tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNew Girl In Town

New Girl In Town


El looked in the mirror for the last time. She had to admit, she did look pretty good. That was what gave her the courage to actually go to the party. She was wearing a brand new pair of black skinny jeans that for once fit her perfectly. She was also wearing a teal shirt that showcased her large breast without looking slutty. El was surprised to see that her dark brown curls were actually cooperating for once making her pale skin glow.

The only reason she was going to this party was to meet some more people. She had just moved to this small town a few weeks ago and she had only really met about five people at her new school, so she had to take Brad's offer.

She finally decided that she was ready after putting on a little bit of makeup. Thankfully Brad gave her directions even though she told him she wasn't coming. It was easy enough to get there, but once she did she immediately felt overwhelmed. Brad's house was huge and when she walked in it was filled with people.

El was about to turn around and leave knowing she couldn't do this, she was never one for parties, but Brad suddenly showed up. "Hey, you made it! I knew you couldn't resist."

"I only came because I didn't have anything else to do," she lied.

"Well, I'll show you around and introduce you to some people."

"As long as it's not everyone, I don't think I would remember them." Brad laughed at that and El was suddenly grateful for his presence even though she thought he was a jerk.

El spent the next hour or so being towed around by Brad and meeting people. She was never good at names, but she thought she'd at least recognize them later by their faces. She told herself she wasn't going to drink at all, but she couldn't refuse Brad's offers all night so she drank a little. She made it look like she was drinking more than she was so that she didn't look like a complete dork, but she started feeling a little tipsy after a while since she was a lightweight.

"Hey, Brad, I don't think I can meet anyone else," El told him. "I don't know if I'll remember most of the people you already introduced me to."

"That's alright," he told her. "Hey, El, you like flowers don't you?"

"Yeah," she responded, slightly confused.

"Do you want me to show you my mom's garden? It's pretty extensive."

He seemed sincere enough, so she agreed which she probably wouldn't have done if she was completely sober. Brad led her through his house and out into his giant backyard that had the most beautiful garden she had ever seen. There were so many flowers there that she had never seen before. While she gazed in awe at its magnificence, he continued to lead her down one of the paths to the heart of the garden where there stood an arched trellis covered in giant blooms of some creeping plant she couldn't name. Under the trellis was a beautifully crafted wrought iron bench that they sat down on.

Just as El was thinking the night couldn't get any better, Brad turned her face towards him and kissed her. Somewhere in the back of her head she realized that she wouldn't have allowed this to happen had she been sober, but, being fairly tipsy, all she cared about was that he was pretty attractive. She had kissed her fair share of guys in the past, but none of them were as experienced as Brad, confirming that he was a player.

At first, the kiss seemed very sweet and gentle, but as soon as her shock wore off and she started to respond, his lips became more aggressive, forcing his tongue down her throat. Before she knew what was happening he had reached up her shirt and unhooked her bra, cupping her breast in his hand. This sobered her up completely and she started to push him away, but he wouldn't let go.

"Stop!" She yelled.

"You know you want it. Just give in to the pleasure." He started lowering his disgusting mouth to her breast.

"No, I don't. That's why I'm telling you to stop!" But he didn't respond, he simply started to unbutton her pants, holding both her wrists in one of his large hands to stop her wild punches. "Help!" She shouted, hoping someone might hear her and see what was going on.

"It's no use yelling. Everyone's inside. No one will hear you, so you might as well relax and enjoy it." He finally managed to get her pants off, throwing them away from them. He was still holding her wrists and now he pinned her legs with his knees. His free hand that was roaming her body finally made it down to her underwear.

"Why are you doing this?" she asked, still struggling futilely. "I'm sure any other girl in there would jump at the chance to have sex with you."

"You're right, and they have," he informed her with an evil grin. "In fact, you're the only girl in the whole school I haven't fucked. So, naturally I have to maintain my record."

"You're disgusting!"

"Thanks," he said dryly. "Now shut up! You're ruining the moment." Before she could respond he stuffed her bra in her mouth as a makeshift gag. He went back to sucking on her boobs while his fingers continued to violate her cunt. "Damn! You are really tight! Wait, are you actually a virgin?" he asked incredulously. She couldn't believe he had guessed so easily, though, she wasn't really one for masturbation so it probably wasn't too hard. Brad saw the look on her face and took it as confirmation. "Wow, how old are you? 18? 19? And still a virgin? Well it looks like I'm just going to have to fix that for you."

She couldn't believe this was happening. He was even more of a pig than she thought and she had realized it too late. She had to admit that there really wasn't anything she could do, Brad was so much stronger than her that she didn't have a hope of getting away so, she stopped struggling.

He still only had two fingers in her pussy because she was so tight. "Oh, so you're starting to like it now? I told you, you would. No one can resist me." She glared at him, but he ignored her. "I guess that means I can give you more then. I need to loosen you up before you can take my cock." At this he rammed a third finger in her and she cried out in pain, but it was muffled by her bra. As he pumped her cunt he said, "You like that, don't you? Does your pussy want more?" With that he started to put a fourth finger in, but he was met with resistance. He continued to press all four fingers in until he got up to his knuckles. Then he took them out and shoved them back in, making El cry out again.

As he fingered her he went back to sucking on her breast, twirling her nipples with his tongue, making them hard. "Look how turned on you are, you can't say you don't like this, you slut. Your pussy's dripping wet, you fucking love this! Does you're cunt want me inside it? Well?" Brad asked. Then, realizing she was still gagged he added, "If I take out the gag will you promise to talk only when spoken to?" El glared at him refusing to give in completely. "If you don't then I leave the gag in and I fist you. If you thought four fingers was painful, wait until my whole fist is in there." Her eyes widened. "So, I take that as a yes, you promise to behave?" She paused, but slowly, she nodded. "Good," he smiled, taking out the gag.

He took his fingers out of her cunt and brought them to her lips. "You want to see how you taste? Open up!" She started to shake her head, but when he started making his hand into a fist she opened her mouth. He shoved his fingers in her mouth and told her to suck. "No, suck them like you would a nice fat cock."

While she continued to clean her juices off his fingers he let go of her wrists, knowing she would do anything he told her to, in order to pull out his dick. El had never seen an actual cock before, but she knew that his was huge. It was only about 8 inches long, but it had to be over 2 inches thick. "Do you like it?" he asked when he saw her eyes go to it. "You're not so bad with that pretty little mouth of yours. You don't want my cock in your pussy do you? You want this baby in your mouth," he grinned evilly. She shook her head violently, but Brad ignored her and dragged her off the bench onto her knees, shoving his massive dick where his fingers just were.

El immediately started to choke on it, but he wouldn't let up. He twisted his fingers in her hair and started to pump his cock into her mouth, going deeper and deeper with each thrust. He was surprised at how quickly he got hilt deep. "Not much of a gag reflex, you are a little slut aren't you? Now that I've got you used to me I want the best damn blow job I've ever had or you know what will happen." Knowing she had no choice, El started to do what she thought might be good cock sucking techniques. She was surprised at how easily it seemed to come to her and she was a little of afraid of it at the same time.

She hoped that if she could make him cum than he wouldn't take her virginity, she knew that it wasn't likely, but she couldn't help, but hope. This made her try everything she could think, making him moan loudly. As she bobbed her head up and down, sucking as hard as she could he said, "Damn girl, you really don't want me to fist you. Too bad cos it would have been fun." After another few minutes he gave a small cry and exploded in her mouth.

His cum was dripping down her chin and she was about to spit out what was in her mouth when he yelled at her, "Don't you dare! You better swallow every last drop of that and then you can suck me clean." She complied, knowing she had no choice.

To her utter horror, as she was cleaning his softening cock, it suddenly started to get hard again. "I don't think I've ever recovered that quick before," he observed. "I might have to keep you around for the casual fuck." He saw her eyes widen and he laughed at her terrified expression. "Oh and to seal the deal," he said as he pulled out a camera and took a picture of his dick in her mouth. She was about to protest, but before she could he rammed his cock as far down her throat as possible and he laughed as she choked.

"I want you to beg me to fuck you," Brad told her. "I want you to beg for it like you can't live without my cock buried in your pussy."

"No!" she whispered fiercely. She would handle him taking advantage of her, but she refused to give in and ask for it.

She was surprised that he didn't yell at her for refusing, instead he ripped her underwear off and to her surprise, instead of fucking her, he lowered his mouth to her cunt and started eating her out. El had never felt anything like this before and she couldn't help being incredibly turned on by it, it felt so good and Brad really knew what he was doing. Before long she was moaning in pleasure despite her efforts to be unresponsive. It was only a few minutes before she could feel her mounting orgasm. She was almost there when suddenly, he stopped. Her eyes flew open to see him grinning evilly at her. "I'm sorry did you want me to continue?" he asked.

El had to bite her lip so that she didn't respond. So, this time Brad reattached his lips to her boobs sucking almost viciously while rubbing his erect cock agains her cunt. She was moaning again in no time and she could no longer control what came out of her mouth. "Please," she whispered, "fuck me."

"I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you," Brad said, trying to hide his triumphant smile.

"Fuck me!" El yelled as Brad started working a finger slowly on her clit. "I want your cock inside me! I want you to fuck my brains out." She tried to tell herself that she was saying it just so that he wouldn't fist her and that he would finish with her, but she knew that she there was a part of her that was enjoying it and she hated that part of her.

Without any warning at all Brad had thrust deep inside her making El cry out in pain. "You didn't think I would be gentle did you?" he asked laughing at her. "Especially not after you were so uncooperative."

He pumped in and out of her so fast that she immediately felt raw and tears started making their way down her face. Brad didn't seem to care since he just continued at the same pace, thoroughly enjoying himself.

It wasn't long before he pulled out and forced her to take his cum in her mouth, making her choke.

After El finished cleaning his cock he bent down and whispered in her ear, "I enjoyed this, honestly," Brad smiled evilly at her. "I really am sad that I didn't get to fist you, it would have been fun." Brad put his pants back on and started to walk away before he turned back and added, "Maybe next I will." He winked and left her naked with her torn clothing scattered around her.

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