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Neighbours: Susan & Drew


Ramset Street: Behind Closed Doors.

Susan Kennedy kisses it better.

Susan was enjoying a rare day to herself, Karl was away at a medical conference and all the kids had flown the nest. She didn't mind at all, it was nice to have some time to herself and she had planned to just lounge around the house watching TV. Her plans were rudely interrupted however when the doorbell rang around noon. Susan tutted and reluctantly went to answer the door, secretly cursing whoever it was who was going to intrude on her day of solitude.

Her thoughts soon became changed when she answered the door and the identity of the visitor was revealed.

At the door stood Drew, Libby's husband and her son-in-law, a handsome muscular guy in his late twenties... if only she were twenty years younger thought Susan, as she had done since the very first time she had seen Drew working down at the garage. Her daydream was cut short however, when she noticed Drew was clutching a small towel to his leg. The towel had originally been white, but had been stained red with blood, obviously from a wound on Drew's thigh.

"I gashed my leg pretty bad on a piece of metal at the garage and was wondering if Karl could sort me out", he grimaced as he clutched the cloth firmly. Susan looked at the wet red patch on his overall, it appeared the bleeding had stopped on the gash, which was a good sign that it wasn't too deep and didn't require stitches. "Karl's away all weekend at a conference", she answered observing Drew's obvious discomfort.

"Oh, sorry Susan" he replied, "I'd better go to the surgery and see if they can help me.

Susan could see that although Drew was in a lot of pain, the cut wasn't infected and just required cleaning up a bit and dressing, in her capacity as a teacher, mother, and of course, doctor's wife, a job she was extremely competent in performing herself. She invited Drew in the house and told him to sit on the sofa and remove his pants so she could attend to him.

As he was still in overalls, removing his trousers, meant removing his top too, and when Susan returned from the back room with the medicine chest, Drew was sat on the sofa dressed only in an oily white shirt and a pair of tight black underpants. Susan gasped sharply as she saw how muscular his powerful thighs were and thought to herself how lucky her daughter was to be married to such a specimen. She walked slowly over to where he sat and removed the sodden cloth from off his bulky leg. "Ohhhh that's a nasty cut", she said as she opened the medical kit and took out some iodine and swabs. Pouring some iodine onto the swab she looked up at Drew and smiled saying gently "This might hurt a bit".

She wasn't lying, he thought as he flinched with the introduction of the fluid onto his open flesh. This action caused the muscles to tense, and Susan could now feel the full hardness of his muscular limb. As she gently rubbed, she could feel her heartbeat quicken as she attended to the needs of her hunky neighbour and relative. After she had cleaned the wound thoroughly, she dried it with a soft fluffy towel and put some antiseptic cream onto her palm. Drew thanked her for her services as she tended to him faithfully. Susan smiled to herself, it was truly her pleasure as feeling his lithe young body was really making her hot.

She placed her smooth palm at the top of Drew's thigh and using a slow deliberate circling motion, massaged the cream into his skin.

The cool sensation of the lotion felt good against his skin, a feeling heightened by the luxuriously tender skin of the mature teacher's hand. Although she was not far from her fiftieth birthday, she was still quite an eye-catching woman with a shapely slim figure and lived-in but nevertheless attractive face. Drew was enjoying having this lovely woman attending to him every bit as much as she was, and secretly they both knew it.

Even if he wasn't aware before, the amount of time she continued to massage him long after the cream had gone was surely an indicator her mind was elsewhere. Drew didn't care one bit, as his attention was drawn to hr chest. He had become aware that the large circling motion she used on his wound made her large soft breasts wobble vigorously inside her loose blouse, and it was clear from the way her nipples occasionally pressed against the thin cotton that she was not wearing a bra.

Drew was so pre-occupied by the swaying of her boobs, that he had not even felt her cover the wound with dressings and tape, and was only made aware of the fact when Susan broke the silence.

"All done", she enthused as she snapped the medical case closed. Drew was somewhat disappointed his viewing pleasure had ended, but was pleased his cut had been attended to. "Thanks Susan" he said as he admired the very professional job she had made of his wound.

Susan explained that with having kids of her own she had performed the task on more than a few occasions in the past, before adding that they usually insisted she kiss it better when she finished.

Drew smiled to himself, a wry smile, he had something other than medicine on his mind. "Will you kiss it better for me Susan?", he laughed nervously, hoping Susan would take it as a joke, but still longing for her to do it.

Susan giggled girlishly, making her dark eyes sparkle sexily as she met Drew's longful gaze.

They were both almost certain that they both felt the same way about each other and she placed a hand on Drew's healthy leg, lowering herself down onto the floor in front of him.

Without a word, she lowered her head towards his lap until her soft cheek rested against the inside of his knee.

Drew took her head and gently inched it closer towards the top of his thigh where lay the large white patch. As she felt her head being slowly manoeuvered up towards his injury, she turned her head slightly sideways so that her mouth was brushing against his muscular thigh.

She pursed her lips slightly as her mouth lightly grazed across him as she reached the edge of his bandage.

Susan closed her eyes as she pursed her lips further, her head now being held firmly in place by both Drew's large strong hands. With a little soft sigh, she pressed her mouth firmly against the cotton dressing, which ran diagonally for around 8 inches up his leg towards his groin. As she kissed the fabric, her hand was stroking the inside of his other thigh, obviously causing pleasure to Drew as he ran his long fingers through Susan's long black hair.

Susan lifted her head away slightly after planting her first kiss, before moving up an inch and placing another tender kiss against the dressing. She repeated this action twice more, until the top of her head was at the bottom of his pants, the thin black material the only thing keeping his naked balls from lying atop her hair.

Susan took her hand and slowly crept up inside his thigh as her kisses continued on his other. As she planted the 6th kiss against his leg, she felt the contents of his pants stir as her hair moved slightly beneath it.

Wasting no more time, she placed her hand on the front of his pants, still continuing to kiss his injured skin. The feeling of her hand on his genitals and the warm breath from her nostrils so close to his groin made his cock begin to swell in his pants, an action Susan was monitoring through the fondling of her hand.

Drew let out a long contented sigh as Susan's hand began to rub against his still hardening dick. Her face was now right at the top of his leg, her nose resting against the side of his balls next to her hand on his crotch.

Taking her other hand, Susan pushed his injured leg open slightly, crating a space for her to rest her face, which she pressed firmly into the gap.

As she helped Drew's cock to reach its full potential, she opened her mouth and started to lick the joint between the inside of his thigh and his scrotum, the taste humid and salty from the sweat of his overalls.

She could feel that Drew was fully hard inside his briefs and longed to see what a fine sight he must have looked, his pants bulging with hard cock meat.

Her cunt was burning beneath her skirt as she was desperate to see the majesty of his rigid member, free from the inconvenience of being trapped inside his pants.

She didn't have to wait for them to be removed as she leant back, as his cock had grown to such a size that at least 3 inches of his thick shaft and his big swollen cock head had broken free from their prison, and were poking out fro the top of his waistband, the tight elastic causing his bell-end to throb angrily as the blood flow became restricted.

Susan reached below her skirt and pulled her already sodden knickers to one side, holding them out of her way as she ventured her other hand towards her hot wet slit.

As she traced her index finger slowly along the moist entrance to her vagina, Drew stood up from the sofa and pulled at the waistband to his underpants, slowly revealing inch after glorious inch of firm young cock, until he finally reached the base of his penis, causing it to spring forward energetically as it was finally released from the restrictive cotton.

Susan felt her pussy juices begin to trickle over her fingers as she continued to trace her slender fingers across her pussy, the sticky fluid matting her silky pubes as knuckles of her other fingers dragged through them, pressing into the soft yielding flesh of her groin.

Gently, she took her index and second finger and pressed firmly at her now freely lubricating vagina, feeling her puffy labia part as her fingertips disappeared into her wet fuck tunnel. As she slipped two fingers inside herself, she continued to watch Drew as his big baggy scrotum dangled proudly beneath his jutting erection as he manfully stepped out of his briefs.

Watching Susan's hands at play beneath her skirt, Drew gripped the base of his impressive nine inch cock and slowly began to stroke it's length before Susan looked up slowly, until eventually meeting Drew's gaze.

From the way their eyes smouldered and burned into each others faces, it was clear that there was definitely a sense of pent up emotion between the two of them, love perhaps?…..attraction maybe?

No, there was just one emotion in that room, sheer animal lust. Susan raised herself up onto her knees and flicked out her long pink tongue, quickly lashing it across the large head of Drew's massive dick, before opening her mouth as wide as she could to accommodate the thickness of Drew's veiny shaft.

Her fingers were working overtime inside her pussy, as she desperately pressed against her hard clit, working herself into a mad sexual frenzy in anticipation of tasting her son-in-law's magnificent throbbing erection.

As the pressure began to build inside her, Drew's big dick was getting ever closer to entering her waiting mouth. She couldn't wait to clamp her lips firmly around his fat cock and give him a long slow blow job just as her daughter had inevitably done time and time before.

Drew's helmet was just touching her soft lips now, and her stomach was cramping with anticipation and sexual ecstasy as her fingers sloshed in and out of her burning cunt, she was very close to cumming.

In an instant of pure intensity, Drew quickly thrust his hips forward, yelling "Yeah Susan, suck my big cock you dirty whore" as he forced six inches of dick deep into Susan's throat. As he filled her mouth, the sensation of his ribbed cock sliding so rapidly between her soft wet lips made her cunt explode and she released a loud, but muffled, yell as she climaxed all over her hand, the viscous juices coating her palm with an even layer of her cunt fluid.

Drew was pleased to hear her orgasm and continued his dirty talk. "You horny slut, you've cum all over yourself" he grunted, as he bucked his hips in time with her sucking. As she gobbled and slobbered all over his big member, she took her hand out from under her skirt and lifted it up, presenting it to Drew. Drew whipped his fat cock out her mouth and lifted her up to her feet. Then, he took her dripping hand and placed it up to his mouth, before taking her index finger and putting it into his mouth, closing his lips around it to savour the sweet nectar from her pussy. As he sucked at every drop of her honey, she leaned her face over to his and began to lap at the remaining cum covered fingers.

With her other hand, she was milking at Drew's cock, rubbing at his big balls with every downstroke.

As they finished cleaning her hand, she lowered it down and away so that their tongues could meet, in a long passionate kiss, which they shared for a good five minutes, as Drew's hands wandered to her chest where he teased her long nipples to hardness.

Susan was obviously very expert at wanking off guy's cocks and soon Drew knew he was going to cum.

As the pair finally broke their kiss, Susan looked into Drew's eyes, she too knew he was not far from climax. Drew began to sweat as his orgasm drew nearer and nearer until he was ready to explode at any moment. "Oh shit I'm gonna cum soon" he panted as Susan continued to firmly stroke his hot tool.

Susan smiled sexily and whispered "Cum on my tits Drew", as his hands tenderly kneaded her soft breasts. In an instant, Drew grabbed a handful of her blouse in each fist and tore it open, sending the buttons flying away as her pale round boobs spilled forward.

Drew took Susan firmly by the shoulders and violently flung her down onto the sofa, causing her ample bosom to bounce and ripple with the force of her landing.

The effort had released her grip on Drew's penis which was quickly replaced by his own, which began frantically pumping along the entire length. After no more than half a dozen strokes, the head twitched, causing Susan to sit upright and cup her breasts in her hands, watching as Drew's fat dick jerked in his fist. With a final stroke, the head pulsed and shot a stream of cum forth with such ferocity that it splashed audibly against Susan's chest, before trickling slowly between her tits, down along her abdomen. As she watched, several more shots of gooey spunk spewed from his cock, covering her body in little trails of warm white jism, covering her neck, tits, and stomach.

Drew was exhausted after his powerful climax and sank to one knee on the floor to regain his breath, his cock softening gradually as the last drops of semen dripped onto the carpet below.

As he looked up he was greeted with the view up her skirt, as she had lifted her legs deliberately hoping he would take the hint.

Presented with such a glorious sight, Drew could do little else, and reached his arms up her skirt, finding the soaking wet material of her cum coated knickers. Drew lowered them over her ankles and off briefly lifting them to his face in order to sample their delicate aroma, before tossing them aside for a taste of the real thing.

Drew lifted the front of the skirt over his head and ventured his face forward. As he inched towards her pussy, he kissed the inside of her thighs, just as she had done before, making a little droplet of cunt juice emerge from between Susan's swollen pussy lips. Drew pressed his face firmly into Susan's crotch, his nose resting on a mattress of Susan's soft curly pubes, taking in the scent of the drying vaginal fluids she had soaked them with previously.

As he the little bead of womanly dew trickled slowly towards her buttocks, Drew lapped from the cleft of her behind up and along the length of her cunt, catching the drop of nectar on the way up to her clitoris. At the front of her pussy he pushed his tongue inside her before returning along the path he had just taken, back towards her ass.

As he reached the back of her slit, he reached his hands up and opened up her pussy, revealing the bud of her clit, which was glistening among the folds of her pussy. He rubbed his fingertips firmly over it, causing Susan to wriggle and moan at his touch. As he continued to manhandle her throbbing clit, sending waves of pleasure rippling through her entire body, Drew lowered his face further until his nose was pressing in the area between her cunt and her soft round ass cheeks.

Drew once again lashed out his tongue, this time meeting the cleft of her peachy buttocks. Susan's buttocks were so firm that drew met some resistance, and was forced to remove a hand from her cunt, leaving just on hand tweaking her clit between his fingers. His other hand grabbed a handful of her left buttock and prised it aside, allowing him full access to her asshole inside. Drew flicked his tongue across her asshole, dribbling saliva along her crack.

Susan was in heaven, she had never had her asshole eaten out before and the combination of that and Drew's skilful clit-play had her climaxing within minutes, causing the pussy juices to trickle onto Drew's hair as he continued to work his tongue in her ass.

As she came, Susan rubbed her hands over her body, rubbing Drew's cum into the flesh of her tits and smooth flat stomach. Susan's first orgasm seemed to last for ages before the pleasure momentarily subsided. Drew had noticed that his cock was hard again and was keen to feel it deep inside her.

Drew wanted to keep her cunt nice and wet for his dick, and left her only the briefest period of recovery before taking his face away from her ass and pulling apart her cunt lips again. This time he pressed his lips firmly over her clit and began to noisily suck at it. It was the thing that always had Libby cumming within seconds, and always made her desperate for his cock inside her, he figured she must get it from her mother.

He was right. Susan was screaming and writhing as her cunt exploded in his mouth, drowning his tongue with her cum. Then he heard the words he had wanted to hear from her. "Oh god Drew, you're so good, I want you inside me now!"

Drew took his penis in his hand and with the other rubbed some of her vaginal juices along its length, making it glisten in the bright sunlight which poured in through the window behind them. "Oh Susan", he whispered, "I've wanted to make love to you for so long". Susan got off the sofa and onto her hands and knees on the floor. "You make love to my daughter", she snapped, "I want you to fuck me, good and hard from behind like the dirty dog I am!"

Drew was taken aback by her dirty talk, Libby had never spoken to him like that, and his cock was harder than it had ever been before.

Without losing a second, he got on the floor behind her and grabbed her hips. Pulling her back slightly, he rammed his hips forward and forced six inches of his dick straight up inside her, her tight wet cunt lips clinging to it as he slowly pulled back before thrusting forward again. As he fucked her, her cunt became looser and he was able to get more and more of it up her until after a couple of minutes the pair were greeted by the sexy slapping sound of his big heavy balls slapping against her ass cheeks.

Drew had now managed to get his entire length inside her and was banging away with force, causing her cheeks to wobble as his scrotum slapped against them with each forceful thrust. In front of her, Susan's tits her swaying freely from side to side as he thrust his big pole in and out of her womanly body.

As he continued to fuck her hard and quick, the size of such a monster inside her quickly had her climaxing and her labia convulsed around Drew's thick veiny shaft as her juices gushed around his dick.

Drew looked down at her ass, it twitched as her pussy spasmed with her orgasm. He remembered the effect his tonguing had had on her asshole and wondered if his cock would produce similar results.

As he pulled his dick out slowly from her still-climaxing body, her juices were released from her opening and trickled down her milky thighs.

Drew's cock was so wet from her cunt that it needed no lubrication and his head was soon pressing her tight asshole open. Although meeting with some initial resistance, the sheer stiffness of his cock and the wetness of her ass and his shaft eventually popped her virgin ass open, swallowing five inches of dick straight into her colon.

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