tagMind ControlNever Ending

Never Ending


Sandra was looking for the middle of the spiral again. She felt sure that this time, she could find it; Jayden told her that she was getting closer and closer to the true center every time they practiced, and she knew that one of these times she was going to spot it. She just needed to concentrate more, that was all. She needed to tune out everything else going on around her and watch the flowing lines of color as they swirled up and out of the heart of the spiral. Somewhere, deep down in the very core of the constantly expanding, continuously spinning tracery of light, she could find where the spiral ended. That was how deep she needed to be.

It got easier and easier to let go of the distractions around her with each session. Jayden told her every time that he was so proud of her, that she was such a good student and she was learning her lessons so well. Sandra always felt such an intense wellspring of deep and powerful joy when Jayden praised her like that. It made her whole body melt into pleasure like she was made of warm butter, until she was mewling wordlessly with delight every time Jayden whispered "Good girl," in his husky baritone voice that brushed against the clit in her mind.

Sandra hadn't always known about the clit in her mind, but that was simply one more way that she was a very good student.

She wasn't thinking about any of that right now, though, at least not consciously. She was aware of the throbbing in her clit, aware of the deeper pulse of pleasure that existed solely in her thoughts as they washed away, one by one, under the tide of patterned light that poured into her gaze. The pleasure was an intimate and constant companion on her journeys into the spiral, much in the same way that Jayden's touch was always comfortable and familiar to her. But she didn't think about it. She didn't watch Jayden's fingers trailing down her blouse, undoing one button after another, helping her undress with gentle and loving care. It simply happened.

Even when she acted on Jayden's words, Sandra didn't think about what she was doing. She had already journeyed too deep into the spiral to let her body distract her like that. She stood up from the bed, never taking her eyes off the heart of the spiral, and undid her fly. Her jeans hit the floor in a single smooth motion, her panties followed moments later. Then she settled back down, her back resting against Jayden's slender chest. She could feel his soft, smooth skin against hers, his erect cock twitching slightly as she rocked against it. The motion was instinctive, automatic, simply one more way that she obeyed.

Sandra loved to obey. Of course she did. It wasn't even a question for her anymore; she was so deep in the swirling colors and the spinning, dazzling lights that obedience was like breathing. She was utterly thrilled with the skill she'd developed at perfect, unthinking compliance with Jayden's will; when they first started these lessons, she remembered feeling sure that true and mindless surrender would always be a dream for her, something they could pretend at but never truly achieve. Any more than she could truly find the center of the spiral. But the deeper she sank, the easier it was for Jayden to adjust those beliefs. To condition her. To brainwash her.

Sandra let out a soft, keening whimper when she realized how deeply she was brainwashed. The whimper became a moan when she realized that she was only thinking about it at all because Jayden had instructed her to.

His fingers were in her cunt now, the same way his words were in her mind. He slid in and out of her in time with her rocking motion, gently smacking into her clit with each thrust before pulling almost all the way out only to push back into her sensitive opening all over again. She could picture the warm brown skin of his fingers glistening with her juices, contrasting beautifully with her darker flesh as he pistoned into her shaved pussy over and over. She wasn't picturing it, because she was looking at the spiral and thinking about the spiral and diving into the very core of the spiral. But she could.

Sandra was speaking now, but she didn't know what she was saying. It could be any number of things. Sometimes Jayden had her recite the alphabet backwards, or count down by threes from a thousand, or just repeat the words he whispered softly in her ear, but she didn't really think about any of it anymore. It was just another way to shut out distractions, a way of stopping thought rather than a thought of itself. She only thought of the spiral now. She was so deep. She was so obedient. She was so aroused.

She thought she had it, in that timeless moment where her breath came in ragged gasps and her cunt clenched around Jayden's fingers and her nipples tightened into hard buds and her body trembled under the force of overwhelming ecstasy. She thought she saw the very center of the spiral for just an instant, tantalizing her with the promise of perfect pleasure, perfect obedience, perfect blankness...but then the spiral kept moving, swirling in its steady rush endlessly outward from its core, and Sandra knew that she could still go deeper still. She eagerly embraced the blazing swirl of color and sank further into trance.

The lingering afterglow of the intense climax fogged her mind, but somehow it didn't touch the part of her that wanted to focus on the center of the spiral. Her other thoughts simply slid away, leaving only a docile acceptance of Jayden's instructions. She chanted, "Yes, Master," over and over and over again in response to his words, letting his commands curl up at the base of her brain and become a part of her. She wanted to obey Jayden. She wanted him to mold her thoughts like soft clay until she was an instrument of his will. She had always wanted these things, because Jayden told her she had always wanted them and she knew now that Jayden was right about everything.

Sandra could feel a warm slick of liquid against the small of her back, the accumulation of Jayden's precum, and she sighed in ecstasy at the pleasure she must be giving him with her wriggling, grinding responses to his fingers. She couldn't help feeling an intense delight at the idea of pleasing Jayden with her words, her body, her submission. She knew he had planted the thought in her mind, during one of their previous sessions of chasing the spiral, but it really wasn't a thought anymore. It was simply an inexorable truth of her being, as much a part of her now as her name. The blissful sensations conditioned her to accept all of Jayden's truths on a level that she had once merely fantasized about.

It was at that moment, when it finally hit her that there was no longer any difference between her fantasies and her reality, that Sandra came for the second time. The pleasure was even stronger, the power of it even more breathtaking. Sandra's hips strained against Jayden's hand, her eyes unfocused, and a trickle of drool escaped from the corner of her mouth from the profound and inescapable bliss. She didn't know how she could have thought the previous climax was the deepest she could go, not when she felt her mind go so much more blank and her body go so much more sensitive. She couldn't stop coming for long moments, and she was sure that this was the ultimate depth.

But then her eyes refocused again, locking onto the spiral with the same inevitability that her ears locked onto Jayden's words, and she realized there was a whole new vista of deeper obedience unfolding before her. And with that deeper obedience came deeper pleasure, deeper and more mindless and more thoughtless blankness as her will faded further into the white noise that was her consciousness now. As she surrendered more of herself to Jayden's control. Of course she could give in more deeply. Jayden told her she could, and she was always happy to accept his new truths as he unveiled them.

So she stared, her eyes almost burning with the effort as Jayden played with her body and her soft, smooth skin stroked his cock to fuller and fuller arousal. She didn't know when she'd last blinked. It didn't seem to matter. The closer and more tightly she stared, the deeper she went into the heart of the spiral and the closer she came to that perfect depth that she craved like a drug now. She didn't need to blink. She didn't need to do anything but obey, and obedience was chasing down the spiral to the very end for Jayden.

"Yes, Master," she said, the words now as automatic as blinking once was. It didn't even occur to her what she was agreeing to.

The pleasure now filled her mind completely to the brim, the clit in her mind tingling every bit as hard as the tiny nub between her legs that Jayden teased endlessly with his fingers. Sandra existed perpetually in a timeless, semi-orgasmic state now, the valleys between climaxes seeming more like shallow troughs from the constant stimulation of her mind and body. She couldn't think about the pleasure, because the pleasure made it impossible to think, but she could feel every last sensation. If anything, the lack of distractions only made everything even more intense. Sandra's words dissolved into moans as she came a third time.

She shuddered, her jaw hanging slack and her eyelids fluttering as the force of the orgasm slammed into her like a battering ram. It drove her deeper into trance, deeper than she ever thought she could go. She never knew how open she could be before now, how completely pliable her very self could be under the pure and relentless conditioning Jayden was putting her through. Even as she felt the core of her identity relaxing to accept his commands, she never felt anything less than perfectly safe-she wasn't being brainwashed to trust him, she trusted him to brainwash her. But he was brainwashing her. And she was surrendering to it.

But even then, Sandra realized there were more depths to the spiral's core. She ached for them, begged for them with words and moans and desperate whimpers as her body shook with more pleasure than she thought she was capable of. She heard Jayden's voice becoming less and less steady as he programmed her, and she chanted her mantras with more and more desire in an effort to bring him the release he craved. She wanted him to come, she needed him to come. She didn't even think about it so much as she felt the pull of it like iron filings to a magnet. It would feel so good when Jayden came, so perfect, so, so...

She felt a jet of hot, sticky fluid spurt up and along her back. And she came again.

This time was even more powerful, even more profound, even more shattering. She lost the spiral, her eyes rolling back in her head as her whole body quivered in ecstasy, but it didn't matter because she could still see it in her mind. It filled her, smoothing away her every last thought in rainbow bliss, sending her into a quiet fugue of pure and mindless plasure that stilled every last thought save one. In that instant, in that endless state of euphoric release, she realized:

There is still deeper I can go.

And then blankness claimed her for a little while.

When she woke, Jayden was giving her a drink of water, helping her relax her tightened muscles, whispering words of endearment in her ears and stroking her hair with gentle, possessive tenderness. "You're a very good girl," he said to her, a warm and loving smile on his face. "And you went even deeper this time. Even closer to the center. You're doing so well. I'm so proud."

Sandra sighed. "Thank you, Master," she whispered, the words coming easier than ever as she curled up against him and let herself drift in ecstasy. There was always another chance, she knew. The spiral would always be there waiting for her to chase.


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