tagSci-Fi & FantasyNew Magical Me Ch. 01

New Magical Me Ch. 01


Another hard day at work is in my past and another day with a rejection. I swear, I know that trying to pick up girls at work is not what you are supposed to do, but there are so many good ones.

I hang my coat up in the closet and look around at my cluttered bachelor pad. To me, this is home, and this is organized. Others look and see chaos, but I could tell them where every shirt, every DVD, and every toy is. I only wish there was some way for others to see the beauty in this and to like me. It's not that there is nothing to like. I am fairly attractive, although I need to work out more. I am intelligent and I can find ways to have a good time with people. I just don't know, perhaps it's that I try too hard.

I strip off my clothes and throw them in a pile next to my bed, where the sheets and pillows are strewn about in a disorderly fashion. The TV is still on from the morning and it looks like there is a crappy science fiction movie on. "People probably think this movie sucks, but man do I love it."

The walls are covered in my nerdy apparel from different times of my life. As I look across the room I see a time line of my hobbies and interests. As I move to the bathroom, the last poster to catch my eyes is a combination of sexy Storm from X-men and several other sexily drawn comic book girls. "If only that world was the real one." I chuckle and slap the poster on Storm's titties. "Or, how cool would it be to be like them but in this world. I could fulfill all my dreams. Whatever, Mark, what are you thinking?"

I make my way into the bathroom and relieve myself while starting the shower water. After checking the temperature of the shower water I quickly leap in and groan at the wonderful feeling of the water dancing off of my skin. As I stand there and lather up my mind begins to wonder. I think back to my day at the office. Specifically, I think of the duo of Ashley and Samantha and how they are attached at the hip. They do love to talk, but I would love to get them on their knees and watch as their mouths were shut around my cock. My penis responds to my dirty thoughts and just as I finish lathering up my prick, I lean back against the cool tile wall and begin to rub my wet and soapy cock up and down. I think of Ash and Sam taking turns deep throating me. When one goes down, the other holds the base of my prick and giggles.

Just then, as I have almost faded out from the real world completely, I hear the sounds of soft foot steps and the shower curtain being pushed back. My heart drops, I can only imagine that it is one of my buddies playing a trick on me or back to my mom catching me masturbating as a boy.

What I see causes me to pause and move my unoccupied hand up to rub the suds from my eyes while the other covers my crotch and presses my rock hard dick down between my legs. The figure standing in the dimly lit bathroom is a pale skinned girl with red hair that is so bright and deep red that it looks like something out of a comic book. Her brilliant eyes almost match her hair and the most frightening thing I see is the pair of bat wings that protrude off of her back. She is shockingly beautiful with perfect skin and a skimpy outfit that would make any stripper stop in her tracks. The outfit is a skin tight shiny leather looking substance. It clings tightly to her skin. A strap goes around her neck and the outfit is a one piece, almost like a bathing suit. Her cleavage goes from her neck to half way down her torso. As she smiles at me I see the fangs that she bears and I am almost frozen with fear.

She looks me in the eyes and speaks in a haunting and distant voice, "Hello there Mark." The sound of her voice shakes me to my core and I slide down in the bath tub. The water is still going and it begins to splash outside of the tub as well. My hands fall to my side as I look up at her in a daze.

"Hu... Hi. How did you get... in here? Holy fuck, no, what the fuck are you?" I am trying to regain some of my courage as I speak, but my voice betrays my fear.

The creatures distant voice calls out again, "you silly fool, there is no need to fear me. I am going to grant you your greatest desires. I travel where I please and I am your dream come true." Her words sound convincing, but at the same time I feel that she is not totally sincere.

I have so many questions to ask but as I stare at the unearthly beauty before me, my mind goes blank. The look on my face must be pathetic, my tongue hanging out as I stare at her blankly with lust.

"Go ahead; I know that you wish to take advantage of this body." She reaches her hands in and grabs hold of mine. The water splashes over her body and eerily bounces off it, not fully soaking into her skin. My soapy hands are pulled up to her breasts. The outfit that she has on feels just like skin, almost as if it is just an illusion. I grope her jugs reluctantly at first. I stare up into her eyes in a trance. Her hands leave mine as my mauling of her jugs gets more and more intense. She lets out a haunting giggle that would normally be something I would expect to hear in a nightmare.

I start to get more into it and I start to forget how strange she is. My hands move to grab the skin-like fabric and I rip it apart and it falls to her side in shreds. Her breasts fall slightly and bounce. They settle high on her chest, the deep cleavage has dissipated only a small bit. There is something unnatural about her perky her huge tits sit on her body. I start to rub her shoulders and then her arms as I move my hands back towards her breasts. She now leans down, making her tits hang beneath her and her hands reach down into my lap. Water has gone all over my bathroom at this point. I feel her soft fingers touch my rock hard prick.

"Mmmmm... what is this that you have for me? Do you have a nice load of essence for me?" She starts to jack my cock with one hand first. Then as her second hand moves down to my lap, my cock grows in length and in girth to accommodate her full second hand and I look down in shock at the size of my favorite toy. My groan betrays my answer to this creature.

Her hands move up and down on my wet member and the dirty sounds fill my ears, adding to the eroticism. I start to lean up and reach around to grab her ass and pull her forward. I massage it while my hands are there but I get her face down in front of my own. My lips make contact with hers and the feeling is like being electrocuted with intensity. Our tongues dance around in each others mouths, her soft lips suck my own. My lower body rises up off the bottom of the tub as her hands increase speed. Her hair is now being drenched by the water, but it never clings to the sides of her head and one of her wings moves to block the water from our bodies.

"Give me your essence, Mark! Give it to me and I will grant you powers you can not hope to gain on your own. Fucking hell!" She moves her fists furiously and the sound of my wet cock being jacked off by this creature puts me over the edge. I moan into her mouth and she continues to kiss me. My body begins to violently jerk up and down and she finally releases my mouth and her face hovers a foot over the top of my cock.

She opens her mouth and her fangs become more prominent, her tongue hangs out of her mouth almost a half a foot down from her mouth. My cum begins to fly out of the tip of my penis. The force of it is like nothing I have ever seen before. It actually flies a full foot into the air with full force and hits her right in one of her eyes. I am in awe as I watch my own tool shoot massive amounts of cum like never before. After adjusting her aim, my cum coats her tongue time and time again. After what must have been almost a full minute, I fall back against the tub and her wing moves aside and the water pelts me.

I look over at this creature, her face is now streaked with my cum on one side and her tongue has retreated to her mouth. I look down to her tits, still mesmerized by how they defy physics. She follows my gaze with her good eye and even opens her other cum soaked eye. The strands of my 'essence' connect her eyelashes together. I start to think about how great my cock would look between her tits. She smiles and reaches over, shutting off the water. She offers me a hand to get out of the tub and I oblige her. She sits back on the toilet and opens her mouth. I see that my 'essence' is still all over her long tongue. She sticks her tongue back out and lowers her head. Her tongue then droops and my cum drops off of it and lands all over the tops of her breasts, slowly.

"I know what you want Mark. And I know you have more essence for me. Get that cock of yours between my tits. Now!" I move forward to lodge my unit between her jugs, it is still softening from just having cum and I have no idea how I will manage to cum again. She uses her hands to close her massive tits around my softening cock. As my 'essence' drips down her breasts and contacts my penis, suddenly it becomes very hard.

Using my own cum for lubrication I begin to slide my cock between her jugs. I am moving slowly and enjoying this. The only other girl I have titfucked being a girl with an A cup, it had been a challenge but I just had to do it.

"How do my tits feel? Do they feel like... heaven?" She giggles again in a haunting fashion.

"They feel so good, God. They feel so natural, but they are so firm. I can't believe it. I think I am gonna jizz again." I am moving nice and slow back and forth between her tits. The journey up her long cleavage takes several seconds and the soft friction feels so good on the underside of my cock. The sticky lubrication is all I need.

She presses her breasts even more tightly together and I completely lose sight of all but the head of my prick. After this, just three more pumps of her tit tunnel and my cum starts to flow. It slowly gushes out on to the tops of her tits. The way she has squeezed them together has made a crease on top where there is now a literal lake of my cum. After several more strokes, I am emptied and I lean back against the far wall. She lets go of her jugs and I see my cum leak down all over them. She grabs some of it and rubs it on her nipples.

I think to myself how hot it would be to see her lick my cum off her own nipples. She smiles at me and leans her head over. As she lifts her breast to her mouth I groan and I also smile. She sucks on her nipple. It is a sexy sight. As her head moves back up, I see a strand connecting her mouth to her nipple.

"Damn, that was the most intense experience of my life. Is that stuff some sort of costume? What are you?"

"I'm a mystical creature that has come here to sate my desires, using you to do so. And this won't be the last time."

"I have been hoping for something like this for a long fucking time."

"For you to satisfy me and keep me coming back, you will have to share your essence with others. This will make it stronger, and this is what I desire."

"Hhhhmm... I don't know how that will happen." I look over her sexy frame, drenched in my jizz, which is dripping down onto her legs at this point. "But, I will do my damnedest to make it happen."

"Don't worry, I have granted you certain powers. You should have an easier time now."

"Sweet!" I turn towards my room. "Hey, do you want to watch some Battlestar Galactica with me. It is an awesome show. We can cuddle on the bed. Would you like that?" I am so excited to share some of my favorite things with this hot vixen. I look back towards the toilet... and she is gone. There is no evidence of her presence. Although I had a sexy fucking time with her, my heart sinks a little. My sexual desire was sated, but now a slight depression took me over. If only a girl would also love the same things that I did. Well, there are all those other girls out there.

Suddenly, my head becomes cloudy. I feel my strength leave my limbs and I collapse.

The alarm in my room blares. I crawl up off of the floor, where I spent the whole night sleeping. I shut off the alarm and realize that I am nearly late for work already! I rush to get ready and don't even take a shower.

That was one hell of a dream. God, I must have been tired, didn't even make it to the bed. I go into the bathroom to spray on some cologne. As I lift my arm, I look down towards the tub. A strange looking, shiny, black piece of fabric sits on the ground next to the tub.

"What the hell?"

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