tagNonHumanNew Kingdom: American Court Ch. 11

New Kingdom: American Court Ch. 11


Alena trembled in fear watching the scene in front of her. First this strange woman, who she had seen in her dream, had managed to enter the treatment room where the children slept. Before she could scream for Gabriel, she had been grabbed by none other than Cassian, a man who apparently enjoyed flirting with danger. But now, his body lay on the floor, headless.

Lifting her eyes to Gabriel, she saw a man that she barely recognized. His black irises dominated his eyes leaving no whites shining through. The animalistic growl continued ripping deep within his chest as he glared at the audience surrounding him. In his hands, he gripped Cassian's head, eyes blinking and mouth gaping.

With a final look at the body on the floor, Gabriel balanced the head between his palms and, with little effort, crushed the skull until it no longer resembled a man's face. As his preternatural strength rose to the surface, he looked at the red hair woman smiling at him in victory. Understanding her demeanor, Gabriel shook in horror as he realized his act of protecting his mate may have just cost her life. Certainly, Helen would be granted his death sentence but her offer of exchange meant that Alena's death was also desired.

"So," the venomous bitch said, "the mighty Gabriel Philandros has fallen." When she saw the fear cross his face, she screeched in laughter. Knowing that his concern was not for his life, but the life of this insignificant female human, Helen only laughed harder.

"So, Edward," she said in humor, "which will it be? The great, once infallible general, or the bitch and bastards?"

"Me," Gabriel answered. "If my brother wants my life so much he can have it; but only after I've killed his favorite whore."

"His whore?" Helen asked with a wicked grin. "You honestly think that Heron is the only brother I've fucked. I've had them all, except you Gabriel. For eight years, I've collected cum of almost every brother of the Third Creation but you've ignored me. And for what? For this pathetic human who is so weak that her body can't even change to become one of us?"

With his unnatural speed, Gabriel dropped the bloody flesh from his hands and moved across the room grabbing Helen in a crushing hold. Before he could kill the woman, he stopped and looked at the small hand touching his arm.


Moving his gaze from her hand, Gabriel stared into the terrified eyes of the woman he loved. Dropping the woman in his grip, he let his mind wonder into Alena's prepared to see the fear she had for the monster that he must certainly appear to be. Instead, he saw the fear she had for his life. The life that he was destroying in a foolish burst of outrage to protect her. Now, in her mind, there were no thoughts of siblings, children, or changing. His mate's only concern was centered on him.

"Gabriel," Edward said, "We need to talk."

"Talk?" Helen repeated. "There will be no talking. You," she said pointing to Edward, "will give us what we want. I will not fail like the other pathetic weaklings the master has sent before me," she spat with a meaningful look at Iona and the dead body lying at their feet.

"Guards," Edward commanded, "take this woman to a holding cell. Do not let her escape and secure the block on her thoughts. When I release the hold I have on her now, she had better not be able to communicate with anyone," he finished. Then, as though he had a second thought, Edward walked to the woman and gently stroked his fingers down her face. When she collapsed in an unconscious heap to the floor, he motioned to the guards to remove her from the room.

"Gabriel," Edward said looking his friend. "What have you done? You promised to defend me against Heron and now he will take my kingdom."

"For four thousand years," Gabriel responded while never looking away from his mate, "all I ever wanted was this one woman. You and our brothers have destroyed yourselves through your lust. And now that your sins have created these children who will be used to destroy us, you blame me."

Turning to face the American king, Gabriel continued, "I will accept the sentence issued by the Council. Until that time, I will remain in my rooms under house arrest." Looking into Alena's eyes again, he cringed at the message she sent but nodded his head in agreement.

"And my fate will also be hers."

"What?!" Iona yelled from the doorway. "Edward, you stop this. I mean you fucking stop it right now."

"Quiet," he responded.

"I will not," Iona continued. "This disaster is your fault. My sister will not die because you can't say no to some willing cunt."

"But it's paid off so well for you, hasn't it dear?" Edward replied with venom.

"Iona," Alena said standing behind Gabriel. "I belong with Gabriel. I can't live without him." Looking at the king glaring angrily at his mate, "And you need Edward. Whatever happens was meant to be."

With her final words, she placed her hand on Gabriel's arm and together they walked from the room. As they entered the elevator, she moved closer to him but felt him tense and move away from her.

"I would prefer to wash this blood from my hands before I touch you," he said quietly.

"Gabe," she said grabbing his hands to open his arms, "we will be together to the end." Moving closer to his body, she leaned her face against his chest and wrapped his arms around her back. Settled in his embraced, she wondered at the sense of calm she could feel during this chaos. The steady beat of his heart was the only sound she heard until the chime of the elevator announced their arrival at his suite. As they exited the car, two male vampires, massive in size approached them in the corridor.

"Sir?" one of the men said to Gabriel. "We were told by the king to report here. We don't understand."

"You will do as instructed," Gabriel said. "I am under house arrest; therefore, you will ensure that I am confined in my quarters until summoned to appear before the Council. The only exception that I request is that no one interrupts us until that time."

"Yes sir," the two guards replied in unison.

Walking into the apartment, they proceeded to the bathroom where Gabriel stripped his clothes as Alena turned on the water in the shower. She turned and looked at the magnificent body of the man she called her husband. Fading in comparison to his beauty, she felt her confidence waver as he looked down her frame. Of course Helen had verbalized what she was sure everyone had been thinking. Her weakness was the cause of her rejection.

"Weakness?" Gabriel asked. "Baby, you may be foolish for linking your fate to mine, but no one could ever call you weak. You've taken a life of problems and tried to make everyone happy. Even just now, you intervened before Edward could react to your sister's threat. No other woman could be my mate. Only you."

"I'm glad you approve. So what do we do now?"

"I believe in the prison system we would be given conjugal privileges," he answered reaching for her sweater and quickly pulling it over her head.

"Are you serious? You're not worried?"

"Do I look worried?" he asked with a glance down his aroused body then back to her with a grin.

"I'm confused," Alena said. "Weren't you just arrested?"

"Yes, but as you said, whatever happens was meant to be," he said sliding down the zipper on her skirt. "We are here until the Council calls us. Unless you have another suggestion, I want to spend our time alone fucking you every way imaginable. I'm sorry that I can't be a little more romantic," he added watching her skirt fall to the floor leaving her dressed in panties and a bra.

"The romantic stuff was for the dating days," she said with a trembling voice and he unhooked the bra and pulled it away from her breasts. "Now that we are mated, I want everything. I'm sorry that we have to work around this inconvenience of my being human.

"My little warrior princess," he said with pride cupping her breasts firmly. "We will enjoy each other without pushing your human limits."

"We could have a safe word."

"A what?" he asked pausing in his motions.

"It's a word that we agree on that I could say if..."

"I know what it is," he said seriously. "I'm a little shocked that you do. And I'm very bothered that you think you'd need one with me."

"This is where I would normally apologize but you have an issue with that too."

Smiling at her wit, he pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her body. Feeling the new curves and skin mixed with the sight of her darker eyes and hair reminded him of the need to find some answers. If their lives ended soon, he supposed it was best that hers could be extinguished simply in human form. A simple snap of the neck or overdose would kill her. Killing him would require more.

"I love you," he vowed. "No matter where our fate lies, my heart has belonged to you and none other."

"Helen had mentioned that you avoided her for eight years," she replied while stroking his back with her fingers. "Coincidence?"

"I've avoided every woman for eight years," he answered, "which is why you should be prepared to get no rest while we're here. I'm demanding payback."

Removing her final garment, he quickly knelt and pulled her panties down her legs and away from her body. He stayed on his knees before her gazing at the body that she freely offered him. Once again, he regretted the fact that they may not have eternity together. It would require that many years to show her how much he loved her.

With a gentle kiss to her tummy, he smiled at the quick inhale he heard from her and then vowed to make her melt in his arms. But first, he needed to rid himself of the vile blood from that traitor Cassian. Standing, he helped Alena into the shower and joined her under the massaging spray of the warm water.

She reached for the soap and began a slow lathering process that made him harder than he thought possible. When she touched him, his body jerked involuntarily at the sparks of attraction that ignited between them. She paused and grinned at the power she had over her large, strong husband.

"Will this get old?"

"Never," he answered. "It's a flame that burns but never consumes."

"I love you, Gabriel," she said continuing the bathing process as thoroughly but quickly as possible.

With each stroke over his body, she washed away the residue of Cassian's blood. Each touch was firm with enough pressure to cleanse him while massaging the tense muscles bundled under his skin. She weaved her fingers over his chest and trailed down his stomach admiring the abdominal muscles that rippled beneath her touch.

As she traveled down, his arousal bobbed against her hand begging for attention. Looking at him for approval, she stretched her hand around his girth wondering again how her body was able to accept this massive size. The notion of his body entering hers created an immediate tingle in her core that made her muscles weak while sending a wave of moisture between her legs.

Gently, she moved her hand up and down the shaft watching her movements until she heard him groan. Looking at his face, she saw Gabriel lean his head back with his eyes closed. Setting a slow rhythm, she watched his face smiling when he clenched his jaw. With a slight increase in her tempo, she moved her other hand down and cupped his balls, feeling their weight rest in her palm. As her curiosity piqued, she added the slightest amount of pressure barely squeezing them in her small hand.

"Stop!" he growled pulling her hand away.

"Oh God. Did I hurt you?"

"No, at least, not how you think," he replied and then noted her look of confusion. "It's my turn."

With deliberate moves he quickly washed them both and then pulled her close. Placing his hands under her bottom, he lifted her slowly until she could brace her hands on his shoulders. With her breasts in front of his face, he leaned forward and pressed his mouth in the valley kissing the heartbeat of this human that he adored.

As she wiggled in his arms, he moved his mouth over one hard nipple and pulled the sweet flesh with his teeth. As her nipple pebbled in his mouth, he felt her head fall back in surrender to his ministrations. Tenderly he sucked at the flesh until he could no longer resist the taste of her blood. Moving his cock to the wetness between her legs, he teased her slit by moving her body back and forth over the large head.

When he felt her beginning to thrash in his arms, he extended his fangs and looked at the creamy white skin of her breasts. Without releasing her nipple, he quickly bit into her flesh allowing her blood to flow into his mouth while he secreted soothing venom into her nervous system.

As she moaned in pleasure, her body humped around his cock inviting him to enter her secret passage that only he had known. Whimpering in frustration, she moved against him searching for the flame that had ignited her passion. She was not asking for it to be extinguished but for the flame to consume her and burn her alive in the pleasure that only Gabriel could give her.

Taking pity on her frustrations, he sealed the bite marks with a kiss and moved to her other breast. Kissing the white flesh, he smiled when she hissed as his avoidance of her nipple. Using his tongue to tease, he licked the hard bud until he felt her nails sink into the flesh of his shoulders. Not wanting to weaken her, he vowed to give this breast comparable treatment to the other without taking as much blood. Sinking his fangs around her nipple, he sucked as an infant would greedily seek nourishment.

Within seconds, he pulled back his fangs and sealed the wound shut. He lowered her so he could kiss her lips while moving her legs around his waist. Moving his hands over her bottom, he touched her opening, seeking her readiness for his entry. As he slid his fingers over her slit, he pressed his fingers between the folds of flesh searching for entrance to her body.

Feeling his cock against her tummy and his fingers dancing around her clit drove Alena's passion to new heights. She began grinding against his body hoping his cock or fingers would dive deep and hard into her. Instead, Gabriel gently flicked his fingers over her clit and dipped into her wetness but not nearly deep enough. In her frustration, she moved away from his lips to complain about the delay but stopped at the sight of his wicked grin. After one last thrust of his finger into her hole, he moved his hands to her waste and lifted her hips.

"Put me in," he ordered.

Grabbing his cock, she moved the head to her entrance struggling to slide down his length. Looking back to his face, she stared at the dark black eyes watching her face. In a swift motion, he dropped her hips while thrusting into her. The momentum forced a scream from her as they fell against the tiled wall. Feeling her body shiver in response, he moved his hand to her body and slowly caressed between the soft mounds of flesh. Before she was able to catch her breath, he moved his finger that had been moistened with her own juices to the tight bud he had yet dare to touch. With extreme gentleness, he pressed against the opening watching her face for signs of discomfort.

As her face registered the realization of what he was doing, Gabriel slowly pulled Alena's hips up withdrawing his cock from her pussy. With just the head remaining inside, he pushed his finger inside her watching the emotions of shock, fear and pleasure rapidly move across her face. With just the tip inside, he moved his finger around stretching her wider. As she relaxed, he dropped her hips again impaling her on is rigid length. Recovering quicker, she reached for the towel bar trying to gain leverage as she grinded against his pelvis.

Pleased with her reaction, Gabriel slipped his finger deeper into her until he his knuckle rested outside of her opening. Gently he removed his finger, feeling her muscles clenched tight as though trying to keep him inside her. With deliberate movements, he lifted her hips while simultaneously, sliding his finger inside her again, deeper than before.

"Gabriel," she cried.

"Yes love."

"Fuck me. Hard. Every way imaginable. Now!" she added the last word emphasizing her need.

He dropped her hips again while removing his finger from her tight back opening. Forming a sawing rhythm in and out of her body, he quickened his pace until he felt her tense in his arms. Pressing her shoulders against the wall, he held her weight easily with one hand while leaning away from her body. The change in position created a new sensation as his cock continuously rubbed against her clit.

He continued his motions increasing his speed and force until he was slamming inside her body. Feeling the tip of his cock touching deep inside her fragile body, he removed his finger from her body and stepped back to lift her hips at an angle.

"Alena, cum with me."

At the sound of his words, she looked at him through passion filled eyes and smiled at the only man she could ever love. When a forceful thrust, he was deep inside her body sliding against her clit but avoiding her cervix. She momentarily wondered how he could think rationally when their bodies were demanding release. As he increased his tempo, he reached between their bodies and found her clit with his thumb.

"Cum with me," he repeated.

As though obeying his command, her body arched falling back while his hand moved up holding her from falling. Slowly he repeated the thrusts, feeling her pussy grip his cock tight holding it deep inside her. With a final pinch of her clit, he slammed deep into her wincing when he bottomed out and hit something deep inside her.

Surrendering to the voltage running through her, Alena screamed in her release sinking into the blackness with only the sound of Gabriel's growl in her ears. While writhed in his arms, he felt his seed flood deep inside her and her juices pour over him. She could not guess how long they remained locked in this position but was grateful for Gabriel's strength that held her safe.

Slowly he lifted her body tenderly kissing her face, neck and breasts then completely slid out of her. Turning off the water, he wrapped her body in a towel and lifted her in his arms. As he carried her to the bedroom, he looked down at her face and paused at the smile she gave him.

"Are you ok?" he asked placing her on top of the dark comforter.

"Yes," she answered. "If you would have asked me to do that, I would have refused. I'm glad you didn't ask."

"So," he said moving the towel over her quickly drying her body, "while you won't give permission, you also would not exactly reject my proposal to escalate the experience?"

"With you," she answered, "I'm agreeable to anything."

Quickly drying himself, he threw the towel across the room and looked at her naked body splayed across his bed.

"In that case," he said gently flipping her over so she was face down on the bed, "get on your hands and knees."

The mood in the royal suite was not so erotic. It was not even amicable. Edward stared and the angry glare of his mate, refusing to apologize or even concede one matter in the fight. If he was honest, he could not tell anyone exactly why Iona was angry with him.

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed. "You are such a horse's ass!"

Losing control of his temper, he slammed his drink glass on the bar with such force that glass, ice and whiskey exploded on impact.

"I understand that you are upset," he said through clenched teeth as he walked to her, "but you had better stop pushing me."

Watching her unwavering glare, he turned his back to her and took a deep breath, slowly counting to some unreasonable number with lightening speed.

"Iona," he said after a few minutes, "You cannot possibly understand how upset I am about this. I know it sounds selfish but Gabriel is not just my friend and brother but he knows everything about my kingdom."

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