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There was a quiet nervousness between them, which was a strange contribution to the years of comfortable friendship they had shared, though the nights of raucous shows and drinking and smashing things were over. Both of them had remained true to their roots, tattooed and pierced well into their 30s, even when they'd got responsible, got married, and started having kids. Both of their divorces had been finalized for a while, his about a year, hers almost two. While they had still continued to hang out in the time since their respective splitsvilles, it had generally been in groups, for bar nights and dinner parties.

He was tall, over 6 foot, with a strong masculine jaw, and brilliant eyes. His shoulders were broad, and his body solid, from years of mosh pits and weight lifting. His strong arms were covered with tattoos, and his muscles strained against the thin cotton fabric of the Bouncing Souls t-shirt he wore.

She was about 5'7", with a cascade of red curls and bright red lipstick. She had an inclination towards vintage dresses that showed off her hourglass figure, and today was no exception. Her nose was graced with a small silver ring, and she had 1" plugs in her ears which were black with white stars.

Today, they had run into eachother at the park, both taking advantage of a weekend with their kids. The gentle strength of his character stood out to her, as it had all the time she'd known him, but as he watched protectively over the children, she shyly spouted off an offer that had never occurred to her before.

"Dinner?" He asked, turning toward her, raising an eyebrow curiously. "Are you doing another dinner party?"

"No." She flushed, but firmly retained eye contact. "I want to make you dinner. ...You and me."

Her nervousness was palpable, and he took a deep breath, his eyes taking in the figure he'd been admiring since they met at a drunken house party when they were both in their early 20s. Her DD breasts pushed up out of the bodice of her black polka-dot dress, and he had to fight to return his eyes to her face. "What about the kids?" He asked softly.

She glanced back at the playground, tearing herself away from the tenderness in his eyes. "They seem to be getting along just fine. What if the girls get to stay at your house tonight, I know a great babysitter, we can get them pizza and a movie, and then... you can come hang out with me. It's... it's been a while."

He'd agreed that it'd been a long time since they'd just hung out, but there seemed something hanging in her offer. Something nervous and tentative. And now, they had dropped off the girls (who were ecstatic in the face of sleepovers, pizza, movies, and a teenage babysitter with a stash of nailpolish), and the nervousness was palpable. She moved around the kitchen, frenzied and distracted, without the calmness that she generally took on when cooking. He stood in the doorway, unable to help smiling as she scurried around the kitchen, wearing the same dress she had at the park, but with an apron with skulls tied around her waist, red hair falling into her face. She looked like nothing so much as a frazzled 50's housewife, getting ready for her husband to get home before she retouched her lipstick.

This thought pleased him, it brought images of her in classic Bettie Page wear, and he was somewhat surprised to realize how desperately he wanted to touch her.

"Fuck!" The expletive broke his reverie as she dropped a knife and immediately popped her thumb in her mouth.

The image of her posing provocatively while putting a pie in the oven was jerked from his mind as he watched her cherry red lips sucking gently on her thumb, her face sullen as it stared at the offending onion.

"Hey." He came up behind her, enfolding her in his arms. "Calm down. It's me." She looked up at him, smiling in embarrassment, and he slipped her thumb out of her mouth, examining it. "It's not bad. What are you, a girl or something?" She laughed, and he bent down and kissed her softly.

At first she jumped slightly, but then she melted in his arms, his lips were pillow-soft against hers, and she parted her lips to taste the sweetness of him. He could taste the slight bite of onion juice, and the coppery taste of her blood, and drew her closer against him.

After a long, affectionate kiss, they broke away from eachother, and smiling, he took the knife from her hands and took over, flaunting knife skills that dwarfed her own, chopping onions and julienning carrots, with a smug smirk on his face.

She laughed, and they finished making the meal together, broiling potatoes, searing steaks, and creating a delicious sauce to tie it together in a companionable silence, sometimes laughing when they caught glimpse of the other's shy faces.

After, they ate on the porch, listening to Bad Religion, and chatting as comfortably as they ever had. He had picked up a growler of a dark stout to go with the steaks, and they shared it, drinking out of the bottle as they had in the old days. When it started getting cold, he took his heavy leather jacket off and draped it over her shoulders, and she smiled, breathing deeply of his scent.

She continued wearing it as they went inside, and started playing video games. She got out her Nintendo 64 and they played 007 and MarioKart. At some point, the high ABV's of the stout started catching up with her, and she giggled, sliding off the couch. He grinned down at her, sitting at his feet, and brushed her hair out of her face. She smiled, lying her head on his leg, and seeing her kneeling in front of him made his heart race. "Can... can I kiss you again?" He asked, that strange awkwardness of seeing someone in a new light rushing up suddenly.

"Can I kiss you?" She echoed.

"Of course." He laughed, softly, and then caught his breath as she turned her face against his leg, pressing a kiss through the denim covering his thigh. He suddenly felt dizzy looking down at her. He ran his large fingers through the bright red hair that seemed determined to fall into her face, as she pressed her lips slightly higher up on his thigh.

"...you... you don't need to do this." He whispered.

She looked up at him from under lined lids and thick lashes. "I stopped doing things I didn't want to do a long time ago." She murmured with a smile, her hands rising to his fly.

Closing his eyes, he tried to breathe slowly as she released his quickly swelling organ from its constraints.

"God." She gasped. "I... I've never seen it hard before." She blushed, and he laughed, remembering the awkward time she'd drunkenly walked in on him showering years ago. Her eyes were wide, clearly impressed with the girth of him. "I didn't realize it was so big."

"It's not all the way hard yet." He informed her, trying not to sound too cocky.

She looked up at him in surprise, and began slowly pumping her fist up and down his dick, watching it swell to fullness. "Ooh..." she murmured at it and he stifled a groan at just the feel of her hot breath on his taut skin. "You ARE a big boy, aren't you? Do you taste as good as you look?" And all at once, her wet mouth was engulfing him, and he could feel her tongue and lips working against him, pulling on his slick flesh.

"Oh god... yeah." He grunted, grabbing a handful of her hair and pushing her down on his cock. "Yeah, baby. That's fucken good..."

Face flushed, ruby lips stretched, she was a lusty image bobbing up and down. Still playing with and pulling at her red hair, he watched her, groaning low-voiced encouragements to her. "You look so fucken hot with my dick in your mouth. You're fucken beautiful with your mouth stretched wide to fit my thick cock." He pulled down the front of her dress, and caressed the full tit that fell into his hand. Pinching and rolling her nipple between his fingers made her twitch, and she shoved her face into his lap, forcing his thick cock into her throat, moaning loudly around it. "God, woman, you're gonna make me come." He growled at her. She gurgled eagerly at the idea and began bobbing steadily, and he felt the head of his cock slipping back and forth between the snug passage of her throat, and the swirling wetness off her tongue. He pulled her off by her hair, and she squirmed, trying to get his sweet cock back in her mouth. He lowered her just enough that she could reach him with her tongue, and he watched her as she licked his cockhead eagerly and repeatedly.

"Goddamn." He let her go and his cock was again engulfed in her mouth, surrounded by red lips.

Suddenly, she pulled back, her face flushed very red, nervous once more. "I... I'm sorry. I don't want to think I invited you over for a booty call or something. I've just wanted... I've wanted to do that since we were at the park."

He didn't even realize that he groaned. The idea of her looking at him all night long, wanting to fill her mouth and throat with his heavy cock was so incredibly sexy he couldn't help it. "Don't you dare apologize, baby girl." He insisted, pulling her onto his lap and looking into her eyes. The quickness with which the lust in her eyes had turned to insecurity and shame broke his heart. "It's still me, remember? You know me. I'm not judging you. You're an awesome cocksucker. I haven't had my dick in a girls mouth for a long minute, and that was amazing."

She grinned, pleased and embarrassed and excited all at once. Her fingers played with the hem of his band t-shirt, and she pulled it up over his head. She ran her fingers over his freckled, tattooed skin, and he drew in a deep breath. He'd always been somewhat insecure about his body, but time he'd clocked at the gym showed its results, and the muscles in his chest and shoulders were thick and defined.

Her eyes raised back to his. "I wanna taste your come." She whispered, staring at him through her lashes.

"God," he groaned again. "you're so fucken hot..." he pressed his lips against hers, searching out her tongue with his, and he slid his hands under her dress to grab her ass, his large hands kneading her flesh, grinding her against his spit-wet cock. Their tongues worked together, and he could feel the wetness of her, as he moved his fingers from her ass to between her legs. He pulled back in surprise when he found a small ring gracing her left labia minora, and whispered "what's this?", grinning at her.

"I... I..." she flushed, stammering nervously.

He shushed her, pressing his lips back to hers.

He teased her soft folds, playing with the small ring, glorying in the whimpering sounds she made against his lips, and he started to work his finger in gentle circles around her clit. He turned her on his lap, and leaned her back against the arm of the couch, at last breaking their kiss, as he moved his lips down to wrap around her peach colored nipple. She mewed, arching in his arms as he swirled his tongue around the soft peak in his mouth in time with the circling he was ministering to the soft wet bud beneath his finger. He pushed one thick finger, and then two into her tight hole, moving his thumb over her clit so he could continue with his slow circling. She was very wet, and he could feel the muscles contracting tightly around his fingers. He wanted to stick his dick in her right there and then, but was afraid he would come instantly into her tight pussy, and so he continued working his fingers in and out, circling his tongue and his thumb in unison. She moaned and whimpered, squirming in his arms, as he held her gently, urging the pleasure to take over her body. "I'm going to make you come." He whispered throatily to her, his lips still pressed against her breast. "I'm going to make you shake, I'm going to make you scream, and you're going to come for me."

As if following orders, she started to shiver, little shudders running through her, and he removed his lips from her nipple, which resulted in a disappointed little cry, which was quickly followed by a sharp intake of breath as he fluidly pulled down her zipper and removed her dress. He placed her gently lying back on the couch, sitting next to her and watching her naked body tremble as he slid his thick fingers back into her, felt her stretching around him. "you're so fucking beautiful. I always knew you were. I never thought I'd get to touch you like this." He suckled on her nipple again, as her moans from the constant steady movement of his fingers in and on her pussy became more consistent, starting to blend together. "I've always wanted to see your pussy." He whispered to her and started to kiss his way down her body. Easily he lifted and turned her as he sank to his knees on the floor, setting her feet on the edge of the couch so he could better see her well-trimmed pussy.

"You have a beautiful cunt." He murmured to her, withdrawing his fingers as he moved closer, his eyes taking in her labia piercing, her shining folds, the moisture oozing from her slit, he caught a whiff of her scent, strong with arousal, and growled, slipping his hands under her ass cheeks again, and lifting her to his mouth. He engulfed her pussy in a kiss, his mouth open wide, tongue lapping up her juices. He pushed it roughly against her clit, and she cried out as he pulled her closer, forcefully against his face.

"Oh, oh, honey..." She whispered, her voice trembling. "You lick my pussy so good... oh god, eat my pussy..." He moved so that he was holding her ass up with one hand, freeing the other to explore all of her most intimate areas. His finger soon became slick with her juices, and he pressed it against her tight asshole. She yelped as it popped in, and her moans and groans became louder, as he focused his oral ministrations on her clit, licking back and forth across her hard bud. He slid his thumb into her pussy, and fucked her ass and cunt simultaneously as he sucked her clit.

"Oh, fuck yeah!" She gasped. "Yeah, honey, oh, yeah, that's awesome! I love the way your tongue feels on my clit. Fuck... fuck!" Her hips bucked and he shoved his broad shoulders between her knees, forcing her legs apart, roughly rubbing his tongue back and forth across her clit until her hands clenched tight in his hair, and she started trembling, voicing her pleasure with soft sobs.

"I said scream." He groaned to her. "Come on, baby girl. Come for me." He nipped at the silver ring in her labia with his teeth. He sank another finger into her ass, and shoved all his fingers simultaneously as deep as he could, filling her ass and pussy. "Come. Come NOW." He shoved his tongue roughly against her clit and then sucked it hard into his mouth, and her hips bucked, shoving her cunt violently against his face, as she screamed, gushing and spasming, as he did his best to lap up the sudden flood of juices.

"Yeah, baby. That's right." He whispered against her clit. He lapped up and down her slit, first around his fingers and then pulling them out so he could suck the wetness out of her pussy. "That's right. That's my good girl. You're so fucken hot. I love how you come so hard for me. Come again. You can do it. Come again." He started lathing her clit with his tongue again, shoving his fingers back into her, and with another scream, sure enough, she started coming again. And again, and again... now she was wailing, tossing her head, one hand tightly squeezing her own breast, the other tightly pulling his hair.

He pulled back, replacing his tongue with his fingers once more, rubbing her clit as he stood, and shoved his thick, hard cock deep within her.

She screamed, and he picked her up, both hands under her ass as he leaned her against the wall. His cock stroked into her over and over, and he could feel the softness, the silky satin wetness, the warmth of her. He wrapped his arm around her back and started squeezing her tits, leaning down and sucking her nipples alternately into his mouth as she squirmed and thrust against him, and her tight box contracted repeatedly around his cock as another mind-blowing orgasm wracked her body.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes, baby..." he groaned into her ear, pulling her close and holding the curves of her beautiful body against him. She nuzzled her face against his thick, muscled chest and shoulders, pressing kisses against his skin. "You feel amazing." He whispered, breathlessly at first, but his voice grew rougher and louder as he shoved into her, and shoved her down on him. His sweet words turned filthy, as her pussy twitched around him. "Your tight pussy around my cock is going to make me come. I love it when you come on my cock. Oh god, FUCK, I love this pussy!" She leaned back, bracing her arms against the wall behind her as he grabbed her hips and slammed into her.

"FUCK!" she gasped. "Oh, fuck yes, yes, fuck me! I want you deep as fuck inside me! I need your hard cock, I need you inside me... harder, oh god, fuck me harder! Fuck me!"

He fucked her as hard as he could, holding tightly to her hips, slamming his thick hard cock over and over into her pussy as her eyes rolled up and she started coming again, whimpering, her hands fluttering over his body. He closed his eyes, unable to watch her beautiful body and face contort in front of him. "Baby, you're so beautiful when I fuck you." He whispered. "I can hardly stand it." And just as he said it, all at once, he couldn't stand it anymore, and he was coming, coming deep inside of her, groaning loud and low as he did.

"N-no... honey, I want to taste it. I... want to taste your come." She was squirming, and he managed to tumble her onto the couch in time for her to wrap her lips around his cock and get the last spurts of come. She moaned, rubbing her clit gently and shuddering through a last orgasm as she swallowed his jizz.

He collapsed on the couch next to her. "God... holy fuck." He murmured, closing his eyes and pulling her into his strong arms. He kissed her lips, and then her cheek, and her eyelashes.

She was licking her lips, smiling at him, her eyes hooded, her body post orgasmically limp. "It's strange..." she murmured softly.

"What's that?" He replied in kind, his large palm gently caressing her breast. His eyes opened, and found her watching him tenderly.

"...I felt so nervous. For so much of the day. And it felt strange... it feels like I've known you, and trusted you forever. And now... you're just the man I always knew you to be. And I'm not nervous anymore."

He laughed. "I'm pretty sure there'd be something very wrong in order for you to be nervous after the number of orgasms you just had. I don't know if I've ever seen a girl come that much."

"You told me to, and it was like I couldn't help it... and then once I started, you didn't let me stop." Rehashing the evenings events seemed to arouse her again, and a post-orgasmic tremor ran through her body. "Shall we... do this again sometime?"

"I think we'd be fucken crazy not to. I can't believe I finally actually got to fuck that sweet pussy of yours... do you know how many times I've jacked off thinking about you over the years?"

"Really?" her eyes widened in surprise.

"Well, yeah, babe. Do you SEE yourself in some of the dresses you wear? Tig ol' bitties..." She laughed, punching him playfully. "besides... I've always liked you. I just trained myself to only look at you as a friend... years ago. Pretty much as long as I've known you you've been spoken for." He pulled her closer in his arms, a seriousness coming over his face. "...I think now, I want you to be spoken for again."

"...We've barely hung out in years." She pointed out, raising an eyebrow.

"...We don't have to rush into shit. But... just stick with me for right now, alright? ...No one else?"

She kissed him. "You sound a little nervous, for someone who just had an orgasm." She teased. "But don't worry, honeyhoney. I wouldn't want anyone else right now. Now that I found out how good that cock feels in my pussy, I'm gonna keep coming back for more. ...much, much more."

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