tagGay MaleNed and Jack

Ned and Jack


"Come Babe, come sweeten me up."

Jed was precise and Jack knew just what he meant.

"You caught me at the right time, Jed .I'm at a loose end and fancy you like hell!

"Do you mean Babe you have actually finished your report before the deadline on your paper?"

"Yep! Good aye?"

"Fantastic, now I can have your real concentration, this morning it felt like I was fucking a lump of liver."

"Jed , that's so crude!"

"Well you know what I mean, your mind wasn't on the job in hand was it!?"

Jack agreed and apologised, said he was just about to make that up to him and settled for a firm grasp of Jed through his brush jeans; "I promise to concentrate now, you feel good."

Jack continued to feel and gently rub Jed up through his jeans. Jed relaxed and stretched our on the settee to enjoy Jacks undivided attention.

Then the patter came. To reflect the mood as Jed was promptly unzipped, jeans removed and boxer shorts too, to reveal all that was Jed, a gorgeous specimen of sheer unadulterated manhood.

"Well there it is, Babe, What you gonna do about it?"

Jed Was prompting his large cock up and back against his navel to show his best profile and Jack wasn't slow in doing that he wanted to do, to take that stiff primed cock deep into his mouth and enjoy the taste of ripe hot cock.

"Mmm!. That is really something, Babe. .So good, so fucking good. Taste my p-hole, the whole works and I will give your ass a fucking you wont know what hit you!"

Jack savoured that, he had gotten accustomed to the lovely feel of Jed's hard cock pushing up inside him and as he sucked he imagined that. Already he felt those certain feelings in his passage like it was craving for the feel of cock inside, but for now he was contented to suck cock and savour the earthiness of ripe pungent cock, cradling and squeezing Jed's ripe hanging balls as well, massaging them to the cum, mouth ready to receive with a very pronounced outstretched tongue, awaiting that special surge as Jed climaxed, hearing his white cum squelch through his p-hole like a proverbial volcano

Stretching and jerking for all he was worth Jack continued to suck cock awaiting his fill - and when soon it came it really did spurt, running down his cheeks. Jack licking and sucking it up to cherish the swallow of hot cum - rolling it around his mouth was good too, Jed wanting to see that, his finger inserting into Jack moth to stretch it wide as he saw the cum surge around inside.

Now he wanted to fuck Jack hard, but not before tasting his well fingered asshole. He knew the drill did Jack, well enough and positioned himself on all fours with some deep cushions under his knees to pronounce the presentation of his gorgeous tight round bum.

Jed was right there, stretching open Jacks cheeks to get the full close- up of brown winking hole, so tempting and wonderful as Jack too his first taste - rimming his tongue around and around to enjoy the full taste of moist asshole which he loved and enjoyed so much, he aimed to get it moistened enough to take his stiff cock complete, teasing and stretching it wider as Jack moaned with delight, he already pleading for Jed to fuck the living daylights our of him.

But first Jed fancied the taste of cock too, he reckoned Jack's had a certain pliability to it that was so good to squash and tease inside his mouth, feeling it pulse and eventually squirt to the rhythm of his mouth fuck supreme.

Now Jack was truly ready for the grand final and moved his buttocks in the most enticing way to temp Jed to make the move he yearned for.

"Come on Jed. Don't keep me waiting any longer, just give me what I want, and you know what that is, lets feel the girth and length of that beautiful primed cock inside me before I go utterly crazy"

Jed - on his knees, stretched his cock, asking Jack is this what he wanted, rubbing its red head against his face, then teasing his ass with its length.

So they were soon fucking like animals, Jack helping jack inside him deeper and deeper as he wiggled his hips and felt the entry stretch him so wonderfully.

"Fuck me, Fuck me he yelled and Jed grunted and moaned as he really let himself loose and gave Jack the fuck he craved for.

Later well fucked the both of them, they simply enjoyed deep kisses , tasting each other on their tongues, the most intimate moments now shared in taste and scent.

It wouldn't be long before they were fucking all over again and that was cool!

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