Morning after morning I watch him from my balcony. He has been living across from me for almost three years now, and each morning him and I played the same routine. We wander aimlessly around our homes as we share two very different cups of coffee. Mine a home style blend brewed from a glass pot; his a fancy espresso brewed from what could have its own residency at 'Starbucks'. When my busy feet still upon my cozy balcony chair, we toast to our completed cups and he goes about his day.

I've never actually could tell if he's ever attempted flirting with me or if he was giving me the casual "Hey neighbor" facade, since he is constantly busy and usually in and out of his apartment before I can get into the shower for the day. Our neighborly passes include small exchanges in the mail center or as he is jogging, head phones blaring, out the building passed me as I return home from work at least 3 to 4 days out of the week. So besides our morning brew together and our casual, head nods and smiles we never actually divulge into full shared conversation.

What I have noticed over the years about 103 besides how nicely and perfectly chiseled of a man he is, he hardly ever turns his curtains closed and he likes to walk around shirtless. A lot. He is more of the spending 40% on his appearance and the other 60% coming naturally, type of man. from what I can tell, 103, lives alone and as of recently as do I. He is tall and athletic and from his expensive taste in coffee proceeds, he's a lover of fine things. He has the cutest head of brown and gold curls which usually he just messes with in the mirror on his way out the door, mostly as they appear to have a mind of their own every time I see them over the years. He is college educated, well spoken, nicely tanned, dressed very nicely, brownish hazel eyes depending on the time of day; and a smile that shows imagery of perfection. He has a script on his right arm and a dragon his left shoulder. One thing is for sure though he had a handful of friends and a plethora of women.


When he does head back inside to prepare for his work day, my mind begins to wonder a bit. I wonder how lonely he must be in those twenty-two minute showers he takes. "Aah to be the hot water dripping down that sun-kissed skin of his, Swirling down the tattoo on his back and slipping down the crack of his firm muscular ass." I wonder what I would be like to be pinned up against the tile of his shower preaching in ecstasy as I come to a release. I wonder what it would feel like to taste his flesh flushed against my smooth caramel skin. I wonder what it would feel like to have him rip the buttons off my blouses and hear them dance across the floor. His face planted in my breast kissing uncontrollably up and down my neck. As I would have left traces of my nails down his sculpted back. I wonder about how it would be. My mouth watered at the thought of bite marks imprinted on his body for him to see days after we've finished. To engulf his penis in, quick, fast, and in a hurry. I want to be rampaged by him; all to be left gripping the sheets screaming. A part of me even wonders if he's even tasted sweet delicious caramel or even if he likes 31 flavors. Or is he a soul with the strict connection to vanilla? I wonder what it would be like to be one of those women he leaves giddy and clumsy. Just as my mind shifts back to reality 103 appears onto his balcony again and signals to me like, clock work, he says,

"Hey Neighbor!" With a smile and he wanders back inside and we go our separate ways.

Many of nights I've spent alone, I couldn't help to notice he never really was. I've seen the women that he parades throughout his flat. It was like a revolving door of bombshell babes. Mostly blonde, a spice of ginger here and there, all with ivory skin, beautiful and busty. The story was always the same; After a night of dinner perhaps, he invites the nightly bombshell back to his place for a nightcap. She probably played hard to get and swears she's never done anything like that before, when secretly she is more than thrilled to have her palate quenched.

The thirstiness pours through her skin as she is all to eager to jump his bones. Starting the rendezvous probably in the car ride home and into the foyer of the building. She's probably planting butterfly kisses on his chin and tugging at his earlobes as he fishes for his keys out of his pocket. Once inside it begins, the tearing off of one another's clothes at the entryway leaving a trail of breadcrumbs on the floor that lead to probably a stalk white wall to wall room with just an overly soft king size bed smacked dab in the center. The game of cat and mouse, she plays with him as she pretends to run away from him. The drunken stammer of existence in the moment just to seem a little bit more sexy. All of this before the two of them disappear into the darkness.

Not to reappear again until the next morning, where nameless number whatever is leaving with a 'Chuck-E-Cheese' style grin, slightly smudged make-up, and just fucked hair. 103 ever so politely escorts her to the door shirtless in his 'Calvin Klein' pajama pants, leaving the sincerest of kisses upon her forehead as she leaves with the promise that he will be calling her tomorrow. Its been like this for three years, across the courtyard from a man who literally has woman eating out of the palm of his hand. The man who I have never seen with the same woman twice. Inadvertently during all of those many wild nights, I have seen through my curtains more then I'd prefer as I am usually sitting at home most Saturday night watching "The Wonder Year's reruns in my sweatpants with my best companion 'Stella Rosa Black' wishing I was ever so lucky.


There is a moment all women go through. That moment when women go just a little too long without sex. It's around this particular time when hormones overthrow the rationality of the brain and the only thoughts that are left are about rock hard penises slapping into every available hole in the female anatomy. A vital moment when even the 70 year old newscaster's voice drenching your panties wet. For even in that moment you briefly consider calling your cheating ex just to bust a nut.

I was definitely having one of those nights. I even picked up the phone at least three times considering calling that piece of shit ex of my own just so I didn't have to play with the little man in the boat alone.

*A brisk jog it is!* Good choice.

I filled up a bottle of water and laced up my sneaks and prepared to runaway the horny. All set and ready to go I hear a *tap *tap *tap at my door. It could be one of two people at this time of night the old lady with the thirteen cats that lives across the hall . Who seems to always misplace her remote control every Friday night and manages to only ask me to help her look for it. As always I come to her aide and walk over there to help her find it in her robe yet again. Or my mother, wondering why I haven't been home to visit, and telling me how conveniently she was just in the neighborhood and thought she should stop by. Always to phrase "Oh, I hope I am not interrupting anything." Just to obviously check if I am dating anyone again.

With an eye roll and a deep sigh, I turned off the faucet and paced towards the door and pretended polity to ask,

"Who is it..." while mumbling under my breath "this fucking time?"

By a force of a higher power I couldn't even believe who was on the other side of that door, to my surprise it was him. Words escaped my brain so freely and abandoned me for its own survival. All I could do was stare at him and had to remind myself to breathe. 'Fuck.' was the only word that appeared in my head; And subsequently the only one that came out of my mouth.

"113 Hey, wait is this a bad time?" he questioned.

Still nothing registered up in my cranium. However by this time my gawking was apparent. I began to look slightly insane and partially crazy with my eyes still wide and staring at the man. I stood there in just complete shock and awe. Until finally, which seemed like an entirety I formed an intelligent response to his.

"Im sorry Hey, 103 what's up?"

"Listen, so I was wondering if I can borrow..."

Whatever choice of words he used after that moment my brain did not hear, understand, or comprehend. 103 was here in my door way looking impeccably appetizing. A fitted black tee, charcoal joggers, bare feet and still very sexy. The brisk jog idea was no longer an option for me. In the next few moments that followed could have been something straight out of a erotic fan fiction novel.


Whatever that man must have said had 'Unleashed the Beast of the Southern Wild'; because the last bit of control I had left had made its final exit out the building. Within seconds 103's lips were in-between my teeth and inside my apartment. There was a clear understanding that he was game because within moments 103's sexual instincts were in too in hyperdrive. Backing into my apartment my lips still locked onto his, he lifted my legs taking extra attention to squeeze firmly onto my juicy ass, he wrapped them around his torso like a pretzel. As I reached for the hem of my workout tank he helped me lift it up and over my head. All in while he roughly pinned my boiling skin up against the ice cold brick exposed wall. Moving from his lips I began to bite my way from his chin to his earlobes flicking the very tip of my tongue against his left ear.

I heard him release a deep grown in his throat. That alone enticed the wetness in my panties.

His equally warm body against mine sent shivers down my spine; causing my body to arch uncontrollably against the brick. He used his soft and moist lips to kiss the newly exposed parts of my skin. He etched bite marks from my neck to collarbone slowly down to my 4th rib and beyond. He slid his big rugged yet defiantly soft hands underneath my sports bar and placed two fingers around my nipples as he took the other out and into his mouth. My hands flew to the back of his neck and pulling a fist full of curls as I moaned out.

My eyes blinked a few times before they closed to enjoy this moment of pure ecstasy. I could feel his hot breath causing the faintest hair on my body stand at attention. I felt his fingers rotating around my nipple, the slow sliding of his thumb and index finger pinching and massaging the sensitive area.

"Look at me." he said in a low much huskier voice.

For a moment I locked eyes with him as he fed on my breast, but my eyes rolled back from their rightful place. He suckled much more intense on them as I can feel his lips forming small pecks and the tugs from his teeth.

He pushed me farther up the wall inch by inch u could feel the bricks as he slid me outside of my runners leggings. I felt like a picture he was hanging on the wall as he began to leave a trail of his lips from my breast to my navel. Looking down at the hunger in his eyes he plummeted his face into my wet panties.

"You wont me needing these." he growled.

He proceeded to toss my panties to one side effortlessly. As he flicked his tongue rhythmically against my clit. Tucking in my bottom lip I prevented my self from gasping and the slightest squeal escaped.

"Oh God!" came from the still of quiet.

"Tell me, what you need? Tell me what you want?" he said between licks.

"I... I..Shit." My mind went blank.

His tongue curled around my clit just as smooth as he laid it firm and flat against my labia. Every nerve ending was touched. From the tickle of his after five shadow grazed my perineum. The jagged tips of his bitten finger nails digging into my juicy behind. my toes curled as I searched for gorgeous perfect light brown curls to pull as he spelled out my name in my pussy.

"Please don't stop" I managed to say.

I could feel him chuckle as the words breathlessly escaped my mouth. When my body delivered a ride on his face he began to grunt and moan as the slurping sounds became louder and louder. All the sensations of his mouth plummeting me down south.. Grew me closer to orgasm.

"Fuck" I screamed.

Legs shaking and breath shallow and wet I was nearly about to cum as he began to grip me tighter to ride his face harder and harder. I moved my hips forward on his face, he pushed me backwards. I lifted off his chin, he pulled me back down again. This torturous game of pleasure weighed back and forth between us. The flicking, the sucking and driving his tongue deep inside my pussy until I came across his lips. Just as he stilled to lower his delicate flower from off the wall. I used that opportunity to catch my breath; he smirked at me with his sticky face and began to lower my draped thighs from his around his broad shoulders. I never took my eyes off of him as he swiftly, with one arm, took off his black tee. I ran my hands from his well toned perfectly tanned pecks down to the counting of two, four, six pack and adjusted my hands at his waistline of his nike running joggers. I lowered them and myself slowly peeking up at him through my lashes licking my lips as I unwrapped his curved rock hard dick. He stepped out of his joggers and took my hand helping me to my feet as he turned me around to get a better of view of the apple of his eye.

Steading my balance he lowered my waist over the edge of my chase. He took this opportunity to wrap his hands in my thick curly hair when he pushed violently forward and yanked my head back with my hair as he kissed softly on my shoulders. A loud smack echoed the room. Within seconds he's inside me deeper than the 'Arctic Ocean'. Thus confirming his taste for swirl. His dick was smooth and rough entering and exiting my pussy. He crossed his hands over the small of my back so he could pull out and dive back in. He wanted to make one hundred percent sure I would feel his entire length coming through me. He started to quicken his thrust inside me and his breathing became more erratic all in while my face is burred deep into the cushion concealing my screams and pleas.

"Where do you want me to cum?" He managed to ask.

"Wait!" I screamed out. "Let me taste it, I want to feel it deep in my throat, I want to feel it convulse out of you."

He yanked out of me and turned me forward on to my knees and I shoved him into my mouth. It was smooth and thick and it pulsated as I took every single inch by inch deeper and deeper within. I heard the rustle, the moans, and the groans of his smooth yet wicked voice as it enticed me to devour him much further.

With the burst of his sweet cream trickling down my throat I was full and still wanted more. I licked my lips and cradled his balls in my hand as I allowed myself to swallow the mess. Our eyes much lower now and our bodies sexually weaken 103 was officially covered in my mixture of caramel and chocolate. Slumped on the cherry floor in the purgatory somewhere between aroused and tired. I sat there and I watch the spinning of the ceiling fan. Wordless. Breathless. Spent.


I regained coherent consciousness inside my bedroom. Four walls with red brick and cream stucco, pictures of my friends and family. With time elapsed and the morning returned, I realized, naked in bed I laid alone for our pleasure ecstasy was the best fucking night of my life, but was it just fiction or reality. Rolling out of bed into my bathroom to face myself in the mirror. Wickedly a smile creeped upon my face; with the mirror reveling that I had slightly smudged make up and just fucked hair. With my hands roaming my body remembering the night we had cocking my head to the side to see a unknown object behind me, I turned to read the note left on the vanity.

"I love being your neighbor,

from apartment 103"

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