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New Guy


There was something beguiling about him. Tall, handsome, well groomed; you know he ticked the usual boxes so that's why I was so attracted to him as soon as he strutted across the third floor on that otherwise grim Monday morning. Well, I say 'strutted' but there was nothing boastful about him. In fact, his self-assurance took me by surprise when I soon found out that he's a mute.

I'm a shy girl. Always have been, probably always will be. I can't help but yearn for a kindred spirit and, when every so often a quiet, mild mannered guy approaches my work station, I find myself blushing like I always have done. There's something about a man of few words, a man who keeps himself to himself and just gets on with his life in a calm and confident way.

Yes okay, I admit that before the day was over I had allowed myself to fall in love with him. I can't say I was surprised when I was given instructions to show Martin around. My boss seemed to think that my soft and gentle personality was just the sort of calming approach that would help somebody settle in around here. Well, maybe. That and I did know how to sign.

"Gemma, this is Martin. (Just how soulful those eyes seemed at first glance.) He'll be helping us out around here, mostly down in the basement with all the old boxes, but he'll surface every now and then to help you girls out."

Winking and nudging me playfully.

"Just let me know if he causes too much distraction."

The wholesome smile that spread across Martin's face was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Was he looking straight at me? I wasn't sure but for a split second I felt like the only woman in the world.

"N-nice to-to meet you." I barely managed to disguise my stammer as I offered him my hand. His grip was firm and manly. I grinned shyly before forcing myself to relax. "Follow me". He barely glanced at my lips before signing 'okay'.

The basement really did need a good old sorting out. I later found out that Martin was just the man for the job. Unafraid of dirty toil he was very grateful for the job. Fiercely independent, he resented anyone drawing attention to his disability and he was soon proving just how special he really was. It was so dark down there and the half light was hardly illuminating the confined spaces. Without really knowing it I found myself talking in barely more than a whisper as I attempted a light-hearted tone.

"You'll certainly have your work cut out down here. As you can see, it's all very dark and mysterious."

Was I flirting? I hesitated as he beckoned me to come closer, his eyes looking straight at me. This was happening way too quickly. As I began to look visibly nervous, I suddenly realised how poor the visibility was and almost leapt up to him to sign underneath the dusty lantern.

As I looked up into his dark chocolaty eyes I was struck by how intensely he was studying my features. I was wearing my thin brown hair in a pony tail that day as it had been very humid recently. My blouse was clinging to me already, a bead of sweat was working its way down my cleavage and I could feel that familiar discomfort underneath my skirt as my thighs rubbed together. I didn't feel particularly attractive in that instant but he just stared at me and ever so slowly the warmest smile emerged across his kindly face. It was as if he knew just what I was thinking, as if he was reassuring me that there was nothing to be afraid of. Perhaps this was just me. After all, it was his first day. But he was so calm and collected. Without irony I was genuinely lost for words in his presence. I mouthed that I was going back upstairs and if he needed any help, just to let me know. I felt flustered and foolish as I signed goodbye. He remained smiling and signed thank you before turning round to get to work.

Our tea breaks weren't coordinated and I felt a pang of regret as I saw him walk past me and my friends in the canteen while I was having my lunch. He was on his own but he didn't look lonely. Was it intentional that he sat at the far end of the room but within eyeshot of me? My friends started talking about him and asked whether I should introduce them. I saw him reading, looking quite studious and I uttered something like 'let's give it a few days until he gets used to the place'. Now, this may seem rude to you but I could read the apprehension on my friends' faces as they contemplated what could be a rather awkward conversation through an interpreter. I suppose it was my call to decline but they seemed to understand all the same. Just how much I wonder, as I spent that long hour trying to catch his eye in the most subtle way I could. He looked so beautiful yet so engrossed in his book. His dark brown hair was tufty but not quite wild. His black t-shirt was displaying much dusty evidence of a man at work, his arms folded handsomely on his lap, his muscles on show but not intimidating. His legs were partially crossed and acted as a book rest, from which his trademark intense glare barely moved. Beguiling. If only he knew what I was thinking...

As long as that lunch hour was, the rest of the day followed suit. I couldn't help myself from glancing at the stairs leading down to the basement whenever I was sure that no-one was looking. Towards the end of the day I was almost caught when I looked up to find my boss looking straight at me.

"Anything the matter, Gemma?"

"No, Mr Wright, can I help you at all?"

"Well, erm, yes I'm hoping you could. You see I've noticed how you must have made quite an impression on young Martin today."

He was almost winking in his avuncular manner. I froze but willed myself to remain calm.

"You should see him down there. I tell you, they must be putting something in the cornflakes these days! It's like he's barely stopped to catch his breath. I'd say there's about a month's worth of junk down there. The rate he's going...we'll be ready to redecorate the entire basement in a fortnight!"

He leaned in a little closer so as not to be overheard.

"The most impressive first day's work I've seen since I took you on, Gemma."

My finger leapt to my mouth and I nibbled unconsciously as if I had just been given a commendation from the headmaster. Mr Wright knew how hard I worked and seemed to delight in my awkward reaction. His smile was comforting.

"Say, are you still okay to do your overtime tonight?"

"Erm, yes, of course."

I was slightly confused but this turned to curiosity as I detected a stifled smirk on his face.

"That's good. Martin has volunteered to work another couple of hours. Can you believe it? I-I-I was stunned! I mean, he looked so genuine as he passed me the note. Almost pleading, if you will. I thought I should ask you, seeing as it's your turn down in the pit tonight. By the looks of it down there I'd say put your feet up and have a lie down, ha ha!"

Looking back I wonder how quick my response must have seemed to him.

"Wow, he sounds impressive! B-but that's okay. We can keep each other company down there."

Mr Wright looked at me slyly but then thought better of it. He trusted me dearly and we had a good working relationship. He couldn't resist the wink though.

"Sounds like a date. I'll tell Wonderboy the good news."

I held my breath as he turned to leave before almost collapsing back into my chair. I bit my lip as I looked cautiously around me. Just where was this leading? I stifled a giggle and tried to focus on the last half hour before my basement shift.

"Hello," I called as I found myself in an almost pitch black basement. "Martin?"

The lantern had been removed and just as I noticed this I detected a faint glimmer of light in one of those mysterious alcoves. I fumbled my way towards it. I couldn't suppress the excitement within me. It felt like a dream and I just wanted it to be so. As I peered round the stacks I stifled a gasp at the topless figure before me. He lowered his water bottle and slowly turned round, a smug look beaming out from his exquisite features. He signed 'you've caught me' and I bit my lip in anticipation. As he confidently walked up to me I stared intently at his wet lips.

"I've been hearing some impressive things about you."

My eyes rolled up and down his naked torso and he laughed heartily. Sweat was glistening from his pecs and, before I could stop myself, my hands stretched out to feel him.

"Are we alone?" He signed.

"Yes" I breathed.

At this last but paltry attempt to compose myself, he reached out to hold my head and pressed his wet lips against mine. I uttered a soft murmur of approval and that was all the assent he needed to know how much I wanted him. His fingers were exploring the back of my neck as he kissed me with a passionate intensity. After what seemed like an age they soon slipped down to my shoulders and he carefully pulled back to look at me. No words needed to be said. Not tonight. My hands leapt up to his hair and we suddenly found ourselves entwined in a passionate embrace. As he lowered his hands down my sides and clenched my buttocks, I jumped up into him, wrapping my legs around his waist. I could feel his bulging penis surging underneath me, feeling so strong that I could almost balance on it! Once again he pulled back to look into my eyes and all he would have seen was the intoxicating aroma of sweet surrender. He lowered me onto the ground and with swift dexterity began undoing my satin blouse. He made short work of unclasping my lacy bra and soon started fondling my milky white breasts. Now it was his turn to surrender as he pressed his face into my cleavage and held me tightly. I ran my hand up and down the back of his head and sighed pleasurably into the darkness. Once more he pulled back and looked up into my gasping face. He had placed his hand in between my thighs and was working his way up. The way his fingers explored my damp knickers made me incredibly excited. I wanted to giggle with glee but I was gasping for air! He saw my confusion and opted for safety as he slid deftly past me to turn on a dusty old fan. It was clean enough for some dirty fun.

As he returned to my side he made a motion to slip down before me but I placed a finger up to his lips and mouthed 'allow me'. He took a step back and as he was pressed up against the wall, I slid down to my knees and skilfully began to unclasp his belt. Before long his trousers and briefs were about his ankles and his penis stood erect, pulsating with excitement at what awaited it. I simpered up at him coquettishly before opening my mouth to clasp my lips around his shaft. I lost myself in a fit of passion and the only thing in my mind was of pleasing this beguiling man. I could feel his hands pressing hard upon my head and took delight in his thrusting movements as I opened as wide as I could. My hands gripped his buttocks and his silent murmurs were a joy to hear. As his hands slid down to my cheeks I took this as a signal for 'not yet' and I came out just in time. He was now fully exposed while I lay down at his feet awaiting the next scene.

After a few mutual gasps and exchanging a cheeky grin, he made to lie down beside me and began caressing my legs as a craftsman varnishes his precious wood. He bent over to kiss and lick my stomach, leaving the faintest trace of saliva across my heaving body. He soon placed himself in between my legs and began doing the same to my inner thighs. Delicately he peeled off my nylon knickers and mellowed dreamily at what he saw. My aroma was intoxicating for him. This much was evident. I lowered my head back onto the dusty floor as he let out his saliva and ever so gently slipped his tongue out and onto my waiting lips. My cry of joy was genuine and I soon felt my garden spring to life; a waterfall gushing down into a pool of fierce energy. He can't have known just how this felt; the first time anyone had ever made me feel this way. I closed my eyes and felt tears appearing as I found myself convulsing under his manly support of my buttocks. I was now fully exposed and I had never felt more alive.

As the world tossed and turned around me I opened my eyes and there he was. Those dark brown eyes imprinting themselves onto my very soul. I wanted him so badly and I held his beautiful face so tightly as he kissed me once again. This time when he pulled away I knew what I was going to feel next. I rose up my head to see him with his penis in his hand, teasingly rubbing his glans up and down my vagina. We locked eyes and at that moment we both knew exactly what we wanted. We trusted each other. With a swift jerk he sprawled across me and thrust himself deep inside. I was in heaven. He wasn't unnecessarily quick nor was he infuriatingly insensitive. He was just right. We rolled ourselves into one another in a timeless act which shall live forever. His hands moved to all the right places and it was all I could do to encourage him in this perfect act of love-making. As the ground swelled around me, I could contain my orgasm no longer as it erupted within me. We had timed it just right and no sooner had I lost control of my body before he exploded inside me, time after time. Magic. Time stood still as we lay as lovers do, entwined in our embrace. I kissed his head as he nuzzled up to my neck and kissed me with what energy he had left.

"I love you" I said.

He rose from his slumber and kissed me once more on the lips. No words need be said.

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