Deanie Muffet was a cock tease, pure and simple. She began her "hobby" sometime after she turned 18 and graduated from high school. At first it was just fun to tease the neighborhood boys with little flights of exhibitionism, flashing her tits and exposing her tight little ass tied up in a thong with the flip of her skirt. The boys got too grabby sometimes and that wasn't the point so she switched to random acts of teasing. She rubbed her nipples in little seductive circles through her thin transparent blouse when she knew the janitor at the public library was looking. She completely unbuttoned her blouse and let her naked breasts pop out like two firm peaches in the back seat of a cab and then asked the driver to drive her to a motel. She gave the shoe salesman a perfect view between her legs to her wet, pink pussy. She went outside to get the mail wearing nothing but an eye-catching flame red shelf-bra, long evening gloves and high heels knowing that the next door neighbor's gardener was trimming the bushes and she waved and blew a little kiss. Cock-teasing was an art to Deanie, a game, a turn-on. Her favorite thing to do was find a real challenge, somebody more difficult to arouse than some horn-dog dude from the Mall or the local sport bar and see how fast she could get him staring and how big the bulge in his pants could get or how long it would take for him to start to look really horny.

She lived down the block from two older men, one a retired fire-fighter and one a retired gym teacher, both widowers who were well into their 60s but still kept pretty fit. The men lived together and shared the expenses. She had just turned 20 and they were new to her neighborhood. She walked past their house every day on her way home from her job at the Mall. Sometimes one or both of the men were outside on their porch swing or working in their front garden or cutting the grass but they always stopped what they were doing to wave or say hi and Deanie knew they followed her with their eyes as she walked past.

She had a hot, tight little body and she knew it. She had perky, high, medium size breasts with larger erect pink nipples set in pretty lighter pink areolas and they strained against her tight-fitting nearly transparent little blouses like they had a mind of their own. Her ass was firm and sweetly rounded and her long shapely legs and perfectly flat abdomen and narrow girlish pelvis completed a package that few men (or women for that matter!) could resist. She especially liked to flirt with these two old guys just to see if she could get their cocks up. She liked to tease them a little...or maybe a lot. They seemed like such nice guys, a little lonely, maybe nostalgic for the old days of hot pussy and good head...probably a long time since either one of them had a good piece of ass. This would be a fun run, she thought. Deanie wore her skirts very short and she liked a tart little style that had a bit of a ruffle to it so she could be sure it would lift up with the motion of her walking and give on-lookers a bit of show from underneath where she either wore a thong separating her ass cheeks, tiny transparent panties or she wore nothing at all to cover her neatly shaved pussy.

"Hi, Mr. Post," she would say and sway her sassy hips as she bent over from the waist and pretended to fix her sandal, revealing the full view of the delicate frills of her cunt lips and daring little ass hole. "Hi, Mr. Long," she said as she licked her lips and cupped her breasts lifting them together in the middle almost like she intended to suck her own nipples. "It feels so hot today. Don't you think so?"

At first the two men seemed a little astonished and at a loss for words but they had come to look forward to her little shows and they seemed to have her work schedule memorized so they were always there in the yard or on the porch when she walked by. She got a kick out of tormenting them and she felt perfectly safe doing it because she thought these old codgers wouldn't have a clue what to do with her hot young body in the first place. She thought, "It doesn't hurt to give them a little thrill and truth be told it makes my cunt juices flow, too." She felt the arousal in her nipples and clit. She sort of wondered what kind of packages these two had under their khakis.

One day, Mr. Post answered, "It sure is hot, little girl. How about a nice cold glass of lemonade? Why don't you come on in the house and we'll fix you up."

Feeling particularly turned on today, maybe by the feel of the sweat running down her back and ass crack and into her panties or from her shirt clinging tightly to her breasts in the heat, she surprised even herself and said, "Yeah, sure. That sounds good," as she flounced in through the front gate and stepped up onto the porch.

Mr. Post placed his big hand on the small of her back and gently propelled her in through the screen door and on into the kitchen. He was tall with a slight stoop to his shoulders and he had a few age spots on his thick work-worn hands. He was once probably handsome and he had a calm assuredness that she wasn't used to. She could feel an urgency coursing through his hand and it upped the ante and put her firmly into the game with a rush. This might be fun.

Mr. Long pulled out a wooden chair and Mr. Post slid his hand down to her ass and squeezed it gently and said, "Here you go. Have a seat." His hand lingered for a second on the bare skin of her firm ass just under the leg opening of her too-small panties and she felt an involuntary spark in her clit.

Mr. Long set a tray laden with a dripping ice cold glass pitcher of pink lemonade and three glasses on the table. He smiled and looked right into Deanie's eyes until she felt forced to lower them, little vixen or not, and slowly poured a tall glass for her. As he extended it to her his knuckles grazed her left nipple and she felt it ignite. "My name's Jack," he said, "and this is Dick. Deanie, isn't?"

Her mouth felt dry and her breath became a little more deliberate in her throat. "That's right," she replied and tried her old tricks, licking her tongue over her teeth like a nymphet.

She was surprised that these two old men could make her feel this horny but maybe it was the taboo aspect of it. Whatever it was she decided right then and there to see where it might lead. She wanted the chance to get some ego strokes by blowing these two old guys away with her charms and talents. "They won't know what hit them," she thought. "It'll be fun or at least funny if nothing else."

Jack poured the other two glasses for himself and Mr. Post and then stripped off his wife-beater showing a tan, lean body but one that had a few silver hairs across the chest which showed the tiniest inclination toward man boobs developing. His nipples were small and hard and she could see he had an erection. Dick followed suit and stripped off his shirt, too, showing a little paunch but still a pretty lean physique that she could tell was once pretty buff. Before she had time to blink or even to look his body over well, he lifted her tight white shirt from the hem at the back and whisked it off over her head. "We know you're hot, baby. We've seen that for some time. Let's get you comfortable. Come sit on my lap. There's a cool breeze from the window here."

She was naked from the waist up and naked from the waist down except for the flimsiest pair of pink see-through panties and an absurdly tiny white eyelet lace skirt. She might just as well have been totally naked as she left almost nothing to the imagination as usual. When Dick extended his wrinkled hand to her she took it and he pulled her to him and lifted her up on to his lap as though she was doll. She sat facing him and put her feet on the chair rungs at his sides, raising up a little and positioning herself right on his cock bulge and let her breasts dip in toward him so that they grazed his chest. She stuck the tip of her tongue out and moistened her top lip. She could really feel his erection now and she found that she wanted it.

This was so naughty that it felt truly exciting. He caressed her bottom and lifted her skirt from the back and slipped his finger into her panties searching for her ass hole. When he found it and pressed his finger lightly inside she tensed and gasped and he kissed her hard on the mouth forcing his tongue inside. She thought she looked like such an innocent little girl sitting on the older man's lap and she wanted to learn what his experience had to teach. This is one tease she planned to allow to turn into something more. She found she actually craved a good hard fucking from these two men and she wanted them to pound her pussy and teach her a thing or two.

Jack's eyes were riveted to her and he looked like a kid in a candy store. She had just enough of a seductive slope to the top lines of her perfect breasts to make the cherry colored nipples point upwards from the round deliciousness of her pink areolas. They sat so high and beautiful and firm. He couldn't resist and he reached around Dick and pinched one of her nipples and then with his other hand took the second one, too and he rolled them slowly between his thumbs and forefingers and stepped closer so that his zipper was close to her mouth as she turned her head to look at him.

"Why don't you take my cock out, you hot little cum slut? I know what you really want to drink and Dick and I are going to see that you get your fill." He pinched her nipples hard and she caught her breath even as her cunt flooded with the juice of her heat and her ass hole tightened around Dick's probing finger and she started to grind her hips.

Letting go of her hard, elongated nipples for a second, Jack held the straw in her lemonade to her lips and she sipped her lemonade looking up in to his face and coyly batted her thick eye lashes and prolonged the pucker of her lips. She tipped her shoulders forward so her cleavage deepened. "Yes, let me see that cock of yours, Mr. Long. You know I want to suck cum more than lemonade."

He set the glass down and pinched both nipples hard again, twisting them back and forth between his thumbs and finger tips and then slid his hands from her nipples to cup both her breasts and squeezed them hard and she again sucked in her breath in a gasp.

"Suck his cock, you little whore," came the voice of Mr. Post and Deanie undulated her hips and thrust her cunt against his crotch and laughed a soft girlish laugh.

Dick by now was rock hard and wanting to bury his cock in her ass hole but first he wanted to fill her sopping love gash with it and torture her like she had tortured him. He was not going to let the little bitch cum for a while if he could help it. He'd teach her the meaning of the word tease.

Dick looked a bit older and more severe and stern than Jack. She liked the way he made her feel like a bad girl who needed punishing. Dick unzipped his own pants and freed his stiff member while Deanie unzipped Jack's pants as ordered and took out a long, thick cock that showed thick veins and a large flared red head, swollen and dripping precum from its tiny open hole. As Dick slid her panties aside and moved her onto his thick cock she licked the precum away from Jack's cock and licked her own lips and stared up at him like an angel. She pulled out his balls and though the skin was loose she saw they were ample and she startled a bit to think how much cum they might hold.

Jack was rock hard and his cock stood straight out. He forced it into her mouth grasping her firmly by the back of her head and grabbed a big handful of her long pale blond hair It filled her throat and he roughly started pumping it into her. She gagged at first but began to suck as hard as she could and deep throated him while licking at the underside of his cock, up and down, and sucking the head hard and rolling her tongue over the tip on the top of the up stroke.

Grasping her by both hips Dick forced her cunt down on his cock and fast-fucked into her, bucking aggressively like a male dog. Her cunt gushed as it clung to his huge cock. She felt him bottoming out inside her and her g-spot was tingling with extreme pleasure. She conveyed that pleasure to Jack by working the head of his cock furiously with her wild little tongue.

She massaged Jack's balls and suddenly he erupted in her throat and she swallowed a huge load of creamy white cum as he collapsed back against the kitchen table. She turned her full attention to Dick then and really began to enjoy his cock inside of her. Suddenly he lifted her from his hammering cock and set her on her feet. He stood over her and she pushed his pants down below his knees and reached behind him to cradle his ass and took his cock in her mouth to give her second blow-job in five seconds. She pulled his hips toward her to take him deeper into her mouth. Jack recovered from his bliss and separated her ass cheeks with his hands and began to lap at her asshole, darting it in and out. The next thing she knew he had his finger up her ass and was pistoning her deeply with it. Her finger found and entered Dick's ass-hole and she made it her turn to be rough as she thrust it into his chamber.

She took long deep draws on Dick's pulsing cock and fingered him hard, her nipples rubbing the front of his thighs as her breasts pressed and bounced against him. Jack stopped his work on her throbbing asshole to let his friend cum inside Deanie and just as he did Dick quivered and shot his load, having no stamina after such a long dry spell with no pussy. She swallowed his copious load of white thick hot cum and slurped in every drop. She swallowed a big gulp of it and closed her eyes savoring the warmth and taste. As Dick flopped down in one of the kitchen chairs she stood over him and kissed him deeply and forced some of his own cum back into his mouth where he lapped it in and swallowed it, licking his lips and closing his eyes in bliss. Jack couldn't take it any more and swept her up in a fireman's carry and Deanie found herself headed upstairs, her cunt aching for more cock and glad to see that Jack was hard and ready to go again. Dick stepped out of his pants and naked as the day he was born bounded up the stairs after them.

At the top of the stairs a hallway lead into a large bedroom with a king size bed. Jack threw her onto the quilt and leaned over and pulled off her useless skirt and panties and thrust two long fingers into her hot, dripping cunt, ramming them in and out and making her pussy suck and slap at his fingers. He sucked her cunt juices from his fingers and ran his hands roughly over her belly and tits, lingering to squeeze her nipples so hard they blushed crimson. She was so turned on by this caveman style and she couldn't believe how this seemed to be turning out. These two old guys were hot! They were like sex shamans.

She got up on her hands and knees and raised her ass up in the air, spreading her legs wide and revealing her cocoa-pink ass hole and the hot rose-colored ruffles of her cunt lips. "Fuck me, Mr. Long. Pound my ass. I wanna suck your dick, Mr. Post. Double team me again. Fuck my ass! Fuck my mouth!"

The men wasted no time answering those commands. With one strong hand like a bear's paw Jack Long scooped her around and slathered her asshole with some lubricant he had taken off the night stand. He plopped her onto his cock as he sat on the edge of the bed. She literally shrieked as he impaled her tight asshole but she immediately began to writhe up and down and moan in pleasure. He rubbed her clit with his finger and her breasts bounced up and down. Her eyes were closed but she suddenly felt the heat of Dick Post's body as he positioned himself in front of her, stabilized her from moving by pressing down on her shoulders, forcing her harder onto Jack's cock and then thrust his hard-on in through her pouty moist lips as Jack backed off on the intensity of his thrusts and resorted to holding his thrust as far up into her ass as he could go, tightly securing her narrow hips with his large hands. She began to suck and lick Dick's rod and squeeze his balls and finger his asshole. That made him thrust so deeply into her that she found herself gagging for the second time that day but she took him deeply into her throat as her cunt gushed and her clit throbbed. She sucked hard craving to swallow his white hot load of cum again.

She had NO idea this much fantastic sexual ecstasy was waiting right down the block all this time with these too horny old guys. "Well," she thought, "one thing about old men, they usually know what they've been missing and they usually have such hot, over-worked fantasies they can keep a girl going all night. The beauty of TWO old men is that as soon as one cums you've got a spare waiting in the wings." She was getting so close to cumming that she switched from sucking to stroking Dick's cock for a moment and started to ride Jack's cock hard, raising and lifting her asshole along it like she was riding a pogo stick, driving it into her asshole. He had the fire in her clit fanned to white heat and she was ready to pop.

"Oh, oh, I'm gonna cum!" Deanie screamed. Jack immediately pulled her off his cock and Jack pushed her down on the mattress where she fell flat, breathing hard and moaning.

"Not yet, you're not," said Dick. Dick started pawing her young body, running his pale hands up and down, savoring her soft, warm skin, handling her breasts reverently and then sliding his fingers in and out of her pussy and running his hands down the inside of her thighs. He and Jack both laid down next to her on the bed, one on each side and Jack started kissing her deeply, covering her mouth with his and forcing his tongue in side to probe and explore, his hands fondling her breasts and her nipples. She kissed him back and humped his thigh. Dick had plunged a finger into her asshole again and as he fingered her he jerked on his own cock making it stiff and his balls bulged in their loose sack.

"Oh, please let me cum," Deanie begged. I'm so hot and horny for you two. Somebody tongue my hot pussy! Fuck me!" She acted like she was in uncontrollable animal heat. She was thrashing and writhing her body in between the two old men, undulating her whole body and trying to rub every part of it against their bodies.

Suddenly Dick flipped her over on her stomach and pinned her down as Jack started spanking her exposed and upturned ass with his broad hand. One, two, three...he slapped her cheeks again and again. Red welts appeared like a hand print. She caught her breath in sharply and struggled not too effectively to get away. The slaps kept coming harder and Jack had a good rhythm going. "You have been a naughty little cock tease, Deanie! Haven't you?" Spank! Spank! "Haven't you?"

"Oh, yes, Mr. Long! Yes!" she answered desperately as she pushed her ass up to meet his hand. Her cunt flared hot pink and poured pussy juice.

He stopped spanking and softly rubbed her ass. He gently ran his fingers in between her ass cheeks like a caress moistening them. He smoothed her hair and ran the fingers of his other hand against the side of her face in an almost fatherly manner. "Do you want to cum, baby?" he asked her quietly. "Tell me, sweetheart, do you need me to make you cum? Or maybe you want Mr. Post? Tell us exactly what you want, precious." He barely brushed the skin of her breasts along the sides and danced over the impossibly erect nipples softly with his finger tips. "Does baby need to cum?"

It was almost unbearable. Her clit ached so desperately and felt so swollen and throbbed so deeply. "I want to ride Mr. Post's big, hard cock and I want those big, hard hands on my tits," she panted. "I want to cum all over his cock."

"Cum inside me at the same time that I'm cumming, Mr. Post," she pleaded.

"Oh, Mr. Long, oh, daddy, lick my pussy out when we're finished and then kiss me and let me taste all three of us!" Deanie was so hot now. She'd never felt this turned on in her life.

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