tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNever Pass Out Drunk

Never Pass Out Drunk


Bobby and Michelle lived in a nice double wide out in the country, Bobby worked at construction while Michelle was a nurse. It was not your typical relationship with Michelle being thirty-eight and Bobby being twenty-seven. The age difference did not make much difference to them, the only problem they had was Bobby's jealousy.

Even though he loved watching NASCAR with his buddies, he hated how they flirted with what he deemed to be his hot milf. Michelle had three kids from her previous marriage, yet she kept her body in good shape. She has long tan legs, a nice small shapely ass and perky small breasts, her long blonde hair framed her pretty face.

Michelle had just gotten home from work when she saw three pickup trucks were parked out in front of her home. There was a race on today and her husband had his friends over to watch it, there was Billy who sported a Dale Earnhardt Jr.decal in his back window, Keith who was a big Tony Stewart fan and Bryan who didn't care for any driver he just liked watching a good race.

She got into the house to find they had pizza, and snacks on the coffee table and they were working on a third case of beer. The guys started hooting and hollering when one of the cars spun out, it banged off the wall and took two others with it. Bobby had been drinking exceptionally heavy today due to the fact he was pissed that his favorite driver was out of the race early with a blown engine.

"Well it looks like you have some party you have here Bobby." She said to put her purse down on the table in the adjoining kitchen.

"Don't worry babe, and I will have it all clean up." He slurred.

"All right, I'm going to take a shower and get out of these clothes, see you in some bit boys." She said strolling out of the room.

"Wow dude your old lady is so hot." Billy said aloud.

"Stop being an asshole." Said Bryan.

"Yeah behave guys or she won't let us do this again." Slurred Bobby.

They went back to watching the race and Michelle came back out wearing shorts, a tight tank top and slippers. She picked up a few things and took them to the garbage out in the kitchen, the guys all checked out her small breasts as she leaned forward. She stayed in the living room for a little while and kept flirting with the guys and her husband.

"Well I had a long day, so I think I'm going to turn in." She said. "Try to keep it down."

"Sure babes." He said to give her a peck on the cheek when she stopped by him for a quick kiss goodnight.

Another hour after she went to bed Bobby had enough beer and passed out on the couch, Billy got up to go to the bathroom. He went down the hall and took a piss, he then noticed the door to the master bedroom open. He looked in and saw Michelle lying on the bed sleeping blissfully, on her back her legs slightly bent, he could see her nipples against the silk material of her nightshirt. He tore himself away from this sleeping beauty and went back out into the living room.

"Guy is he out?" He asked the other two.

"Yeah he is passed out cold." Said Keith.

"You got to come check this out." Billy said beckoning the other two to follow him.

The two guys followed Billy down the narrow hallway and they all looked into the master bedroom, after Billy had left she had rolled onto her back. Her legs were now slightly parted and the silk night shirt had ridden up her to her waist. She did not sleep with any panties on and the guys could see her bush and the outline of her pussy lips.

"Wow." Whispered Bryan.

"She is hot." Moaned Keith grabbing at his hardening cock.

"Here is the plan, Bryan you get on the right, Keith on the left, I'll go right up the middle." He explained. "We ought to have a piece of Bobby's hot old lady."

"What if he wakes up?" Asked Keith

"Don't worry he's out cold." Said Bryan. "What if she gets pissed and cries rape or something?"

"Shit by the time we get done she will enjoy every minute of it." Said Billy. "Now are you guys with me, get undressed and get in there."

The three of them stripped naked them all had cocks that were between five and seven inches long, little did they know that Bobby was below average with a little four-inch cock. So they went in as planned, Keith on the left, reaching down at the same time as Bryan pulling her night shirt up to expose her perky tits, they gasped when they saw how dark and thick her nipples were.

Billy gently reached down and spread her legs apart, she moaned softly as he climbed up between them. He spread her pussy lips apart so he could have better access to it, his tongue was working up and down its musky groove. She was starting to lubricate and she arched her back toward his face, he licked at her sensitive clit causing her to shiver.

"Ooohhh Bobby, I was hoping you were coming to bed." She moaned. "Eat my pussy baby."

Bryan and Keith now leaned down, they each grabbed a breast and began to lick the large erect nipples. At first Michelle was enjoying the several manipulations upon her, but she soon realized that there were two mouths too many.

"Oh my god what do you guys think you are doing!" She exclaimed jumping up.

"Grab her arms guys and hold her down." Said Billy.

The quickly grabbed her arms and held them down on the bed, she struggled to get free but they were both too strong for her to get free. Billy grabbed onto both her legs which were kicking at him and pushed them up and apart. He then went back to work eating her pussy, it was still wet and she tasted so good.

"I will yell for Bobby if you guys don't stop." She pleaded.

"Go ahead, but he is out cold." Said Keith.

"Please Billy stop eating my pussy, please stop." She sobbed.

Billy's tongue began to flick all over her clit and he knew why she wanted him to stop, she was going to cum. He could feel her juices get all slick on his chin as she had her first orgasm, he got a hold of his cock. He quickly got up and slid his cock into her pussy, he was so excited he thrust it in and out of her fast and hard.

"Please stop!" She begged as she continued to struggle.

"Bryan here takes her other arm and hold them over her head" Said Keith.

Bryan did as he was told and took her other arm, he crossed them both and held them tight at the wrists. Keith took Michelle by the head and held it still, he pushed his cock at her lips, she would not open her mouth. So he smacked her face, not hard enough to leave a mark but hard enough to make her gasp. With the opportunity open he shoved his cock into her mouth, he forcibly fucked her mouth making her gag and her eyes well up with tears.

"That is one way to shut her up." Laughed Bryan.

"Oh fucking goddamn her pussy is tight and wet, don't let her fool you guys she is getting off on this." Exclaimed Billy.

"Man she is so hot, I can't believe we are doing this." Said Keith

"Oh fuck I'm going to, cum." Billy said to shoot his load into her. "Go ahead Bryan let go of her arms."

"What if she struggles?" He asked.

"The ways she came all over my cock before I came, don't worry she won't." He explained.

With that the two men exchanged places, Bryan pushed her legs apart and eased his cock easily in for sloppy seconds. She weakly tried to push Keith away from her mouth, when Billy whispered into her ear.

"Look stop struggling and just enjoy it, you came a couple of times already when I ate you and then fucked you. It will go a lot easier on you if you just take it like the slut you are, so we can all enjoy ourselves." He explained.

With that she stopped struggling, he was right no one could stop what they were doing and she shamefully came when she got fucked. When Keith saw she was relaxing he let go of her head, she gave reluctantly started to giving him a blow job instead of the violent raping of her mouth he was giving her. She was mewing softly on his cock as Bryan made her cum, and soon she felt the hot spurts of Keith's cum rolling down to her throat.

For the next few hours the guys took turns getting blow jobs and fucking her, they had each fucked her twice and each got blown by her twice. When they were done, they told her they expected her to dress sexily for the next race, if she didn't they tell her husband how she wanted them to gang bang her while he was passed.

She reluctantly agreed and was happy when they dressed, the left in their trucks, soon Bobby would wake from his drunken stupor so she went into the bathroom douche out the evidence of the cum from his buddies. Then she changed the sheets, sure enough he came staggering into bed and laid down beside her.

"I'm sorry babies, but I passed out." He said drifting back into sleep.

"Just don't do it next week." She said to stroke his hair as he began to snore.

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