New Horizons



When I was in college we guys would sometimes sit around shooting the breeze with a nice cold one in hand. On one of these occasions we were discussing the perfect woman. Everyone had their own opinions about what the characteristics of the perfect woman would be and we had a lot of fun arguing about them. It was then that I formulated the 10 characteristics that make up a perfect woman -- my perfect 10, if you will.

#1 Intelligence: I love smart women. Sure, a pretty face and great body are nice, but connecting on an intellectual level is unbeatable.

#2 A good sense of humor: I like a woman that can make me laugh, and one that I can make laugh, too. A relationship has to be fun, and when I'm laughing, I'm happy.

#3 Compassion: A woman that is loving and caring is a must. I'm an emotional guy and I love to hug and kiss and touch a woman, and be hugged and kissed and touched in return.

#4 Beauty: Okay, I'm a guy and I admit to being attracted to a pretty face and a nice body. It's not at the top of my list but my perfect woman would be attractive.

#5 Athletic: I'm not a jock, but I do like sports and a woman that enjoys watching and playing sports is ideal. I love a fit body. There is something about a woman with a little muscle that flips a switch inside me.

#6 Sexy: You'd think that sexiness would be higher on my list, wouldn't you. It's not because, to be honest, if a woman has the first 5 characteristics, I'll probably already think she's sexy. Sexiness is mostly what's between the ears, anyway.

#7 A tall woman: I'm 6-2 and I really like taller women, say, 5-8, 5-9 or taller. I like being eye-to-eye with a woman when I talk. Plus, I love long legs! Mmmm.

#8 Adventuresome: I like a woman that likes to go beyond the normal range of activity, especially in bed. I have a fear of getting stuck in a rut so I like to try new things, and have a little fun and adventure.

#9 Talkative: I love to talk, and nothing is worse than being with someone who doesn't talk back. I especially like a woman who is talkative and vocal in bed. I'm also attracted to women who can speak other languages, particularly French. I'm not really fluent in French myself, but I love the language.

#10 A woman that likes me: Okay, this one should probably be #1. Not much sense in meeting a woman with the first 9 characteristics, if she hates me!

It's kind of stupid, I know, but I still do a quick calculation mentally whenever I meet a new woman. I'm a realist. I know that the perfect woman is rare if not impossible. A really great woman probably has 5 or 6 of the characteristics I look for. Every once in while I'd see a woman with 7 or 8. Once I found a woman who had 9. Yep, you guessed it. The one she lacked was #10 -- she didn't like me at all!

All that changed the day I met Carol. I've found out that most of the good things that have happened to me in life have been unexpected, and Carol was just about the biggest surprise of my life. I met her accidentally while downtown running errands. She was chatting with a woman that I knew. I went over to say hi to my friend and she introduced me to Carol, a tall, very beautiful blonde, with a very athletic body and long legs -- good grief! that's 3 of my ideal characteristics before she even opened her mouth. And once she started to speak a few more were mentally checked off. Carol was bright, cheerful, funny, friendly, and, honest to god, she had a slight French accent (she's French Canadian). I was immediately drawn to her. And, amazingly enough, she seemed to be drawn to me.

My friend had to run, but Carol stayed there talking with me, her face beaming. She obviously loved to talk and she used her whole body doing it, touching my arm for emphasis, laughing at my corny jokes. She made me laugh, too.

The moment of truth came when I asked her out to dinner that evening. When she said "I'd love to", I almost felt myself lift a few inches off the sidewalk.

The rest of the day was pretty hazy and it seemed to last forever. I don't even know what I did. I kept seeing Carol's face. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I left work a little early and went to my place to get ready. We had agreed to meet at a restaurant and I wanted to look my best. Clearly, I'm not a 10, but I wanted to come as close as possible to one as I could, maybe inch my way up closer to to a 7.

I arrived at the restaurant about 30 minutes early and stood there looking at my watch about every 30 seconds. You know how a watched kettle never boils? That was me that evening. Time seemed to slow down to a crawl.

Finally, the door opened and Carol walked in. She was wearing a beautiful blue dress, cut low enough to tantalize me with a view of her cleavage and short enough to show off her gorgeous legs. Waving to catch her eye, I took a couple of steps toward her and she greeted me with a kiss on the cheek.

The evening was a blur, the complete opposite of the earlier part of day. Time passed so quickly. Carol was funny and charming. We talked about everything and anything. She loved the same sports that I do, the same kinds of books and music. I found myself telling her things I had never told anyone before, my hopes and aspirations, and she did the same. A miracle had happened. I had found my 10, my perfect woman. Pinching myself, I kept thinking that I must be dreaming.

We held hands as I walked her to her car. Although she had a tomboy childhood and was still kind of a tomboy at heart, she was clearly a woman and liked to be treated as one. Arriving at her car, we kissed goodnight, and she lingered in my arms a moment longer than I expected her to, and squeezed my neck with her arms just a little tighter, too.

Our second date was the following Saturday, a movie date. Afterwards we went back to her place for coffee and to chat some more. As we sat on her couch, she kicked off her shoes and tucked her legs up under her, her arm draped across the top of the cushions. I said something funny and she reached out to touch me in reaction to it, giving me a little tap on the chest. Touching her hand and keeping it pressed on my chest, I leaned forward to kiss her. Carol closed her eyes and kissed me back so passionately, my heart began to pound in my chest. Her lips and tongue tasted so good, it all felt so natural.

My hands naturally moved to her body, one to her butt to help pull her closer and the other to her breasts. Carol's hands moved to my lap and her touch immediately caused an intense erection.

Within seconds we were naked and making love. I'm very fond of oral sex because it is so intimate and because all the senses come into play. As I licked her pussy she began talking, telling me how good it felt, telling what felt better, and what to do next. I loved that. And her moans were unbelievable. It was all I could do to resist entering right then and then. Wrapping her long legs over my shoulders, Carol pulled me in more tightly until she came with an intense shudder.

"You next," she laughed as she got up and took me in her mouth. As she sucked on me, she kept looking up at me, and I began talking myself, telling her how good it felt, how sexy it was to watch her licking and stroking me, how much I wanted her. The pleasure was so acute that my legs began to quiver. I was holding on to the couch for dear life, crying "Oh my god, oh my god!" until I erupted into her mouth. She kept sucking my sensitive cock, giving me electrifying aftershocks that I could barely stand.

Collapsing back on the couch, Carol crawled on top of me and kissed me, letting me taste myself on her lips. My hands roamed over her long body, over her back down to her ass. We lay there like that for a while, just kissing and caressing. I loved the feel of her skin under my touch. I was in heaven.

We spent the night making love in every conceivable way and in almost every room of her place. It was the most ardent, most pleasurable, most lustful sexual experience of my life. The sheer joy we took in each other's company and bodies is almost indescribable. I came 5 or 6 times and I lost count of her orgasms after they hit double digits.

Little did I know that this was just the beginning of the most adventuresome sex anyone could ever have. Carol began showing me such new horizons of pleasure that I find it difficult to believe that I could ever go back to my normal life.

Remember that I like an adventuresome woman and Carol is totally off the chart. Our first adventure occurred after playing tennis one Sunday morning. We were playing at a small group of four courts. We were at one end and the only other one being used was at the other end. The two in between were vacant. Carol is a gifted athlete. I say that we 'played' tennis, but it was actually more like a mauling. She ran me ragged. I think that I won one set of the 4 or 5 that we played and I'm pretty sure she let me win that one. By then end of the last set I was sitting down against the fence, panting heavily, my legs stretched out before me.

Carol walked over to me and stood straddling my legs, hands on her hips.

"So, you've had enough?" she said derisively.

"Yeh," I replied looking up. "I'm beat."

"Well, I'm not done with you, " she said, laughing.

"Carol, I can't play another set. I'm dying here."

Hearing that, Carol picked up her jacket and tied the arms around her waist, making a kind of 'skirt'. Then she reached under it and wiggled around until her tennis shorts were at her ankles.

As she stepped out of them I looked up at her and said, "Carol! What the heck are you doing?"

"I told you I'm not done with you," she replied as she reached under once again, lifting one leg and then the other until she dangled her panties in my face.

Looking around frantically, I saw the other tennis players were oblivious at the far court. The courts were about 50 yards from the street and there was some traffic moving on it. We were in plain sight of anyone who cared to look.

Squatting over me so that her shaven pussy was in clear view for me, she worked my belt and zipper until she had my hard cock in her hand. Smiling at me and very pleased with herself, she moved up toward me, got on her knees, positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy with her hand, and sat down on it.

As I looked around again to see if any was watching, Carol began rocking back and forth on me, her wet pussy massaging my hardness deep insider her.

What could I do? It felt so good. And there was a definite rush of excitement of being inside her right in the open like that.

As she moved up and down on me, I held onto her waist. Every once in a while I would furtively glance around to see if anyone was watching. I was sure that no one could tell that Carol didn't have anything on beneath her jacket, but she was starting to push down on me harder and deeper, so it didn't take a rocket scientist to deduce what was going on. Oh, geez, she was so wet! I got so wrapped up in the pleasure I forgot where we were until she started moaning loudly. That woke me out of my stupor! The people at the far court had turned in our direction. Frantically, I put my hand over Carol's mouth in a effort to stifle her moans. Carol rewarded me by biting my hand. Thrusting down on me hard, she erupted, biting my hand a little harder in the process. Feeling her body tensing on mine, my cock spasmed and I came as well, gushing into her.

After a few moments, Carol got up and casually pulled on her shorts. I fastened my belt and picked up her panties as I stood up. Looking at the far court, the people were back at their game. I'm not sure they realized what was going on but the thought of them watching us, even for a brief time was such a turn on.

Carol and I rushed back to my place to shower and play some more. So that was the beginning of your public love-making. Usually, we would get so excited that we always needed more when we got home. When we made love afterwards Carol would always keep talking about how hot the earlier experience had been. "Oh my god, I loved how you felt when you were inside me out there," she would say.

The next time we made love in public was quite an experience. Carol wanted to go shopping and I didn't want to go. "Oh, you'll like shopping with me," she said with a wink. So I went to the mall with her and walked around with her for what seemed like hours as she looked through racks and racks of clothing.

We were back in one rather secluded section of some ladies apparel store and I was standing behind a circular rack of slacks, looking rather bored. "I thought you said I would like shopping with you," I moaned.

"Oh, poor baby," she cooed as she came toward me. "So you're not having any fun?" Pressing close to me, Carol gave me a kiss, her hand brushing up against the front of my pants. As we kissed (probably a little too passionately for a clothing store), her hand began applying a little more pressure to my crotch, and soon I had to wiggle a little to get my now hard cock settled in my pants.

"Oh, well, it looks like you're having fun now," she said, breaking off the kiss.

Without saying a word, Carol dropped down to her knees and unzipped my pants. With a tug she pulled my stiff cock out and began sucking on it. Holding onto the clothing rack, I scanned the store. There were two women about 20 yards away, causally looking at some blouses. I, too, tried to look casual, but it wasn't easy, not with Carol's lips around my cock. Carol was well hidden behind the rack. I glanced down at her to watch her hand stroking me as she sucked on me.

Looking back at the women, I panicked for a second as one of them glanced at me with a funny look on her face. I tried to crack a smile back at her, but it must have looked more like a grimace because Carol's mouth felt so good on me.

Another couple of women came into the general area and I started to get a little more scared. It was only a matter of time before one of them came back to our secluded little corner.

Turning my attention to Carol, I saw her looking up at me. Stopping for a second, she said, holding my stiff cock in her hand, "See I told you you would like shopping with me!!"

"Carol, we need to move away from here. There are people all around now."

Spying the changing room, I pulled Carol up and tried in vain to push my cock back into my pants. I was totally turned on and knew that I had to have her as soon as possible. Using Carol as a shield, I pushed her the 15 feet to the changing room. Inside, there were three little changing cubicles, each with a half door on them with about 2 feet of empty space between the floor and the bottom of the door, and a similar space above it. We darted into the room that was farthest from the doorway.

Closing the little half door behind us, I took Carol in my arms, my still-free cock pressing against her stomach. "You're gonna be quiet, right?" I pleaded with her.

Nodding that she would, Carol kicked off her shoes, pulled down her jeans and sat on the little stool that was in the room. Oh, she looked so good! Carol's pussy was clearly soaked. She wanted me as much as I wanted her.

Leaning back on the stool so that her back touched the wall, Carol put her legs on my shoulders. There was a mirror on one of the walls so we could watch ourselves. It was so sexy to watch myself slide my hard cock into her while my pants lay in a puddle at my ankles. "Oh, god, that looks and feels so good!" she cried as she, too, watched my cock moving back and forth inside her.

"Shhhhh! You promised to be quiet!" I whispered, as I continued to pump her.

"Mmmmm," she moaned, "So deep! So good!"

"Carol! Do you want the whole store to hear you?" I whispered rather loudly.

Sweat was forming on my brow and dripping in a splash on Carol's stomach. The sensations that were going through my body and head were amazing. I could look down at her lovely face (which was making those god-i'm-gonna-cum scrunches), or down between her legs to watch my cock moving in and out of her, or over to the mirror to take in the whole scene.

As we were really getting into it, we heard the door to the cubicle next to us open and close as someone went in to change. Carol was moaning softly and her head was banging lightly against the wall, shaking the cubicle a little.

"Oh, sooo good!" she cried again.


Now it had to be impossible for the person in the next room not to realize what was going on next door. Knowing that someone was listening to our love-making excited me beyond belief and it must have done the same thing to Carol because she started moaning really loudly. I decided just to go with the moment and pumped her as hard and fast and deeply as I could. Soon Carol was holding on to her stool and groaning loudly as her orgasm roared through her body. That was all it took for me to explode as well. I watched our bodies in the mirror, how they shivered and tensed as we both came.

When the pleasure subsided, I leaned down to kiss Carol. "Oh, that was so good," she whispered, barely able to talk.

There was no sound coming from the next cubicle. I could just imagine the woman next door, half undressed with her ear to the wall, listening to our love-making.

We got dressed quickly and left our little room. As we left I caught a glimpse of a woman from the eyes up, wide-eyed, peering over the door of her cubicle. Carol and I laughed all the way through the store and out to the parking lot.

The exciting part of going out with Carol is that you never knew when she would strike. Our normal indoor sex was exceptional, but it was the sex out in the real world that got us both going, and made our private love-making all the more pleasurable.

One evening the two of us went out to eat dinner in the very same restaurant where we had our first date. The place was romantic , a little dark, and we were having a very nice dinner: good company, good food, good conversation.

Carol was sitting opposite me, looking more lovely than ever. I loved how her eyes sparkled when she laughed, her long blonde hair bobbing as she giggled as some funny remark I had made.

Suddenly, I felt a foot pressing against my crotch. There she sat as innocent as could be, not giving me any clue or warning about what she was doing beneath the table. Using her toes, she massaged me to hardness once again.

"Ummm, Carol. What do you think you're doing?" I asked her, trying to mask my excitement.

"Who? Me?" she giggled. "Why I'm just stretching my foot a little."

"Oh, and I suppose you're just flexing your toes as well?"

"Hehe," was all that she said.

Carol was wearing a sexy new dress, just cut low enough to let me see the curves of her breasts. She loved dressing and acting like a woman and I loved her for that. Watching her face, seeing her chest move as she breathed, and feeling her foot playing with me under the table made me snap.

The startled look on her face told me she did not expect me to bound over to her side of the table like I did, my body pushing her further into the booth.

Taking her left hand in my left hand, I leaned closer to her and whispered, "Two can play at this game," as I slipped my right hand between her legs and began caressing the inside of her thigh.

"Oh!" was all she managed to peep, as my hand moved upward between her legs.

My fingers started massaging her pussy through the silky fabric of her panties. I could feel her lips part a little as I pressed my finger along that sweet crevice.

"Will there be anything else," came the voice of the waiter.

Carol nearly jumped with surprise, but I calmly kept rubbing the same spot. "No, thank you," I said, "Just the check please."

The waiter scurried away and I moved my hand higher up under her skirt, its activities masked by the table cloth. Carol gave me this helpless look as my hand slipped inside her panties, and when my finger glided over her shaved smoothness until it rested between her lips, she gasped.

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