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Never Been Humiliated


I chose to post this is non-consent because from the point of view telling the story it is very much a tale of being violated. Please note that I do not condone acts of violence or being forced against one's will, but alas this is fantasy and sometimes giving up control is a powerful thought.

So without further delay let me lay down the tale. I was acutely aware that something was wrong between us. I had been for quite some time. My wife and I had enjoyed a storybook relationship for several years, but lately it was crumbling, FAST. We hadn't been intimate, we had been busy, we had been stressed. Quite often we were at each-other for stupid things. She had been working out a lot lately and don't get me wrong I had noticed, but it hadn't boosted our sex as much as it should. She had always been very attractive and cute, but with the toning her body was undergoing, she was fast becoming HOT.

I would watch her getting dressed for work, her toned stomache, and her sexy ass, I loved her so much. Sometimes we talked and things got better for a little while, but we weren't reaching the place we had been. Anyway money problems began to compound, not seriously, but enough to add stress. She began to joke about dancing. I knew she wouldn't and I certainly didn't want her to. I thought she was kidding. Truth be told she wasn't. Had I known I probably would have protested more. Instead like a loving dope I was supportive. Teliing her that she definitely was hot enough, but thank god we wouldn't need her to. I'm sure you know what I mean, never one to tell her what to do, only that I didn't think she should NOT could.

Three weeks later she told me she had an audition. My jaw hit the floor. 'WHY' I asked. Because we could use the money, and I think I can do it. 'No' I said you don't have to, really, I'll get a second job. 'Strippers make better money than you ever would.' She said coldly. We talked for a long time. She wasn't happy about doing it, but was definitely decided. 'Where When?' I asked.

'You can't go' she said coldly.

'You can't go alone!' I implored.

'I can't have you there.' She said. The audition was the next day. She took great pains to keep me in the dark. She didn't come home from work first, so I sat waiting not knowing where she was, only knowing that she would be undressing in front of men for money. I was devastated. I sat alone and waited for HOURS. As the time wore on and I had nothing to do, but let my thoughts run rampant. I began to get aroused. This repulsed and angered me. Yet the arousal didn't go away. Gradually my being so left-out of what was happening took over the arousal. This sickened me more. The fact that part of my horniness was due to my wife leaving me out of a decision to expose herself for money.

What must be going on at this 'audition'? She had been out of work for at that point five hours. I pictured her and knew she lacked the grace of a 'dancer', but had a body like a stripper minus the implants, still she had c-cups. I wondered what she would be doing, would she have to do lap dances? In montreal touching is alright, I had never been to a strip club around here, were there men touching her? I thought of the lack of control I had in the situation and it aroused me, I finally gave in and crept to the bathroom. There I masturbated allowing a horrible fantasy of my wife gyrating in front of a table full of men, I pictured them touching her, fingering her, then as I neared orgasm I saw her offer them sex, my last thought as I came all over the floor in front of the toilet was my wife straddling the lap of some stranger and letting him fuck her. I cleaned up.

She got home at four AM. She got out of work at five. It had been eleven hours.

'Where were you?' I asked groggily. I had been asleep about an hour, having finally given up waiting.

'I got the job.' She said slipping out of a short black skirt I had never seen before. Beneath it she wore a G-string. Next she removed her top a sheer white frilly thing, she wore no bra. 'I made four hundred dollars tonight.' She threw a handful of money on the nightstand. 'Mostly under the table.'

'What do you have to do?' I asked.

'I take off my clothes Jim.' She said angrily.

'Sorry.' I said. 'I mean do you get completely naked, did you have to do...private dances or anything like that.' I stumbled awkwardly.

'Do you really want to know?' Jill snapped. 'I get completely naked. The guy who auditioned me felt every square inch of my body. I didn't want him to, but he said that I should get used to it, the customers were only allwed to touch from the waist up and the thighs down, but that didn't mean shit. So I let him. He had me dance a set on stage, I was terrible. So he had another girl come out and work with me, in front of probably twenty guys. They loved it. She told me it was like fucking the air and rubbing the stage, to do everything like I'm having sex and I'll be fine. A few more girls danced and I tried again, I did much better and a group of guys wanted to be my first table dance, they gave me a hundred bucks. Do you like hearing this so far?' Jill was mad.

'I'm sorry I was worried.' I stammered trying not to get an erection as my naked wife told me about her night. It wasn't working.

'So for the private dance I came over to their tale naked and began swinging my ass around, and humping the air. They had their hands on my ass and tits, one of them gave me another twenty to wave my pussy right in his face, and when I did he stuck his nose in it. They all laughed at me!' Jill was tearing up a little. 'That was around midnight, I danced another two hours JIM!'

'I'm sorry I didn't think it was a good idea.' I said.

'Well I'm working again tomorrow.' Jill said.

'WHAT!' I cried.

'Yeah, I make really good money at this, I might even quit my day job, and do this all week.' Jill said.

'After all that?' I asked she nodded and headed to the shower.

Needless to say she continued dancing and did quit her day job. Four nights a week I sat home alone, while my wife stripped. I was forbidden from her club. She didn't want me there. Within three weeks our relationship was eroding further. The word divorce popped up once or twice. I told her I loved her, I missed what we had. She became very callous and jaded. Her inhibitions evaporated, she constantly walked around the house wearing next to nothing. I did most of the grocery shopping and cleaning, she was bringing in close to two grand a week for dancing from six pm to two am. She almost never got home before four, I asked once, she told me they usually hung out after work for a little while.

Her attitude towards me got very cold. She told me one night about two and a half weeks after starting the job that if I loved her so much how come I got hard when she told me about work? I couldn't answer and hung my head in shame. She asked if we should get divorced, I couldn't I told her I couldn't live without her. She told me she couldn't imagine not having me either. About a month after her career started she stopped me in the hall one afternoon. She had just gotten up and told me it had been six weeks since we had made love. I nodded meekly.

'Does that bother you?' She demanded. I nodded and shrugged.

'Things have been crazy.' I said.

'I have taken off my clothes for hundreds of men, been felt up more times than I care to count, I haven't worn pants in the house in three weeks and my own husband won't fuck me?' She said. I was shocked. She stood before me totally naked. There was nothing I could say it was true.

'But you jerk off while I'm at work.' I looked at her my eyes wide trying to look upset. 'You can't deny the cum stains on your underware.' She said pointing towards the bathroom where the hamper had apparently sold me out. 'If that's how you want out life to proceed then fine, I'm getting ready for work!' With that she showered.

That night alone in the house I tried not to jerk off, but knowing she knew made it hard not to and I eventually did. I had given up on waiting up and went to bed around midnight. This made my surprise even worse when at ten in the morning I woke up alone. I rolled groggily out of bed and spent the better part of the day alone. It was Sunday, she worked tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

I was getting worried. Finally at three she came in the door. She looked funny coming home in her 'work' clothes in the middle of the day. Her blond hair spilled over her bare shoulders down to her tiny black tube top. About three inches of cleavage stared up at me in the late day sun. She wore a black micro-mini and as she walked I could see flashed of her panties glaringly white against the black skirt. lastly were the calf height 'fuck me' boots. I stared at her as she walked across the living room.

'Like what you see?' She asked. I nodded, as she got closer I smelled it. She had been reading me for a sign. 'Can you smell it?' She asked smiling an evil grin and stopping in front of me. The musky smell of sex hung about her. My knees wobbled as my worst fears and darkest fantasies collided.

'I did you know.' Jill said standing chest to chest with me. 'The bartender and I have been fooling around for a week now, I never let him do more than finger me a little though, not till last night. We went back to his place and just kept fucking.' Jill looked at me the look of betrayal in my eyes seemed to excite her. She leaned forward past me and tugged her panties off stretching the tiny thong over her boots. She held them up between us, the crotch was soaked.

'If you can put your cum-stained underwear in the hamper, so can I. I don't like being left out.' She stretched the crotch and I looked down at it, there was a layer of slime darkening the material almost to the top, The smell was a hundred times stronger. I thought I was going to throw up. Then my own body betrayed me as my erection shamefully stirred. She was deliberately standing close to me and felt it immediately.

'Just as I thought!' She hissed, reaching for it and grabbing hold. 'You like this.' She pulled it out of my pants deftly and one handed, it was rock hard. 'I hope you like this, because this is how it's gonna' be.' With one hand still on my cock she took the other and pressed her panties to my nose. I could feel the wet dampness on my face. 'Open your mouth!' She said. I stared at her and she at me, I opened my mouth and she stuffed the panties in. The taste was salty and a little sour, my stomache began to retch a little until she stroked the underside of my cock with a fingernail.

'Keep sucking.' She said as I began to suck on the fabric drawing the juices out of it, as she stroked me. I didn't last very long coming all over her arm. She shook her head repulsed and wiped it on my shirt. 'Tony gets out at ten tonight, we close early. I'm going back over there. If you're real good maybe we'll let you watch.' She said and stalked off to the shower.

I waited until the bathroom door closed and pulled the panties out of my mouth. Jill ignored me, first showering then napping for a couple of hours, at nine o'clock she left again. Wearing only cut-offs that showed most of her ass, and a bikini top. She didn't come home again until Tuesday around noon, and that was only to shower and get ready for work.

As she got ready she told me of her 'weekend', which is what she called Sunday and Monday. She and Tony had fucked all night Sunday after work, and she had gone in on Monday to help out. Monday night she had been flirting with customers at Tony's request, and tonight Tony and one of the bouncers were coming to her house.

She was about to shower. She stood before me naked, I had been following her around listening. Before she got in the showered she sat on the sink and spread her legs to me.

'Look' she said. I stared at her pussy, her neatly trimmed light brown hair, then her pussy itself, it looked puffy, the lips were parted slightly, as I looked she pulled it open slightly, her inner lips glistened, and her opening had a coating. 'There's still some cum up there, why don't you stick you tongue in and find it. How long has it been since you went down on me?' She kept at me until I got on my knees and began to eat her out. The cum wasn't long in coming and neither was she I could taste it in her and my repulsion and arousal were neck and neck as she made me do this. When I was done she told me to jerk off while she showered. I felt horrible, but I did it and it was a relief.

Then she was gone and the hours crept by. Finally at three fifteen I heard two cars pull in. I rushed to the window to see. She got out of her car with a large very italian looking guy. Out of the second car came the biggest guy I had ever seen. He was white, and well over six feet with a bald head and massive shoulders. Fear gripped me. They came in and Jill came upstairs to get me. Downstairs deep voices made small talk as Jill led me by the hand and introduced me to Tony and Paul. Niether shook my hand.

'Jim you sit on the chair, and don't say or do a fucking thing.' Jill said to me. She was wearing a one piece white dress that flowed down to just past her bum, she spun towards the kitchen showing all of us her ass and returned with two beers. Paul and Tony sat on the couch and Jill after handing them each a beer climbed into Tony's lap and began kissing him. I sat with my head low watching shamefully. Paul the big guy reached under her dress and she lifted a legs at a time so he could pull her panties off. He then began working a massive finger into her. His middle finger was probably almost as big as my dick.

Tony took off her dress leaving her naked and she returned the favor, by pulling off his pants. She then began to suck him off. Paul continued to finger her, and she moaned beggind for it. When Paul took off his pants as well Jill stopped the action, and came over to inspect me. My cock was rock hard as she stood in front of me. She looked at Tony and nodded. Tony shook his head, and she pulled off my pants. I let her, helpless to do anything, but comply. She then sat between my legs so my erection was in the small of her back and Tony came over getting between her legs and began to fuck her. Tony faced me while he did it and he smiled the whole time. With each thrust he pushed Jill up against me.

What happened next was worse, as Paul stepped up and his massive cock was at our eye level. Jill turned her head, her cheek less than an inch from my lip and Paul gave his cock to her. His pelvic bone rested against my temple as Jill took as much of his cock as she could. All I could see was his cock disappearing into her lips. They continued until first Tony then Paul began to come. Jill moaned with her own orgasm and as Paul softened and slipped out of her mouth she turned her head and kissed me, spitting a huge glob of cum into my mouth. Paul and Tony laughed, as I recoiled and began to spit on myself, of course I was pinned beneath them with no where to go. Then Tony pulled out and Jill began to talk.

'Jim, you're going to do this right here and now, I know you're hard and if you ever want to fuck me again you better perform really good.' Jill stood and turned stepping onto the chair and with one leg on either side of me she stuck her just fucked pussy in my face. 'Start sucking.' She said.

I could smell it, the sex, she didn't have to hold herself open, she hadn't closed yet, she pinned my face to the back of the chair and mashed her slimy cunt onto my lips, I squirmed.

'Open your mouth, and stick out your tongue.' She said. I tried to say no and the cum began. 'LICK' Jill commanded and with my mouth already smeared with semen I stuck out my tongue. As it pierced the entrance to her pussy more cum flowed ver it filling my mouth. I kept licking arousal taking over at actually being able to go down on my wife. I licked and licked until I didn't taste cum anymore, then she turned and spread her ass cheeks.

'We're going to do a little anal, and I need you to slick me up.' Jill said. I looked at her pucked asshole, it looked as though this wasn't the first time she'd had anal sex, as it looked a little stretched already. I could now smell her ass, and even that turned me on as I willingly complied and began to tongue her asshole. I could hear Tony and Paul laughing. After a few minutes she got down and They began to fuck again. This time Tony in her ass and Paul in her pussy. The scenario played out until sunrise. I ate cum from her asshole, and more from her pussy. When they were winded and resting Jill had to pee and they made me lick her clean afterwards.

Then at sunrise the worst happened. Everyone was spent, and Jill looked at me devilishly. There bent over my living couch with two men watching she shoved a beer bottle up my ass, to tell me what a bitch I was. I let her, feeling humiliated and drained as the neck of the bottle entered me until it reached the wide part and she could force it no further. Then finally, with the bottle still in my ass she made me jerk off. Then they left me and all went to our bed to sleep it off. I waited until they were gone and gingerly pulled the bottle out, and curled up alone on the couch to sleep

I can't begin to tell you where this has gone since, but we are still married, and I'm afraid to get divorced because she'll own me with the blackmail she has potential for.

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