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New Years


I was out with a few friends on New Years Eve and they decided to drag me to this party. They are always trying to fix me up, they say my standards are too high and I will never find anyone. I believe there is that one out there, and I won't settle for anything less, they just don't understand.

The party was good, I danced a lot, but none of the guys I danced with had that spark that attracted me, much less anyone I wanted to ring in the New Year with that special kiss.

It was the song that would be playing when the ball would drop, several of the guys I had been dancing with asked me but I apologized that I was tired and needed to rest, though I just wasn't interested.

Then....I notice him....he was across the room and just for a second our eyes locked and a shiver went all the way through me. How can a feeling like that, happen in a split second of a glance, it made me blush with warmth. Every hair on my arms and back of my neck stood up, then he started walking over to me, looked in my eyes, I was mesmerized, I couldn't look away. He had this confident air about him that exuded power, animalistic, raw sexuality that I could not pull away from.

He didn't say a word and I was too breathless to speak, he took my hand, and like in a dream I glided onto the dance floor with him, like I was floating on a cloud. Everything around my was fuzzy and distorted like I was looking through a smoky mirror, but he was so bright and clear standing there in front of me, starting to touch me, moving me to the music, my knees grew weak and I quivered, but only for a second, how was this man, whom I have never seen before, be effecting me this way, why am I letting him, I have lost control, but I regain, finally, having to look away to pull myself back together.

His hands were so strong but soft, he had a natural lead that was effortless to follow. As the music played we were close, his hands were stroking up and down my back, I tried to pull away little to put some distance between our bodies so that he couldn't feel my nipples getting hard, my breath getting shallow, still staring in each others eyes, no words could be spoken, there wasn't enough breath to utter a syllable, my resistance just made him pull me in closer. Now our bodies were pressed together, I hadn't notice before, but now I could not miss the fact that he was as aroused as I was. I could feel him growing and throbbing through his pants, against me. He knew I could feel it to and he smiled at me, then he spun me around and pressed his body into my back, rubbing and grinding, I pushed back into him matching his rhythm. He was kissing and nibbling on my neck and ears, I could barely stand it, a moan escaped my lips and before I knew what I was doing, my hands were behind me and I had grabbed him in my hands wanting to feel him, stroke him, massage him. He spins me back around again and takes the back of my head and pulls my head back and kisses me deeply just as the clock strikes midnight, I respond in kind, giving every inch of my tongue and taking every inch of his.

He could take me right here and now and I wouldn't resist. And then before I knew it, it happened, I had an orgasm, my whole body shook, and he knew automatically what had just happened as he tightened his arms around me to support me as I grew weak. Still in my dream state I stayed in his arms, close to his chest, knowing that my dress was wet from what he had just done to me. He walked me back to my table, kissed me softly and looked deep in my eyes, for the first time he spoke. He asked my name, what a sexy voice, a complete package. I told him my name. I was still in a trance, I couldn't think straight. I was sitting there and he was standing, his throbbing crotch right in my face, Oh how I wanted to put my mouth on him, devour him. Then he walked away.

I kept looking for him, it seemed like he disappeared in thin air. I was so struck with what he had done to me, in shock that I didn't ask his name. How could I have been so... I was frustrated with myself so I decided to leave. I went to get my coat to leave, as I was waiting at the coat check, I could feel someone walk up behind me, very close, I was scared to turn around, I could feel their breath on my neck, then I heard that voice in a whisper right behind my ear, "My Name is _____, Tina, It was good to meet you." I almost fell to the floor with another wave of instant heat that he could cause in me. He slipped his arm around my waist to catch me, holding my back to him, he was still aroused, I could feel it. I have never had this kind of experience this instantaneous before, I didn't know how to react, except instinctively. I got my coat right at that moment and he pulled me out the door, he had valet his vehicle and it was already at the door, waiting, he had planned this and was waiting for me to leave. I didn't hesitate and climbed in...

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