tagRomanceNeed For Revenge Ch. 04

Need For Revenge Ch. 04

byDG Hear©

You may want to read the previous chapters before this one. Thank you to Estragon for his editing and making this a much better read.


Things sure change in a hurry. One day everything is going along fine and the net day "Boom!" everything changes.

It was on a Saturday and Kathy was working at Bob Evans. I went and sat in her section. It wasn't as crowded as usual so we had a chance to talk a little. My feelings for her were strong but not much I could do about it.

As I was ordering my breakfast I saw her look up at another customer. My back was to them and I had no idea who it was. Then I heard a voice; "Fuck, Kathy, I didn't know they served cuckolds in here. If you need a man, just let me know and I'll fix you up with a real one. No need to whore around with this asshole."

I knew the voice, it was Rob. Kathy looked scared but didn't say anything. Everything happened in a flash. I jumped up from my booth, turned around and cold cocked Rob with a right cross. I hit him and he hit the floor.

It was then I noticed that Mary Ann was with him. She had already sat down with her big belly. She was due just about any time I thought. She screamed as I jumped on Rob and hit him again. I was sure his jaw was broken and I could see the bloody nose.

Mary Ann was screaming and Kathy asked me to please stop. I did as Kathy asked and stood up. I was grabbed by two police officers who were in the restaurant eating breakfast. They called in for an ambulance for Rob and took me out in cuffs.

I looked back and both Mary Ann and Kathy were crying. I had to wonder who was crying for whom? I was taken off to jail. I called my lawyer and he said that I was going to be arraigned on Monday on the charges of assault. I would be spending Saturday and Sunday in lock-up.

It wasn't worth posting bail until after the arraignment if the charges stuck. I had plenty of time to think. I had a somewhat fucked up childhood and then ended up marrying a whore but was in love with her sister. When you're in jail, you do a lot of thinking about what could have been.

I figured Kathy wouldn't be talking to me anymore if I was lucky enough not to serve much time. Maybe somehow, someway I could start over, but I would prefer to do it with Kathy. I couldn't get her out of my mind and I've never even kissed her like you would a girlfriend.

I was arraigned first thing Monday morning. I did call in to work to let them know I wouldn't be there on Monday and why. I was to call my boss after the arraignment so he would know when I might be coming back. I figured if I had to do some real time, like months, I'd lose my job.

It was a small courtroom with a judge and a witness stand. On one side was Rob with his face bruised and his mouth wired up. Sitting next to him was Mary Ann staring darts at me. Behind them was Mr. and Mrs. Jennings, Mary Ann and Kathy's parents. More darts were coming my way.

On my side was me and my lawyer. I wondered why Kathy wasn't there? She was a prime witness to what really happened. Other people who were there was the two patrolmen who arrested me. We hadn't said two words the whole time I was in the cruiser except they talked about me ruining their breakfast.

There were a few other courtroom people but I really didn't know their positions. I'd never been in court before but the one time for my divorce dissolution hearing. The judge began by saying this was an arraignment whether I would be charged with assault and have a criminal trial. The atmosphere was a little lighter but that he still ran a strict courtroom.

He spoke to my lawyer. "Mr. Williams, you said that you have a witness that could explain this whole mess your client finds himself in. Since Mr. Rob Avery isn't able to speak I would like to hear from this witness."

Kathy came walking into the courtroom. Everyone seemed a bit shocked that she was there. She didn't look at me or her parents but went right to the witness chair.

The clerk or some lady who was wearing a uniform swore her in.

"Miss Jennings, would you tell us exactly what you observed on the morning in question?" asked the judge.

"Well Sir, I'm a waitress at the restaurant. Jim, that's Mr. Holder there, comes in regularly and usually sits in my section as he did that morning. As we were talking I saw Rob Avery and my sister Mary Ann come in and they started toward my section."

"So the woman next to Mr. Avery is your sister, I presume?" said the judge.

"Yes, and Mr. Avery is her fiancé. They're to be married in a couple of months." I could see Kathy was really nervous. I felt so sorry for her, I wanted to hold her.

"Go on Miss Jennings, what did you observe?"

"Jim's back was to Mr. Avery. He never saw who it was till he turned around. I'm sure he knew his voice when he heard him."

"What did you hear Mr. Avery say to the defendant?"

"He actually said it more to me than he did to Jim. I think that was what got Jim so mad. Jim has been called names by Rob a lot of times but this time he called me names as well as Jim and Jim retaliated by hitting him."

"He did more than just hit him; he broke his jaw. What did he say?" asked the Judge.

"He called Jim a cuckold and told me that if I wanted to whore around he would find me a real man, not one that lets other men... fuck his wife."

I looked over at the Jennings's and they didn't seem very happy. Mary Ann just looked down.

Kathy continued, "Jim jumped up, turned around and socked Rob. He went down and Jim called him an asshole and hit him again. I yelled for Jim to stop and he did. That's when the officers came over and arrested Jim and called the paramedics to help Rob... Mr. Avery there."

The judge thought for a moment and asked Kathy what brought all this on. "Why did Mr. Avery call Mr. Holder a cuckold? This seems to be the basis of the case. Do you any idea why, Miss Jennings?"

"Yes Sir, Jim told me. It all started at my cousin's wedding nearly nine months ago. Jim said that he saw my sister, Mary Ann having...having sex with three men. He said it was consensual." Mary Ann stood up and said it wasn't true.

"Mrs. Holder, what part isn't true? Did you or did you not have sex that night with someone other than your husband?" Mary Ann just started crying and sat down. The Judge didn't wait for an answer.

The Judge asked Rob to stand up. "Mr. Avery, I know it's hard for you to talk but all you have to do is nod your head. Remember you are in a court of law, you're under oath, and if you perjure yourself you could be arrested. On the night in question did you have sexual relations with Mrs. Holder?"

Rob nodded, "yes". The judge said the record should reflect Mr. Avery's affirmative response.

"Did anyone else also have relations that same night with Mrs. Holder?"

Rob looked over at Mary Ann and then back at the judge and again Rob nodded "yes'. And the judge said the same thing about the record.

Mr. and Mrs. Jennings went to get up to leave the courtroom but the judge told them to stay seated till the hearing was over.

"Thank you Miss Jennings, you've been most helpful. You may be seated." She wasn't sure where to sit so she sat with her parents. They didn't look very happy with her testimony.

He did ask the officers if there was anything they could add and they said they just did what Miss Jennings stated. They called the ambulance for Mr. Avery and helped the pregnant Mrs. Jennings to her vehicle.

They did say that I didn't speak the whole time I was in the cruiser. The Judge then asked Mary Ann if she had anything she wanted to say. After all it was a hearing whether to drop the charge against me or charge me with assault.

Mary Ann said that she had nothing to add. She did say she was sorry for what happened but didn't elaborate.

The Judge spoke. He asked Rob to stand. "Mr. Avery, it seems that this incident was caused by you badgering the defendant who retaliated in kind. I'm not saying that he is not responsible for your medical bills. As I understand it, you have insurance and it paid all but two hundred dollars of your expenses. Is that correct?"

Rob nodded, "yes".

"Mr. Holder, please stand," said the judge. "I understand your retaliation but you can't go around hitting people because you don't like what they say about you or your girlfriend."

I thought even the judge knew I cared for Kathy.

"You are responsible for Mr. Avery's unpaid medical bills in the amount of two hundred dollars. You must pay it within one week. I'm putting you on six months probation for fighting in a public place. If you come to my courtroom again and are caught fighting, or otherwise disturbing the peace, you will serve the balance of the six months, plus any other sentence for anything else you do. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Judge, thank you. I'll do my best to stay out of trouble."

Rob and Mary Ann left the courtroom madder than when they came in. Kathy told her parents that she was brought up by them to always tell the truth and that is what she did. She never told them about Mary Ann because she asked her not to. Besides there was no proof except for me and they would never believe me over Mary Ann. They turned around and looked at me. Kathy smiled but the Jennings's looked furious, and walked out of the courtroom.

My lawyer and I walked out and he told me to keep my nose clean. He also said I owed Kathy big time. I knew there was no doubt there.


I called my boss and told him I would be at work on Tuesday. He seemed happy that he didn't have to fire me. I worked the rest of the week. I couldn't get my mind off thinking about Kathy. I didn't have her cell phone number and I wouldn't dare call the Jennings' house.

I wasn't allowed back in the restaurant due to the fight. So I didn't get to see her. I did pull into the restaurant and saw her through the windows. She looked out at me but then went back to work.

On Saturday I went to the bar by myself. I saw Ben there with some guy I didn't know. Ben knew what happened to Rob but didn't say anything. I tossed down the disc and told him it was a movie for him to watch. I suggested he not watch it with anyone else around, including his mother.

He gave me a weird look and took the disk.

The following weekend I was back in the bar with a couple of friends. Ben was there with a couple of buddies also. He asked to speak to me privately. He didn't seem very happy; I also had to remember I couldn't afford to get in any fights.

Ben and I stepped outside. "You fucked my mother, you asshole. What the fuck is the matter with you?"

"Listen Ben, it was your idea. You said, 'I'm not married! I got no girlfriend, no sister, what the fuck are you going to do? Fuck my old lady?' Then you laughed at me. I did go see your Mom and she's a nice but lonely person. We spent some time together as you saw.

"There are two copies of that disk. You have the one and I have the other. Mine will say buried and probably never be seen again unless you pull some more shit on me. Remember this all started because you fucked my wife before she was my ex.

"So do we call it a truce or do we get into it till one of us is in the hospital? Or in jail?" I asked.

"You promise never to be with my mom again? I can't take that," replied Ben.

"Ben, she called me Honey. She doesn't even know my name. It was a one time thing for the both of us. So do we have a truce? No more name calling."

"Ok," said Ben. "The first beer's on me." We went inside and we all had a few beers together.


Back on Mary Ann's home front, she had Rob living with her. He would be off for at least two months. He figured he would live with her since Ben's mother kind of wanted him out. Mary Ann had her hands full. Rob wasn't the best homebody and really wasn't much help.

The following week I had just got home from work when my phone rang. I couldn't believe it when I heard Kathy's voice on the other end. "Jim, I have a few things to tell you. Do you have a few minutes?"

"For you I have all night. I didn't know if you would ever talk to me again. I'm sorry you had to testify at my hearing. I know it was hard for you. If it wasn't for you I'd probably be in jail right now."

"Jim, I volunteered to testify in your behalf. All I did was tell the truth. My parents were mad at first but they realized I did the right thing after all."

"So, what do you need to tell me?"

"Mary Ann had her baby this morning. It's a cute little boy. I don't think they are going to need your DNA because the little fellow is of black descent."

"What! So do you think it was Tony's?" I asked. "What did Rob say? I take it he was there."

"Yes, he was here and when he saw the baby was black he left the hospital. He said he wasn't going to father a black kid. He thought the baby was his; that's why he was going to marry Mary Ann. He told my parents on the way out that the wedding was off."

"So is Mary Ann going to have Tony tested?" I asked.

"She said maybe. To be honest, I don't think she's sure Tony is the father either. She hasn't said either way. Mom and Dad are really pissed at her but they won't take it out on the baby. They know it wasn't his fault and it's their first grandchild. They would have preferred him to be white but not much they can do about that.

"I think you're looking a lot better to them then Rob does. They don't want him back in their house."

"Anything else new? You know like me seeing you."

"I graduate next week. Want an invitation?"

"Sure, I'll be there. You know my address, just send it to me."

"You can pick it up at the restaurant on Wednesday. I work that day."

"Kathy, I've been banned from that Bob Evans. I don't need to get arrested."

"I talked to the owner. I told him the story and that you were protecting me. Even the two cops told him that Rob instigated the whole thing. I saw you watching me from outside the restaurant but never came in. So, will I see you Wednesday morning? It's my last day at the restaurant.

"I graduate on Sunday and then have a week off till I start work full time at the hospital. Five days a week in the maternity ward."

"Ok, I'll trust you and come to the restaurant. I hope I don't get locked up. Then I'd miss the graduation."


I did show up at the restaurant and she gave me one ticket to the graduation and a schedule of when the nursing graduates would be getting their diplomas.

In some of the larger colleges they would have over a thousand graduates and they had a particular time frame for the different degrees. The parking lot was so full they actually bussed people to the stadium where the ceremonies were held.

I arrived at the appointed time and went up in the stands. I couldn't believe there were so many graduates. They were wearing one of three colored robes. Kathy did tell me she would be wearing a white one. I have to admit that didn't narrow it down much.

I couldn't believe that in a stadium that big that when I looked over in the next section I saw Mr. and Mrs. Jennings. Also sitting with them was Mary Ann with a baby in like a big basket. I later found out that Kathy's parents informed Mary Ann that she would attend her sister's graduation.

I was there but how would I ever know which graduate was Kathy? When they got to the nursing curriculum a large number of student stood up and lined up to take their walk across the stage and get their degree.

Thank goodness for the loud speakers. They would announce each name. When some names were called you could here someone yell out thing like "Go Barb!" or "Right on Brad". You could tell these visitors were proud of their graduates.

They were in alphabetical order so I started listening close when they got to the J's. Then I heard it! "Kathy Elizabeth Jennings". I couldn't help it, I had tears running down my cheeks. I stood up and clapped. I whistled and yelled "Go Kathy!"

Everyone around me was smiling. I looked over at Mr. and Mrs. Jennings. After he saw me cheering for Kathy he stood up as well as his wife and clapped for Kathy also. I was so proud of her. Mary Ann looked at me with a somewhat sad look on her face.

After the announcement of names you could go meet your graduate in a designated area. I looked on my program to see where I might be able to see Kathy. The stadium was wall to wall people. I went to the designated area and saw Kathy and her parents hugging. Kathy was crying tears of joy. She even hugged Mary Ann or vice versa.

I stood back about twenty feet. I didn't want to interrupt her moment with her family. All of a sudden she looked up and saw me. She smiled and ran to me and gave me a big hug and for the first time ever she kissed me. Tears were still running down her face.

She whispered in my ear, "I love you Jimmy". Every now and then she would call me Jimmy.

I said, "I love you too, Kathy Elizabeth Jennings." We hugged once more.

"My parents are throwing me a party and all my friends and relatives are going to be there. Are you coming?"

"I'd love to but I better sit this one out. Not really sure your parents would want me there. I will be there in spirit."

We hugged one more time and she went back to her family. I headed home thinking how some people can make you so happy. Kathy was one of those people for me. I figure that was what true love is. You could feel the love of a person just by being with them. When Kathy kissed me, I knew she was the one. The one that completes my life.

I stopped at a bar to have a couple of beers. It was funny when I saw Ben there. We talked about nothing in particular. He really wasn't so bad of a guy. I'm happy I didn't beat the crap out of him. After a few beers it was getting late and I headed for home.

At least the next day was Sunday and I could sleep in. I thought about Kathy and her graduation party. I really wished I could have been there but I knew the focus would be on me and possibly Mary Ann instead of on Kathy, where it belonged.

It was near midnight when there was a knock on my door. I wondered who would be there at this time of night. I got up, turned on the light and answered the door in my briefs. I opened the door to see who it might be. I peeked around the door and saw Kathy standing there.

She had the biggest smile on her face. "May I come in?" she asked.

"Of course, but what are you doing here? What about your party?"

"It was fun but everyone went home and I thought about you. So I grabbed a night bag and thought I'd come see you. You don't mind do you?"

"Mind? I'm so happy to see you. The trailer's a mess but I wasn't expecting company."

"Do you have clean sheets on the bed?" asked Kathy.

"Fairly clean. I changed them two days ago but slept on the couch watching TV." I was really wondering what was going to happen. I'm not stupid but I never thought Kathy would come here.

"Jimmy, I might as well say it. I'm in love with you and I want to make love to you. I have to tell you a few things first. My parents know I'm here. They're not overly happy about it but they said I was old enough to make my own decisions. They also said they realized that Mary Ann was the problem and not you."

"I love you Kathy, you know that."

"Quiet," she then smiled. "Let me finish. Mom asked if I was on birth control pills and I told her I started on them a few months ago when I realized how much I care for you. I also have to tell you I'm a virgin. I've never dated much because most guys want the same thing and I wanted to save myself for the man I love.

"Jimmy, you better be sure of your feeling for me because I'm betting the rest of my life on you." I took her in my arms and kissed her.

We went into the bedroom and she let me slowly undress her. She was so beautiful. She had nice perky breasts and she trimmed her pussy neatly with just a patch of hair.

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