tagGroup SexNew Neighbors Ch. 02

New Neighbors Ch. 02


On Tuesday, Lindsay caught Cindy in her driveway after work. Lindsay was a little concerned with the reaction of her new neighbors to their little get-together that past Friday.

Little get together? Lindsay and her husband, Rich, had the newcomers over for an evening in their hot tub. Not exactly swingers, but Lindsay and Tom were willing and open to sex with other people. It hadn't happened a lot, but when the opportunity came along for sex with others, it was fine with them as long as they both knew about it. They did not want to cheat on each other.

Then Cindy and Tom moved in next door, and their first Friday there the four of them ended up in the hot tub having hot oral sex with the other's spouse. Then came the trouble. They hadn't been seen since. Lindsay and Rich left them alone in case Cindy or Tom had regrets, but it had been long enough with no indication. So Lindsay decided to talk with Cindy.

"Hey, neighbor," she said to Cindy. "How have you guys been?"

"Hi, Lindsay. We've been good. Feeling a little strange."

"Because of Friday?" Lindsay asked.

"Yeah," Cindy laughed nervously. "It was really a strange evening." She had trouble looking Lindsay in the eye.

"So you feel sorry for what we did?"

"No!" Cindy answered quickly. Slower then, "No, I don't. It was really - exciting." She looked at Lindsay, smiling broadly.

"Then Tom regrets it?"

Cindy hesitated. "I'm not sure. We haven;t talked about it."

"Really?" Lindsay was very surprised. "You haven't talked about it at all?"

"No, it was like - all weekend we tried to avoid mentioning it." Cindy thought for a moment. "But we had really hot sex on Saturday. Twice. And Sunday. And last night."

Lindsay laughed. "Well, it sounds to me like he had a great time. He's still turned on!"

"Yeah, maybe. I know I am!"

Lindsay felt better now. "Why don't you guys talk about it? Maybe we could get together some more. If you want." Lindsay noticed Cindy was acting nervous. "But, hey, if you guys don't want to, that's cool. We can still be friends."

"Sure, we can be friends. We really like you guys."

Lindsay said, "We don't want thing to be weird between us. If you feel strange about the sex, tell me, and it will never come up again."

Cindy looked at her. "I'll talk to Tom and let you know."

When Tom got home he kissed Cindy passionately, and felt her up more than usual as well. Like he had been doing since Friday night.

Cindy took the opportunity to bring up the subject. "Do you think we should talk about Friday?"

"That was a strange night," Tom said.

Cindy kept going. "You seem to be pretty turned on since that happened,"

Tom looked a little embarrassed. "You don't seem to mind."

"No, I don't. But is it because of when you were with Lindsay?"

"Babe, you are the only woman I will ever want."

"So you didn't like sex with Lindsay?" she asked.

They looked at each other for a moment, then both burst out laughing.

Then he got serious. trying to choose his words carefully. "I really liked Friday with Lindsay. But I would never want it to come between us."

Cindy asked, "Then you'd want to do it again?"

"Is that a trick question? How do you feel about it? And about you and Rich?"

Cindy was afraid of saying too much, but she thought she knew how he felt. "I would never want it to come between us, either. But I liked it, too. I liked what I did and I liked what you did. But mostly I liked what we did afterward. That's what I really liked."

Tom started to get excited. "Are you saying that you like being with Rich enough to do it again?"

"If you wanted to, if you wanted me to. Did Lindsay turn you on?" she asked.

"Well, yes. I could do it again. But only if it didn't cause us any problems."

Cindy smiled at Tom. "It certainly seems to have helped our sex life lately!"

"God, I love you," he said, hugging her tightly.

Cindy asked, "Do you want to tell them we want to do it again?"

After they ate they decided to go next door to Rich and Lindsay's. Walking through their back yards, they found the couple in back. Rich was dressed only in boxers, Lindsay had on shorts, but was topless. When she saw the couple coming she sat down and draped an arm over her breasts.

"What are you two up to?" Cindy asked jokingly.

Rich said, "We told you it can be risque back here."

His wife agreed. "You better be careful back here." She was looking at CIndy when she asked, "Or don't you want to be?"

CIndy smiled back at her. "Why be careful?"

Lindsay smiled back. "Is that right?" She knew that they must have decided to go ahead.

After sitting down and talking for a few minutes, Lindsay, still covering her breasts with her arm, said, "I'm feeling a little exposed here. Maybe I should get dressed."

"Or maybe not," said her husband. It was stated as a challenge.

Tom and Cindy looked at each other, a last check to be sure it was okay with each of them. Cindy then slowly pulled her arm into her shirt, then the other arm and then, again with a look towards her husband, pulled the shirt over her head.

There were smiles all around as Cindy stood there in her bra. It wasn't one of her nicest, as she hadn't expected to be showing it to anyone. But with her large, shapely breasts, she looked extremely good. Her smooth beautiful skin led into her deep cleavage, her bra giving enough support to show them off, but it wasn't really necessary. She unclasped her bra and let it fall off, proving that her breasts could hold their shape on their own. Falling just a little without support, they came to a point at her upturned nipples, sitting in a field of her darker areoles.

Tom hurried to catch up, ripping his shirt off quickly though no one paid much attention until he started fumbling with his pants.

Lindsay quickly jumped up and rushed to his side. Well, actually to his front.

"Can I help?" she asked.

"No, I'm okay," Tom started to say, but he stopped himself. Of course he should let her help. Man, he wasn't used to this! Together they unfastened his pants and let them drop to the floor, then pulled his boxers down. His penis was only partly hard, but still looked eager.

Cindy went over to Rich, still wearing his boxers, and pulled them off. She was enjoying this.

Looking at the two semi erections, Lindsay said, "I think Tom's is bigger."

"Really?" asked Cindy. "Are you sure?"

"No, not for sure, actually. Maybe we should investigate." They pushed the guys closer until they were standing with their hips together. Each woman held a penis in her hand, letting it lay out straight. Lindsay bounced Tom's dick in her hand a bit.

"Do they need to be hard before we measure?" she asked.

"Sure," said Cindy. "That's only fair. Plus it's more fun." That brought a laugh from all four.

The women started stroking their dicks, Cindy twisting hers and Lindsay squeezing Tom's balls. Both guys had full erections long before the girls were done playing.

"Oh, yeah, I told you Tom's was bigger," said Lindsay excitedly.

"Well, Rich's is nearly as big. Not much difference," answered Cindy.

"I'll grant you that," Lindsay smiled. "It does feel great inside."

Cindy looked at her, then at Rich's dick. "Oh, God, I'm getting wet!"

"Would you like to feel that inside you?" asked Lindsay.

"Mmmmm," said Cindy, then snapped out of her dreamy state. "Oh, no, I don't think so."

Rich looked down at the women and their dicks. "Ladies, you seem to be wasting an opportunity."

The girls looked at each other and smiled. Lindsay took Tom's dick in her hand and licked the head, then looked over at Cindy. Cindy followed her lead by imitating her actions. Lindsay then took the head in her mouth and sucked her cheeks hollow. Cindy again followed her lead. Lindsay then stuffed nearly the whole dick into her mouth. Cindy tried to follow, but couldn't get as much into her mouth and coughed it out as she nearly choked.

Rich lifted her up, saying, "I think it's time the guys weren't the only naked people here." He cupped Cindy's large breasts, squeezing them firmly as he leaned in and kissed her. She kissed back, their mouths opening and tongues finding each other. He pinched her nipples and slid down her body until he could take a nipple into his mouth. He sucked on it, forcing the nipple into the small gap between his teeth, forcing it in and out, causing a gasp from Cindy. He started pulling her shorts and panties off, and she stepped out of them.

Tom was treating Lindsay about the same way, it being his turn to play follow the leader. He especially enjoyed her nipples. Though Lindsay's breasts were a little smaller than Cindy's, they were also firm and shapely, and her nipples were larger and very firm. They felt rubbery as he played with them in his mouth. Soon all four of them were naked and excited.

Rich turned Cindy around and ran his hands all over her body. Turning her around and facing her back, his hands easily could reach around her to feel her breasts as well as her pussy, while his hard erection was pushed firmly against her ass. After feeling her up royally for a few minutes he pushed her forward two steps and bent her over, having her lean on the back of a bench.

Rich's erection slid along Cindy's wet slit. He pushed his hips backward and forward, letting her lips part along his shaft while his cock head found her clit. It rubbed against it with each push forward, causing Cindy to moan each time his penis flicked it. He looked over at Tom, who had Lindsay in a similar position just two feet away. Rich reached around to find Cindy's tit hanging down from her and pushed it, smiling at Tom as he caused Cindy's tit to swing. Each guy took turns swinging a tit for the other's amusement, enjoying the playfulness even as their cocks kept sliding along the gash beneath them.

Rich stopped playing and stopped moving his hips. He stopped moving his penis and reached underneath, pushing his penis against Cindy's cunt to align it with her hole. Realizing he was about to fuck her, Cindy pulled away a bit and said, "No, don't. I don't think - I'm not ready for that."

"Okay, Babe, that's okay. No one is doing anything you don't want," assured Rich. He looked over at Tom and suggested, "Maybe you should fuck her."

Tom was primed to fuck someone. He had hoped to stick it into Lindsay, but sure, he was willing to fuck his wife.

Tom pulled away from Lindsay and the guys switched positions. Tom slid his cock into his wife's wet gash. As soon as his shaft was coated well with her juices, he found her hole and shoved his cock into her. Both moaning at the intrusion, they seemed to forget that there was another couple right beside them. But just moments later Tom looked over at the noisy couple and saw Rich plowing into Lindsay. This only made Tom hotter. Seeing this couple fucking, and right beside them, as well as them seeing him fucking his wife, was unexpected but exciting. Never had either of these things happened to him before.

Cindy was just as excited for the same reasons. Tom was pushing into her cunt, not quickly pumping but each thrust pounded deep within her. She was loving every second, and also loved turning her head to see her new friend being pounded as well. It was very exciting, and it flashed through her mind how exciting it would be for Rich to be pounding into her. Maybe she shouldn't have refused Rich's cock when it was offered. When would she ever get a chance like this again?

"Stop!" Cindy said, louder and more desperate than she realized. Everyone stopped fucking and turned to her to see what was wrong. Some of the blood seemed to drain from everyone's genitals at the supposed emergency.

Cindy continued. "Rich. Fuck me. I want your cock in me." My God, Cindy wondered to herself what had come over her. She wouldn't have even thought about this a few days ago, now she was willing to beg to feel this strange man's cock inside her. And with an audience as well.

Tom was surprised, both because his wife wanted to fuck another man, and also because she seldom talked like that. He didn't know if the language turned him on more, or that he realized he might be fucking Lindsay in a moment. Okay, he realized, fucking Lindsay would be better, but he still liked his wife's obscene language.

"Are you sure?" Rich asked, though he already had pulled his prick out of his wife.

"Yes," CIndy moaned. "Fuck me."

Rich moved over behind CIndy nearly pushing Tom over behind Lindsay. Both men sunk their dicks into the women's pussies. There was moaning from all four of them as they felt something they hadn't felt before. It's amazing how a similar pussy can feel so different to a man. And, though both men's dicks were similar in size and shape, they felt unique to the women as they slid into their new cunts.

Cindy had a brief feeling of regret as she felt Rich's cock push into her depths. It was the first cock she had felt other than her husband's since they were married. Hell, since they had started dating. Her regret was short-lived, however, as she enjoyed the amazement of the new feelings that were welling up inside her. Deep inside her. Rich seemed to be reaching places that her husband had not, or at least touching them in a new way. Both the mental and physical feelings overwhelmed her, and she was soon pushing her hips back into him, yelping with each thrust, and then giving in to a shattering orgasm that nearly caused her to collapse onto the deck floor. Rich wasn't done, though, and he held one arm under her for support through her orgasm. He drilled his cock in deep as she shook, holding it there until she was nearly done before he continued pumping into her.

Hearing his wife's erotic moaning and orgasm got Tom's attention, though only momentarily. His dick was exploring Lindsay's insides too well for him to contemplate Cindy's actions. He reached around to grab hold of Lindsay's swaying tits. Though not as big as Cindy's, they were still rather large and quite firm. He held one in each hand, pulling on them with each thrust, finding the large, hard nipple of one and pinching it hard enough to make Lindsay shriek a little extra.

He was pounding into her harder now, and moved his hands to her hips to pull her into him as he thrust. She was pushing back as well, so their pelvises were thumping into each other hard. His balls had been swinging, hitting her ass with each thrust, but they were tightening up now, getting ready to shoot their load. Tom was groaning as he tried to get more of himself into her. One hand found her slit underneath her and latched on to her clit, causing Lindsay to cry out. Tom drove in a couple more times, holding himself deep into Lindsay, the third time letting go and spurting his seed into her cunt with a loud, low growl, the hardest orgasm he had had in recent memory.

Lindsay was going wild, feeling his cum spray her insides while his hand squashed her clit against herself. She rotated her hips to press his cock against every little bit of her vagina wall. He pulled out a little and pushed back in as his cock finished its pulsing, and she pushed back into it hard, not wanting to let it go. She needed him to hold his erection deep inside her for just a moment longer, as she was reaching her own climax. Bucking into him, into his cock, into his hand, feeling his hand again finding her nipple and yanking it roughly, painfully, and then she exploded. Deep inside her body, she felt the explosion, ripping her apart, radiating out from her cunt to her nipple to her fingertips and her toes. She screamed into the night as if she was being murdered, gripping the bench with her knuckles turning white, her body stiff, though inside her cunt was contracting tightly around the shaft that pierced her core.

Lindsay collapsed onto the bench in a heap, face down, too spent to turn herself around. Meanwhile, her husband had been driven to the edge with Cindy's orgasm and her tight pussy gripping his shaft. But when Lindsay began her orgasm, it took Rich over the edge as well. His cock swelled and began shooting into Cindy's cunt just as Lindsay was starting to come down from her high. He shot stream after stream into Cindy, while looking at the convulsions of Lindsay's body. After he was done his cock remained hard, fortunately for Cindy. She had been playing with her own clit with one hand while watching the erotic scene of Lindsay's climax, and when Rich had finished cumming he took over rubbing her clit. Between her clit being stimulated and the big erection still deep inside her, she climaxed again. Not as earth shattering as Lindsay's, or even as much as her first one, but a very welcome relief from all the stimulation she had gotten since her first orgasm of the night.

As they all sat on the deck, breathing hard, trying to get their bearings and replay in their minds just what had happened, Lindsay was finally able to pull herself from the face-down ball she had wrapped herself into and sit on her ass, leaning onto Tom's shoulder for still-needed support. He wrapped his arm around her for comfort. Rich had his arm around CIndy but his hand was draped over her breast, his fingers playing with her nipple and her tit. She in turn had her hand in his lap, absently playing with his soft dick. When Tom reached for Lindsay's breast he tweaked her nipple, causing her to cry out in pain. That was the one he had pulled on so hard, so he moved over to the other breast and nipple which caused a soft murmur of approval from her.

It was several minutes before anyone moved any more than that, or said anything at all. Lindsay finally lifted herself off Tom and leaned over onto her husband, causing everyone to shift. Lindsay and Rich hugged and stroked, while Tom moved around in front to take Cindy into a warm embrace. Several more minutes passed with no other action until finally Rich broke the silence.

"Welcome to the neighborhood," he said to Tom and CIndy. They all laughed, then he asked, "Are you okay?"

CIndy and Tom looked at each other, then at him, and nodded.

Cindy said, "That was terrific. I never knew, never expected it to happen, let alone feel so great."

"Oh, fuck!" said Lindsay, finally coming out her near-coma. "Amazing. That was great." She looked at Cindy. "Please tell me that you two will want to do that again sometime."

Cindy and Tom looked at each other, smiled, then both said, "Oh, Yeah!"

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