tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNever Again Ch. 04 Pt. 01

Never Again Ch. 04 Pt. 01


Chapter 4 Part 1 ~ What a Saturday

This extension of the Never Again Series is for the multiple angry and unsatisfied looking emails and comments I received. I apologize because I really did not believe anyone enjoyed my little story all that much, but I see now that what I did was wrong and insensitive to readers. I thank you for taking an interest...Here we go...


Two Months Later

I felt bad. Not for me, but for Jason. He went along with only a broken heart. I think the real tragedy still remained he had no idea I was pregnant. I remembered sitting on that bathroom floor ready to slit my wrists. I remember...

About a month after finding out I had gotten a job at a bank (lucky me) as a teller making ten dollars an hour and working forty hours a week. Dad let me stay at home so that I would save every penny. Regardless of what had happened before, he was still my dad and to be honest my sexual appetite died with the knowledge of a birth. My dad had implored me to take the alternative to birth, but I couldn't. Not all babies born of my situation came out to be handicapped. I've nothing against the action, but I'd made my choice.

One day I had to come in on a Saturday to fill in for someone. I was angry because I NEVER worked on Saturday, but I was always the person they went to for extra help. I was the newb. The day started out ridiculously slow and boring, but Saturdays at a bank are always that way.

I sat on my little mahogany stool playing Song Pop on Facebook waiting for another customer to come in. I heard the bell jingle and without looking said, "I can help you over here."

"I need to deposit this."

I looked up and starred into the man's eyes. His face was caked with black dust and his fingernails were broken. His face was a little bloody from scars but those beautiful blue eyes sparkled bright as they ever did toward my tight shirt and slight bump on my tummy.


"Layna is that-are you?"

I grabbed the check and asked for his account number and I.D. The check was for twelve hundred thirteen dollars and ten cents. I tried to keep my surprise locked up while I attempted to ignore his question.

"Layna. Is..."

"I get off in a few minutes. We can talk then."


I couldn't take my eyes off her stomach. I was angry, excited, and sad all at the same time. How could she not tell me? It's my baby. But, it could be...

I walked around back and met Layna outside by her car. She looked more beautiful than ever and I still wanted her after everything that had happened. She walked over to me and stood with her arms folded upon her breasts. The wind whipped her hair across her face and I couldn't find the words to tell her or ask her what needed to be said.

"I do not know if it's yours Jason, I'm sorry."

"It's mine."

I stood there with my head down and heart pounding. I wanted her in my arms. She was, is, the only thing that completes me.

"You don't know that."

"Even if it's not biologically mine, it's mine. I love you. And I'm going to love that baby."

"I contemplated..."

"I know. You don't have to justify anything, because I l-"

"Don't. Just don't. You know it's not even possible for us to be together. Not to mention I am moving into an apartment soon. I do not need that kind of thing hanging over my head."

She nudged me out of the way of her car door and got inside. She was shaking and began to cry. I held back tears for her and for me. She managed to start the car and I banged on her window. She rolled it down, slowly and reluctantly.

"Tell me you don't love me and I'll leave you alone."

"Jason I-"


I couldn't hold back tears anymore. I was begging for her to take me or end my pain.

She sped off almost rolling over my feet and though I was crying I was relieved. She needed me just as badly as I needed her. It wasn't over...


I sat in my room and thought about Marrissa. Oh how I missed her. I broke everyone's heart, including my daughter's. I didn't know what to do, but I wanted to feel something besides this hurt.

The house was empty and I stayed in my room, in the dark lying on my bed, thinking about Marrissa and how great it was to be with her. Her beautiful eyes and long flowing hair; the way it brushed my face as she was grinding on me, taking me deeper and deeper into her. I missed the scent she carried on her skin and the warmth of her breasts as they pressed against me. I wanted her back. Fuck I wanted her...

I closed my eyes and removed my shirt and unbuckled my pants; so confining. I had to have the pain out of my head if only for a moment. I thought about her and slipped my right hand down to my jeans. My dick was so hard and felt like it was going to explode. I gripped it tight and a sigh parted my lips and I whispered her sweet, sweet name...


I drove home covered in dirt, sweat and tears. The tear streaks on my face made it look like I had some sort of tribal war paint on my face. In a way, I thought it fitting. I was fighting for my love, my child, and my life. Sometimes I doubted whether my pain without her would end and sometimes, I couldn't control myself without her. I missed her voice, her touch, her lips, her breasts, her- oh no.

I started to get hard, unbearably so. I was on my way to my new apartment when for some reason I made a left instead of a right. I don't know what I was thinking. I take that back. I know exactly what I was thinking. I needed to come. I couldn't have Layna right now and that hurt, but only made my animalistic side come out. There was no stopping this.

I sat in my, Marrissa's , driveway and stared at the bedroom window. The light was on and a silhouette swayed ever so gracefully as if she knew I was there. I needed to feel complete, if only for a moment.

I continued to stare at her as she danced around. She couldn't have known I was there, but the way she danced suggested that she was showing off for someone. No matter. I unzipped my pants and began to stroke myself and pretend that in the window, it was Layna and we were role playing. She held her breasts and leaned backward flipping and waving her long dark hair. I watched her move her hands down to her pussy. Oh that sweet, beautiful thing.

"Yes. Fuck yourself for me."

I imagined she was saying my name. I couldn't take it. I had to have a tight pussy wrapped around me. I had to drown out the pain.

I speed walked to the front door and rang the bell over and over until she opened it. She answered with a black lace thong and a tight black tank top that did nothing to conceal her erect nipples. I lightly grabbed her by the throat, closed the door and backed her against the wall plunging my tongue deep within her mouth and pulled out.

"You knew I was coming didn't you, bitch?"

She didn't look scared, but she was definitely surprised; clearly aroused. I violently pulled down her shirt so that her tits hung out of the top and began sucking and biting on her nipples while sliding my left hand to feel her warm, wet mound. Fuck that's good.

"Yes Jason I-"

"Don't fuckin' say shit. This isn't for you. I need to come."


I put my hand on her throat. She still thought it was a joke. No matter. I pulled out my hard dick and pushed her head down to it.

"Shut the fuck up and suck my dick and do it well."

She was willing but hesitant and began to circle her tongue around the head of my cock. I placed my right hand on the back of her head and left hand on the wall. I scraped the paint off trying to hold on for dear life. Her lips and hands we so soft around me, but I didn't want to be tender. I began to thrust hard down her throat making her heave.

"Spit on my dick and suck it hard."

She began to work me. She knew what I wanted and that if she didn't give it I would take it at that point. Fuck it felt so good. Just what I needed. I pulled her head off of my dick and stroked myself a little and stared at her messed red hair and victimized eyes. Her tits supported by the tank top just ready for a cock in between and a pool of wetness under her. She may have been scared but she wanted me inside of her, violating her temple. She wanted to be punished, but I didn't come to punish her. I came to release and use her.

"Get the fuck up."

"Jason. What is going on?"

"I told you to shut up. I need this."


Something in me snapped. I turned her back to me and got her on her knees on the staircase. I took off my shirt and my pants and pushed her ruined thong to the side. She was glistening with wetness and it made me harder. She was struggling a little but not enough to merit her wanting me to stop. She was worried about me, but I didn't care. All I cared about was having a pussy stroke my dick to climax. All I need was this and I could feel better. Just as I was about to go in...

"Jason, please. What's wrong?"


I didn't want to hear her voice. It was hard enough trying to come without Layna, but the added "not her voice" factor really fucked up those chances. I decided to pull off her panties while holding her down, because I knew all she wanted to do what psych me and ask me questions when the answer was her pussy on my dick and still she hadn't gotten it. I stuffed her wet soaking thong in her mouth and it muffled her voice so perfectly. Her slight resistance made this so much better.

I brushed my cock against her soft, perfect, round ass. I slid myself inside her.

"Tight-ahh- and smooth. Fuck yes."

I leaned her back against me and grabbed her tits.

"This is perfect. Let me hear you moan now. Yes clench around my dick. Just like that."

It felt so good to have her wrapped around me. Her tight pussy gulped me like she was thirsty. I felt her body wanting to cum. I pulled out of her.

"Don't you fuckin' cum Marrissa. Don't even fuckin' think about it."

Her eyes widened. I think she got the message. I ripped the panties from her mouth and forced her on my dick. She closed her eyes and began to work me, this time with both hands, her mouth and tongue sucking and grinding me to climax. I was so close and it felt so good but I didn't want to come yet. I realized she was doing her greatest because she'd wanted it over...I tossed her off of my cock and grabbed her chin.

"I will cum when I want to Marrissa and not a damned second sooner. When I do, it will be in that cute little cunt not in your dirty mouth. Get up stairs."

She scurried up stairs and I followed with my dick in my hand. When I got up the stairs I could see Marrissa lying on her back, spread eagled with those perfect tits in the air. I walked in the rooms and stared at her body. I looked at her cunt, it wasn't as shiny as before.

"Play with your pussy and get it wet for me. Don't say a word."

She rubbed her clit and breasts and began to breathe harder. She closed her eyes and began to use two hands on herself. Sweet cream dripped from her and her chest began to rise higher and higher. I stomped to her and grabbed her hands.

"Please let me cum! Please."

"I fuckin' told you."

I climbed onto the bed and lifted her ass into the air so that her nipples were aimed over her head and thrust in her again. Fuck it felt good: Pounding away at her soft hot insides. I got my cock lubricated and pulled out. She looked horrified.

"Open up and make those tits bounce for me."

I didn't want to hurt her, but I needed this. I slowly pushed my thick cock inside her tight wet little ass. My eyes rolled into the back of my head.

"You can scream now, Marrissa."

I got all the way in and I thought I might break her but she screamed "Yes, yes, yes, fuck me, more", and I did exactly what she said. It was so tight it was almost unbearable. She started to play with herself. I felt her ass tighten around me.

"Cum now," I demanded.

"Cum with me," she pleaded.

I pulled out of her ass, climbed on top of her and began fucking her face again. Can't go in the pussy with a nasty cock.

"I gave you your chance. And I told you. This isn't about you."

I put my dick in between her beautiful tits.

"I bet you liked my dick a minute ago-aah fuck-. Fuckin' tits are so good...so goddamned good."

I stopped and flipped her over, shoving her face into the pillow and plunged inside her one more time. I thought of Layna and took long hard strokes deep, deep inside.

I sped up, just a little and pulled her up so I could hold her tits.

"You're gonna make me fucking cum. I'm going to cum in your cunt. I-I can't stop. Fuck. Fuckin' take my cum. Take me Layna. OH GOD!!!"

I pushed myself as far as I could go, holding Marrissa as close as I could to me. For all of an hour, I felt good. A tear fell from my face and dropped on Marrissa's, mom's shoulders. I pulled out of her and lied on the bed. Mom sat down next to me and asked me what was wrong again.

"Mom, I can't live without her. I don't care if she's my sister. I want her and love her. I'm so hurt. And it makes me sound like a pussy but she also has my child. I don't know what to do. All I could think to do was fuck. I'm so sorry."

"You need to tell her how you feel. Really. She loves you so much and I know it. In the meantime, how about I get you something to eat and drink and you can sleep in my bed tonight seeing is how you made a mess."

I laughed. Marrissa knew me all too well and would always be there for me.


She stopped at the door.

"One question, um, why were you dancing in front of the window? Did you know I was here?"

She looked down at the floor and smiled a little.

"I was on Skype with Neil. I'd missed him and he'd missed me so we were doing our own thing."

She went down stairs and I lied down and drifted into sleep.


I got home and walked into the house and went straight upstairs. I passed my father's room and heard, "Yes play with yourself, Marrissa...".

I kept walking. I felt like I was lost without Jason. I feel like a family was broken before it even realized it was together. I walked into my room and took off all my clothes. I climbed onto my bed and stared at the ceiling with my hands behind my head. I sighed and began to rub my baby bump and I smiled . I moved my hand lower and brushed my clit. It sent a jolt through me. I grabbed one of my breasts and massaged myself.

It'd been three months since I had any sexual touch and apparently I was ready. I turned myself over and began to thrust my fingers. I said Jason's name over and over until I came and began to tear up. I needed him more than I was willing to admit.

Panting, I grabbed my cell phone and texted Jason:

Can we go out tomorrow if you are not too busy. I want to talk about a paternity test, because I do want to know.

I didn't get a text back, but I am sure he was busy. I decided to fall asleep. I would see him Sunday...What a Saturday...

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