New Kingdom: Australian Court Ch. 03


Alex looked up when he heard the door open and almost had a heart attack. She was beautiful as a child, in her daring escape, and cover with grime searching for food and clothes. There were no words to describe the woman standing in front of him. Her dark hair hung down her back in wet ringlets. Her face, shoulders and arms were scrubbed to a soft pink glow. As her aroma reached him, he vowed to modify his earlier opinion of cucumber melon.

Without saying a word, he merely nodded and walked to the bathroom shutting the door behind him. Alex turned the water to full heat and decided that he should refrain from adding injury to his current condition. He considered the benefits of a cold shower but refused to condescend. He grabbed the shampoo and quickly washed his short hair. Shaking his head, he realized that he had left the bar of lye in the bedroom and would end up smelling like a cucumber melon anyway.

Abigail sat quietly on the bed wondering why Alex had appeared so perturbed with her. Maybe he was just tired. She knew his injury had been mostly superficial but the gash, although not very long, had continued to bleed. She looked at the clothes folded in the basket and decided to stay in her towel for a few minutes longer. Stretching on the bed, she told herself that she needed to get dress soon so she could take a look at Alex's injury.

Avoiding the wound on his thigh, Alex rubbed the towel across his body soon realizing that he had made the same mistake as Abigail. His clothes were in the next room. Knotting the towel at his waist, he opened the door and stopped.

She was spread out on the bed obviously unaware of her state of undress. The towel, although quite large against her small frame, had parted and revealed the pale skin of her hip. Her breasts were barely covered by the loose folder layers. Contemplating whether he should try to right the towel or cover her with a blanket, Alex was surprised to find her eyes wide open with no signs of sleep in them.

"Hey," she whispered.

"Hey," he merely replied.

"Let me see your injury."

"It's nothing really. Just a ..."

"Alex. We're beyond that. We both know it," she said climbing from the bed.

He held his breath as she knelt before him reaching toward his injured leg. He watched her move the towel aside and touch the wound. The cut was small but deep requiring closure to stop the bleeding. He had forgotten to search to the storage boxes for a first aid kit. Now he wondered if that had been a convenient slip of memory.

Abigail looked up into his eyes waiting. When he remained quiet, she nodded her head and leaned close. The touch of her tongue sent shivers through his body. He moaned aloud and almost lost his balance. She never broke contact. Gently lapping at the blood, she allowed the liquid to pool in her mouth. When she swallowed, her lips pursed at his flesh pulling the skin together.

He wondered if she had any idea the effect her ministrations were having on him. Every time she sucked on his flesh, he wished she would move her mouth a few inches to the left. Did she understand what was happening to his body?

With a final sweep of her tongue she closed the gash and gently placed a kiss to the healing tissue. She sat back on her heels and looked up waiting for him to make the next move. Moving in nearly non-human speed, Alex lifted her to her feet and ripped the duvet from the bed. He pulled her close letting her towel hit the floor.

She stretched her arms around his neck and pulled his head down to hers. Quickly capturing her lips, he moved them onto the bed. As he braced himself over her, she kept her hands clasped around his neck kneading the muscles below the skin.

Forcing himself to stop, Alex caught his breath. He knew this would be her first time with a man. Check that. This would be her first time with him. No other man would ever touch her. He wanted to make it perfect but his hands were shaking and his heart was racing. Too many years' experience should have prepared him to be a better lover instead of the clumsy man that he was right now.

"Alex?" she whispered. "I don't know what I need. But I know that you're the only one who can give it to me."

"To hell with technique," he quickly decided. "I'll make it up to her later."

Abigail rolled her hips up seeking relief from the sensations between her thighs. The electrical currents she could feel from Alex's presence were now rolling through her body threatening to consume her. She felt the friction of the towel scratch against the sensitive folds of her flesh and hissed at the barrier. Ripping the towel away from his hips she marveled at the perfect specimen of man hovering over her.

Suddenly she understood. His body was made to connect with hers. Like snapping the correct pieces of a puzzle together, once they were joined they would become something else. Something that she could only be with him. Their lives were very different when they were apart but would soon evolve into another form when they were united. She bucked her hips seeking the satisfaction that only he could give.

When her moist flesh made contact with the tip of his hardened body, Alex jumped. It was bad form to rush foreplay. It was unforgiveable to lose control before he had entered her body. With a growl, he got on his knees and flipped her over. He pressed his body against her back and prayed for her to be reasonable.

Apparently the gods hearing his prayers refused to deter the passion of the young female vampire as she continued bucking beneath him. Abigail managed to spread her legs enough to capture his length between the folds of her flesh. Although he was nowhere near penetrating her entrance, Alex groaned as he felt her heat surge through him.

"Abigail," he said through clinched teeth, "God, baby, please stop."

"Stop?!" she demanded.

"Not stop. Just slow down. Please."

"I can't Alex. It's burning inside me. Please don't stop."

He held her to the mattress hoping she would not buck him off the bed but soon realized that he was at her complete mercy. He leaned close to her face and kissed her cheek.

"Baby. I will take care of you. But you need to trust me. I can't give you what you need, what we need, if I lose it right here on the sheets."

The desperation in his voice broke through to her. She instantly calmed and turned her face offering her lips to him. He kissed her deeply while trying to catch his breath. Slowly he turned her over and moved his lips over her jaw and down her neck. Her moans echoed through the room but she managed to keep her body still.

Alex descended on her body kissing and licking at her flesh until he reached her breasts. Handfuls of flesh that had been hidden beneath baggy shirts and the pink robe now beckoned to him for a slow exploration. He wondered how she would react. Wrapping his lips around the pink tip, he gently tugged her flesh into his mouth. Alternating between lapping with his tongue and gentle sucking he could hear her heart increase its tempo. He moved to the twin peak and offered the same gentle worship.

Abigail shivered when his mouth touched her breasts. No one had ever touched her there and until this moment, she had thought they were merely a visual display of differentiation between man and woman. She doubted that she would ever be able to touch her breasts again without needing Alex's tender touch to sooth her.

She gasped when his hand moved to her abdomen. He had nearly begged her to let him set the tempo but the warmth of his hand was nearing the aching throb at the apex of her thighs. His fingers traced over her navel and slipped lower to her thigh. She parted her legs in a silent plea for him to ease her longing.

Alex could feel her desire which could only be matched to his own. He appreciated her control more now than ever. Soon, they would find that relief together. He dipped his fingers to the moist folds and slowly slipped inside her warmth.

She moaned as he touched her gently rocking her hips toward his hand. He felt the tight flesh that greeted his finger and knew that he had to be careful. Gently he added another finger and paused when she inhaled sharply.

"Alex?" she whispered.

"You have to be ready," he explained kissing her lips. "We have to be careful."

He moved his fingers slowly watching her face for any signs of discomfort. She moaned and moved against his hand. He was tempted to rush on but reminded himself that the first time could only happen once. And he was not going to forfeit this moment. Moving down her body, he kissed the valley between her breasts, the flesh separating her ribs, and the small freckle below her navel. He paused for a moment removing his fingers from her body.

Abigail nearly leaped of the bed when she felt his mouth touch her most intimate flesh. She clutched the sheets and faintly heard the fabric shred as the vibrations raced through her body. One after another, waves of pleasure racked through her until she felt one grab her and hold her in an unbreakable clutch. She could only stare at the ceiling as her lungs refused to function. Suddenly a small vibration began in the pit of stomach and quickly moved through her body. Bright colors burst in her sights as she screamed his name.

Alex crawled back up the bed knowing that he wore a grin of male pride. He looked at Abigail as she laid beneath him with her eyes closed gasping for breath. He kissed her eyes, cheeks and lips waiting for her to respond.

"Alex," she said with a horse voice, "that was amazing."

"Yeah, and, uh, we're not finished."

"What? How?"

"Just watch," he answered moving between her legs.

He positioned himself at her entrance and slowly moved his hips forward. He felt her tightness and inwardly cringed at the pain he would certainly cause her. Hoping she would recover soon, he moved again meeting the natural barrier inside her body.

"Abigail. It only hurts the first time," he whispered. "I'm sorry."

With a quick thrust, he was inside her. He felt her body tense as he moved again. Willing himself to remain still, Alex kissed her lips and touched her body to reassure her. When she relaxed he moved again. Her body was small and he was not willing to hurt her more than necessary so he set a rhythm that was slow and shallow until he felt her open to him.

He increased the pace of his thrusts until he was touching inside her body. Lifting her knees he tried to angle her hips to accept more of his length but refrained from slamming against her.

Abigail felt her body rocking as Alex moved in and out of her. She felt him hesitate when he touched her cervix and used caution even after he angled her hips upward. The familiar buzz of electricity started to bloom inside her body craving that release only he could give her. She felt a moment of frustration with his cautious pace and reacted the only way she could.

Alex nearly lost control when he felt her hips move into his. She was returning his passion and demanding more. He increased the pace again listening for signs of her discomfort. He only heard her moan.

The bed shook under them as they moved together. Once more they increased their tempo as Abigail pulled her knees close to her chest and Alex alternated his balance between his arms and knees. She shuddered as the waves of passion rolled through her body again. Alex stilled and tensed as he felt the evidence of his passion release into her warm body. He collapsed on top of her barely able to roll to his side.

He pulled her close as they both succumbed to exhaustion. A fleeing thought irritated his peace. He had forgotten something important. What was it? Had he secured the house? Yes. Had he shut off all lights downstairs? Yes. What had he forgotten?

"Oh yeah," he thought as he snuggled closer to Abigail, "Gabriel is going to kill me."

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