I had just gotten fully dressed up in my apartment and was sitting on my couch, legs crossed, admiring my handy-work. I had a tan mid-thigh length skirt on and short sleeve, black v-neck top. My legs and bottom were shaved, I was all done up with makeup, and I had on a cute wig with a two pony-tails. Underneath I was wearing a silky pink thong and white lace bra. I had stuffed the bra with two water-filled balloons that gave me a nice 36C chest. I was wearing four-inch black Mary-Jane shoes with my outfit.

I got up and walked around the house for a while, fixing myself a drink, checking myself out in the mirror, and getting turned on. My phone rang and I went and picked it up. It was my neighbor, Michael. He asked how I was doing and we struck up a casual conversation for a minute or two while I continued to walk around the apartment. Michael then shocked me by asking me to look out my side window. I hadn't realized it, but the blinds weren't all the way down on that one and I had been parading around in full view of his side window. He had seen me in my skirt, heels, and breasts.

I waited for him to speak and was surprised when he said he was coming over and that I was to unlock the door. I sat down in the living room and waited. About five minutes later he entered my apartment and then came into the room where I was seated, cross-legged again, on the couch.

He stood in front of me and took in my appearance for a minute. Then he walked up and held out a hand and introduced himself as Michael. I was a bit taken aback before deciding to play along and introduce myself as Karen in the softest voice I could manage. We shook hands and then I offered him a drink, which was accepted. I stood up and walked by him into the kitchen and pull out two beers from the fridge. I opened them and walked back out to the living room and handed Michael his.

He continued the banter and asked when I moved into the neighborhood. I told him I was just visiting my brother who lived here, but was at work for a few more hours. He asked if I had any music and waited until I turned on the stereo. I set the station to soft rock and then went to sit back down on the couch. Before I could get there though, Michael had grabbed my hand and pulled me against him. He wrapped an arm around my waist and held onto my hand, moving us into a slow dance. The hand I held the beer with I put around his neck and clasped his other hand as tightly as he held mine.

As we moved closer to the table, Michael took a deep swig from his beer and then set the bottle down. I did the same, and then we recommenced dancing. This time, I felt his arm wrap around me, but his free hand was on my ass now, rubbing me through my skirt. I started to get turned on and looked into his eyes. At this, he released my hand and moved that hand down to my other ass cheek. I wrapped that arm around his neck as well and moved with him as we danced and he massaged and squeezed my ass.

A short while later I could feel Michael's lips against my neck, kissing me. I leaned to the side to give him better access, and then tilted to the other side as he moved across my neckline. My heart was racing as I was being fondled and kissed by my tall, muscular, black neighbor. We had been moving around the living room but now found ourselves near the couch. Michael pulled up on my ass, lifting me up off the ground. My skirt, which was already riding up, got lifted to expose my pink thong as I wrapped my legs around his waist. Now, he had both muscular hands on my bare ass and was holding me in the air by it.

Michael turned us around and then sat down so that I was sitting in his lap, legs wrapped around him. He then looked up and kissed me full on the mouth, sticking his tongue deeply into my mouth and kissing me roughly. I was completely at this man's mercy and we both knew it. He pulled away long enough to tell me to undo his jeans and pull out his cock. I obeyed and shortly thereafter was holding nine inches of black cock in both hands. I was stroking it without him telling me to, looking down to see my fake-finger-nailed hands wrapped around his shaft. Michael pulled out a condom, tore it open and slid it over his cock. He reached around me and shifted my thong, then ordered me onto his cock. I lined my hole up with his cock and slowly slid my way down until I felt his head inside me. It took a long time to relax and get him completely buried, but eventually I was mounted.

Once there, Michael commanded me to fuck him while he sat back. I put both hands on his chest and rose up off his cock and then back down until I was stuffed again. I had shifted my legs before he leaned back so I was straddling him and this made it easier to rise and then back down. I continued to fuck Michael as he stared at me. His cock felt so good inside me and I could feel my asshole being stretched to unthinkable lengths. Time seemed to stop as I bounced up and down on that cock. I could hear myself grunting whenever I had all of him inside me and he would smile when he saw me enjoying that feeling.

I continued to fuck Michael for a while longer until he leaned forward and wrapped his arms around my waist. He turned us so that my back was on the couch now and he was on top of me. My legs were spread now and my panty-covered, bulging cock was visible between us. My pink panties were soaked with pre-cum, my skirt was around my waist, and a nine inch cock was visible sticking out of me.

Michael then grabbed my legs and put my ankles on his shoulders. He leaned forward, lifting my ass up into him, bending me in half, and buried his cock deep inside me. I could feel his balls slap against my ass from this position, and then again shortly after he pulled out. He picked up the pace and really began pounding down into me as I began to moan out loud. I could hear myself saying yes and then felt my hands on his ass, pulling him down into me.

Michael fucked me like this for some time until I heard him grunt and began to shake. He had cum into the condom while he was buried inside me and was laying there draining himself. Then he pulled out and backed away, leaving me lying on my couch, panties pulled to the side, and sweating. He told me to wait just like that and there would be a surprise for me shortly.

Michael went into the bathroom and I heard to toilet flush, then he walked out of the apartment. I continued lying like he said to until I heard the door open about ten minutes later. I could hear a few voices and began to get alarmed. A moment later, three more big black men turned the corner and viewed me lying with legs spread and pink panties showing. They wasted no time and came over to the couch.

The first of the black men came and sat at the end of the couch where my head was. He told me to shift so that my head was in his lap, undo his pants, and start to suck. I did as commanded and had the head of another large black cock in my mouth. This was the first time I had a real cock in my mouth and began by working his soft head in and out of my mouth. He got hard in no time and

I took as much of him in as I could before bobbing back off of him. I was lying on my side while I was sucking him, with my back to him when I felt my top leg being lifted up and put back on a shoulder. A moment later, I felt another large cock inside my now distended ass. Michael had loosened me up nicely and the guy inside me had no trouble burying himself to the hilt. I moaned around the cock in my mouth when I felt his balls slap my ass. I continued bobbing my head while I got fucked hard. Michael was quite steady, but the guy fucking me currently had something against white girls as he slammed into me on every thrust. My ass was getting sore as he fucked me good.

I had gotten my form down on the guy in my mouth and I could feel him starting to tense up. Then I felt his hand on the back of my head as he came inside my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow his load and gulped down as much as I could before some leaked out onto my cheek. I continued to lick his head while he held me onto his cock. All the while, I took a pounding from the guy in my ass.

Once I had cleaned the cock in my mouth completely, I was turned so that I was on my stomach. Then the guy in my ass pulled me back so I was in doggy-style position. I went to put my hands down in front of me but he grabbed my arms and pulled them back, twisting so that one was on top of the other at the small of my back. He held them there while he fucked me and I could feel my ass cheeks rolling on every inward thrust. I continued to get a good fucking until I heard the guy behind me moan and then felt hot cum enter my ass. He hadn't worn a condom and filled me up with a huge load of sticky cum. He completely emptied himself then pulled out and went into the bathroom to clean himself off.

I remember there being a third guy that came in and turned back to see him standing and stroking himself. He must have been three inches longer than either of the two others and significantly wider. I couldn't imagine how he was going to fit that monster inside me. I was ordered to get up off the couch and lay down on the floor on my stomach. Once there, I felt the last guy straddle my ass and then slowly begin to stuff his gigantic cock inside me. It took longer than any of the other cocks I had had so far, but he eventually filled me completely. I was breathing heavy each time he thrust all the way into me, even though he was the one doing the work. I looked up to see the guy I gave the blowjob to snapping off pictures with his cell phone. He moved around to my ass and the guy fucking me spread my ass cheeks apart to give him a great angle on my now sloppy asshole. A couple times, I felt him pull completely out, heard the cell phone click, and then a deep thrust as big-cock guy fucked back down into me with relative ease at this point.

I turned back to see the guy elevated on top of me and in a pushup position as he fucked down on me. I continued to lay flat and take every inch of him, still moaning and breathing hard. Then I felt him fall on top of me and felt warm cum inside me again. This time, it felt like gallons and I could tell he had flooded me completely. I immediately felt cum leaking out of my ass and down my inner thighs. He pulled out and also went into the bathroom to clean up as I lay on the floor of my apartment, panties still pulled to the side, cum on my cheek and leaking out of my ass. I was spent and couldn't move. I heard the three guys leave, but lacked the energy to get off the floor.

I woke up and turned to see Michael sitting on my couch. He was calmly watching tv as I slowly got to my feet. I was a bit wobbly and he took in the sight. Then he told me to go out and buy some new outfits as he had some plans for me each night that week.

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