tagLetters & TranscriptsNever Too Old for Love and Sex

Never Too Old for Love and Sex


Never Too Old for Love and Sex

An elderly couple finds true love and hot sex at the nursing home

Dear Sam,

In this day of e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter, I know that I should be sending you an e-mail, writing something on your Facebook wall, or posting you a Twit but, just like in the old days, a handwritten, perfume scented letter is so much more personal, don't you think? Besides, I can't send you a pair of my panties through the computer, now can I?

The scent, by the way, is Coco, by Chanel. I just hope you don't think me cuckoo for being so forward in confessing my feelings for you but we have such little precious time left to waste playing games. I want you to know that I haven't given anyone my panties, since Elvis, Tom Jones, and Engelbert Humberdinck.

While you're holding this letter in your hands and reading it, I hope you will think of holding and kissing me. Not too shy to admit it, too old to wait for you to know that I want you, and to wait for you to make the first move, I'm overwhelmed with love and sexual passion for you.

Love at first sight, from the moment I saw you from across the crowded recreation room, I loved you unconditionally. You were playing cards with the boys and I was playing ping pong and gossiping with the girls. By the way, we were all talking about you, the new, cute guy.

So long as you feel the same way about me, we're lucky to have found one another at our age. Truth be told, I don't feel 75-years-old and truth be told, you don't look 75-years-old. I apologize for being so bold and so offensively literal but, I was just wondering, can you still pound the pussy, please the beaver, part the clam, and pulsate the mound? My wet pussy aches for your hard cock.

It's okay if you can no longer cut the mustard, so long as you can still lick the jar, if you know what I mean. Other than with my fingers, my dildo, and my vibrator, I have a dildo autographed by George Clooney, by the way, it's been a long time since I've had sex. It's been a long time since I felt, fondled, and stroked a hard cock in my hand. It's been a long time since I tasted, licked, and sucked a dick in my mouth. Too long ago, I can't remember, when I had a prick banging, slamming, and fucking my pussy.

I'm not embarrassed to admit, especially with you being so good looking, that I'd like to have sex again, exclusively with you, before I die. I'd love for you to hump my face and fuck my mouth. I'm not one of those women who dabbles, when a man dangles his cock in front of her mouth. I dare say that I'd give you the best head banging, slurp sounding, cock sucking blowjob you ever had in your life. You may cum in my mouth, of course. I swallow.

Having never smoked and having only drank socially, always having exercised, I'm in excellent health for my age. I still have my sexy legs and round, firm ass. If I say so myself, I look pretty good naked. My C cup breasts don't sag as much as many of the other ladies modest B cup breasts. Many of these women need to take more pride in their appearance and, at the very least, wear a bra. There's nothing attractive about seeing their breasts hanging below their waist.

Truth be told, just in case you're wondering, my tits look the same as they did, when I was fifty-five-years-old. I bet that caught your interest, along with a stir in your pants. How would you like to touch, feel, fondle, and suck 55-year-old breasts?

Proud of my tits, very sensitive to the touch, my nipples make me wet when fingered, pulled, twisted, and sucked. Oh, Sam, my breasts need the touch of your hand and my nipples ache for your fingers and for your mouth. Hoping that I don't scare you away, I don't mind telling you, Sam, that I have the libido of a 40-year-old woman.

I'm always so very horny and I still get wet, if you know what I mean. Pardon me for being so bold but, I'd suck your cock, if you'd let me, I would. You've never had a blowjob, until I've blown you. Having sucked a lot of cocks in my life of more men that I care to remember, I love sucking cock, Sam. I'd have to remove my dentures, of course, but have you ever had a gum job? I've been told, more than once, that gum jobs are so much better than blowjobs.

Without my teeth getting in the way, I can put more pressure on your cock with my gums than I can with my teeth. Unlike other women who just dabble and lick instead of suck, when they have a cock in their mouths, I'm a real cocksucker. Just in case you missed it the first time that I wrote it, you may cum in my mouth, Sam. I swallow.

A free spirit, a real pistol, I'm highly spirited. If I still had the pole that I had in my bedroom here at the nursing home, I bet I could still put on quite the show onstage, just as I did backstage, too, especially, if I was wearing a short shirt without panties, if you know what I mean. I still have my onstage costumes. I was Madam Butterfly back then, such a long time ago. Only, the women here would surely think me a slut, a hussy, and a whore, if I dared give the men what they want, a senior citizen, striptease show.

Going by the nickname of Sparkie, people remark about my spunk all the time. A sensual and sexual woman, a real firecaracker, you'll never find a hotter and more generous lover than me, lover boy. I think that I get some of my moxie from my mother. Always acting like the lady that she was, she was married five times. A buxom, beautiful, bodacious blonde, the men in the neighborhood used to call her Zsa Zsa. No doubt, with my blonde, albeit dyed blonde hair and big, natural tits, I take after her.

Now that we're older, Sam, why waste time playing the chase and tickle games that the rest of the old fogies play, when they think no one is looking? As if they're still back in junior high school, some of these people are so very immature. I'd fuck you right in the hall, if you'd wanted. On my knees or lying down, I'd suck your cock in the men's room, if that was your desire. I'd allow you to strip me naked and parade me around the entire complex with a dog leash around my neck, if that would get your motor running.

"Woof! Woof!"

I'd rather be more direct in telling you that I want you and must have you. Do me, Sam, do me. Use me. Abuse me. Fuck my pussy and fuck my mouth. Make me cum. Make me your slutty sex slave. Do with me what you always wanted to do with a woman, but never had the chance or the courage. Let's have some real fun, Sam. Let's go out with a bang, instead of a whimper. Strip me naked, tie me up, and spank me. Oh, yeah, baby. Make me your bitch.

My high spirit and strong will makes me appear to be a bit stubbornly self-centered and a selfish kind of girl, but I just can't help myself, especially when I'm on task and am driven to complete my mission. With my new mission being bagging and banged by you, when I see something that I want, I go get it and what I want right now is you, Sam. I want to make love to you, my love.

"Fuck me, Sam. Fuck me. Take me, I'm yours."

You don't look like the sort of wishy-washy man to me and I get the impression that you wouldn't want your woman to be any other way, especially in bed, right? While holding hands laughing and talking, I'd love to take long walks with you. If you dared me, I'd even go skinny dipping in the pond with you.

Especially during the late spring, summer, and early fall, the rural area we live in is so rich with nature's aromas. On a clear day with the sun shining down upon it, the color of the fields of heather and the smells of wild flowers is breathtaking and so calmingly beautiful. No doubt, with the other residents watching out their windows, I'd love to lie out on a blanket in the open field and make love.

I love flowers, Sam, especially wild flowers, and that's a direct hint. Pick me some wild flowers, Sam. Never been a long stemmed, American beauty fan, with each rose looking exactly like the other. Now, wild flowers, with all their imperfections, are all so very different and more interesting, especially to paint. Much more like people, with every flower different in the way that snowflakes are different, looking at a freshly picked bunch of wild flowers is like looking at life in a vase.

I need to be with you, Sam. I'd walk with you forever, my big, strong man. Sadly, I wish we had more time to enjoy what's left of our lives together. With both of us still healthy, we still have time to take in all that the creator has given us to enjoy. There's still so much that we haven't seen and experienced. As you understand very well, after nearly eight decades of living life, we don't have much time left, so why play silly games by pretending that we don't like one another and want one another? I want you, Sam, I really want you.

What worries me is you, Sam, you seem to be out of sorts lately. It's my wish to make you happy, contented, and sexually satisfied. Having worked all your life, until your 72th birthday, so fidgety and restless now, I couldn't help but notice that you're not the type of man who enjoys retirement. Sometimes you look bored. Maybe it would help your spirit for you to find a part-time job but should we really be working at our age? I've watched, as you've tried over and again to find work and I've felt your disappointment each time the job doesn't come through. Should we really have to find work at this age? Maybe it's finally time we just relax.

With the world turned upside down and backwards, my Dad retired at 55-years-old. Granted, he didn't live much longer than that, but now that we're all living longer, we should finally do what we want to do, instead of having to work at a job we hate, just for a few dollars. What I want to do, Sam, is to make love with you. I need to have sex with you. My pussy aches for you. I need to suck your cock, Sam. Maybe, after being with me, you won't feel as fidgety, restless, and bored.

There is comfort to take when we cuddle up on the couch with a blanket over our lap, while watching TV together. I shocked you, when I put your big hand on my breast and fondled your cock through your pants, just as I shocked you, when I unzipped you. I so wanted to reach my hand inside your pants and pull out your penis, but you stopped me. Since we were sitting in back, I would have taken out my teeth, put my head in your lap, and sucked you. No one would have known. They were all too busy watching reruns of Golden Girls.

I try so hard to be a good but, always still so very horny, I sometimes succumb to my whims. I've been so terribly lonely lately, Sam. I figure, if not now, then when? We may as well grab for all the gusto we can, no matter what the consequences.

I'd take it as my personal responsibility to keep you happy and safe. My loyal concern for you knows no bounds. I will get both of us in trouble, if I'm not held in check, and that's always exciting to me. I need to tell you that it's a Godsend that you sometimes scold me and reprove me just enough without breaking my spirit. After all, it's my incredible spirit that makes me who I am, you know. Otherwise, I never would have sent you such an erotic love letter, as the one you're reading now.

Did you like receiving my panties, Sam? Sniff them, while imagining sniffing and licking me. I can't wait to feel your fingers, your mouth, your lips, and your tongue in my pussy.

I was walking through the cornfield the other day and spotted a coyote. Such a beautiful wild animal, the sight of him made me feel alive. He made me miss my dog, a German Shepherd, named Gus. Oh, Sam, having lived so long in the city, what a great adventure that was seeing that animal in the wild.

As soon as he spotted me waving my scarf at him to scare him off, he took off at light speed. That was so exciting and scary for me. I surely didn't want to become his lunch. Yet, I'd allow you to be my wild animal, Sam. I'd allow you to ravish me. I'd love for you to eat me, Sam.

When I hear the Canadian geese flying overhead and making such a racket, I envy the freedom that birds enjoy. If I die, I'd love to come back as a bird and enjoy the wind beneath my wings uplifting me higher, as I soared effortlessly through the sky.

If I could pick a bird, I'd pick a bird of prey, a hawk and you could be my pigeon. I'd eat you all up, Sam, I would. With their big wingspan and colorful tail feathers, Hawks are so beautiful to watch. Maybe with all that I've written in this letter and all that I've confessed to you, I'm scaring you away. Don't be afraid of me, Sam. I don't bite. I just suck.

The reason I decided to write this letter is to let you know that you are the most important person in the world to me and to thank you for all the loving care that you've already given me by being my friend. Only, I need more than friendship. As I overheard my granddaughter saying on her cell phone, I need a fuck buddy.

I want and need to take our friendship to the next level. Maybe you don't have the same feelings for me that I have for you, but that's okay. Maybe you're impotent and don't have those feelings anymore, at all, but that's okay, too. We can still cuddle. We can still make love and we can still have sex without penetration. In time, you'll love me, in the way that I love you. I'm so fortunate to have you in my life and I hope you feel the same way about me.

I love you, Sam, and always will.

Your loving woman,


* * * * *

Dear Irene,

What a wonderful surprise to receive your letter! As you can probably tell from my poor handwriting, I don't write very much.

Having never said it to you before, you make me want to confess my feelings now. I love you and care about you too, Irene. The L word has always been difficult for me to say, even at my age. You are my favorite, wild, crazy, and enormously funny, blonde, busty, beautiful babe in the whole world.

Man, I sure did the right thing when I picked you out of the group of card playing, senior citizen ladies at the nursing home, only to discover that you picked me. You've truly been a handful, but it has paid off now. Never have I had as much fun, just walking, while talking to you. You lived the life that I wish I had lived. Now that I know you want me, as much as I want you, I want to spend the rest of my years with you, my darling, Irene.

Let's get into my oversized, recliner chair and cuddle, while planning our new life together. There's room enough for two. Let's make a wish list, our personal bucket list, of all that we can do with our new found love relationship. Now that we're together, maybe instead of living here we can get our own apartment. Yet, just as I wrote that, I know that we can't live anywhere but here. With all that we have here, people who clean and cook for us, while medically caring for us, we can have a good life here, so long as I can sneak you in my room and you can sneak me in your room.

To answer your question, Irene, yes, I still can pound the pussy, please the beaver, part the clam, and pulsate the mound? I'd love to fill all your holes with my cock, baby. And don't worry about me not licking the jar, just as I'd love to fill your hand, your mouth, and your pussy with my cock, I'd love to fill your pussy with my tongue, too.

My Dorothy, God rest her soul, didn't do oral sex. In the forty-four years we were together, she didn't take me in her mouth, but for a few times. Even when she took me in her mouth, she never gave me a real blowjob. When she briefly sucked me, while stroking me, there was much more stroking than sucking. Then, when I was ready to cum, she'd pull me from her mouth and have me cum on her tits. Even though I always wanted to, even though I begged her to allow me to cum in her mouth just once, she never allowed me to cum in her mouth.

I'm glad you're a cocksucker, Irene, and I'd love for you to give me a gum job. I'd love to hump your face and fuck your mouth, Irene, I would, I really would. I'd love to make you my bitch, my own personal slutty, sex slave. Gees, if only my grandchildren could hear Grandpa talking dirty now. And I don't mind you pretending if I'm George Clooney, so long as I can cum in your mouth and you swallow. I'd make you my one and only fuck buddy.

Since you're being so sexually honest and open, there are some things that I'd love to do with you that my wife, God rest her soul, would never do. When in the recreation room, I'd love for you to wear a short skirt with a low cut blouse. Making it appear accidental, I'd love for you to flash Ben, Walter, Joe, and George. I'd love for you to give them plenty of up skirt peeks of your panties and down blouse views of your bra. Further, I'd love to go skinny dipping with you, so long as I can invite a few of my best pals to watch you stripping naked.

Wow! I can't wait to feel, fondle, finger, and suck your 55-year-old tits and nipples. I can't wait, Irene, to finally live out the sexual fantasies that I always wanted to do. Hurry and write back.

Love to you,


* * * * *

Dear Sam,

I'm going to make you the happiest man in this nursing home. Meet me in the recreation room at 4pm. Just for you, I can't wait to flash my panties, my bra, my naked pussy, and my tits to your friends.

Love, humps, hugs, and kisses,


* * * * *

Dear Irene,

You may not know us, but we're the staff that cleans your room, cooks your meals, and makes sure that you're safe. Along with your pink, scented panties, I found your letter to Sam and read it. The letter was the hottest letter I've ever read and if your pussy smells anything like your panties, I'm in Heaven.

I just wanted you to know that if Sam doesn't take you up on your offer, if Sam doesn't treat you right, then we are all interested.


Tyrone, Anthony, Wally, and Bob

* * * * *

Dear Tyrone, Anthony, Wally, and Bob,

I'm a night owl and Sam turns in promptly at 9pm. As you already know, my door is always unlocked. What Sam doesn't know, won't hurt him. If you men were to sneak in my room after midnight, I promise to show you all a good time.

Bring some hot fudge and whip cream and we'll have our own little penis party.


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