tagMatureNever say Never Ch. 02

Never say Never Ch. 02


Some men live their later years in solitude. They may be experiencing the effects of ED, erectile dysfunction; I spell it out for all the men who are fortunate enough to not recognize the abbreviation.

My use of the word solitude is directly associated with the lack of a sexual partner. This condition for the most part doesn't allow a healthy man the luxury of a good stiff cock. The lack of the tool shouldn't mean the carpenter can't do the job. A good man will always find a way to please a woman.

Tom is that special man. If you've read the beginning of this story you already know what a hot lover Tom is. When last we met Tom and I were recovering from a sensual encounter. Lying next to Tom, I couldn't help but see a smile still on his face. The time he wasted because he believed that if he couldn't get an erection, I or any other woman wouldn't want him.

"Sheri that was a blow job I'll take with me to the grave. You are one hell of a lady. I mean that, a real honest to God lady. The fact that you didn't think a date with me was a waste of time is only the beginning. Now, you do realize that this was a fluke for this old man. The likelihood of rising a stiff cock is still a probable no can do."

"Honey, I don't expect anything. I told you, you're more than capable of turning me up full throttle. How about we curl up here and sleep on it?"

I turned to my side and snuggled in close to Tom. He wrapped his arm around me and I fell asleep with him gently squeezing my nipple, it was like a dream come true.

The smell of coffee woke me. A quick stop to the bathroom, a brush of my teeth, a sexy robe and I was on my way to the kitchen.

"If I woke up every morning, made breakfast, and you walked into the kitchen in that, I'd never leave the kitchen. Sheri, you are a sight that raises the dead."

Tom reached down and grabbed his cock, which was quite dead. He made me laugh and we sat down to the delicious breakfast he made.

During our meal he told me how much he liked the sexy lingerie I was wearing. Sexy was on purpose. I had a very revealing sapphire lace robe covering most of me. He couldn't help but see my nice full tits and hard nipples. More than once he gave them a feel and a squeeze while refilling my coffee, and clearing the table when we were through. Sexual innuendos were sprinkle thru the conversation and we laughed and giggled like two teenagers.

When the dishes were done, the kitchen spotless and morning in full swing Tom pulled me up out of my chair and circling me in his arms he kissed me passionately, opened the front of my robe and bent his head to take my nipples in his mouth. The feeling of his lips sucking and his tongue teasing was pure pleasure. After several minutes he closed my robe and stepped back.

"Well, now that you're all hot and bothered I'll be on my way. The flush in your cheeks and the deep breathing gives me confidence that you'll be very agreeable to my request. I'd like to have you to my place tonight for dinner. I hope you don't think I'm trying to rush things, at my age I make the most of everyday. How does 7:00PM sound?"

"You are a sly old fox Tom, getting me all hot and bothered and making me wait, I love it.Is there anything I can bring?"

"No, just you're sexy self; of course a nightie would be nice just in case you want to spend the night, hint, hint."

"Hmmm, with an invitation like that, I will be there with an overnight bag and all of my sexy self, see you later lover."

The smile on his face was naughty and playful. We kissed and Tom was out the door.

I was so pleased that obviously this old man was feeling virile and he had a new lease on life. What he didn't know was how he made me feel. Tom knew how to make a woman feel sexy. Add to the equation that he was a very caring and giving lover only added to his appeal.

The day flew by faster than I wanted it to. I took extra care in my appearance. My goal was to look inviting. I dressed carefully emphasizing my breasts. The fact that in all honesty, Tom was a self confessed "Big Tittie Lover" played to his strength. Being blessed with what turned him on just happened to be a gift. I gave some serious thought and consideration to bringing my personal toy box with me. Not knowing if he would feel I was suggesting he wouldn't be able to do the job himself, I thought I'd leave it for another time. The last thing I wanted was to undermine his new found confidence in his ability to sexually satisfy me. Tom was a very loving man. From the minute he got here he had me crazy with desire. How many old men have the power to drive a woman crazy and never get the chance because they have a few years on them? I'll take a good stiff tongue over a hard cock any day. A stiff cock has a limited shelf life, a talented tongue along with a few fingers and a strong hand lasts a life time. Ladies, take my word for it, give these old men a chance you will not regret it.

Before I knew it I was at his door. He must have been watching for my car because he had the door open to greet me before I turned off the ignition. It was a real turn on for me. My arrival was eagerly anticipated.

"Boy, I've been like a kid on Christmas Eve all day today, I'm so happy your finally here. Sheri, you are a sight to behold. I can't wait another second woman; give this old man a nice sexy kiss." He wrapped me in his arms and kissed me with passion and longing. His mouth opened and his tongue, that magical tongue was swirling over my lips and mouth in a fevered need. I pressed up against him and melted. Tom stepped aside and ushered me inside and closed the door to the outside world.

When he took my little bag from my hands he was giddy. The signal was clear; I was here for the night.

The house was like Tom, warm and inviting. There were pictures of his family and small glimpses into the many years of his life. One picture stood out, the woman he shared almost fifty years with. Renee was a beautiful woman; I could see why he loved her and what he missed.

"Well Sheri, this is me, no pretense just a comfortable old house with an old man living in it. The furniture is old and lived in, but it still has a few good years left in it. I can't tell you how great it feels to have a sexy woman here again. There was a lot of love here for many years and now a chance to start all over again. If you understand anything at all just know how much happiness you've brought back into this old guy's life."

I smiled and it told him without words spoken that I was honored to share this part of his life with him. Tom showed me into the dining room and the picture was enough to take my breath away. The table was set with china and crystal. In the center was a beautiful bowl of flowers from his garden. The lights were dim to allow the glow of lit candles to shower the room. There was a beautifully wrapped box next to one of the place settings. I couldn't help but wonder what was inside.

"Please sit here. Now, this is an after dinner gift for my special lady. Let me pour the wine and get dinner on the table."

An after dinner gift, that was intriguing and mysterious. Leave to a seasoned man to think of something so out of the ordinary.

"I just need a quick feel of your luscious big titties before I lose my mind. I've been thinking about filling up my mouth with one of these sweet knobs all damn day. You think I might get a little appetizer?"

He didn't wait for an answer, he didn't need permission. Luckily I had a blouse that had a button front. Tom couldn't even wait for the buttons to open. He knelt down in front of me, reached up under my blouse and bra and exposed a big luscious tittie as he called my ample breasts. The mouth was open and the lips sucked the prize in. In less than ten seconds he had my pussy wet. When he heard me moan, he quickly pulled the puffed-up morsel out of his mouth and placed my breast back in my bra under my blouse.

"There, now I'm ready for dinner, I swear I could suck on your delicious melons all night long, hell maybe I will."

With a wicked smile and a wink he went into the kitchen for dinner. I was already hot for this old man; could I wait until after dinner to get the ball rolling? I took a deep breath, tried to calm myself and decided we better eat, fuel our bodies, so we had plenty of energy for the night ahead.

Tom is an excellent cook; his breakfast was just as tasty as could be. He made a wonderful dinner. We ate and I might add just a little faster than we might have if Tom hadn't started a slow burn in both of us.

With the table cleared, there was only one thing left to do. What was in this box? It sat here on the table and during our meal. More than once; Tom glanced at it and smiled quietly.

"Well now to your surprise. I hope you like my gift."

Tom placed the box in front of me and took his seat. I had to admit it was very exciting and a bit mystifying. I opened the bow and then removed the beautiful red shiny paper. The box itself was glossy black, red and black wrapping, very sensual. I lifted the cover and searching thru the gold tissue paper my hand found the gift and when I felt it I looked at Tom and he was grinning from ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat.

"Now, I wanted to make damn sure that you had everything you needed for a spectacular night. It wasn't easy for me to find this because; frankly, I never needed to before. With my old tongue, these wrinkled boney fingers and a bit of help from my friend, I think I've got you covered lovely lady."

When my hands had cleared away the tissue paper I took out a hefty cock shaped vibrator. My first impression, a generous eight by two, inches that is. This was the top shelf version of instant hard happiness. Upon further inspection I found the special little switch that would bring this baby to life. When I hit that little black button, Tommy Boy, began purring and vibrating. Moving the little switch up a tick and the motion was stronger. When I hit the last notch, this baby was humming my song.

"Well, with your personal attributes and Tommy Boy here, I'd say you have all the tools you need to finish whatever you start, and then some. Tom, I am so glad that you did this. Get ready old man, we're about to get this night of hard, hot, horny passion started. Just take it easy on this girl."

Tom was a dream. The fact that he not only thought about what I might want he also took a whole lot of pressure off himself. Put a man in a sexy situation where he feels like he's got all his bases covered and just watch the balls fly out of the park.

There was one other little detail that I thought needed consideration. This is Tom's home, his castle, he was king, and he was in the driver's seat. The lead was his; I was more than happy to follow any where he wanted to take me. I didn't have to wait another minute.

"Come on woman, I'm ready and raring to go. Tonight, it's all about you, lovely lady. You gave me a shot and I'm about to show you just what you get in return."

There was already a new man. Tom had self-assurance and he was feeling like the man he is. This confidence was like a hard stiff 8x2 in his pants. Ohhh baby, life is good.

He took me by the hand into the living room. A short stop at the stereo, one touch, preplanned I thought, and the air was filled with a low hot saxophone sending out an invitation to get down and dirty. The sound was already filling my head and giving me a rush of sexual energy. Tom took me into his arms and we danced.

"You feel real good in these old arms. The music is pretty sexy isn't it? I know you like that heavy bass beat, it's like a hot steamy dirty movie."

Tom turned me around and he was behind me, his hands on my hips swaying me side to side. My head fell back against his chest and his lips found my neck. The feel of his tongue,licking me and taking little bites was taking over my mind and body. His hands roamed up my body to my waist and then to my breasts. Slow circular motions with a squeeze and a firm grasp popped my nipples right into his fingers. The feel of him pinching and pulling was incredible. One by one he opened each button on my blouse. When he reached inside the fabric and groped each mound he took his time. He whispered in my ear each step.

"All the buttons are open, I going to undress you Sheri, nice and slow. Feel me pulling this blouse off your shoulders, down your arms, over these beautiful hands. Ohhh yeah, now it's off. Your skin is so soft, and hot. I'm reaching under your bra, pushing it up, yesss, now your big delicious tits are in the air. Ohhh look at these sweet hard nipples. You want me to put a good old man sucking on them don't you? Maybe a little teasing first, get them real big and firm. You just love me pinching them hard, you moan every time I squeeze them in my fingers. Feel that, just resting each one on my fingers and rolling my thumbs over them. I know your wet, so wet, because I'm playing with your tits. It's time to get rid of this bra. Can you feel my left hand, still rubbing on your nipples, right hand opening the back, feel that, it's open, coming off now?" Tom was painting a picture in my mind, every movement, each change; I could see him even though my eyes were closed.

"Now, your skirt, opened the button, hear the zipper being pulled down? Can you feel my hands, pushing it over your hips, on the floor? Oh god, a garter belt, you are a vixen, a hot sexy minx."

He turned us towards a mirror, when he whispered in my ear, "Open your eyes." I saw us, standing there. My tits were rising and falling with each deep breath I took. He took one orb in each hand and felt every inch. I saw my nipples, so taut, sticking straight out begging to be sucked.

His hands reached down and with one on stomach the other went further, down between my legs and he closed them over my mound, squeezing, rubbing. I felt him let go, he walked around me, I saw him kneel down on the floor and watched him lick and kiss my stomach. When he buried his face between my thighs I had to grab his shoulders to keep from falling down. His fingers opened each clasp holding my sheer black stockings. As he rolled one down, he was licking my pussy thru my panties.

"Oh man, your panties are so damn wet. I can feel you clit under my tongue."

That tongue whirled over and around my lips and rigid clit. He reached up and pulled my panties aside, slipping his hot hard tongue between my lips. He sucked my big juicy clit into his mouth and held it tightly while his tongue punished it. With just the tip he whipped it back and forth. I could hear him moaning as loud as I was.

Finally, he stopped and let me breathe. His hands had taken my stockings down my legs and off each foot. The garter belt was released and thrown in the pile of clothes he had already removed.

When he got to his feet all that was left were my black sheer panties. I watched his hand come around me and disappear into the sheer fabric. His fingers crept into my pussy and felt all of me. Pulling them out he brought them to his mouth and licked and sucked them, not wanting to waste a single drop of clear, sweet honey. "You have one sweet honey maker, it's like salty creamy syrupy nectar and I want more."

The final obstacle between my drenched pussy and his mouth were my panties. He tugged them down over my hips and when they were crumpled on the tops of my thighs. Kneeling down he reached out with his fingers and spread my pussy open. I could see his tongue slip out of his mouth and flick back and forth over my center of pleasure.

The picture, in the mirror was dirty and nasty. My panties, black against my pale skin, my big full tits, heaving, my nipples like red hard candies and a man sucking and licking my hungry cunt.

I grabbed both sides of his head and started pussy fucking his mouth. I ground my mound into his face. He knew I was about to cum and he pulled back. I cried out like a female cat in heat.

"Ohhh nooo, not so fast, this old man has plans. You were the boss last night and I loved every minute of that. Tonight, I'm the old man in charge and you'll do things my way."

This was a side of Tom I had never seen. This was a strong, confident man feeling all his power. He was an aggressive assertive lover; I love it, and wanted more of this Tom.

"You gave me back my manhood. I may not have what it takes to get a hard full on stiff cock, but you proved it's not a big stiff piece of wood that satisfies a hunger in a woman, it's a man who knows what she wants and how to give it to her. Lovely lady, this was an appetizer, get ready for the main course, and make sure you save room for dessert."

He took my panties off the rest of the way, I was totally naked. Taking my hand he took me to his next stop. He had candles burning and the covers down folded at the foot of the king sized bed. Tom told me to lie down and get comfortable. I crawled up the bed like a cat on the prowl. I did it slowly, moving my body like a snake and rested up against the pillows.

Tom was at the side of the big bed, taking off his clothes. When he was naked, you couldn't help but see the years, but he was proud, his old cock wasn't stiff, it hung down resting on his balls, it didn't matter and he knew it.

He got up on the bed and nestled his body between my spread legs. With his body covering mine he reached out and grabbed hold of my tits. Tom had huge hands, he squeezed the flesh of my breasts and my nipples looked like cherries on the top of two creamy scoops of vanilla ice cream.

He sucked and bit and tongue lashed each nipple until I was whimpering and moaning so loud you couldn't hear anything else. The sound of his mouth popping my nipples in and out of his sucking lips was driving me mad with painful pleasure. When he had one in his mouth his fingers took care of the other one.

"Ohhh yesss, suck my big tits, just like that, I love it, hard, suck harder, Ohhh Tom bite my nipples make them hurt, yes like that. Ohh, old man you can suck these big tits all night long."

He had something else in mind. Tom kissed and bit his way down between my legs, he pushed my thighs apart and teased me, licking just the outside of my hungry wet pussy. I could hear him sucking all the cream that was pouring out of me. He flattened his tongue starting way down under the mouth of my pussy; he licked straight up, flaying my lips apart, lifted my throbbing clit into his waiting lips. Closing his mouth, his lips were holding this bundle of passion like a vice. His tongue flew over and over the very tip, sending shock waves all thru my body. With his tongue still swirling he began a slow sucking up and down rhythmic pressure.

Now, there was something else, something hard trying to enter me. When he pushed it slowly in it filled me up. Somehow he moved his head without letting go what he was torturing in his mouth. In and out of me, up and down on my clit. The controlling pressure was starting to build. Faster and deep, the rush was unbelievable. I was on the edge and one more push I'd be over. The vibrations started inside me, and the most powerful orgasm began.

"Ohhh my god, yesss, here it comes, ohhh, ohhh, agggghhhhh, ohhhh, now, now, cumming, ohhhh god."

I felt every contraction tighten around that humming vibrator, Tom let go of my pussy and fucked it fast and furious with Tommy Boy, hard and deep.

"That's it, fuck Old Tommy Boy hard, take him deep in that pussy and fuck his brains out."

And lord god, I did. Tommy Boy had my pussy pumping and thrusting as fast and as hard as I could. Over and over I felt my pussy holding on and letting the friction burn. It was mind blowing and I knew I couldn't take any more or I'd die.

"Ohh god, stop, I've had all I can take, pull him out, please, stop."

But he didn't, instead he slowed the movement, the humming stopped and I finally came down. When I was able to start breathing again, Tom pulled Tommy Boy free. I tried to speak and had no voice. I tried to move and couldn't. This man had left me with nothing but my heart slowly beginning to beat normally.

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