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Needed Changes


Abby walked from room to room in her townhouse. She had shared this place with Greg for 5 years, they never married but she thought they'd be in love forever.

Late last summer just when the coolness of the autumn was starting to come into play, Greg shattered her secure world and she never for one second saw it coming. He told her he fell in love with the receptionist at work, she was pregnant and he was going to marry her. So that was that. There was nothing Abby could do about it.

But as she shook her brown curls away from her face that was in the past and now I have to erase it all and live for myself, find away to make myself happy and fall in love.

First thing she wanted to do is redecorate, get rid of the things that were reminders of Greg, the things they did together, the places they went. She wanted everything fresh. Thank god she thought as she looked around, the townhouse belonged to me.

She had gone to the local paint store and got some swatches of paint that SHE liked. Armed with the swatches and a roll of scotch tape, she taped them to the wall. Standing back she tried to picture what the whole room would look like. She decided on one color for the living room, a soft blue. Took down the swatches and moved on to the bedroom, then the bathroom, then the den and lastly the kitchen. She was pleased with her choices and then decided a basic ivory for the hallways.

She lingered in her bedroom for a while looking at the light color of pink and decided that she didn't care how feminine it would look, it was her room and this was what she wanted. She laid back on the bed that she had shared with Greg, too big for just her now, king sized because he insisted it had to be the biggest; she thought about how they made love. She never seemed satisfied by him.

Closing her eyes, she lifted her sundress and touched her pussy. She loved walking around with no underwear on, she loved how her pussy felt under her light touches, as she spread her legs more, she moved her fingertips to inside of her pussy lips. She moaned so quietly and felt the rush of her juices coming out. She had always longed for Greg to touch her so gently and slowly, but although he was a good lover, she always longed for someone to take his time with her. Bring her to climax after climax, long foreplay; that's what she wanted.

She moved her fingers inside her pussy hole and pumped them so gently, the more she moved the more wetter she got. Pulling her dress up over her breasts, she pulled her bra up and released her breasts. She was chesty, 42d and loved her breasts; she thought they were so beautiful. As her fingertips circled her nipples, her other hand was stroking her pussy. She moved under her own touches, moaning so softly. Reaching under her pillow she pulled out her vibrator and slowly inserted it inside her very wet pussy, as she moved it inside deeply, she moved even quicker. She closed her eyes and moved so quickly, cumming so fast, she gasped as her orgasm made her explode so hard!

She sighed and turned on her side. She just laid there for a few minutes, stoking her breasts. She loved to cum, she loved to touch herself. Okay she thought, this isn't getting anything accomplished, although it did feel so good!

She sat up and said one day I will find a man that will make love to me the way I like to be touched, tasted and fulfilled. He will find that all he has to do is play, lick and suck my nipples so gently that I will explode over and over again. He will know how to make me have orgasm after orgasm with gentle touches and when he's done, I will show him how much he will enjoy my touches especially when I make love to his cock.

She got up and changed her clothes, put on a t shirt, cotton slacks and sandals, off to the paint store, she grabbed her list with the room measurements and off she went.

Abby entered the paint store armed with her information and walked up to the gentleman behind the counter. She showed him the colors she wanted to purchase, the room sizes and asked for his help on supplies and how many gallons would she need. He started to rattle off all kinds of information, her head started to spin. She didn't realize how much all this would involve! She thought all she needed was a can of paint, a brush and that would be it!

The man behind the counter, his name tag said Bill, must have sensed something was wrong and looked at Abby, "Miss, are you alright?" he asked.

"Oh, well yes, I think so," she replied. "I just didn't realize that there was SO much involved in painting!"

He shook his head in agreement, chuckled a little and said "You know, it seems that you are taking on a huge job all by yourself," he looked at her directly, "Would you like me to recommend a handyman that can do this job in more than half the time it might take you?"

Abby was taken back some by the remark, but she thought that might be a good idea. "Yes, she said shaking her head, "Yes, I would like that so very much."

Bill wrote down a name of a man on a piece of paper for her. He handed to her and continued to retrieve the exact number of paint cans Abby would need for her townhouse and the rest of the supplies.

As Bill helped her out to her car, putting her items in the trunk, he said to her "You give Charles a call, he is your man." "I won't recommend him, if I didn't think he'd do a great job for you!"

"Thank you so much Bill," she replied, "You've been a tremendous help, I will give Charles a call this afternoon."

Abby made a few more stops and headed back to her home. She pulled into her garage, parked the car and emptied the supplies to the side of the garage. She looked around and noticed how empty the garage looked with all of Greg's stuff gone. But she pushed that thought out of her mind and went upstairs into the kitchen.

After fixing a light lunch for herself, she remembered to call Charles. She dialed his number and after the 3rd ring, she heard someone pick up the receiver. The voice was somewhat deep, but it had a warm sound and when she heard hello, she felt her heart skip a beat. Wow, she thought to herself, that was a weird feeling.

"Hello," she said in return, "May I please speak with Charles?"

"This is Charles, how can I help you?" he answered, so smoothly.

Wow she thought I love his sound, and she said "My name is Abby, and I was given your name by Bill at the paint store in town, he said you do painting and I was wondering if I could hire you to paint my townhouse?"

"Where are you located?" he asked. Abby gave him directions and he told her he would see her in about 45 minutes to discuss her job.

Abby put down the phone and looked around, everything was in its place, and she glanced in the hallway mirror eyeing herself, she looked presentable. Oh my, she thought to herself, get a grip, he's probably married or has a girlfriend! But she just couldn't get that voice out of her head. What does he sound like if he whispered, what does he sound like deep under the covers at night! "Stop it" she yelled at herself, he probably looks like a troll!!!

The doorbell rang; well he's on time she thought as she hurried to the front door. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door. There he stood, in jeans, a red t shirt, holding a small black attaché case and a baseball cap on his head. He smiled at her and she couldn't breathe.

"Hi, are you Abby?" he asked. She couldn't move, she stared at him looking like a complete idiot. He moved towards her and she came back to reality.

"Oh, yes, oh, I'm so sorry" she said sounding completely dumb, "please, please forgive me, and come inside." "Would you like something cold to drink?" she asked him with a smile.

He stepped inside and she measured him up, he was about 7 inches taller than her 5'2" inch frame. She could smell his cologne as he walked past her into the living room. He looked around and didn't say anything. He peeked down the long hallway and into the kitchen.

He turned around and said "I've never been inside these townhouses, they certainly are beautiful." "The hardwood floors are just gorgeous."

"Thank you" she replied, "Let me show you around."

They walked throughout her home and she showed him the colors she had taped up in each room on the wall. She explained that she had already gotten the supplies, the paint, and everything was stored in the garage. He took down what she was saying on his little pad and then went into the kitchen and sat at the table. She sat across from him and noticed his eyes, he had turned his baseball cap around backwards and she couldn't help staring at his eyes. She wasn't sure what color they were, but they were so hypnotizing. He started to speak and she could barely hear him. He cleared his throat and she snapped back.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she exclaimed, "I didn't mean to stare at you!" "Would you like that cold drink now?"

He smiled at her and shook his head yes. "I'd like some cold water, if you have it." He replied.

She quickly got up, grabbed two glasses, and filled them with ice from the front of the refrigerator as well as the cold water. She came back to the table, handing him a glass and took her seat.

"Well," he said, "I can do the job for you, no problem at all" "I would like to give you some suggestions on the trim, the ceilings, you already have the paint, and I'll need to look at the supplies you purchased though" he said in all one breath. "I can start at the end of next week and if it's not a problem with you, I can work through that weekend, the whole job should take about 5 or 6 days at the most." "How does that sound to you?" he asked.

"Oh, yes!" she exclaimed, maybe too loudly, she looked down at her hands and then up at him. "How much do I pay you, I mean, by the hour, by the day, by the job?" she asked.

"I'll go over the figures tonight," he said, "but it won't cost any more than a flat rate of about $2500." "If that's in agreement with you?"

"Yes," she answered, thinking to herself, she was sure it would be more than that. "That's fine."

"Good," he replied, "I'll draw up the contract tonight and stop by tomorrow evening for your signature."

She nodded her head and watched him gather his papers putting them back into his case. He handed her his business card, turned his cap around and reached out for her hand. As he shook her hand and smiled down at her, she wanted to melt into the floor.

He said good-bye to her and lingered a few minutes looking into her eyes. She could feel her cheeks getting hot and started to move towards the door. "I'll see you tomorrow night then," she said as she opened the front door, "say around 5:30 or so?"

He agreed and walked out the door. She slowly closed the door watching him walk down the walkway. She loved the form of his ass. God, she thought, I can't wait to get to know him!

The next evening, he rang the bell and she answered it immediately. She was dressed in an old lounging outfit; it was pretty, but so very comfortable to her after a long day at work. She had pulled her curls up on top of her head and held a glass a wine in her hand.

When she opened the door, he smiled at her; wow he thought to himself this lady is sexy. As she opened the door wider, he stepped inside and handed her the contract. She led him into the living room and sat down on the couch. He sat next to her at the other end and waited while she read through the couple of pages. He watched her facial expressions, she was pretty. She smiled at him when she finished reading and then picked up her pen, signed and dated the paperwork.

Smiling and handing him back the papers, he thanked her. She asked him if he had time for a drink and maybe as a second thought would he like some dinner, did he have plans? Anyone waiting for him? He just shook his head no and started to chuckle.

"What?" she asked "Did I say something funny?"

"No, no not at all" he smiled at her, "But you do ask a lot of questions all in one sentence, don't you?"

She laughed and apologized to him. He agreed to stay for a drink, but declined on the dinner invitation. He had also had a long day and wanted to go to bed early, he was doing a job across town and wanted to finish it tomorrow. After they finished their drinks, he said good night to her and said he would be at her door bright and early next Thursday morning.

The days flew by and Abby couldn't wait for Thursday to come. She took Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday off so as to oversee the work being done in her home. She had so many vacation days; she thought the break would do her good.

Thursday morning she got up, showered, naked she went back into her room and laid down, touching herself again, she closed her eyes and day dreamed about Charles. She touched her breasts, kneading them and pulling her nipple up to her mouth; she pictured his mouth down around her nipple and could feel herself getting wet. Next she moved her hand to her pussy; she had shaved it clean during her shower and could feel her soft skin under her fingertips. She outlined her lips and found her clit, gently stroking it till it popped out, her wetness so warm and slippery, god she wanted to make love. She pumped her fingers in and out of her wet pussy with her legs up in the air; she made her orgasm come fast and furious. Looking at the clock on her dresser, she saw it was almost 7:30 a.m., he would be at the door soon. She quickly got up and put on shorts, no undies, a sports bra and a t shirt, she stayed barefoot.

She went into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee. Twisting her hair up and off her neck, she heard the doorbell and then a soft knock on the door. Smiling she headed towards the door, opened it up and there stood Charles. He smiled back at her and asked her to please open the garage; he didn't want to drag his tools, ladders and drop cloths through her house.

She went to the garage and hit the button, the door opened up and he walked inside, quickly he moved to empty the back of his pick up and neatly placed his equipment next to the paint cans on the floor. She watched him and could see his muscles under his t shirt. He had on old ratty looking paint clothes, they were clean, and he looked just like a painter! She could see that he had some tattoos on his arms and made a mental note that she needed to see them closer soon, very soon.

God, she thought to herself, I know nothing about this man, and I want to bed him down!! He was walking towards her and she stepped up backwards on the stairs into the kitchen. She offered him a cup of coffee as he sat down at the kitchen table, producing papers, his plan as he put it, to show her what rooms he would start with.

He said that he would do the bathroom and the bedroom first. They were the ones that should be completed first, which he has learned in his years of painting. People tended to want them done for convenience. She told him that sounded like a great idea, she was on vacation days through next Tuesday and if he wanted, she would love to maybe help him?! He looked at her for a minute and agreed, "Sure," he said "If you want to help me there are some things that you can do to make my job easier," "Yes," he agreed that would be a great idea.

The morning went by quickly as he moved from each room to prep the walls for their new coats. He moved furniture so swiftly like they were pieces of air. My goodness she thought he is so strong. He was very meticulous and handled everything she owned so gently and with care. He wrapped and protected all her furniture and had her move the more expensive looking pieces as he put it to where she wanted them to be so they won't get broken.

By lunch time things were wrapped, protected, taped up and the walls were ready for their new looks! Abby was impressed with Charles and his character. Yet she couldn't help wonder about him personally.

Charles watched her as she made them both sandwiches, he had brought food with him, but it wasn't anything that won't keep. He liked the way she moved, he liked the way her breasts swayed when she walked, when she laughed. He could really get to know her, he wanted to get to know her, but this was a business arrangement, she was his employer so to speak, he couldn't break any code of ethics because he was infatuated with her breasts...or could he?

Snapping back to the present, he smiled when she offered him his plate. She put out pickles, chips and a couple of cans of soda and joined him at the table. While they were eating, they talked about general things, town things, where they grew up, what they liked. During the conversation, she found out that he too was with someone for a number of years, and one day she left, no letter, no explanations, no phone calls, no nothing. Months later he discovered she had been pregnant and married a man about 10 years older than herself. Abby snickered, and he looked at her with question; "I'm sorry," she told him, "but my former boyfriend of 5 years left me for that very reason, getting another woman pregnant and marrying her." "Won't that be a kick if she was my ex's reason?"

Charles smiled at her and said "I guess," "but it's not likely because this guy was a farmer a few towns away, and I figured he knocked her up in a haystack somewhere."

The next couple of days went by and as much as Abby could, she helped Charles out. Her place was looking simply marvelous she thought. After Charles came on Saturday morning, he had already finished both the bathroom and bedroom, Abby decided to go to the local mall and get some new furnishings for the bathroom and her room. Leaving Charles to himself, she said she'd be back in a few hours and to help himself when he got hungry.

Hours later she returned and Charles was up on the ladder in the living room, while she was gone he had gotten more than half way through the large room and the color was just so gorgeous, more than she had imagined. It looked so soft and romantic. She smiled up at him as she looked around. "I love it" she said, "I simply love this color."

He got down from the ladder and pushed his cap back on his head and agreed that the color was the right choice for this room. She asked him if he would like a something to drink and he followed her into the kitchen. This room was next and she couldn't wait to see it come to life with the bright yellow she had chosen. She thought as she poured out some iced tea for them both, if Greg were to walk in here right now, he won't recognize the change, the bright change! He probably won't approve either. But she didn't care anymore what he thought; this was the change she so desperately needed!

Abby turned around to put the iced tea back into the fridge and stepped a little too close to Charles; she lightly stepped on his foot and let out a little screech. "Oh, I'm sorry" she exclaimed, "I didn't realize that you were so close!" "Please forgive me!" He looked down at her and before she knew it, he was kissing her mouth, so gently, so tenderly; it completely took her by surprise and she was swept away. He came up for air, holding her face with his hands and started to kiss her again, and then kissed her cheeks, her forehead, her eyelids and then her mouth again. She was melting, absolutely melting and didn't want him to stop ever.

He stepped back and held her hands, with a look of panic on his face and started to apologize to her! He stammered over his words and kept shaking his head back and forth for his behavior and wanted her to know that he has never done anything like that before and she was there and she's just so pretty and beautiful, he didn't know what came over him!!! Please forgive me he pleaded with her.

She didn't move, she didn't say anything, she just stared at him. When he finished apologizing, she stepped forward and kissed his mouth lightly at first and then her kiss to him intensified. He wasn't surprised or taken off guard and he himself molded himself into her arms and her kiss. Then they both looked at one another and started to laugh! Holding on to one another, they couldn't stop.

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