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New Game of Sex


Greg looked down at Ann’s new game with bemusement and some trepidation. There was a velvet bag with five names, one of them his own. There was a die that had six labels: fuck, oral, prep, get off, 3 and dare. The second die had numbers on it, but different ones than normal.

“What are these, Ann?” he asked nervously, “Tell me they’re not what I think they are.”

Ann grinned mischievously. “Of course they are, G-man!” Greg flinched and gave her a glare. That name was a relic of the last game they had played – the truth or dare session he had spent wearing her g-string.

“Look. This one,” she said, pointing to the one with the labels, “is what you do. So if you get fuck, you have to fuck someone. If you get oral, you blow or suck them off. If you get prep, you can kiss or make out with someone. Get off means masturbation and ‘3’ means you’ll be doing it with two people. Finally, dare means you get dared by someone.”

“What’s this one for, then?” Greg said, pointing at the name bag.

“Wake up, G. It’s for who you’re doing it with. If you roll anything but ‘get off,’ you’ll be doing it with someone else. We roll this one last.” She pointed to the third die, which was labeled with the numbers 1, 2. 3, 5, 10 and 12. “That’s how many minutes you’re doing whatever.”

Greg laughed. “What if you get your own name? Or another guy’s name?”

She smiled, “We remove your name. In some eventualities, we’ll have to use my toy chest. And if you roll ‘fuck,’ you’re always the fuckee, not the fucker. And if you roll another guy’s name…” she paused and leaned towards him, “…suck it up, G-man,” she said, breathily.

“Final question,” Greg said unsteadily, noting that his soldier had come to attention. “How are you going to get the rest of them to do it?” Greg knew as well as Ann that this game would be a tough sell, even to a group of friends who were already experienced in strip poker, truth or dare and many other sex games.

“I’ve got my ways…” she said, smiling as she walked away. Greg watched her go. Ann was a beauty, a compact brunette with curves all over. She was the girlfriend, however, of Greg’s good friend Jared. He had been friends with her forever, though, and he was the one who had introduced her to Jared, his friend from college. Jared was a big brawny blond guy, about six-four and a half. Greg, a good six foot himself, always felt small around Jared.

She thinks she can get them to play her little game. “I guess we’ll see on Saturday…” Greg murmured to himself,

Friday came and went and finally it was the big day. Ann decided her house was the best bet – it was familiar ground and had a fully stocked bar, not to mention a decent amount of room and good lighting. Not only that, but her toy chest was here. She set up the seats around the living room table and hid her game under her own chair. Ann looked around the room, checking to make sure she had everything. Sexual food (strawberries, chocolate and bananas), safety equipment (condoms, lube, and massage oil), and foreplay (cards and lots of alcohol, including deceptive drinks that were very strong) were all in place. Everything in place, including a couple of futons that were for “sleeping over;” As far as they knew, the futons were there because everyone would be drinking.

And at that moment, the doorbell rang. Ann opened it and Greg stood there, smiling and holding a potted plant with mini roses. He stood there for a moment, taking in her tight skirt and top.

“A plant?” she said, with a laugh, glancing at his jeans and black shirt.

“And some jello shots,” he said, passing her a bag.

“Impressive.” At that moment, Jared came to the door in his standard khakis and blue button-up shirt.

“Hi, sweetie,” he said, kissing her and passing her a bottle of tequila, “Hey G, how’s the string?” he said, looking down at Greg.

“All good,” said Greg, clasping his hand, “You ready for what your girl has in store for tonight?”

“Totally, even though she won’t tell me anything about it. You know me, though, game for anything.” Jared said with a laugh. It was true, though, Greg thought. When they were on the lacrosse team in college, Jared did every dare with style, from dressing as a girl to actually kissing another teammate’s ass. Greg was still surprised that Ann hadn’t mentioned any part of her glorious plan to Jared. He raised an eyebrow at her and she threw a smile his way. She ushered them in and shut the door. A couple minutes later, the doorbell rang again. Ann answered it, seeing Lisa and Randy standing there.

Lisa was a tall blond who used to be in ballet and had retained her flexibility. She had had talent as a dancer, but puberty had thrown her off track as she grew tall and busty. She had done modeling, mostly small potatoes stuff, until she had found the real joy in her life – science. She had met Ann in college while she was studying chemistry and now worked 50-60 hour weeks in a laboratory filled with geeky males amazed to have a blonde goddess working by their side. She worked hard, but she also played hard, leading the others in naughtier dares almost as eagerly as Ann.

With her was Randy, who along with his apt name had floppy black hair and eyes that both girls and boys sighed over, not to mention a viciously funny sense of humour that few people dared to cross. Thinner than both of the other guys, he had met Ann at a bisexual party at university. Even though both had been chasing their own sex at the time, they had found a good friend instead. It didn’t matter since both ended up having more interest in the opposite sex. He and Lisa had gotten along, and they had been a hung out together before meeting Ann’s high school friend, Greg and his friend Jared. The group of five had been tight ever since.

Greg had to admit Ann begun the night the right way. She started it with a familiar drinking game. After only an hour, Randy, Lisa, and, surprisingly, Jared were well on their way to being smashed. Jared did a body shot off Lisa, licking salt off her collarbone, doing a shot out of her cleavage and kissing her as he took the lemon. Greg hesitantly did a shot off Ann, but Jared never blinked and Greg was able to let the kiss linger a little longer.

“All right, everyone… strip poker!” said Ann, passing around cards. There were a couple of groans but everyone started playing. After the usual losses of shoes, socks and glasses (from the prearranged amount of five pieces of clothing), Ann lost her top and unbuttoned it slowly to reveal a semi-transparent black bra. Everyone oohed and she flushed slightly. Lisa was next and she lost her top and skirt in quick succession. She sat there with a cream coloured bra that encased her full breasts and a tight matching G-string.

“Want to borrow it, Greg?” she said with a saucy grin.

“Only if you stay in it,” he replied, kissing her cheek. Apparently, doing this was bad luck and Greg lost his shirt and pants. He sat their in his black shorts with his burgeoning erection showing.

“Nice woody, G,” said Jared, with a grin as Greg started to shift to find a less obvious angle. Greg gave him the finger and gave up on hiding his erection.

Jared was next and got down to his blue briefs. Greg smiled, looking at him.

“Shut up,” said Jared, noticing Greg looking at his erection. Ann next lost, removing both her underwear and her bra. She sat naked and casually dealt another hand, ignoring the eight eyes gazing at her. Randy was next and lost four times in succession, going from almost fully dressed to completely naked.

“Have a look, boys,” he said, pulling down his pants and letting his erection free. The other two laughed and shook their heads. Soon after that, everyone was naked and giggling. As Ann looked around, she realized that there was quite a variety of cocks in the room. Jared’s was long and thin, about eight inches long. It was a familiar sight to Ann and she gave Jared a deliciously dirty look as she glanced at it. Greg’s was about a half inch shorter, but much thicker. The cock that really made her mouth drool was Randy’s, an almost nine inch whopper with a good thickness on it as well. Both of the other men looked at it again and shook their heads. Randy shrugged and settled back.

“I’ve got a new game,” said Ann teasingly, “Who wants to play?” Everyone lifted their hands, some more enthusiastically than others. Ann broke out the dice and the bag, explaining the rules to everyone. Greg smiled with admiration as Ann was able to easily pass the game by the naked and drunk group.

“Who goes first?” asked Greg.

“How about the person who was out of the strip poker game first?” asked Lisa, smirking. Ann glared at her and laughed.

“Fine,” she said. She rolled the first die, getting “get off.” Everyone laughed as she blushed.

“Now roll the time!” said Randy with a laugh. She rolled and got a one.

“Darn the luck! Well, anyways, give us a good view, sweetheart,” said Jared, lifting her naked body onto the table. Ann sat there for a moment, her lush body reflecting the candlelight. Randy looked at the stop watch on the table.

“Go ahead, love,” he said with a wicked smile. Ann began massaging her breasts, bending down and licking her own nipple into pertness. As one hand massaged her breast, the other one wandered down past her pieced navel down to her shaved cunt. Everyone got a good view as she started to stroke the outer lips, moving inside. Her other hand ran through her long molasses coloured hair and she let out a little moan. At that point, the clock beeped.

“No way that was a minute!” said Lisa, upset and looking very flushed herself.

“Let’s see who’s next,” said Ann, getting off the table and pulling her name out of the bag, “No one goes twice before everyone’s gone.” She pulled out a name. “Jared!” Jared winced and rolled the die, which landed on “oral.” Everyone laughed and Ann made a big display of pulling Jared’s name out of the velvet bag and replacing it with her own.

“After all, I’m feeling pretty horny after my display and I know you’re not that bendy,” said Ann, with a kiss. Jared smiled and reached into the bag, mixing around the names. Both girls were at rapt attention while the two boys poured themselves drinks. Jared pulled out a name and looked at it, stricken.


“Yeah?” Greg said, turning as the girls laughed. He noticed Jared still looking at the slip of paper and finally realized what had transpired.

“Going to wuss out, sweetie?” asked Ann, kissing Jared’s shoulder. Something in Jared hardened, and he smiled.

“No way. Although we’re both going to need a shot first,” Jared said, pouring tequila for both himself and Greg.

“I don’t know, man,” said Greg uneasily, but he recognized the look on Jared’s face from previous dare games. Protesting wouldn’t do any good. The others urged Greg on and he gave in, doing the shot. He sat on the table, noticing it was still warm from Ann’s display. Jared took one more swig out of the bottle.

“Hold on a second, honey… roll the die,” said Ann and Jared did, rolling the five. “Five minutes,” Ann whispered, “Start the clock.”

Greg closed his eyes and heard the beep. A second later, he felt a hot mouth move onto his cock and a tongue began caressing it in hot strokes. Greg let out an involuntary moan. Jared was amazing at this, better than any other blow job Greg had ever received.

“Slow down,” he heard Ann murmur, “He’s gotta last the full five.” Greg looked down to see Jared’s blond hair and his tanned face looking up at him. There was almost a bolt of electricity between their eyes but neither of them looked away. Jared continued pleasuring Greg with his mouth, even deep throating him once to the other’s surprise. Greg fought the urge to cum in the tall man’s mouth, not sure that he could hold out and not sure that he wanted to.

“One minute left,” said Ann, her voice catching in her throat. Jared increased his action and Greg found himself close to coming.

“Uhhh… Jared,” he said, trying to warn him, but Jared didn’t let up. Right before the beep, Greg groaned and let loose streams of come which Jared swallowed with a moan. Greg looked around and saw the other three looking extremely turned on. Jared finished cleaning Greg up and took another swig out of the bottle.

“All right, man?” he said, clapping Greg on the back with a half-embarrassed smile.

“Great,” said Greg, downing his drink.

“Next?” smiled Ann, breaking the tension. She pulled Jared’s and her name out of the bag, shaking it up. “Lisa?”

“Well, finally,” said Lisa, rolling the die. It landed on prep. “Prep?” she moaned, “I was hoping to get off.” She reached into refilled name bag and read the name. “Ann.” All of the men cheered, and the two girls smiled sheepishly. Lisa rolled the time die and came up with a ten. The men cheered again.

“Guess it’s our turn, sweets.” she said, turning to Ann and leading her to one of the futons. The boys crowded around it, watching intently. Lisa hesitantly leaned over and kissed Ann – her first time kissing a woman. There was a certain soft-hardness about it. A lack of manly scents and something more… Lisa leaned in and almost started at the feeling of a hard nipple tracing a line over her breast. She traced her pink tongue around the outside of Ann’s ear as the busty brunette nibbled on her taut nipples. They barely felt the air conditioner on the futon as they kissed and teased each other’s bodies. All too soon for the guys, the watch beeped.

“Aw, no licking?” groaned Randy.

“It said ‘prepped’… and I sure am,” said Lisa, running her hands through her hair, “Who’s next? I know what I’m hoping they roll.” They all laughed good naturedly, albeit a little awkwardly.

“Who knows?” smiled Ann, “Anything goes.” She sorted out the name bag.

“I bet it’s you or me,” Randy stage whispered to Greg.

“Good odds,” laughed Greg. He was still feeling awkward after his moment with Jared, but his cock had started to regain its strength.

“Greg,” said Ann, glancing down at his again firm cock. “You’re up.” Everyone smiled at her double entendre and Greg reached for the die. He rolled and everyone gasped and giggled when they saw the result … “fuck.” Greg got excited for a moment – it looked like he was getting off again…only then he realized.

The roller was the receiver, not the giver. His heart sank, but he noticed his cock was getting a little harder.

“How’s that work again?” asked Jared, his words no longer sounding slurred. He’s sobering up, Greg realized. Or he wants us to think he’s more drunk than he is. Jared continued.

“So Greg’s got to take it, but what if he pulls Lisa or you?”

“I’ve got a toy prepared for that eventuality,” said Ann with a laugh, “Should be fun for us girls. Maybe not so much for G, here. Come on Greg, pull a name for us.” Greg reached into the bag, pulling out a name. Everyone waited in anticipation as he read it out:

“Greg. Um… Ann did you sort out the bag?” As Ann cursed, Randy laughed.

“Hey, Greg, go fuck yourself!” Everyone laughed and Greg pulled another name out of the bag.

“Randy. Fuck.” Everyone looked down at Randy’s large-sized cock and Randy shrugged with a big smile on his face. In previous games, he had never hidden his admiration for Greg, although he still gazed at the women more. Ann was pretty sure she had seen a look of disappointment on Jared’s face before he took another swig from his bottle. Greg rolled the other die and got a 12, much to the amusement of the others.

“Can it be until whenever I come, whichever comes first, pardon the pun?” asked Randy, looking dubious. The other three whispered for a moment and gave their judgement.

“Yes,” Ann replied, “But it’s got to be for six minutes at least.”

“Uh… how is this going to work?” asked Greg nervously.

“Do you want to know how cocks work in general or in this specific situation?” asked Ann with a grin.

“Ask your boyfriend,” Greg smiled and Randy high-fived him as Jared suddenly winced. “I was wondering on specifics. I’m not exactly… stretchy there.” Ann started rummaging around in a covered basket that none of them had noticed.

“Lube,” she passed a tube over. “Sturdy condom… how about a smaller vibe? Or are you all set, Rands?”

“I think I’m good with that, thanks,” said Randy, getting down to business, “Look, Greg. I’m pretty sure this is going to hurt and I’ve never done it before, either giving or receiving. So, let’s go slow and get it right, okay?” Greg nodded and moved to a doggy-style position on the futon. Jared was ready there with another shot and Greg gratefully downed it as the girls helped Randy prepare, slathering his condom-clad cock with lubricant. Greg felt warm hands behind him, spreading his hole with yet more lubricant. It felt weird but kind of good. He felt a finger dip in lightly and he tensed.

“Calm down, G. You’re making it much harder… more difficult,” Randy sighed. Greg pushed himself to relax and felt the finger slip in. It felt… interesting. Kind of half painful and half good, like a spanking. He felt another finger slip in and breathed deep, making himself relax. Randy spread more lube over himself and eased his cock into Greg.

“You feel really good, Greg. Nice and tight.” Greg only grunted, feeling some pain. Randy eased in so that about three of his nine inches were in. He then paused, letting Greg get used to his width. At this point, he noticed Greg pushing back on him.

“Someone likes his cock,” Randy laughed and immediately felt Greg tighten up as the other three laughed. He waited until Greg loosened up again before pushing himself in further.

“He’s halfway,” Jared announced, eliciting a groan from Greg. Randy kept pushing in, pausing every one or two inches until Greg’s tight flesh accommodated him. Finally, he was in.

“All the way in and seven minutes to spare,” Ann said with a pleased smile, “Feeling full, Greg? I’m a little jealous.”

“Me too,” admitted Lisa, “How does it feel?”

“Kind of painful,” said Greg, with a wince.

“He likes it, the little liar,” said Randy, reaching around to touch Greg’s rock hard cock, “Look at this! He’s about ready to burst!”

“You know the rules, Randy,” said Ann in mock chastisement, “No touchy. Only fucky.”

“Your wish is my command, my lady,” said Randy with an elaborate wave. He slowly began moving his cock in and out of Greg, drawing out uncontrolled moans from him. Finally, Randy was fucking him with rampant enthusiasm and Greg was clearly loving it, despite his attempts to claim the contrary.

“One minute,” said Ann, “Last chance to come inside him, Randy.” Since Randy was clearly close, he doubled his already enthusiastic effort. Greg, who was surprised to find himself loving this mix of pain and pleasure, could almost feel the twitching of Randy’s cock as it came in his ass. At that moment, he was very close to coming himself, but managed to stop himself just in time. After all, he’d like to come in a lady tonight, preferably Ann, and had to save his strength.

Randy, breathing heavily, took care of the condom and checked out Greg’s exhausted orifice. “No bleeding or anything… he’s a pro.”

Greg wiped off most of the lubricant and sat down with a drink, trying to fruitlessly salvage some of his dignity. Jared gave him the second clap on the back of this night, this one carrying more than a hint of commiseration. They were both straight men who had done things more than a little gay tonight. Not only that, they had both enjoyed it. All three men downed another shot.

“We all know who’s left… the lovely Randy,” said Ann.

“I felt like that was my turn,” said Randy, with a laugh. He reached over and rolled the die. Everyone groaned when they saw the result – get off. Randy looked disappointed and rolled the time die – this time it would be for two minutes.

“Just warning you, ladies and gents… I don’t think it’s likely that I’m going to come again in two minutes.” He gave it a valiant try, though. Ann watched, impressed by how roughly Randy treated his penis. Randy finished his two minutes, not coming, as he predicted, but definitely a lot harder than before. Ann placed all of the names back in the bag, shook it and pulled one out.

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