tagGay MaleNew World Ch. 01

New World Ch. 01


I couldn't believe that I was going through with this, but there I was naked, on my knees with 3 naked guys I didn't know standing around me jacking off.

I'm not a prudish type, I mean I love sex and have no qualms about trying different things. Sometimes I love the kink but now the kink was a bit more kinky than I was use to. The only reason I had gotten this far without backing out was because I had paid for this. Yes, I know I could go to many bars or online sites to find this type of action but that would be easy to back out of. With the paying and knowing that I'd lose the money if I canceled as a motivation it was a lot more pressure on me to actually go through with it.

So there I was.

I had had fantasies about being with a man for a long time, I loved anal play as well, one of my ex-girlfriends using a strap-on on me was a personal favorite memory, but I had never went so far as to even touch another man in any way, shape or form in a sexual manor. So now I went from zero to slut in one day. I didn't know the guys names. Knowing would sorta defeat the fantasy I originally had, so I simply thought of them as the 'Stooges'.

'Moe' was the shortest, dark hair slim build. His dick was average, nothing I couldn't see by looking in the mirror everyday, altho it was well shaped, it looked more like a dick than any I had every seen. If you had someone make a dick from nothing it would look just like this guys. 'Larry', a tall guy with wavy hair, had a long thin dick but his balls were absolutely huge, they hung down like two golf balls in a balloon, every time he stroked his dick they'd bounce off his thighs. And 'Curly', Shaved head, hell, shaved everything. He had a 'porn star' dick, just a huge, thick piece of meat. It's head was flared out like a fucking plum! This one made me nervous, it was one thing to take on a dick like my own or even a long thin one but that dick had painful written all over it. Still, thinking about that slab of meat fucking into my ass and the feelings it would create caused my sphincter to involuntarily palpitate.

A whole new world was opening up for me.

I started with Moe. Leaning forward I took his cock in my mouth, for a few seconds I simply sat there with it laying on my tongue. The taste was different. Not like a pussy, but like a pussy in respect that it tasted like nothing else. He looked down at me when I didn't start to do anything and simply pumped his hips.

I started to really try and make this into an adventure, trying to copy everything every girl who'd blown me in the past had done. I bobbed my head down, nearly taking the entire thing in my mouth then all the way back till just the tip of the head was still in my mouth. I knew I must have been doing a good job of it by the grunts he made. I glanced up at him, something that my ex's had done to me many times, but never till this moment did I know how damn sexy it was to look up at the person while sucking them.

It was a moment that made this 'dream' seem like a VERY good idea. I started to get horny, my dick was hard as stone and I was seeping already. I could have blown a load just sucking this guy right there. But this wasn't a race, I had a long night ahead of me. I stood up, 'Moe's dick stood out slick and stiff in front of him.

I had to admit I was proud of myself, I'd started without chickening out and made it so that the guy enjoyed it as well. I walked over to the bed, my legs were like friggin' rubber, just barely holding me up, but I was so horny and excited and afraid that I couldn't even begin trying to stop now. I got on the bed and into the 'doggie' position.

This was the way I had envisioned it, I didn't really want to see the guys I just wanted to get fucked! I felt the bed move as 'Moe' climbed up behind me. He didn't even tease me or try to open me up with a finger or anything, he just poured a huge amount of lube on my hole, inserted the nozzle end of the bottle into my ass and put another healthy portion of lube inside. I felt him press against my asshole, he took it easy but kept the pressure till he popped inside. I grunted at the intrusion, it was a bit painful but he had stopped with just the head inside so it went away fast.

He started pushing again, sliding more and more into me, I had to brace myself as I was being pushed forward. My ass was tight and it was a battle now between it and 'Moe's' slick dick.

His dick won out.

After a few minutes he was fully inside me. The feeling was interesting. I had the need to push him out but his constant pressure wouldn't let it happen. After a few moments to let me get used to the feeling, he started fucking me. It was official now, I couldn't take the moment back.

Trying to relax I shifted my position a bit, opening my legs more and letting him slide into me easier.

That did the trick, he was able to find a good rhythm now.

At first I still didn't see what my initial attraction to the whole thing was. It wasn't any more pleasurable than when I'd used the strap-on. It just was what it was.

After a few minutes that changed, with him taking full strokes and changing the angle he hit 'the spot', my prostate. The first time was alarming, I jerked. The second; the same, but after more and more strokes kept hitting there I understood. I started to grunt, pushing back in time to his thrusts, I could hear myself telling him to keep doing it. A few more minutes and I was sweating, my heart was pounding and I. Was. In. Heaven!

I was moaning loudly, gasping as he hit 'the spot' just right. I was begging, actually BEGGING for more! And then it hit. I came. HARD. This wasn't like with my ex and her strap-on, this was a real live hot cock pounding my ass like it owned it, and at that time it did. It owned it for however long it wanted it.

I couldn't stand it though, I had to take a break, get a moment to collect my mind back from whatever dimension it had disappeared into but 'Moe' didn't stop. He just kept pounding and pounding into my over sensitive ass till I was whimpering like a little girl. After forcing myself to take it, I started to feel light headed, like I was drunk or high, and the uncomfortable intensity went away, replaced by an almost constant feeling of arousal. It was like one tiny orgasm after another from that point on, my dick was hard and I had to cum again but right before I could 'Moe' slammed into me fully.

I could feel his cock pulse and the muscles in his legs quiver as he came. He pulled out and I could feel my asshole gaping open for a few seconds. I reached back and felt it, I could stick in 2 fingers easily. 'Moe' pulled off his condom and moved out of the way.

'Larry' didn't waste anytime, once he was in position he slide in and went to work. His dick went in with little problem until he got to the point where 'Moe' couldn't reach. After that he hit untouched land. His longer strokes brought me back to the peak quick and I came again, just spurt after spurt of cum firing out of me, my eyes were rolling back in my head as I shuddered and screamed in pleasure.

This was unbelievable! This feeling of being fucked, of being full and empty with each thrust. I couldn't understand why I hadn't done this more often in the past. But I knew I would be doing it more in the future. 'Larry' was pounding my ass hard, his balls would smack into my own with every hard thrust. I reached back between my legs and grabbed them, they were every bit as big as they looked. He evidently enjoyed because he thrust all the way into me and just ground his hips while I jacked his balls. It was insane how amazing this was, these feelings; 'Larry' was flexing his cock while it was buried in my ass!

I had another orgasm, not one where I shot, because I truly didn't think I could again, but an internal one, a 'dry' orgasm that made me squeal. I had never made noises like these before, yet here and now I couldn't do anything but make them. 'Larry' moved my hand and started banging me hard again, just driving into me with enough force to scoot me down the bed till I was pressed against the headboard.

I was trapped there, I couldn't move away from the relentless pounding 'Larry' was giving me. Again a 'dry' orgasm hit me and I started to beg again, I was losing my mind and I knew I still had 'Curly' and his huge cock to go, something I didn't think I'd be able to survive at this rate. Either my heart or my mind would stop. Just as I was climbing that peak again 'Larry' grunted that he was going to cum, I had to find out how much that huge sack held and told him to pull out.

I flipped over, pulled the condom off his dick and started sucking it as hard as I could, in just a few seconds 'Larry' exploded. His cum filled my mouth to the brim and still kept coming. I swallowed as much as I could but couldn't keep up with it, it leaked out of my mouth and ran down my chin. After he pulled his dick from my mouth I scooped up what had spilled out and swallowed it as well. I was well and truly addicted now. Pussy wouldn't be enough anymore, I'd have to have a this as well. I didn't even register till later that I had not only taken a load in my mouth but had enjoyed swallowing it!

I took a few steadying breaths, got myself back under control and told 'Curly' to bring his thick dick over here and fuck me with it!

I didn't have to say it twice, he came over flipped me back onto my stomach and started feeding his dick into my well used and still hungry ass. His dick was incredible, it stretched me to the limit, not just it's width but it's length! I was paralyzed by it. It was what I'd imagine giving birth is like. Even with all the action I'd had tonight my ass simply couldn't take it all at once. He had, what felt like 2 or 3 feet of thick cock in my ass but reaching back I could tell he wasn't more than halfway in.

He kept sliding it in, pulling out and forcing it in further with each down stroke, again and again till I felt his legs pressed against mine. This was a near indescribable feeling, knowing that I had that much dick in my ass and wanting it to take me. 'Curly' started to fuck me, just every pleasure fiber of my ass being stroked by that huge cock. I had another 'dry' orgasm, shouting and actually crying from it. Alternately begging for more and begging for him to stop. He would take it all the way out and before my ass closed would force it all the way back, I had no clue what sort of damage this was doing but right then I didn't fucking care in the least! All that I knew was that I was on a higher plane of existence, one where nothing else mattered but the feelings that were coursing thru me. I had found the mythical 'Nirvana', a state of grace and bliss. Who knew the pathway led thru my ass?

My orgasmic high came back as I felt 'Curly' jerk inside me, he was cumming. I wasn't for sure how long he had been going at it, that visit to 'Nirvana' seemed to confuse my senses as to time but all I knew was that I was glad I went thru with this. 'Curly' pulled out of me and I collapsed on the bed, my ass was like a barn door it was so open, 3 fingers went in it easily with a fourth only needing a little pressure. I was positive that my ex could have fisted me right then without much effort.

While I recovered the Stooges got cleaned up and dressed. I thanked them, yes thanked them, for fucking my brains out and making me beg for more. They said I was great and that sometime we should do it again. I stumble escorted them to the door as they left saying that I wouldn't mind a return visit.

Watching as they drove out of sight I rubbed my ass hole, I would pay for the pleasure later, and I did, but right then nothing could have ruined my night. I staggered into the bathroom and took a shower, washing off the smell of sex that clung to me like perfume. Washing my ass carefully, it still was so loose I could fit 3 fingers in it with little effort, I got out of the shower dried off and went to the bed where I collapsed. I drifted off to sleep with the smell of raw sex and cum filling my head.

The next afternoon when I woke, my ass was sore, hell my legs were sore where I had kneeled for so long. My arms were sore from holding myself up, my jaw was sore from the blow jobs. My balls were sore from the orgasms. I was just one big sore spot. I went to the bathroom and bent over in front of the mirror to see what my ass looked like. It was red, not just my ass hole but the area around it, I was not looking forward to having a bowel movement that day. Even over night my hole hadn't tightened up completely, I could pull my cheeks apart and the hole would open, almost like a pussy, which as far as last night was concerned, it was.

I went back to bed after getting a bite to eat, I was just wore out, literally and figuratively. Later when I woke up again I gave the agency a call telling them I was satisfied with the service they provided. And asked if I could make another appointment for sometime later in the month.

Like I said a whole new world was opened up for me, one I planned on visiting more.

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