel mine begin to rise. I want to stop to prolong it but I can't. The feeling makes me fuck you harder and deeper,my oncoming orgasm dictating the pace of my thrusts. As my orgasm approaches,I stop the long,hard thrusts and replace them with the short,deep and hard thrust.

I feel it,but am defenseless to stop it. I erupt. Explode. Inside of you. My cum pouring into you. Thrust after thrust. You groan loudly again,as yet another orgasm takes you. I groan loudly with each thrust. As our orgasms fade,I lean down toward you and kiss you on the back.

You look back into my eyes.

"I love you,"I say as we both collapse onto the bed.

You turn over and kiss me and say,"I love you too."

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