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New Girl in Town Pt. 09


All characters are at least 18 years old unless otherwise stated.

Big thanks to you, the readers, for your patience in waiting for this next chapter. The flu sidelined me for nearly three weeks and a fevered few days of writing spun the story in a direction I hated so i scrapped it and went another way. Hope you enjoy this follow up and as always, thank you for reading, commenting and voting.


The thought of ringing the doorbell flashes into my head for a brief second but since Jessica has already closed the door in my face I let it go. I head to my car but before I start it, I pull out my cell phone and send her a text asking her to please call me. I only wait a moment then crank the engine and back out of her driveway. Instead of heading home, I decide to drive around to try to clear my head.

"Maybe some music will help." I sigh and hit the random button on my phone. We're No Good Together by Tesla begins to play and I just shake my head.

"You really know when to kick a guy don't you?" I ask my phone but it stays silent. "Yeah, you can't possibly defend that one, huh? Well, let's see what you have for an encore." I hit the Next button and Kiss My Love Goodbye By L.A. Guns starts up.

"Really?" I say aloud.


I Don't Believe in Love By Queensryche



Edge of a Broken Heart By Vixen.

"The grief I'd get from Bobby if he knew I still had this band in my phone. Screw Bobby, they were a great band!"


Foolish Heart By Steve Perry

"I didn't know that I had a broken hearts playlist," I think as I pull over to the side of the road. As I scroll through the artist section looking for Iron Maiden, I find myself singing along with Steve Perry. "I need a love that's strong. I'm so tired of being alone but will my lonely heart play the part of the fool again before I begin..." I sing to my steering wheel before I reach Maiden.

I queue up Be Quick or Be Dead and as the drum beat begins I stomp the gas and whip my car back onto the road. By the time the chorus kicks in, I'm ten miles over the posted speed limit and gaining speed. I slow a bit in the next curve until I reach the apex of it where I once again press the accelerator down just like my grandpa taught me. That sends me rocketing down the next straightaway while The Pretender By Foo Fighters starts playing. Soon I'm drumming along on my steering wheel and feeling a little better by getting some aggression out. I reach the county line and take a turn onto a dirt road that I know by heart. The road is a long and winding stretch of dirt and gravel mix that's bracketed by thick forest on both sides. I'm taking this road slower so I don't end up sliding off into a ditch and I begin to wish I hadn't taken it. It's giving me too much time to dwell about what I did wrong.

"Whatever that was," I mutter to myself.

As I'm nearing home Wait by White Lion starts playing. I almost hit Next again but I decide to just let this one play for a minute. Wait... Wait... I never had a chance to love you, now I only wanna say I love you one more time... I lean forward a bit so I can look up towards the heavens. "Wait, huh, am I supposed to be the one waiting or what?" I ask. No answer is forthcoming of course but I wasn't really expecting one.



"I didn't know that you played." Marybeth exclaims as Bobby pulls his electric guitar from its case. The pair are sitting out in Bobby's garage after she came over to see him after church.

"Just a little," he answers as he plugs in his amp and plays a bit of the opening to Sweet Child of Mine .

"Just a little, huh?" She asks.

"Okay, maybe more than a little," he admits with a grin. "I always tease Jake about us needing to start a band but he refuses to sing."

"You could sing." Marybeth suggests.

"Everyone knows that the guitarist gets all the great girls, Marybeth." He tells her.

"Oh, is that so?" she asks raising her eyebrows questioningly.

Bobby leans forward and brushes his lips against hers. "I hope so."

"Me too," She sighs then pushes him back. "Who knew you were so smooth?"

"Smooth as crunchy peanut butter," I quip from the open garage door.

"Hey Jake," Marybeth calls out in greeting.

"How long have you been standing there?" Bobby asks.

"Long enough to hear you trying to impress Marybeth with a guitar warm up exercise. Sweet Child of Mine, really? Why don't you just play Stairway next?" I tease him.

"Why don't you introduce your top lip to your bottom one? I think they'd be the best of friends." Bobby counters.

I turn to Marybeth. "You are doing wonders for his wit, Marybeth and I guess I should apologize for butting in here. I didn't know that I'd be interrupting another date so soon."

"You're not interrupting." Marybeth tells me.

"Yeah you are," Bobby grumbles.

"I thought as much but that line was just too funny to let slide." I tell him. "I'll be getting out of your hair now."

"That ride of yours isn't sneaky so since I didn't hear it pull up I assume that you walked here." He states.

"It's still not that far." I point out again.

"He walked here from his house?" Marybeth asks.

"It's really not far." I assure her. "Just a mile... two at the most through the woods right over there."

"He does this often?" She asks Bobby.

"Only when something is bothering him," Bobby answers her then looks at me. "What'd your dad do this time?"

"Nothing," I answer. "Dad's been pretty decent since he saw the whole me being slammed to the turf video thing."

"Hey, when did you lose the sling?" Bobby asks just noticing it's missing.

"Yesterday," I answer. "Dr. Golden checked me over and said that I could lose it."

"I'll bet that made your date night a lot more enjoyable." Bobby jokes.

"Uh huh," I answer trying to sound normal but when Bobby gives me an odd look, I know I failed.

"Okay, what happened?" He asks.

"What makes you think something happened?" I attempt to deflect.

"You walked here and you said that your dad wasn't the cause. You also didn't come in here with that big, goofy grin on your face that you usually have when you've been out with Jessica and you haven't even said her name yet." He states.

"I haven't been here that long." I argue.

"I have to agree with Bobby, Jake. You said Dr. Golden when you would normally have just said Jess's mom and whenever one of us says Jessica you get this weird look on your face. Like now." Marybeth points out.

"That's just my normal face. It's always been weird, ask Bobby." I try to tell her to get Bobby to insult me and hopefully avoid this conversation but he isn't having it.

"Fuck off and sit." He orders me while pointing to a fold out chair.

"Dude, don't let me interrupt this date or whatever this is." I throw out in a last ditch effort.

Bobby ignores me and opens up the case that holds his acoustic guitar. He hands me the guitar and says, "Strum."

"Strum?" Marybeth asks confused. "Jake plays, too?"

"Bobby, this really isn't..." I begin to argue anyway but he shushes me with a look.

"Just play," He tells me then turns to Marybeth. "Yes, he plays on rare... well maybe not so rare occasions. Give him a second."

I sigh, put my fingers on the strings and begin to strum with no song in mind. After a few moments the chords start to sound familiar and I realize I'm playing the opening to Paradise by Tesla.

"We had just back from the drive in," I begin to say then realize what's happening. "Damn it, Bobby." I mutter as I stop playing the song.

"Okay, what's happening?" Marybeth asks.

"When there's something that Jake doesn't want to talk about I get him to play the guitar." Bobby explains to Marybeth. "Most times it'll distract him enough that he'll just start talking about what's bothering him."

"Yeah well, I stopped so there." I tell him.

"Yeah but you played Paradise which is about a guy having to leave his girl. Why do you have to leave Jessica? What the hell happened?" He asks ignoring my argument.

"Maybe I listened to Paradise on the way over here." I state.

"I don't see any headphones, Jake." He states. "Now what happened?"

"I don't know." I tell him.

"Asshole," Bobby comments and reaches for the guitar.

"I'm telling the truth. I honestly don't know." I tell him leaning away from his seeking hands because now I want to strum the damn thing. I begin to play again as I start talking. "Jessica and I were having a great time. It even felt like a real date but then everything went wrong."

"What did you do?" Bobby asks.

"Why do you think I'm the one that did something?" I ask.

"No one's accusing anyone of anything, Jake," Marybeth tells me as she gives Bobby a pat on his leg. "You said that you had just got back from the drive in."

"I want to hear more about the drive in." Bobby states with a grin.

"You'll be disappointed as usual." I warn him.

"You know that place was dubbed the make out spot for a reason, right?" He laughs until he's nudged from Marybeth.

"We went there because we thought that the meteor shower would look great from up there and it wasn't even a date." I state.

"But that's where it started feeling like a real date, right?" Marybeth asks.

"I don't know, the whole night felt real ya know? From the minute Jess came down her stairs in that dress it all felt like we were really on a date." I answer.

"Nice dress?' Marybeth asks.

"Beautiful dress, she had curled her hair a little so she just looked stunning." I answer her.

"Make up?" Marybeth asks.

"A little bit, I think. Her lips were shiny and her eyes... wow, her eyes really stood out." I answer.

"She wore a beautiful dress, did her hair and make up? Jake, you two were on a real date." Marybeth points out.

"No, she was just playing it up for Sarah's benefit." I argue.

"What does Sarah have to do with any of this?" Bobby asks.

"Sarah had somehow heard about Jessica playing matchmaker so she decided that she's was going to play matchmaker for Jessica and I. We were playing along."

"I'll bet it was really hard for you to play along , Jake. It's not like you and her haven't been practicing at it since yow two met." Bobby states.

"Ignore him, Jake." Marybeth tells me. "Was the kissing thing her idea or was it yours?"

"Her's," I state. "At least I think it was her idea. I mean, I had joked about it earlier but then she... oh shit, I didn't force myself on her did I?"

"You? Fuck no!" Bobby answers emphatically.

"I highly doubt that you're capable of such a thing, Jake but how did Jessica react?" Marybeth asks.

"It was good at first; great even. I even pulled back at one point when I thought I may have been letting it to go too long but Jess pulled me right back to those soft lips of hers. Things got a bit more heated after that and then she pushed me away."

"Okay, that sounds like she got scared of going too far too fast with you." Marybeth points out.

"Terrified is more like it. You should have seen the look on her face, Marybeth. I really think that I did something wrong here." I confess.

"You don't know that for sure. What does Jessica say about it?" Bobby asks.

"I wish I knew." I tell him. "I tried to ask her but she just backed away and closed her door in my face. I've tried calling but it goes to voicemail and I've tried texting but you can probably guess how that went as well."

"Maybe she's embarrassed about how she reacted and doesn't know how to talk to you about it yet." Marybeth puts forth.

"Maybe," I nod then sigh. "Or maybe I did do something wrong and she doesn't want to have anything to do with me anymore."


"Jessica, are you positive that you don't want to wait for Jake?" Mr. Golden asks as the family gets into Dr. Golden's SUV. "He was the one that took us there in the first place after all."

"He's... uh got a family thing today." Jessica lies as she climbs into the backseat with Sarah.

"Well you can always drive over and see him afterwards." Dr. Golden tells her. "I'm sure he'll be thrilled when you show up with a Mustang of your own."

"Yeah," Jessica sighs sadly as she pulls out her cell phone.

She pulls up Staci's contact info and sends her a text.

JessiG : Staci, I really, really, really messed up!

HighVStaci : And a good morning to you, too. signed with the tongue sticking out emoji.

JessiG : Sorry. Good morning, Staci.

HighVStaci : Better. Now what's going on with Jess the Mess today? Oh, I like that; I'm changing it on my messenger.

JessTMess : Mess is right. I really, really, really messed up!

HighVStaci : So you already established. What did you mess up?

JessTMess : I messed up with Jake. I'm talking a big time mess up.

HighVStaci : It can't be as bad as all that.

JessTMess : It's worse. signed with a crying emoji

HighVStaci : Then why are we texting and not talking? signed with confused emoji

JessTMess : I'm in the car with my parents. We're going to get my car.

HighVStaci : The Mustang!?!?! I thought you'd be more excited about it.

JessTMess : It's great but when I think about what I did to Jake... more crying face emojis.

HighVStaci : Okay, we cannot do this over text. I'm coming over to your house. No, you come to mine and bring a swimsuit. We'll hop in the hot tub and you can tell me all about what happened. signed with several ice cream emojis.

JessTMess : I can really use it. Thanks, Staci. signed with kissing and heart emojis

HighVStaci : What's a best friend for? See you in a little while. also signed with a kissing face and heart emoji


Ray pulls up to Bobby's house after spotting Jake's Mustang parked in the driveway. Bobby, Marybeth and I all look up as Ray speaks.

"I finally found you," he states from the open garage door.

"I didn't know I was missing." I answer as I go back to strumming on the guitar. I've moved on from Paradise to Best of You by Foo Fighters.

"You're not I don't guess but your car is at your house. Your folks said that if you left on foot you'd most likely be here." Ray states. "Is it okay if I come in?"

Bobby waves him inside. "I take it you've heard about this shit between Jake and Jessica."

"Only vaguely," Ray answers. "Jessica sent Staci a text that she was upset so Staci called me to come find you. So can someone explain to me what's going on?"

"Well, well, well, look who's phone fucking works all of the sudden," Bobby mutters.

"Remember when I told you that you couldn't get pissed at Jessica about this?" I remind him.

"Fuck that and fuck her if she's going to ignore you." Bobby states.

"Bobby," I state warningly.

Marybeth lays a calming hand on his arm. "Bobby, calm down. We haven't heard Jessica's side of this yet."

"I don't need to hear her side to know what she's doing to Jake is shitty." Bobby states.

"I haven't heard any side so if someone can tell me just what is going on, please." Ray states trying to calm the situation.

"Jake kissed her; she freaked out and now is avoiding talking to him about it." Bobby sums up as only Bobby can.

"That's not entirely accurate." I state.

"Which part did I screw up then?" He counters.

"Well... I... that is...," I stammer.

"Bobby summed it up but not in a nice way." Marybeth picks up my slack. "Jake said that Jessica looked scared after they kissed not that she freaked out."

"She slammed a door in his face." Bobby states. "That's the very definition of freaking out."

"The dictionary people would dispute that." I tell him.

"Okay," Ray says to get us back on track. "And you don't know why?"

"Nope," I answer and pull out my cell phone. "Check my texts but be gentle all right? It was a long night."

He takes my phone and thumbs through my texts, reading each one aloud. "Jess, are you all right? Jess, can we talk about this? What did I do wrong? Please talk to me."

"Pretty pathetic, right?" I sigh as he hands it back.

"He's also tried calling her several times, too but she's not answering." Marybeth adds.

"I meant really pathetic then." I state.

"You're just hurting, Jake. So is Jessica at least she is from what Staci got from her texts." Ray explains.

"She's got a funny way of showing it." Bobby states.

"Bobby, you can't pick sides. Jessica is your friend now too or have you already forgotten who got you and Marybeth here talking in the first place?" I ask him.

Bobby shakes his head and looks at Ray. "After all this crap she's doing and he still defends her. Can you believe it?"

Ray nods his head. "Of course he defends her, Bobby. He's in love with her."


Staci is standing on her porch waiting when Jessica pulls up in her new Mustang.

"Now that is a car! I love that color, Jess!" She calls out as Jessica steps out of the driver's seat.

"It's nice." Jessica answers.

"You'll take me for a ride later, right?" Staci asks after looking over Jessica's new car.

"If you want," Jessica answers sadly.

"Come on, Jess. It can't really be all that bad, can it?" Staci asks.

"Whatever you're thinking that it is, it's worse," Jessica answers.

Staci puts her arm around her friend's shoulder and leads her towards her house. "Come on then, sweetie. I have the bubbles going in the hot tub and the ice cream melting on the back deck. Let's get you changed and talk about this."

"I don't need to change." Jessica answers as she lifts her t-shirt slightly, revealing that she's already wearing her blue one-piece swimsuit under her clothes.

"A girl that comes prepared. I love it," Staci nods and leads Jessica inside her house.

"Staci, is that you?" Staci's mom calls out from upstairs when she hears the front door open.

"It's me and Jessica, mom." Staci calls back. "Remember I told you that she was coming over."

Mrs. Daniels appears at the top of the stairs and smiles down at the pair. "I remember." She answers Staci. "Hello Jessica, it's nice to finally meet you. Staci talks about you all the time... well, when she isn't talking about her new boyfriend that is."

"It's nice to meet you, Mrs. Daniels." Jessica says as she takes in Staci's mom who could easily pass for her older sister instead of her mom. They both have the same shade of honey blonde hair. Mrs. Daniels wears hers in a straight bob while Staci's is lightly curled and long.

"Let me guess, boy troubles?" Mrs. Daniels asks then pauses a moment. "Well in this day and age I guess it could also be girl troubles as well. You kids are so progressive these days."

"It's boy trouble, mom." Staci answers. "We're heading to the hot tub to talk it out."

"Don't forget the ice cream." Mrs. Daniels tells them.

"It's already on the counter waiting for us." Staci assures her.

"You're in good hands with my baby, Jessica." Mrs. Daniels laughs. "I may even join you two in a little while as long as I'm not intruding, that is."

"You wouldn't be intruding, ma'am." Jessica assures her.

"Well, I'll leave you in my baby's capable hands for now but if you need anything, just shout. I'll be around." Mrs. Daniels tells them.

"Thank you, ma'am. It's so nice to meet you." Jessica states.

"It's my pleasure, Jessica. Staci talks about you all the time... well when she isn't talking about Ray that is. I'm glad that she seems to be making a better class of friends this year." Mrs. Daniels responds.

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