tagFetishNew Panties For Him with a Twist

New Panties For Him with a Twist


Almost two months passed before my husband Steve and I had any appreciable amount of time alone since his business trip to Las Vegas. We have been married for years, but just last year, we discovered his love of panties and other sexy pieces of women's lingerie. Yes, he loves it when I dress up in a little babydoll and matching panties, but what really turns him on is when I turn the tables and dress him up the same sort of skimpy lingerie.

He's been wearing panties exclusively for the last year and our sex life has never been better. I had him organize all of his panties last night before bed and he has 40 pairs of panties, 3 pairs of stockings, 3 garter belts, a babydoll, a very nice chemise, and some other frillies that he still does not know about yet. As for his panty collection, the majority are bikinis and string bikinis, a couple pairs of tanga panties, a pair of ruffled boyshorts, and the rest are thongs. I enjoy taking him shopping for panties because I know how much the thrill of picking out new panties turns him on, which pays off for me in the bedroom later that night. Well, guess what, tonight was going to be a shopping night because tomorrow night was going to be a memorable one for us both.

Steve got home from work a little later than usual for a Friday, around 6 pm and I told him I was in no mood for making dinner so we were going to eat out since the kids were with my parents until after church on Sunday. Steve hopped in the shower to freshen up a little and I laid out his shorts and a shirt and purple and pink floral thong with a little ruffle around the waist. When he was done came to the kitchen and was smiling, he knew he would be getting lucky tonight if he played his cards right because I picked a thong for him to wear and my hand happened to brush his cock as I walked past him. Just as I expected it would be, it was hard.

We had a casual dinner at our favorite steakhouse and paid the bill just a little after 7:30. I surprised Steve by pulling into the mall parking lot and getting out without saying a word.

"Honey, do we really need to stop here tonight? I would much rather get you home and relieve the tension that seems to be building up in my pants at the moment," he said.

"Don't you mean your panties? Or for that matter your thong? I don't see a wet spot in the front of your shorts yet, I think you can handle it if I stop and do some shopping before we make it home. We have no curfew tonight so don't worry, I'll make it worth your while."

He didn't protest but I could tell that he had no clue that we were shopping for him tonight. I did check out a couple of shoe stores that were having sales and bought a new pair of heels that would have gone well with the little dress I was wearing tonight.

"Well, I found what I was looking for, anything you want to look at while we are here," I asked?

"Sweetie, I really just want to get home and get inside of you," he answered honestly.

"You sure there is nothing you want while we are here, no matter how little and skimpy it may be. Maybe another little pair of bikini or thong panties that you may want to try on for me tonight. I've noticed that some of your panties aren't getting worn very often, maybe they need to be replaced."

"You know that I can never turn down an offer like that. What exactly do you have in mind," he asked.

"Just follow your cock, I am sure it will lead you in the right direction," I said as I gave a little tug on the front of his shorts. We walked to Macy's first and headed straight to the lingerie department. The selection was pretty large it looked like they were clearing out old inventory in order to make room for their new line for the spring.

The first pair I spotted was hanging on the clearance rack. It was a really cute string bikini with a red plaid satin on the front and with black tiered mesh "flutter" string sides, a black satin back and a little satin bow in the center. Steve usually wears a large, but all they had were extra-large. I figured the extra fabric would help cover up the bulge that was sure to appear when he tried these on. I laid these to the side so Steve wouldn't see them, they were going to be a surprise. He picked up an adorable pink bikini that was covered with all different color stars on the front and there were four rows of green ruffles on the back.

"What do you think of these honey?"

"Well, I think they will look pretty hot covering up that perfect little ass of yours. You won't be able to wear them to work though because someone may see the ruffles through your pants. Keep them, but keep looking." I instructed him. Then I spotted what I was looking for that night. It was the perfect pair of panties for what I had in mind. They were a solid pink pair of bikini panties. They were made of a nylon and spandex blend and had just enough stretch and shimmer to make them sexy. The front was high enough to cover his cock when it was hard, which would be important for tomorrow night. I pulled them off the rack and held them up. The dark pink waist and leg bands were a nice contrast to the rest.

"How about these, they look comfortable and sexy. Perfect for work if I do say so. Tell you what, I am going to pay, you go to Victoria's Secret and see what they have and I will meet you there in a minute."

When he left the store, I grabbed a second pair of the pink panties, the ruffled panties he had picked and then plaid satin pair I had found before. I quickly paid and then walked to one of the Kiosks in the mall that would embroider anything you wanted on almost any kind of clothes. I wondered what the sales girl would think of this job as I approached her with a little devious smile. I handed her one of the two pairs of pink panties I picked out, "Will your machine work on this type of fabric?"

"Sure that is no problem, what do you want them to say," she asked.

I smiled and my heart skipped a beat, ""Mistress Jenny's Pantyboy" on the front and "Take Me" on the back just below the waist band please on this pair." I then handed her the second matching pair, "and on this pair 'Jenny's Pantyboy' on the front and 'Spank Me' on the backside.

"No problem, it will only take a couple minutes to set things up, I can have them for you in about 15 minutes."

"Can I pay you now and just pick them up on the way out."

"Sure, that's no problem. I'll have them ready for you, or whoever, shortly."

I paid $10 and I think that it was well spent for sure. Tomorrow night would be incredibly fun if I pulled this off. I found Steve in Victoria's Secret. He had a handful of panties and he was getting ready to check out, but I needed to buy a little bit of time.

"Show me what you got."

He handed me four pair of panties, all very colorful and they had all come off the sale rack. "Well, these are all nice, but I got all your panties at Macy's. You need to find something to sleep in for tomorrow night. Let's see what they have in your size. I spotted a very sexy red halter babydoll with matching panties. It was made of satin and had a little bit of sparkle to it. The sides had slits that came up the hips and for a second, I wanted to buy it for myself, but again, the only size left was an extra-large. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was only $24, it was $78 around Christmas time. I handed it to Steve and had him go pay.

"What do think? Are you ready to go and fuck my brains out tonight?" I whispered. "How would you like to bend me over the bed and eat my pussy through my panties until I am on the brink of cumming. Then I'll let you flip me over and rub your panty covered cock all over my silk covered pussy until you can barely stand it. Maybe then I'll let you take my panties off and let you back up what you have been talking about all night...How does that sound?"

"I'm in." was all that he said as he grabbed my hand and started walking out the door towards the car.

"Whoa, I need you to pick up one thing for me. Go to the Kiosk over there and give her this claim ticket. It's already been paid for so NO peeking. You got it."

"Oh yeah, you are gonna get it. I will be back in just a second."

I watched as he approached the salesgirl. She was smiling and he handed her the ticket. She smiled a little more and then she spotted me and shook her head in approval. She handed him the small box and he came running back to meet me.

"You were friendly with that girl, did you know her? No, she just said I was a lucky guy, she has no clue how lucky I am to have such as hot and kinky wife as you.

That night was just what I wanted. We had a bottle of wine and spent a lot of time kissing a caressing one another. Eventually we made our way to the bedroom. I was still in my bra and panties and Steve was down to his little purple and pink thong that I had picked out for him. I led him to the bed and bent over it, spreading my legs as far as possible in the process to make sure he had good access. He wasted little time. I felt his tongue slowly licking my pussy through my panties. With time the licks became more firm and the wetness from his tongue met the wetness from my pussy and my panties slid effortlessly over the outside of my pussy. I couldn't hold out too long when I felt his tongue start pushing my panties inside of me. I couldn't hold out any longer, his mouth felt so good. I reached back and pulled my panties to the side giving him unfettered access to my pussy, which he took full advantage of. His tongue replaced my panties, which were deep inside of my pussy and it felt incredible.

He could sense that I was getting close to climax as he slowed down a little and moved down towards my clitoris, but it was too late, the wheels were turning and I was cumming in about 10 seconds. I wanted his tongue back inside of me so I reached back and pulled his hair trying to get him to move back up. It worked, it worked a little too well. The only reason I say that is because his tongue briefly pressed on the entrance to my ass. It caught me totally off guard, but in a way I never imagined. It felt good. Really, really, really good. Up to this point, the only thing that had been in my ass were a couple of butt plugs and a small vibrator, but something set of a spark when I felt Steve's tongue cross that forbidden zone.

I began my orgasm just as his tongue found its way back inside the lips of my pussy. I pressed back trying to get every inch in me as far as it would go, but I needed more.

"Stand up and fuck me hard right now," I told him. I one motion he stood up, pulled the front of his panties to the side and buried his cock inside of me. My orgasm continued as he fucked me hard from behind. I could feel his balls hit my exposed clitoris each time he thrust himself inside of me. It was only moments and I could feel pace quicken. I turned over in the bed without him pulling out of me and I rested my legs on his shoulders. The look on his face said it all as he started to fill me with his warm cum. My already saturated pussy could only hold so much as it started to leak down between my legs and over my still sensitive asshole. He pulled out and collapsed next to me in the bed. Neither of us said a word. I laid there thinking about what it would have felt like had he pressed his tongue as deep in my ass as he did in my pussy. Did he even know that he had done it? I would find out tomorrow, that much I was sure of.

Saturday came faster that either of us wanted. The bottle of wine seemed to be taking a toll on our energy. I felt Steve get up first and I watched him walk t the bathroom. He was still wearing his thong from last night, how he was able to I don't know. They are pretty uncomfortable after sex and defiantly not meant to be slept in.

He showered and made his way back into the bedroom. I grabbed his towel as he walked past the bed and it fell to the floor. I looked at his soft cock. "That thing better be ready for tonight. I have some plans for you."

"Don't worry honey, have I ever let you down," he responded.

"No you have not," I said as I rummaged through his underwear drawer. I picked a fun pair of bikini panties that were a Hawaiian print with a neon yellow background. They were made of the same material as the pink panties that I had embroidered for Steve last night and it reminded me of my task for the day. I handed him the panties and gave him a kiss. His cock began to respond and by the time the panties were up around his waist, he was fully erect.

"You really like it when I pick out you panties everyday don't you."

"It reminds me every morning what a fun kinky woman I married and still love," he said with a smile.

This morning he was going to look for a new car for himself. He is still driving the 1982 Porsche that he bought in college. Granted, it is a fun car but the bills that come along with it are not, so he was heading to the dealership to see about a new one. We were finally in a position where it wouldn't kill us to splurge a little bit on something.

That would give me plenty of time to finish my project and get ready for tonight. I got started as soon as Steve walked out the door. Let's just say, I am not a very gifted when it comes using a needle and thread, but I was going to give it a try and I must say I was very impressed with myself when I held up the finished product. It looked perfect.

That afternoon when Steve arrived home he was very excited to tell me about the car he test drove and he wanted me to go and look at it with him that evening. I was actually looking forward to seeing what he was so excited about. We cleaned up around the house and finished several small projects that were impossible to do with our kids running around trying to get into everything. We finished around 6 I still had not showered and Steve was due for his second of the day.

When we were all clean I opened up Steve's panty drawer and rummaged around for a minute. "You know, I have an idea. Put this tie over your eyes, I am going to dress you up a little under your slacks and I don't want you to know what you are wearing. Let's see if that keeps your pecker up until we get home."

Steve complied and tied his necktie over his eyes. I led him to the bed and sat him on the edge of it. I reached under the bed and grabbed the panties I had worked on that morning. I pulled them up over his legs and he began to respond to my touch and the feel of the fabric moving up his legs. I pulled the waistband up and had him stand to help get the panties around his waist. They looked perfect and would be a great surprise when I gave him what he had coming tonight. I then grabbed the red garter out of the drawer and cinched it around his waist. It matched the red waist and leg bands almost perfectly. I then grabbed the pink thigh highs I had bought and slowly rolled each one up his leg. It was much easier getting the clasps of the garter on him that when I tried them on myself. When I was done, he was still blindfolded and I had him spin in a circle to see my handiwork. "Damn am I good."

We made it to the Porsche dealer by 7:30 and that gave us a little over an hour for a test drive. Steve had already talked with the salesman at length this morning, so we were able to get the keys and hit the road. The car was magnificent. It was a beautiful red Cayman with less than 50 miles on it. We put 20 miles on the car before pulling back in the dealership 45 minutes later.

The ride home was filled with pros about his reasons for getting the car. I had already begun thinking about what I would be doing to him shortly in the bedroom. I wanted to get his mind back on my pussy, so I reached over and began stroking his cock through his slacks. I was careful not to rub too well, because I had made a mess or two in the front of his pants on the ride home when he was wearing stockings and garters in the past. We pulled in the driveway and he was finally thinking with his little brain again.

"Pour us both a glass of wine and meet me in the bedroom." I instructed.

I headed right to the bedroom and put all the nights supplies under the bed. When he walked in he had two glasses of wine and the bottle lucked under his arm. We sat next to each other in bed and began kissing and drinking our wine.

"So what do you think you are wearing under your clothes right now?"

"Well, if I had to guess I would think a pair of panties, a garter belt, and some stockings. Would that be correct?"

"Not much gets by you. Any idea what panties you are wearing," I asked knowing he would never get the right answer.

"I really can't tell you, but I am guessing there is a ruffle of some sort on the back," he answered matter-of-factly.

"You are close, why don't you take off your shirt and go stand in front of the mirror." He did and I walked up behind him. I put my arms around his waist and took off his belt and unbuttoned his pants and slowly unzipped his zipper. As I began lowering his pants, I could see his panties in the reflection. The pink and red were a sharp contrast to the khaki slacks he was wearing. When I dropped the pants around his ankles, he noticed the white writing on the front of them. "Mistress Jenny's Pantyboy" it read. He was surprised to say the least.

"Very, very nice touch honey, I guess now I really am your Pantyboy Mistress Jenny. You can do with me whatever pleases you."

"Oh, you have that one right. You should have seen the look on that salesgirls face last night when you picked these up for me!!"

"Holy shit, I can not believe that you did that. That girl knows that I am wearing panties right now and that I am your Pantyboy. You are a bad girl. I don't think I'll be shopping in there again for awhile," he said still a little taken back.

I pushed him back on the bed and straddled his chest letting my skirt rise up over my hips. My sheer black panties were only inches from his mouth. I leaned back just enough to let him see that there were crotchless panties and my bald pussy was just out of reach. I scooted up a little farther on the bed and I saw his face as it disappeared below my skirt. I was also wearing a black garter and thigh high stockings and I wanted to be sure he saw them before I completely obscured his view, which I did by scooting up a little bit more, but I stayed inches from his mouth. I could feel the warmth of his breath as it hit my bare pussy which was getting very wet by this point. When I was ready, I lowered myself onto his outstretched tongue. It slid right inside of my pussy as I gently lowered myself more and more onto his face.

I leaned back and grabbed his cock through his panties. I could feel the precum oozing from the tip of his cock. The feeling of his tongue was enough to almost bring me to orgasm in the first couple minutes. Especially when I thought about scooting up just a little further in the bed and seeing if his tongue would slide inside of my ass like had happened so briefly last night, but I resisted my urge for what was coming tonight.

I stood up on the bed quickly catching him mid lick. "You are too good at what you do, I need a break from that for a little while or this game will be over before it really gets started."

I slid off my skirt and top and was now standing above him in my black bustier, crotchless panties, garter and thigh high stockings. All were jet black with the exception of my panties which were sheer in the front. He was laying beneath me in his pink and read panties, red garter, and pink thigh highs.

"Mistress Jenny would like you to assume the position I was in last night. I want you to bend over the bed and spread your legs for me, just like I did for you."

"Your wish is my command, "Mistress Jenny."

He rolled over in the bed and I caught the first glimpse of my handiwork and it looked pretty damn good. He was bent over the bed and I was looking at his ass from behind. The panties said "Take Me" about an inch below the waistband and about 2 inches below that there was an opening about 3 inches around and his little rosebud was right in the center of it. I had cut a 3 inch circle out of the back where his asshole would be then sewn a nice band on the outside of the hole that matched the waist and leg bands. The best part was he had no clue it was there, but he would find out soon enough.

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