tagSci-Fi & FantasyNev and Faer: In Plain Sight

Nev and Faer: In Plain Sight


Hello, everyone, and thank you for all the lovely feedback on the last story I wrote! This story is a joint effort, co-written by my lover, Realtrek, based on the roleplaying we like to do in a popular fantasy MMORPG setting. We both hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it!



It was one of those perfect, crisp evenings in the elven tree-city - not too cold, just brisk enough to put a little extra spring in everyone's step. There was that sort of clarity to the very air itself, that stirred the blood and made one want to dance, frolic, and seek out the finer pleasures life had to offer...

At the Sign of the Raven, in the common room, one such couple was enjoying said pleasures. The lighting in the back corner was shadowy, dim - so nobody noticed that Nevairre had her small slender hand pressed firmly against Faertok's crotch, rubbing his stiffened cock through the soft leather of his pants. In any case, the stout oaken table concealed her movement. The only indication Faer was giving was that his face looked a little flushed – but then, one might attribute that to the wine they were sipping. If the other patrons only knew the truth. The lordly, normally stoic elvish nobleman was having his control taxed to his limit. Though as of late, he had been more openly expressive of his feelings for Nevairre, right now, he was struggling to maintain that stoicism which had always come naturally and without effort. In his hand was a glass of wine, which had not been tasted for some long minutes now. He lifted the glass to his lips now, sipping at it, in a useless effort to relieve some of the heat he was feeling.

Under the table, she could feel his hips strain forward, trying to increase contact with her impudent little hand, while trying not to be obvious in any way of what she was doing to him. She smiled her sweet smile at him, and picked up her glass with her free hand. She sipped at it daintily as she watched him over the rim of her glass. Licking a droplet of wine from her lower lip, she set her glass back down, and deftly unfastened his pants with the hand that was under the table. This caused him to pause in mid-sip, his cheeks flushing furiously. Luckily, the dim lighting served as cover for his bright red cheeks and neck. She noted the flush on his face, and wrinkled her nose at him, her blue blue eys sparkling merrily. Once she had his soft leather trousers open, she slid her fingers inside, stroking his heated flesh. She ran her fingers around his cockhead, her thumb rubbing over his piss-slit, noting the wetness there. Well, he should be wet; she had been tormenting him like this for a good quarter of an hour now, which to him felt like MUCH longer. She slipped her hand all the way inside his pants, and closed her hand around his cock. She could feel the rigid flesh throb and pulse hard in her small hand, as if begging for more. She began stroking his cock, sloowly, deliberately, her thumb brushing the pre-cum from the tip of his cock, so that her fingers could massage it into his flesh.

All of this was making her incredibly wet, something she was all-too-aware of, given that she was wearing nothing beneath her blue silk-and-brocade dress. The dress had been a gift this evening from her lord, and was the most exquisite creation she had ever seen. The brocade bodice was lightly corseted, laced up the front, which served to push her full breasts high - so high, that if she drew in a deep breath, the top edge of her pink aereolas were visible, something that Faertok's eyes were drawn to many times during the course of the evening. His eyes moved to her cleavage now, and he slipped an arm around her, sneaking a quick moment to squeeze a breast, his fingers brushing against her nipple, making it point clearly and proudly through the silk fabric. She bit her lower lip lightly, then gave his cock a warning squeeze. His cock jumped in her hand - and for a moment he thought he might cum right then and there. He withdrew his arm hastily, fighting for control over his wayward cock. He sipped his wine, and forced himself to relax a little - as much as he could, considering he was being publicly jerked off. He took another sip of wine, and looked at his love, admiring her in the dress he had given her...

The skirt was panniered, of silk with brocade panels, and slits cut high up each leg. The fabric was cut so that when she walked, the silk seemed to undulate and move of its own accord, occasionally granting the viewer a flash of soft, pale thigh. She had worn her cloak here, not wishing to share that view with anyone but him. But when she sat down, the fabric fell away with her legs, giving him easy access to her bare skin.... Which he decided he was going to take advantage of now – heh, TWO could play at her game... This was, of course, what she had wanted when she had started her merciless cock-tease...

Nevairre sipped her wine again, trying to keep her expression non-descript and pleasant, as his strong hand worked its way up her leg and disappeared under the concealing fold of her skirt. She was well aware that they were in plain sight of anyone in the common room who might choose to look their way. The table was sturdy and solid - but still - it would only take a sound, a movement, to give away what it was they were doing. She continued to stroke his cock, and smiled at him when he discovered that she wasn't wearing anything beneath. The insides of her thighs were wet, and his fingers stroked over it, causing her to draw in her breath sharply. But still she smiled.

He mirrored her smile, glad she had done this for him. Her cheeks flushed a pretty pink, and she opened her legs wider as his fingers found her wet lips and began stroking them. She bit her lip again, and sipped her wine, trying to appear as if everything were normal. But underneath the table, she couldn't help moving against his fingers, the tips of which he had slipped inside her cunt, his thumb pressed against her clit, rubbing that sensitive nub of flesh... she managed not to groan... instead tightening her grip on his shaft as she continued to stroke up and down his length. He managed not to groan as well, but could not resist moving his hips very, very slowly, very subtly, pumping his cock into her strokes.

At this time of evening, the common room was about half-full, people, mostly elves, quietly dining. But the corner Nev and Faer were sitting in was empty. All anyone would see, glancing over, was a loving couple, relaxing over their wine, as they quietly conversed with one another. Nevaiire stroked his cock a few more times, rubbing her thumb across his cockhead again, and then around the sensitive ridge of flesh that separated it from the shaft, smearing the wetness over his skin... there was more of it now, and his cock was throbbing harder. Just the feel of his flesh in her hand was making her even wetter...

She moved a little closer, kissing his cheek, using that opportunity to pull his cock free of the constricting leather breeches. There it stood, thick and proud and demanding, beads of precum forming at the tip - she had to resist the temptation to bend down and suck it into her mouth. She wanted so badly to lick away the drops, taste them salty on her tongue, to engulf him with her warm, wet mouth, and suck hungrily at him until he begged for release. It was like she was reading his mind, for his free hand settled far back on her cheek and jaw, cupping lightly at the back of her head, fingertips in her hair... a clear signal that he wanted desperately to push her head under the table and lovingly force-feed his cock to her. Not here, not now, not yet... it was the blatant secrecy that made these moments so arousing and maddening. To have relief so close.. but not be able to get it. Not yet, anyway.

She looked him in the eye, licking her lips, and squeezed his cock again. In response, he pressed his fingers into her deeper, slooowly - and maddeningly and damn near to his knuckles- fucking her cunt with them. Faer let out a whoosh of breath, excited and aroused as much by the feeling of her slick, warm cunt walls greedily gripping at his fingers as he was from her own tiny fingers stroking the length of his shaft. Nevairre was so excited by all of this, that she could barely contain herself – here they were, in a public place, her lover's rampant cock was out in the open, on display, if anyone knew to look! – and he was fucking her hot little cunt with his fingers! She could feel beads of moisture trickle down the insides of her thighs... His cock was dribbling precum steadily now. She kept rubbing it into his flesh, and looked at him questioningly. He gave her a little nod... they would do it... find a way for him to fuck her right here in the tavern with none the wiser. The thought made him INCREDIBLY hot, so much he shuddered slightly at the notion. She kept her hand wrapped around his shaft, stroking slowly, waiting for a distraction...

It wasn't long before a distraction came.... A drunken dwarf stumbled into a table, knocking it over - plates, glasses, food, everything. In that moment, while everyone's eyes were at the front of the room, Nevairre hiked her skirt up in the back, exposing the pale globes of her buttocks to Faer's view – which caused him to bite his lip rather than bite her ass, which he was soooo tempted to do. She moved gracefully and quickly got herself settled down on his cock. She was so wet, he slid in quite easily, but petite as she was, it was like sliding his cock into a hot, wet, velvet glove that fit perfectly around his thick shaft. As she arranged her skirts carefully, he leaned his head against her shoulder and stifled a groan into the material of her dress.

Nevairre picked up her wineglass again, eyes on the front of the restaurant. Her heart was beating so fast, and all she wanted to do was close her eyes, drop her head forward, grip the table, let him take her hard from behind. He wrapped his arms loosely around her waist, looking relaxed, but appearances were deceiving – he was FAR from relaxed. She could feel his muscles tense underneath her, felt the restraint he was using, not to just start fucking her from underneath... tensing his buttocks and thighs to move his cock in and out of her ever so slightly, more of a slow torturous grind... when what he REALLY wanted at that moment was to bend her over the table and ram-fuck her hard and fast... she had teased him to that point, where it was taking every ounce of willpower he had not to do so, and be damned with who saw!

Again, to anyone looking, she was simply sitting innocently on her companion's lap. But underneath her skirt, his cock was buried to the hilt, encased tightly in her wet, heated flesh. Sloooowly, carefully... unobserved by anyone in the restaurant, Faer started moving his hips underneath hers, grinding his thick cock in her. She grew more flushed, and quickly set her glass down. Smiling over her shoulder at him, she moved slooowly against him, carefully, not wanting to draw anyone's attention. She worked herself carefully around on his cock, just grinding back, meeting his small little thrusts. It took every ounce of control she had not to just give way, moan, and grind herself wantonly and shamelessly on him...

The innkeeper came over to the table and refilled their glasses, then set the bottle on the table. Faer and Nev thanked him, smiling pleasantly, and sipped the wine appreciatively. Nevaiire wondered if the innkeeper could smell the sex, wondered if he guessed what his patrons were doing, right in front of him. At this point, Faertok really didn't care if the man was wise to the play or not. His lady love, sitting so pleasantly in his lap, was driving him –mad- with lust and desire. It was clear that the risk of being figured out excited her even more, and she undulated against him, slooowly rocking her hips on him, squeezing his cock with her cunt-muscles... she was so wet now, she thought her wetness was soaking into the leather of his pants. They would be wet-stained when they left. Faer found he really didn't care.

Nev turned her head, smiled into her lover's eyes, and gave him a long, slow, teasing kiss... which he pressed back into readily, straining not to turn the kiss into a slavering tongue lashing. Oh, his lady love could be so deliciously wicked! So to the other patrons, the lovers in the corner were just sharing a loving kiss, innocent enough... if they only knew...

Faer took full advantage of her spread skirts to drop a hand and let it slip under the fabric, tickling his fingertips up her thigh until they found the union of stiff cock impaled into drenched warm, cuntlips... and matched the movements of his slowly grinding cock into her with delicate strokes of those fingertips over her clit. She gasped under his mouth, and he smiled devilishly against her lips as he continued the kiss for a long moment. He pulled back just enough to look into her eyes, to let her see his total enrapturement with her, his total lust aimed at and –all-- for her. Would she read in his pale glimmering eyes his one thought - that he wanted to toss her onto the table and pound-fuck her like an object? His fingers and cock didn't let up on her wet cunt and clit as he whispered on her ear how much he wanted to feel her cum on his fingers and cock...

Nevairre shuddered quietly, and had to strain to suppress a quiet whimper at hearing her lover's desire to feel her cum... but she must have wanted more than that, for Faer could feel her inner walls spasmodically clenching and releasing his already near-bursting cock. To the other patrons, it seemed that the two were merely sharing an intimate embrace, each with their faces tucked into the other's neck... though tightly. She murmured into his ear that she wanted to give her his cum - no, her cum. His cum belonged to her. She was demanding it from him, and squeezing her muscles around his cock, letting him know that she would brook no argument. Faer was having to do such to mute the moans her tight, delicious cunt were drawing out of him. His grip about his lover tightened, as he tried to pant quietly, so damn close to... and there was –no- way Nevairre was getting away unscathed either... some small part of him kept his fingers mercilessly strumming over her pulsing clit, slick with their combined juices...

She was very tense, like a tightly-strung wire vibrating when it is plucked. In one more moment, she would be there. He could not hold back any longer... fingers near vibrating over her clit, pressing more urgently now, his arm around her clutched her tightly – his entire body shuddering, and quaking and trying not to be so obvious that he was secretly fucking his lady love in public - and pushed her down onto his jutted cock, held buried –deeply- in her slip as each aching throb filled her milking cunt with his cum, thick spurt after thick spurt. The movement of his fingers, and the feel of his thick cock, buried deeper in her, pushed her over the edge. She could barely breathe as a shockwave of release, starting deep inside her, rippled through her body again and again and again and again...

Nevairre was dimly aware and pleased to feel her lover cumming inside her, but that seemed somehow distant and remote in the face of the orgasm she was having. After that first, earth-shattering moment, she was surprised that she'd excited him so much, that he'd literally flooded her cunt. She could feel his seed starting to leak out of her slit, and onto her thighs and his leathers, even as his cock was still pulsing and giving her his... or as she said, -her-... cum. And her lover was showing her no mercy, for even as his own orgasm pumped and flooded her cunt, his fingers relentlessly –demanded- her orgasm, stroking her clit... as if determined to pull every last ounce of pleasure from her body.

The smell of sex was thick around them now, it seemed to her that she could smell the heavy scent of their mingled fluids. As her racing heart calmed and settled back to normal, she relaxed against him, cuddled. She could feel him relaxing beneath her, too. She lifted her head, and gazed into his eyes, so caught up, so overwhelmed by the eroticism of her lover. All she could do was just look at him, her heart in her eyes, her look one of utter surrender and submission to him. His eyes never left hers as he pulled his now-wet hand -wet with her juices - from under her skirt, and brushed his fingertips against her lower lip. Uncaring whether anyone saw, she sucked on his fingers, tasting herself on his flesh. He placed his hand against her cheek, and kissed her deeply, sharing the slight scent and taste of her juices on her lips.

He smiled, warm and accepting and affectionate of his lovely, submissive lover, then mouthed against her ear, "We can order and dine, m'love." Then his smile and eyes took on a wicked gleam, "Or we can leave... and fuck you properly."

~To be continued? We shall let you, the readers, decide...

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