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New Neighbors


One sunny day, she decided to work out in her garden in the back yard. In her thirties, she had a good body for her age, but wasn't the type of person who showed it off, always wearing clothes to cover herself. On this particular day, she wore no bra and a little t-shirt with short cut offs - really short. She didn't think anyone would see her in the back yard and this way she could wear something cool for a hot day.

As she worked hard, turning the soil and pulling the weeds out, the sweat began to drip down her neck down to her breasts. It felt tingly dropping down onto them, making her nipples hard. She loved how the dirt felt and smelled, it began a feeling that stirred inside her. She moved her hand over a breast to rub the sweat into her t-shirt.

By this time, the thin cotton was now becoming soaked. Her nipples showed right through the shirt and stuck out firm and erect. She giggled to herself as she brushed them with her hands. She took a look around her yard, then moved her hands down to her shorts. They were very short, but loose-fitting, so she was able to fit her hand to feel all the way inside to her wetness.

He had just moved into his new home and was putting things in their place. He loved this area, because it was filled with trees and it was private, for living in the city. He had only met one neighbor so far, but it was only a matter of time before he met the others.

As he was putting out his garden hose in his back yard, he heard some movement in the trees. Squirrels were playing around, running from branch to branch. Deciding to get a closer look, he snuck up under the tree and sat to watch the two squirrels playing about. Just from the corner of his eye, he could see something else moving, from the other side of the fence.

As he concentrated on what was on the other side, he noticed it was his neighbor. He didn't know why he wasn't saying anything to him – maybe it was because he didn't want to scare the squirrels away. So he began to peer through the fence, and realised it wasn't the neighbor that he had already met. It had to be his wife.

She had long blonde hair and a beautiful body, and it was hard to miss her nipples standing erect through the material of her shirt. He could see everything, then he noticed she was touching herself. He enjoyed looking at her, watching at her touch herself, moving her hands from her breasts down to the crotch of her shorts. He saw her moving her shorts to the side to begin to feel inside. This was arousing him something awful.

She was really enjoying being outside and feeling her juices. It made her feel so free and exhilarated. She laid back on the grass and continued to pinch her breasts and move her fingers up and down her clit into the wet juices that awaited for that touch. The moans began to come out through her mouth and her hips started to sway with the movement of her fingers.

She heard a noise on the other side of the fence, puzzled because she had thought that no one lived in that house. Then she saw the squirrels in the tree. Safe again, she resumed pleasing herself. She was moaning louder and moving her juices onto her clit and back inside of her. Finally, she came to her orgasm and took a deep breath and giggled. Then she laid back onto the grass and really enjoyed the day.

Again, she heard a noise and this time it wasn't the squirrel. She saw a man looking at her through the fence. She was so scared, but at the same time it excited her to know that someone was watching her, so she said nothing and just watched.

As he watched her through the fence, he was so aroused that he looked around to see if anyone could see him. Then he began to rub his hard cock through his shorts, it felt so good while he watched her. He took it out and began to stroke it with a steady rhythm. All he could think about was her touching herself, making those noises. He wanted her so badly.

His strokes were coming faster and he could feel the urges coming more frequently. He was so careful not to make a noise, while going through the motions of excitement. Finally, there was no holding it back anymore. He shot out his cum across to the bushes by house. It made a noise that made the woman through the fence look over toward his house, then over to him peering through the fence. He quickly put his throbbing cock back into his shorts.

He decided to say something, and said: "Excuse me, ma'am, I just moved in next door. I was wondering where the nearest grocery store was? I need to get a few things for the refrigerator."

She stood up, drenched with sweat and replied: "Yeah, there's one just down the street to the left - you can't miss it. By the way, my name's Tina. My husband told me we had a new neighbor - I hope you'll love this area as much as I do."

He thought, if I keep having days liked this, I'm sure I already do. He told her: "I'm sorry if I startled you, my name is Vince. My wife and family will be moving out here as soon as I get the house put together."

Tina said: "Feel free to knock anytime you're in need of assistance. I'd be more than happy to help anyway I can. That's what neighbors are for. I better get into the house and shower off. Hope to see you soon, Vince." She had a grin on her face while telling him this. He caught it right away.

He said to her: "I was wondering if your husband had a dolly I could borrow. I need to move a few things that the movers didn't place in the right room."

She told him that she was sure they did have one and to stop by in about an hour to pick it up. He thanked her and said he'd be round later on.

He decided to go and shower off himself after what he had just finished doing. Thrilled to have a neighbor like her living behind him, he wondered if there would be more days like this to come. He couldn't stop thinking about her, the way she moved and how pretty she was. Those long legs and those beautiful breasts sticking out of her t-shirt.

He was soon ready to go and pick up the dolly that he needed from her so he could finish setting up his house. He arrived at her house and knocked at the door, but there was no answer. Again, he knocked and then he grabbed the doorknob. It was unlocked, he knew that she was expecting him - looking at his watch, it had been over an hour. So, he opened up the door and called her name.

She heard him open up the door, and called: "I'm in here, come on in."

She was in her room dressing, putting on a summer dress, which clung to her breasts and fitted loosely down to the top of her knees. He felt awkward as he walked in when she was dressing, noticing those breasts again. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. She turned and smiled at him, asking if there was something she could get him.

She looked at him with a grin again, she noticed that his shorts were beginning to bulge. He tried to look away, but she didn't let him.

She said: "You must be very lonely without your wife with you. How long has it been since you've been with her?"

"About three weeks now," he replied. She told him that her husband was out of town until Friday and that she too had been lonely and in need of assistance. He knew exactly what that meant and sure enough she moved over to him and pressed against him gently and kissed his lips.

She rubbed her leg against his bulge and said: "You look like you need assistance too."

He nodded at her, and knew this would be one day he would never forget. She pushed him down onto the bed and unbuttoned his pants to release the bulge that now was unable to stay inside. He was well built and just the type of man she always fantasized about. She pulled out his hard cock and began to play with him.

"Is this how you were stroking yourself as you watched me through the fence?" She giggled.

He couldn't believe that she knew what he had been doing when he was watching her. She had let him.

She told him: "The only difference is I can put your hard cock into my hot mouth and suck your balls. How would you like that?"

He replied: "As long as I can put my tongue between your beautiful legs and lick your clit till you scream."

It was agreed between them that they both would please each other until they came. She removed her dress and had nothing on underneath. Her body was even more beautiful than he first thought. He began to touch those breasts, leaning over to lick them and put one nipple in his mouth then finally releasing them with his teeth. They stood erect, just as he was standing. He made his way to down to her belly, licking and pulling at each movement, until he finally reached her hot, dripping pussy. She was so ready for him, but he was going to tease her and make her squirm. He laid her down on the edge of the bed and spread her legs open, licking his way to the wetness. He found her clit and began to use his tongue round and round until she began to squirm. She wanted to please him before she came. She moved on top of him and first kissed him gently on the lips and watched him as she made her way down to his hard cock.

With every movement that she made, his cock reacted with enthusiasm waiting to be sucked into her mouth. First she licked the head of his cock and then licked down until she came to his balls. They were tight and needed to be released. She knew just how to care for them. She took one into her mouth at a time, slowly feeling them with her tongue and playing with them in her mouth. She moved her way up to the head of his cock once more and this time took him into her mouth, slowly moving down as far as she could put him.

Once she knew how much she could take she began working it, up and down sucking, trying to make him cum. The more she moved her head up and down on him, the more noises he made. She began to use her hands to coach the way into her mouth.

She stopped and told him to help her: "Fuck me in my mouth," she said. He wanted to fuck this woman not just for a quick one, but all night long. He did just as she asked, but first he told her to put her pussy in his face. She too did what he asked. They were both frantically trying to please each other, he was fucking her in her mouth and eating her pussy and using his fingers. She began to squirm again this time she was ready to cum and she began to make noises. As soon as he knew that she was coming he too released all his cum into her mouth.

They both laid back on her bed in ecstasy and relaxed. He now wanted to fuck this beautiful woman who gave him what he didn't expect. He leaned over to kiss her lips. He climbed on top of her and licked his way down her belly once more. Her pussy was so juicy that he slid his hard cock right in. He grabbed a hold of her and began to pump his cock in her.

Once it was all the way in, he picked her up and pushed it in further, as if he wanted it to come out her mouth. She leaned back and moaned, still coming while he was eating her. She had never had such an orgasm. This was so new to her, having it last this long.

The more he pumped into her, the stronger the waves came to her as she screamed. He continued, it seemed like for hours, as she came again and again. He could sense by the noises she was making that she somehow seemed to have lost herself, totally letting go. He loved to please a woman in this way and continued to pump his cock in her until he finally came.

As they both lay there exhausted, he said to her: "Yes that's what neighbors are for."

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