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Never Too Late


I recently moved to a sheltered home scheme renting through a local Housing Association. That's where I met Gordon, a widower with a heart by- pass which he said made him a little bit immobile.

I got to know him doing my bit in the community garden, he would come and sit on the garden swing chair as I tended the garden.

In between times I would take a seat and chat with him. I could never have imagined in any shape or form would I ever become involved in an intimate relationship with this guy, for one he was in his seventies, a decade older than I and for two, because of his medical condition.

It didn't become apparent that he had an attraction for me when, dressed in shorts and perched upon his seat with thighs parted, I had observed occasionally he scratched himself over his privates. I thought nothing of it because lots of guys do that openly these days, maybe often to announce their masculinity when a girl took their fancy. How could I have know that in Gordon's case it was me!

As our discussions grew more regular in the garden I noticed how much more prominently he was rubbing himself as we talked about anything, the weather, the garden, anything. And as I realised it was not just your common or garden scratch I saw each time he had developed a swelling beneath those tight beige shorts which, surprisingly, I felt drawn to.

Now Gordon knew I was married, he'd met my wife several times - in the garden and doing his rounds in the flats collecting for charity so I automatically assumed he would never make serious moves in my direction unless given a good reason, He had strong virtues I realised that. But I felt the urge to be with him stronger and stronger oddly enough. What it was lured me to him as a mystery, but Gordon was a really nice guy, never groaned of moaned and had a wonderfully warm disposition, but I did feel he was lonely so perhaps my companionship would make him feel better about life.

As our conversations took a more intimate line, he bravely told me about how

it was with his wife, that in her later days when her cancer became more imminent, how she lost altogether the need and wanting of sex and how he realised his bi-sexuality. When she died all that was forgotten because of the trauma, he told me, but recently his interest had been restored.

I did not ask him why that was but I had a good idea, it was just the way he looked at me when he told me that.

So I felt it was just right for me to share some of my darkest secrets with him, because he had been open with me - and anyway I found myself wanting to go that step further because when I questioned him about his medical condition - and how any intimacy would effect that, he simply replied that he still gets the urge, that the doctor said do what his body told him and enjoy life while he was able

I did feel empathy towards him and joked that I had noticed that - but when he came out to me when he told me that, there had to be a way to give him some gratification.

"Have you ever thought of making it with one of the single women here?" I asked.

He smiled and said that he had, but somehow he could not even raise and eyebrow anymore for an older woman, and the younger ones never gave him a second glance anyway, which he said was understandable.

I just sat there in silence for a while, did a little more hand weeding in the flower bed nearby, kneeling and bending to reach the offending groundsels and other weeds.

I felt a certain surge come over me, like I knew he was watching me with some intensity, but it made me feel good.

Gordon continued our conversation as I pulled out the weeds and, occasionally turning my head I noticed just the way he was looking at me bent over, the way he was squeezing himself at quite a pace.

I was excited sure enough, found myself stretching over further to pronounce my rear end and then I hear a response.

"Bloody lovely" he gasped.

I lifted myself back up on my knees and responded: "Pardon?"

"Nothing ," he said with a flush, " I was just referring to the flowers."

"Which flowers are they then, Gordon? All I can see is weeds" I quizzed.

"Alright, Pete," he grinned, "You've got me over a barrel" and I think we both knew what he meant at that point, And my wicked thoughts were saying I wish right now he could have me over a barrel!

But it was good, I sat down on a garden chair facing him again. I felt more easy about telling him that my wife and I had not 'indulged' since way back, that although we still loved each other there was not the urge anymore and due to her medical condition, her chronic problems and the like we decided it better to abstain. But that did not mean that my sexual feelings had somehow gone, whether she realised that I did not know but of late I had been involved in a homosexual relationship with this younger guy called Danny who used to come for a morning when the opportunity arose, when my wife was away doing her voluntary stint. I told him that Danny and I had enjoyed several sessions but how somehow we had lost touch and how I did miss that.

Gordon empathised with me saying that was not good for man or beast and that perhaps we, both being in similar positions and no doubt like mind, could rectify the problem,

"Would you like that, Pete?" he asked eagerly.

I decided to join him on the garden swing chair. I think my automatic action gave him my reply, it was quiet, the garden was empty, there was no one else around and we were hidden by the weeping willow trees. I saw that he had been rubbing himself again as we spoke so I simply said:" Perhaps I should do that?"

His look was enough, I saw his expression glow and when I moved my hand gently down to him, along the curve of his thigh and up in between he gasped "Oh! Pete- if only you knew."

"Knew what?" I asked starting to squeeze him gently through his shorts, feeling the swell more apparent as I did so, it felt lovely and subtle, it had been a long time since I touched Danny, now the thrill returned.

"Just how much I have wanted this moment with you, it's a wonder you didn't realise, the aching I have felt for you."

I was now massaging him to the full as he gasped, held his head back, his mouth opening and his eyes closing as I gently worked my finger into the opening of his shorts working and edging my fingers up and up along his thigh.

But I could not get to him, his shorts were much too tight. I settled for a more firm massage over his shorts, pressing evenly into his crutch, seeing his legs swivel each time I squeezed. His cock was full and mature, he was well equipped I could tell that, even Danny wasn't that large.

"Pete, we'd better vamoose into the summer house," Gordon suggested like it was a matter of life and death, well I guess the urge was urgent, the summer house had a lock, we could both strip inside and let go to our hearts content.

"Oh! How you are so ready" I said as he quickly stripped down, his cock red and pulsing upwards and down, for a guy of his age he was very well equipped and I knew then how I wanted to feel him fuck me. That was the truth although it even shocked me thinking about it, that I could have got that feeling with a guy that much older, but his cock was ripe as he stood there before me and instinctively I was on my knees once more, this time not weeding the groundsel but sucking ripe cherry pink cock head, because, my feelings getting hotter, I saw he had been circumcised and I had never had a cut guy before. It was a fantastic suck and his bulge certainly filled my mouth. Not at all as I would have imagined, there was a sort of a pungent taste about it, no foreskin to stretch back as I did with Danny, just concentrating on the absolute thrill of prodding that sweet p-hole , recapturing in feeling his bulbous red end wrapped in my tongue as I took him in deep throat, hearing him groan and pant, and there was a lot more to come.

"I can see it stretching your cheeks" he muttered in a very gruff voice as his rough hands held my head each side, "Pete I am cuming, I can't hold back, sorry."

"Shh!" I summoned, "no problem" and I was happy enough making this old guy so happy. He had a strong spurt as feeling it shudder I released it from my mouth and jerked him firmly until it spat over the wall nice and strong, Gordon gasping that sound of wonderful gratification. I gradually slowed down the jerking and took my hand away, he took over, cradling his well satisfied shrinking cock into his palm saying "thank you, Pete"

When he'd restored himself I realised the urge had gone, he said if I wanted for him to do something for me but I replied I was happy to wait until he was ready again.

Then we got talking more, he said it would be lovely if I could visit him in his flat and perhaps we could go further.

I replied that would be lovely, that I would like that.


"Yes, Gordon?"

"Can I ask you a very private question?"

I felt my whole body tingle knowing it was going to be something very intimate and my hopes were aspired, that he wanted to know if - in so many words- if I would let him fuck me.

I replied that I would dearly love that, so long as he wasn't putting his abilities to risk, that we could make it gentle to start with.

But I guess anything to do with the sexual act when it comes to reaching that beautiful finale - is anything but gentle.

I was to enjoy his cock rising to the occasion, tasting and sucking each bother to our hearts content, and the way he realised I loved for him to suck me was so absolutely thrilling. I'd be all ass for him anyway he wants, the way he found best to stretch my cheeks so wide, and the gorgeous feelings derived from him pressing his mouth deep between my cheeks, sometimes he wanting me to sit on him so he could really enjoy the feel and taste of me. He loved to sniff me up prior to fucking and when I felt his bulk slip up inside, after that lengthy and wonderful sucking of me there, it was simply out of this world, heaven sent. We fucked and fucked and when I returned to my flat, my wife asked as always if I'd enjoyed my gardening..

I always told her I did, that I had done some more planting or weeding as the case may be. Knowing in fact that it had been beautifully proportioned Gordon who had done the planting and deep into me!

"You look nice and exhausted now, I'll make you a nice cup of tea?"

I settled into my chair feeling that Gordon was still inside me as I snuggled my self into the seat, and his fucks were so deep and gratifying I knew I would have that feeling the whole night through.

"Yes please, darling. Two sugars as usual!"

I felt at ease with Gordon and was so happy that we had both found a way to make life better for ourselves, it would continue on that basis so the relationship could never be spoiled. There was no need for my wife or anyone else to know of it, but to my pleasure it had been noticed just how much more 'sprightly' Gordon was these days! Someone said that he'd told them how I was teaching him some of the fundamentals about horticulture .

"Yes" I replied with a grin only I knew about, I have been teaching him how to prick out in the greenhouse.

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