tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNew Friends, New Experiences Ch. 03

New Friends, New Experiences Ch. 03


The sun had risen and was on its ascent into the clear August sky when I woke up. My alarm clock read ten past ten in the morning, and I woke up with a content feeling of restfulness that had been eluding me for far too long. I threw the soft cotton sheets off my body, disgusted at how my sweat made them stick to me. It was already hot today, and I had just the cure. Our house had an in-ground pool on the back patio. Kelly and AJ, my two housemates for the summer, and I swam almost every day. After Kelly had come back from Spain, she introduced us to casual nudism, and my boyfriend and I were hooked. I hadn't worn my bikini to swim in over a month. As I lay in bed contemplating whether I should swim first or have breakfast, I reflected on the past summer. It surprised me how I had gone from a model Catholic school graduate to a sexually liberated girl in one summer. When I say Catholic school, I don't mean the porno sluts you think of when you hear that. Our uniforms were modest, we were a group of smart, competitive students, and we were, for the most part, relatively straight-edge.

Now, the opposite was true. I had lost count of the times I had had sex with my boyfriend, and in virtually every position. I had gone down on him—something I never in a million years would have thought I would do—and he had done the same for me, which was, again, something I never thought I would do. Add in the fact that my left ring finger was very much unadorned, and I surprised even myself. Before this summer, I would never have thought I'd have lost my virginity before marriage. Some girls feel pressured into sex, which is a shame. It should be a decision the two of you make, not one on the behalf of the other. With AJ, we had made our decisions together.

I stood up, my reverie complete. I decided to take a swim before I got the rest of my day started. The thing I love about sleeping nude and swimming nude was that I don't have to change before I went outside. I also found I dried off more quickly if I didn't have a suit to retain water. Even a small bikini holds a fair amount of water, which really made me cold after getting out.

Taking some sunscreen, I went outside, wearing only my two-week old belly button piercing. In celebration of my newfound slight abs and sexual freedom, I got my belly button pierced, something I'd always wanted to do, but had previously thought too wanton. I got it also to draw attention to a part of my body I was very proud of, and away from my legs and boobs. Walking outside, I found that Kelly was already sunbathing nude on the chaise lounge. Kelly had a body I would love to have. She was a little more voluptuous than me, with more drastic curves. Her perky breasts were a solid 36 D, her waist a trim 24 inches, and her hips about 35 inches. She had phenomenal legs, and a firm, round, juicy butt that you could easily bounce a quarter off of. Her abs were gently rippled from swimming and riding her bike, and they were nicely accentuated with two navel piercings, one on the top of her belly button, and a second one on the bottom, which she got when I got mine. Her tanned skin went well with her strikingly blue eyes and light brown hair. She was really hot, and this is coming from a girl who is neither lesbian nor bisexual. Now, I am happy with my build. I'm a toned size six, I have firm, well-shaped 34 B/C breasts, a slim waist, nice hips, and long legs with just the right amount of muscle and fat to all combine for a very sexy body. For the first time in my life, I have a slight six pack, really only visible when I flex my abs. They look really sexy with my belly button ring. I'm not one of those chicks that spends every waking hour at the gym and is nothing but a ball of muscle, and I don't want to be that. I like my curves, but I do like being in shape.

"Hey, hot stuff," Kelly greeted me. I didn't take her comments like this to be flirtatious. We said things like this to be complimentary.

"Good morning, sexy lady." I returned as I sat down on the chaise beside her, cracking open the bottle of sunscreen. Tossing my long, cinnamon-brown hair behind my shoulders, I squeezed out a palm full of sunscreen and began rubbing it in. AJ, my boyfriend, always enjoyed watching me rub in the sunscreen. I didn't blame him. It was rather sexy. I rubbed the cold liquid into my breasts, and I felt my nipples harden under the influence of the cold. I massaged it deeply into my breasts, partly to avoid a sunburn and partly softcore masturbation. I rubbed the sunscreen into my abs, but avoided putting it on my pussy just yet.

"Would you mind getting my back?" I asked, holding out the bottle of sunscreen to her.

"Sure," she simply said as I rolled over onto my stomach. She squirted some sunscreen into her hands and began massaging it in, and it felt wonderful. She really was a good masseuse. Kelly rubbed my shoulders, kneading out muscles I didn't even know were tight. Squirting some more between my shoulder blades, she began to work further down my back.

"My God, Kelly, that feels awesome." I said with a contented sigh. She worked the small of my back, her warm hands offsetting the coolness of the sunscreen.

"I'm glad you like it," she said with a hint of flirtatiousness in her voice. I paid it no mind. "Don't freak out, now," she warned, and I soon found out why. Her hands wandered from my back down to my tight, athletic butt. It felt too good for me to complain.

"No homo," I snickered as she began to massage some sunscreen between my butt cheeks. Even though I said that, I was starting to get strangely turned on. It confused me, since I'm comfortably straight. I had never felt an interest in girls, but here I was, getting horny from a girl massaging my ass and the crack.

"You don't want to sunburn your ass, trust me." She laughed ruefully. "I figured that out my second time out. You're pretty tanned down there, but let's not take chances."

"That'd suck." I couldn't imagine how bad that'd feel, what with the itching you couldn't publicly scratch, the pain of wearing clothes or sitting down, not to mention the peeling.

"Spread your legs a little," she instructed. With a slight sense of fear and an equal sense of anticipation, I did. She put a little sunscreen on her fingertip and wiggled it around my asshole, which drew an exited giggle from me. "I never would have thought you'd be into ass play," she said with much more than a hint of flirtatiousness in her voice. She kept massaging around it, and I felt my slit get wetter and wetter. Her finger migrated down a bit and began to massage the area between my asshole and my slit, and I had never noticed how many nerves were there. I was past caring about the fact that I was straight and a girl was doing this to me. I was unbelievably horny.

"Have you ever had a g-spot orgasm?" she asked, palming my ass with one hand and massaging around my vag with the other.

"No, I haven't." I responded, letting the horniness in my voice come out.

"Well, roll over, maybe we can get you there." She said. I rolled over and saw that her nipples were incredibly hard, and her shaved, tan pussy was glistening with wetness.

"Having fun, are you?" I purred.

"In Spain, I met this girl, Adelina, and we did things I never thought I'd do with a girl. Ever since then, I've felt the desires for a girl, but I still call myself straight."

"Wow, I never thought you'd fool around with a girl. But feel free to fool around with this one, I can't deny how horny I am." I massaged my boobs as I spoke and moved my feet closer to my hips, raising my knees and opening up myself for her. She sat down and reached out, softly touching my smooth, wet slit. I gasped as she ran her finger over my clit, and she then slid her finger into my wet, waiting pussy. I felt her crook her finger into a "come here" motion inside me, rubbing the inside of my pussy's walls, searching for the elusive g-spot. I closed my eyes, relishing the feeling of her finger, and I deeply kneaded my perky breasts as she worked. I then felt something familiar. Her tongue was sliding up my vagina, from the area right beneath my opening all the way up, around her finger, and up to my clit, which I could feel engorging. A feeling of fear and anticipation welled within me. Was I becoming a lesbian? I love cock! I pushed aside my confusion to deal with later.

"Ooh, fuck, that feels good," I gasped. She began moving her finger inside me, like she was beckoning someone to come near. Kelly had found my g-spot, and the combined efforts of her licking the hard nub that was my clit and working my g-spot had me feeling wonderful. My hips involuntarily pressed forward, causing her face to mash deeply into my warm wetness. Her breath against my clit and swollen lips was exquisite, and the light sensation was a beautiful harmony to the pressures of her tongue and lips against my clit and the finger within me. Kelly began to synchronize her finger's motion with the motion from her lips and tongue, and I felt pleasure begin to sweep me in waves, like the tide coming in on a beach. I started writhing my hips in time with her as my hands magnetically found my nipples and breasts. For about ten minutes, we carried on as such, before my pleasure began to take me over.

"Come on, you sexy bitch, I'm right there, so close," I panted, grabbing her head and forcing it into my wet pussy. At this, she began to slow down, but she increased the pressure, making it feel like I was really getting fucked. Kelly's tongue stayed on my clit instead of sweeping over it like she had done; her fingertip also remained in contact with my g-spot, rubbing all around it. I moaned as I tensed up; I had a body-shaking orgasm on the way. My back arched, making my boobs stand out even more. At this, she focused even more on my g-spot. I could feel her finger rubbing against the g-spot, like a miniature sponge. These sensations proved too much to resist. I began to orgasm like I never have before. My body began to shake, from my red-painted toenails to the top of my head. As I was coming, Kelly gave me no respite; rather, she intensified her stimulation of me. Pleasure like nothing else enveloped me. I moaned loudly, my legs stretching out and my ass lifting off the chaise, holding myself up by my arms. I could feel my abs clench hard as Kelly rubbed them lightly. Even though I was moving around a lot, she never broke contact with my clit.

As I came down from my orgasm, Kelly moved up beside me, until our faces were side by side. Her lips were soaked with my juices, and she made a show of licking it off. My nose was now less than a centimeter from hers. Taking the initiative, I leaned in and kissed her tenderly and slowly. My tongue found hers, and we made out. After several minutes, I moved my mouth to her graceful neck and kissed, increasing the pressure until I was lightly using my teeth on her neck.

She began to rub her clit as I nibbled on her collarbones. I took her hand and moved it away from her completely hairless, waxed slit. Removing my mouth from her neck, I told her, "Leave that to me." Her eyebrows rose as she smiled mischievously, her electric blue eyes twinkling. I began to work my way down her body, from her collarbones to her full, perky breasts. I took each nipple in my mouth and sucked on it until they were hard before moving on. Kissing her in a straight line down her firm belly, I gently tugged on her belly button rings with my teeth before moving further down. I decided to drive her crazy. I kissed all over her mound before I slowly moved down onto her soft, smooth snatch. Spreading her small lips apart, I probed with my tongue and found her to be very wet. Licking from her vaginal opening up to her clit, I explored her before I attacked her clit with my tongue. Experimenting with a variety of motions, I tried figure-8s, random motion, circular motion, and a "painting" motion, up and down over her hard nub of a clit.

She seemed to like the figure-8s and circles the best, so I focused on that, and her hips began to writhe against my face as I went down on her. She spread her legs to more easily accommodate me, and I took the initiative to get my hands in on the action. The area between her slit and her asshole was the first area on which my fingers landed, and the response I got from her was incredible. Kelly gasped from the unexpected touch and moaned, "Oh, God, Maura, finger me too."

I licked two fingers and lined them up with her smooth, waxed slit. Her warm, wet pussy seemed to be aching for my touch, and I didn't keep it waiting. I drove my fingers inside her, and at first just pumping in and out. I had never felt the inside of a vagina before—when I masturbated, I just rubbed my clit—and I loved the feel of her hot, wet pussy walls against my fingers. Crooking my fingers like Kelly had done to me, I began looking for her G-spot. Kelly guessed what I was doing and gripped my wrist. "Go deeper, just a little deeper." I did, pushing my fingers into her up to my third knuckle, and began making the "come here" gesture again.

At this, Kelly's hips lifted with a short expulsion of breath and I felt her hand that was on my head clench my hair. The lifting of her hips had changed how my tongue was hitting her clit, so I spread her lips and clit hood apart to more easily pleasure them. Her juices were sweet and salty at the same time, an interesting taste that is hard to describe. I slowed down my tongue's dance on her clit and increased the pressure, timing it with my digital manipulations. She wrapped her supple, sexy legs around my head at this, hooking her feet together to hold me in close. I could barely hear as her legs covered my ears. The sensory denial made me focus solely on pleasing her. Her breaths were deep and slow, and also in time with my tongue and my fingers. I took my hand that was spreading her pussy apart and began to touch her ass with it, getting closer and closer to her asshole as I went. Finally, my left index finger was dancing on her little rosebud of an asshole. Without waiting for her to give a say-so, I drove it into her, wiggling it around as I did so. With this, she began to spasm, with quick, erratic breaths that indicated she was very close to coming. Her hand that was wrapped in my hair clenched again, pulling my mane ever so slightly, which I took as an indicator to keep going.

"Don't...Stop!" she managed to gasp as she began to cum for me. I felt like I was playing a game of Twister gone perverse. My tongue and lips remained in contact with her clit; my right index and middle fingers were massaging her G-spot, and my left index finger was three knuckles deep in her asshole. Finally, as her hips bucked, a short stream of milky white juices shot from her vagina and hit me on my chin, neck, and upper chest. I pulled off in slight surprise.

She leaned up on her elbows and looked down at me. "Holy God, Maura, that was amazing. Sorry about the cum, that's never happened to me before. I swear I didn't piss on you."

I ran a finger through it as it dripped down my boobs and tasted it. It tasted nothing like what I would imagine piss would taste like. It was mostly tasteless, but with a sweet aftertaste to it. It almost tasted like cantaloupe juice. "Don't be sorry about it, that was hot," I replied.

"What's it taste like?" Kelly asked. I said nothing, but arched my back to offer her my boobs. She licked it off, slowly, teasing me again.

"I can taste the melon I ate earlier," she said with a sultry laugh. "Fuckin' weird!" Her tongue traced over where she had squirted on me, from my nipples to my collarbones, up my neck and onto my face. I love it when I get kissed on my jawbone, it's one of the most sensual places for me to get kissed. Add slight sucking (not enough to leave a mark, but just a little) and it gets me from zero to horny in about three and a half seconds.

This was actually sort of a problem at the moment. After such a mind-blowing, body-shaking orgasm, I really needed a break. Plus, the pangs of guilt at what I had just done began to hit. I'd cheated on my amazing boyfriend because I couldn't control myself. It wasn't because I wasn't getting enough emotionally or physically from him. It was because I was weak, a weak little girl who didn't know how blessed she was, nor knowing her own power to hurt people. Sensing my reticence, she ceased her kissing and caressing of me. I pried myself from her arms and went inside, down the hall to my room, where I got dressed and sat on my bed, huddled in the corner. My stomach began to ache, as it always does when I feel I'm in trouble, while silent tears etched rivulets down my cheeks.

AJ came home that night after hanging out with some of his friends. I led him into the bedroom and he sat down on the bed, motioning for me to sit down with him. He could clearly see something was bothering me.

"What's up, babe? You're not yourself tonight."

I swallowed hard before answering. I could feel tears beginning to well up in my eyes. "Baby, I never thought I'd say this to anyone, especially not to such an awesome boyfriend like you, but earlier today, I had a lapse in judgment and had sex with someone else."

He visibly recoiled, as if punched, and said almost numbly, "With whom?"

"It was Kelly. I never thought it would happen, especially with her." The previously unshed tears began to stream down my face. "I'm so sorry. I feel like such a whore now. I let you down. If you want to call it quits now, I really can't say that I blame you. I'll pack my stuff and I'll move out tomorrow."

He was silent for a moment. "You know, Maura, if it were anyone else, I'd be really pissed. But I have seen how she's been looking at you for the past month."

I was confused. "You're not mad?"

He laughed, much to my relief, and those bright green eyes of his put me at ease. "No, not really. She's a very sexual person, and she's even asked me about a three-way, which I've been seriously contemplating, and thought I'd take her up on. Either way, she'll be messing around with you. I figured at some point she'd seduce you. As long as it's only an occasional thing, I don't really mind."

I felt more tears stream down my face at this; they were tears of relief. "Oh, God, AJ, what did I do to deserve you?" I asked quietly.

He brushed the tears from my face. "No more of that, babe, it's not a good look for you. Come on, let's go to bed." We stripped down to our favorite pajamas, the ones we were born with; I settled in next to him, his warmth against me assuring me that I had a keeper of a boyfriend.

The next morning, I woke up and ventured into the kitchen for a breakfast of cereal and scrambled eggs. Kelly sat at the table already, finishing off her bacon.

"Hey Kelly, do you want to go on a little vacation with AJ and me? My parents own a beach house on Jekyll Island in Georgia. Dad inherited it from Grandpa; the place is colossal, and has its own private beach. We have two boats down there too, and I'm qualified to pilot both. It's the one house built in the state park area, since it was there before it was a state park. Dad says we can go down there for a week or so if we want."

"Yeah, that sounds like a blast!" she responded. "That's some prime real estate, especially with a private beach. How much area is yours?"

"We have a thousand feet of beach that is ours, but with so few people there, we can go for a mile or so before you run into anyone else. It's awesome. I was thinking the second to last week before school starts would be best." I said as I salted my eggs.

"Yeah, sounds good to me. My job is with UK, so I start when school starts, so no trouble there."

"Good, I've already requested off from work that week, so that makes it easier." I laughed. "Oh, and Kelly: don't pack any clothing. We won't need it." We both grinned at this, as we knew exactly what we would be doing for the week.

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