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Never Confuse Kindness for Weakness


Note: This story is dedicated to anyone who was bullied in school. I hate violence but it is sometimes necessary to keep one free. This story is only fiction. That means I made it up. No characters are real, I made them up also. Special thanks to my Mystery fact checker for all the encouragement and help. Practice safe sex and enjoy the story.


I was sitting with my lawyer at the defense table in the county courtroom. I looked up as the jury was about to be called in. My lawyer said I could be looking at several years in prison if I was convicted of the crime I was accused of. I did do it but had no choice. Yes I got a little carried away but what would you have done in my place. I guess I had better start at the beginning to explain.

I should give a little back ground so you know why I sit here today. My wife Carrie and I married later in life. She was 32 and I was 34. Carrie was always a blonde looker and I fell for her the first time I met her. After a few rough months we started to date seriously and finally married the next year. We had both been in a few relationships and I thought that being older and having been around the block a few times it would work out great. It did for the first three years or so.

Carrie didn't work and stayed at home. We talked about having kids and she seemed to like not working so I didn't press it. Financially we were doing well and I was looking forward to starting a family. I didn't want her to start a career and then have to stop to raise a family.

Carrie was always happy and outgoing, that was the problem. Most men thought she was coming on to them and I almost got in a few fights because of it. Sometimes I think Carrie would start something just to get me going, but it never worked. I hated to fight and always tried to avoid a confrontation with anyone. I always tried to turn the other cheek. That was my problem until two months ago. I would always walk away from a fight or a personal challenge.

Stay with me because I am not a wimp like it appears but I was following my dad's advice he gave me when I was younger.

I was always good at school until we moved to my current city another state away from my old one. I had to leave my teachers, friends and everything I liked about my old town behind me. I was in 8th grade and the new school was large and dangerous. I tried not to tell my dad so he wouldn't feel bad about moving (he had no choice financially). My mom had died two years earlier and Dad was still getting over it.

Well the school had what I would call the alpha male bully in charge. His name was Tommy Billinger and he had it in for me from the first day. I was just leaving school my first day when a big guy caught me before I could get on the bus. At first I didn't see him and when I was pushed to the ground I was looking up at a 6'2" monster. Well that is what he looked like to me. I was a small at 5'3" at the time. I now stand about 5'7".

He towered over me on the ground and even had two friends next to him a few inches shorter. They ordered me to stand up and to give them my back pack and any money I had. I slowly stood up and it was the most afraid I have ever been in my life. At that moment I pissed my pants from being so scared. Looking back it probably stopped me from getting a beating by these school thugs.

"What is your name wimp?" Tommy asked me with malice in his voice.

"Peterrrrrr... Huckelbyyyyy..." I answered with real fear.

"Well Peter you just got a new name at school. Your name from now on will be 'Pissy Pete'. Hey everyone look at Pissy Pete. He just wet his pants like a baby." Tommy told the increasing crowd around me.

I looked around and everyone was laughing at me. I was so horrified that I ran home and didn't even get on the bus. From that day on Tommy never left me alone. He was a junior in school so I had to put up with him until he graduated a year later. My life was hell for those first two years. No girl would date me because I was 'Pissy Pete' and no matter what I did that name stuck with me.

School was something I used to dread. I would be picked on, pushed around, beaten up once in a while and generally abused (I thought I was a good guy but you couldn't tell by the treatment I was receiving at school). I prayed for the day when Tommy would graduate. The entire time at school I never saw Tommy show me or anyone else he picked on any compassion. He would enjoy the terror he inflicted on people and was getting real good at it.

After Tommy graduated, school settled down and by my senior year only a few asshole were calling me Pissy Pete. I graduated with honors and was valedictorian of my class. I went to a good college and became a design engineer.

I tried to tell my dad at that time about the problem and he said he would go to the school and take care of it. That's all I need I thought 'Daddy coming to my rescue'. I knew it wouldn't help and would probably cause me even more trouble. I suggested I would try it a few more days and see if the teasing stopped.

He accepted this and I lied when he ask me again a few days later how school was going. School was shitty at best.

Well after my first two months at my new school I had a really crappy day. By the time I got home I was so wound up I could be dangerous. My smaller and only brother took something of mine. To this day I don't even remember what it was. All I knew was he was in the line of fire. We started to argue with my dad sitting in the next room.

Well all the bullying and problems in my life came to a head. I pushed my brother against the wall and aimed my fist at his head. He just ducked aside at the very last second and I hit the wall with my fist. We lived in an older house and the walls were made of plaster with wood slats behind it.

I put a three foot hole in the wall and even broke two of the boards were my little brother's head had just been. Well dad came in the room and went crazy when he saw the damage. My brother was crying and he was yelling "you could have killed your brother, in your room right now, you are grounded!"

For the next two months I was grounded and still being bullied at school. Those were the two longest months of my life. My dad showed me that my temper could get me in trouble and maybe kill someone. I knew deep down if I had hit my brother I could well have killed him. That lesson has stayed with me to this day. That is why I would rather walk away than fight.

Well now that I have given you the background on my life I will explain what started happening about three months ago.

I usually call home before lunch so Carrie has it ready for me. I forgot to call her today. It is a twenty minute drive each way and this helps me since my lunch time is only one hour. I showed up at my regular time for lunch. As I walked in the door Carrie was on her hands and knees scrubbing our living room rug. There were size 13 foot prints of mud on our rug. The tracks looked like they went from our front door right to our back bedroom.

"Carrie!!! Who made the big mess on our new rug?" I asked her.

"Leo (our building superintendent) hired a new guy who was checking the smoke alarms. He came in with dirty feet and didn't wipe them off." she answered me back. The answer almost sounded rehearsed.

"Ok but I am going to bitch at Leo the first chance I get. We have white rugs if he doesn't know it." I replied back.

'Don't worry about it Peter, I will talk with him. Let me handle everything." she told me. After that I ate lunch and didn't think any more about it.

Later that week I saw Leo coming out of one of the other apartment buildings. I called him over to talk to me.

"Leo, how the hell are you doing? It has been a while since we talked." I told him. We talked about some sports and the general weather and suddenly remembered what I wanted to see him about.

"Hey Leo the other day your new guy came in to check the smoke alarms in my apartment and tracked mud from his shoes all over my nice white rug." I informed him.

"First of all he is NOT my NEW GUY!" Leo told me with more than a little annoyance in his voice. Sorry Pete... (he paused for a second to keep his temper in check) but this guy has already gotten to me and I usually don't let anything bother me. But this guy does. His name is Tom ... something, it begins with a B ... I don't remember. Corporate hired him after I was telling them I needed more help. He was to be my part time man doing the things I needed done." Leo informed me again.

"Well this asshole comes in the first day thinking he was MY boss. He started telling me my schedule and his as well as how things were going to work around here." Leo kept telling me. "I informed him in no uncertain term of his place here and he didn't like it in the least. He had wild eyes like he could turn on you at any minute. I was going to give him his walking papers right then but he still had that look in his eye. I think if I fired him then he would have beaten me up or even worse. I am going to let corporate know and have them fire him. He is a really big guy who is supposed to be good with a wrench. If you ask me he is a grade A asshole from the word go." Leo told me

"Besides Pete I did the smoke detector checks three weeks ago. I told your wife the two back smoke detectors needed new batteries. I returned and even put them in for her. Tom had no reason to check the smoke alarms. That is NOT his job!" Leo told me with no love in his voice.

It made me wonder after I got done talking to Leo but it slipped my mind until another incident happened a few weeks later.

I was going to get another pair of sneakers from my closet and remembered I left them under the bed. As I looked under my wife's side of the bed to grab them I saw a pair of muddy shoe prints (size 13) just like the ones I saw my wife cleaning up a few weeks ago. The only way they could have been made was if the person who wore them took them off and stored them under my bed. My wife usually did that with my shoes out of habit. These seemed to be the only tracks she didn't clean up.

That same day I got some socks from my drawer and noticed they were not mine. My feet were never that big (size 13) and they were a color I never buy. I even tried them on and it was comical. At least it was until I really thought about the implications. Now how did someone else's socks get in my sock drawer? The more I thought about it the more worried I became.

Then my neighbor Mrs. Adams, who lives right across the hall from my apartment asked me one morning "Is your apartment fixed yet?"

"I don't know what you are talking about Sally. I didn't know anything was broken in my apartment!" I replied back with a questioning look.

"Oh it is just that the new big fix it guy was always repairing stuff in your apartment. You better ask your wife." she finished with a really strange look at me. Her expression told me more than I wanted to know. Sally was a busy body but she always knew what was going on in the building. This may have been her way to tell me to watch out.

I had been wondering about my wife's faithfulness for a few months. Nothing concrete, just little things here and there that said she was cheating on me. There would be phone calls that would hang up if I answered. I thought I once smelled cologne on her clothes.

I asked her point blank one day and she said I was her only love. She didn't act nervous or anything. I accepted her answer and tried to put it out of my mind. I should have pressed the issue more but I didn't. I trusted her completely.

Now anyone reading this story is saying to themselves 'boy he sure is a dumb ass'. To my defense I loved Carrie and trusted her. Yes I was love blind. I also think deep down I didn't want the confrontation with my wife, yet. That is where things stood until the day my life changed forever.

I was feeling sick at work so I decided to go home early even before lunch. I walked into my apartment and I instantly knew something was wrong. We live in a one floor apartment. Our bedroom is in the back so you can't hear if anyone knocks on the front door or if someone comes in.

I started to walk back to the bedroom when I heard voices coming from there. Carrie was moaning loudly and another male voice was saying how nice her pussy felt. I knew it was bad but I didn't know how bad it really was. I lost all love for my wife at that moment. The hate didn't start until I saw who she was with.

"Carrie I can't believe your husband doesn't know what a slut you are. If you were my wife I would lock you up every time I left. A pussy like yours is one In a million. Besides, you give the best head I ever had. You could suck a pool ball through a straw." the stranger said laughingly to Carrie.

"Shut up Tommy and just fuck my brains out. I don't want my husband to catch us and he may come home for lunch." Carrie told him.

"Who cares Carrie, you told me he was a wimp and didn't fight at all. I will kick the shit out of him and then fuck you while he is lying on the ground below us." Tommy said bravely.

"I just don't want to hurt him Tommy. He is passive but really is a good guy after all." Carrie said defending me (sort of). You could tell by her voice she didn't even believe her own words. That really hurt more than I can say. The woman of your life thinks you are a coward and a wimp. There are no words to describe what I was feeling.

To this day I don't remember doing it but luckily just as I got by the bedroom door I started my little recorder that does video and sound. It is smaller than a cigarette lighter and if you put it on your shirt pocket you wouldn't even notice it.

The recorder was for work. My new boss Bill was stealing my designs calling them his. He made me look bad at meetings so he could look good. I started recording our conversations (my good friend suggested this). I recorded the conversations so I had proof of my boss's deeds or misdeeds. He would throw me under the bus as they say at least once a week. He thought I was a wimp also.

The recorder was going when Tommy threatened me. I heard that voice before and a flood of memories came to me at once. 'No, don't tell me that's him!?' I said to myself.

Sure enough I walked right up to the bedroom door which was open and saw my old high school bully Tommy Billinger fucking my wife from behind. That image will always be in my mind till I die.

How do I describe what I was feeling at the time? I stood there and saw my wife of three years being fucked by the one person I hated most in the world. I hated my wife now and I especially hated Tommy at that moment. I just froze and kept looking on as he took my wife over and over.

Finally I came out of my memory nightmare and had enough. I shouted at Carrie "What the hell do you think you are doing. Get the hell out of my apartment!" I shouted this at them both with the most anger I ever heard in my voice. The look on my face must have said it all at the time. I was the maddest I have ever been in my life. Carrie however almost had a look on her face that said 'so what wimp, you are not going to do a thing anyway are you? You never do.'

My wife looked startled and very surprised for only a few seconds before she gave me that look. Tommy just looked at me and started to laugh.

"Carrie, don't tell me you married Pissy Pete? Oh my God, I thought I had something to worry about!" he said to my wife laughing even harder. She looked at Tommy with a questioning face trying to make sense of my new nick name.

"Carrie your loser of a husband was in my high school. He pissed his pants the first time we ever met." He obviously didn't tell her how we met. He only put in that little bit of information to make me look bad in front of my wife. I could see my wife looking at me like I was less than a man so it was working. "I used to beat him up once a week the little shit."

"Listen wimp, when I am done fucking your wife's pussy, ass and mouth, then you can take over for a real man. Until then wait outside until I am done!" he ordered me. My wife just looked from both of us back and forth and didn't say a word. I knew right at that moment I would never be married to this woman after today.

"Oh by the way Pissy Pete, I am on the clock right now and my salary comes from your rent payments. So to add insult to injury, you are literally paying me to fuck your wife right now. How does that feel you little shit?" Tommy bragged to me as he asked me the last question. He turned back to my wife and started to fuck her again. She just looked away.

"I will say this only one time. Get the HELL OUT OF MY APARTMENT!" I yelled at him. I was ready for anything Tommy had to give me. I was so mad at that moment I was almost shaking with rage.

"Well Pissy Pete got a set of balls!" he said sarcastically. "I will take care of that. I gave you the chance to leave wimp, now I am going to give you an ass beating like you never had in high school." Tommy told me this as he pulled his dick out of my wife, got off the bed naked and went for me in the doorway.

It's funny but sometimes you see some old person from school and you still think they are the same person who you went to school with. That is where Tommy made his mistake.

After high school one of my college teachers got me into some martial arts classes to help with my self-esteem. I developed a liking for it and started to train in judo, kick boxing and several forms of karate. I would work out at the kick boxing club twice a week and hit the gym at least once a week. I have kept up that routine every week for over the last 16 years. Carrie never went with me so she just thought I used the stair stepper or something at the gym. I would spare at least twice a week though.

My teachers had a hard time at first trying to get me to spare with someone. I still could see my brother's scared face when I tried to punch him all those years ago. Well they told me it was like learning to read but never opening a book. A good analogy I thought. Finally I started to spare and got quite good at it. I would pull my punches and never really tried to hurt anyone. They said my strength was in my speed. I could land a hell of a punch if I wanted to though.

The past came right back to me at once. I thought for a split second to run away. The little boy being terrorized by the big bully was still there somewhere in me but something more powerful was immerging. All the anger and rage I had carried inside of me all these years burst out all at once.

A naked Tommy went for me with a big punch. He was really very slow for his size. I moved to the right 6" and he missed me completely. That is when I went after him.

I pushed up on his elbow the same time I delivered a blow to the top of his wrist and hand. This action caused his elbow to snap with a gross sounding crack. I didn't care and was just getting started. After he cried out in pain he tried to lunge at me with his other good arm and body. I just stepped aside and directed all his weight into the door frame I was standing next to. His head hit it with another crunch.

Well my wife was screaming from the bed still hiding under the covers with just her head peeking out. I ignored her and kept to business.

Tommy got up again. I was impressed but he was not bright enough to stay down like he should have. I moved to the middle of the room so I had a clear fight area. If Tommy had been standing I don't think I could have reached him with my foot but he was slightly bent over so I spun around and hit him with the hardest round house kick I ever did. I felt my wing tip shoes push several teeth from his mouth as blood also came out. He screamed and I used that split second delay to launch my knee at his chest as he was bent over holding his mouth with his only good arm.

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