tagInterracial LoveNew Year's Eve in Full Color

New Year's Eve in Full Color


Inspired by a post in the "Story Ideas" forum.

Many thanks to "Freckles4" for her inspiration and much appreciated help.


Josh was reveling in what he felt was the best New Year's eve party ever. It was for high school seniors only--no underclass kiddies to put a damper on things. They had the whole house available, his buddies were there, someone got plenty of beer for everyone, and there were girls (he was planning on hitting on a red headed cheerleader who just arrived). Best of all, Sam's parents were out of town so there were no parents around to supervise. His best friend, Chris, hadn't arrived yet. "I hope when Chris gets here, he doesn't bring his new girlfriend," he mentioned in passing to one of his buddies.

"You mean Katie? Why not? She's a fox."

"She's a nigger-lover," he replied with disgust in his voice. "She's always hanging out with that black girl."

"I'm sure Chris will set his girl right. It takes time. She's really into him. She'll come around."

"I hope so," Josh replied without conviction. "He's too good a guy to get mixed up with trash."

Almost on cue, the door opened and Chris came in with Katie and her black friend. The conversation faded a bit as everyone looked over at the new arrivals. "Hi, Chris," said Sam, the host of the party. "Glad you could make it."

"Hey Sammy," he said in response. Then turning to the girls with him, he continued. "This is my girlfriend, Katie and her best friend, Shay."

"Glad to meet you," he said amicably to the girls though his eyes did open a bit wider as his gaze passed over Shay. "I hope you have a good time. Beer in the kitchen; cups on the sink."

Chris went on with a few more introductions as they made their way to the kitchen. The reactions during the introductions were similar with the guests warmly responding to Shay's presence though some showed surprise, and a few looked perplexed. Chris managed to steer the girls to the kitchen while bypassing Josh and his buddies. He would try to handle that situation later.

In the relative calm of the kitchen, Shay was finally able to relax a bit. Chris got wine coolers for Katie and Shay while grabbing a cup of beer for himself. Shay knew she would be the only black person at the party and had been apprehensive about going. She would rather be home reading a book or watching TV, but Katie felt it was unthinkable for her to be alone on New Years Eve. She badgered Shay incessantly until she finally agreed to go.

Shay had picked a Bohemian print maxi dress with three-quarter length sleeves and kid leather mid-calf boots. She liked the dress as it "innocently" accentuated her feminine charms. The bodice was tight around her waist and bust and accentuated the cleavage. The mid-thigh slit in the skirt revealed a teasing glimpse of her leg with each step. The dress buttoned down the front from the v-neck to the top of the slit. When she wanted it to be a man-killer, she knew which buttons to leave unfastened. She was in a "man-killer" mood that night.

The outfit turned heads, but despite the satisfaction of seeing appreciative glances from the guys, she still felt nervous. She eagerly sipped her cooler and tried to settle her nerves. She felt like she had run a gauntlet in the short jaunt from the front door to the kitchen. She should not have come. Shay looked over at her friend. When Katie noticed her looking over, Katie immediately broke into a big artificial smile and began bobbing to the beat of the music. "It's a great party," she said. "We're going to have a blast." Katie was fooling no one. Shay could see Katie had sensed her anxiety and was having second thoughts about bringing her. They were good enough friends to sense each other's feelings.

Josh and his friends had started drinking early and the effects were starting to emerge. He noticed Chris had avoided them when they entered with that nigger girl. He was right. Bringing Chris's new girlfriend was inviting trouble. "I think we ought to tell that nigger she's not welcome here," he said to his friends.

"Settle down. Don't make trouble. She's not hurting anybody."

"She's ruining the party," Josh said. "I think I'm going to tell her to get her ass out of here."

"Why pick on her? She's not doing nothing to nobody. She's got feelings."

"Those people don't have feelings like we do. They don't even feel pain the same way. That's why they can take over sports like they did," Josh said to no one in particular. He continued. "That's why they made such good slaves."

"Whoa, Dude. I hear you, but settle down. Let me get you a beer."

"I don't need no fucking beer!" Josh's voice started to rise as he turned toward the kitchen. "That bitch has to be told to get the hell out."

His friend put a restraining hand on his shoulder. "Calm down man. It's a party for Christ's sake."

Josh shook the hand off his shoulder. "Why the fuck should I calm down. What is that nigger doing here?!!" he roared above the din of the music.

Josh now had two sets of hands holding his arms, keeping him from charging into the kitchen.

Katie, already feeling guilty about bringing her friend to a party that was making her feel alienated, had heard enough. The jerk in the living room was more than enough to trigger her anger. She cried out in rage, "You fucking racist. You get the fuck out of here!." She spun around and glared at Chris. "He's your friend. Get that bigot out of here or I'm leaving!" she said emphatically.

Chris was suddenly confronted with the prospect that he could lose either his new girlfriend or his lifelong buddy. "I'll see what I can do," he said quickly as he strode over to his friend.

Josh watched his unhappy friend come over. "What are you trying to do?" Chris said without preliminaries. "You've got my girl upset and wanting to leave. I've been looking forward to this New Year's party with Katie ever since we got together. You're screwing up all my plans."

"Hey man," Josh replied. "I wasn't the one who brought the nigger."

Chris was about to explode. "No, but you're the one who is making that an issue. If you value our friendship, you'll leave."

"Man, I can't leave. The party's just getting started."

"Well then, you better make it right with Katie's friend, Shay."

Josh looked toward the kitchen. It looked like Katie was trying to console Shay. He took a deep breath. "Fine. Fuck it," he said finally. "I'll smooth things over." He walked slowly over to the girls. He had never been keen to apologize for anything, let alone to a nigger.

When he got there, he looked at Shay. "Hey, I was talking shit. Sorry." He paused when she just looked at him with a cold stare. "Look, I don't mind that you're here. Stay. I'm cool with it."

Shay was on the verge of tears and didn't trust her ability to respond. She just looked at him. It was obvious to Shay that he was just trying to appease his friend and it was obvious to Josh that he was getting nowhere. Josh could see and sense her defiance and anger. She was also trembling, obviously shaken, and not happy. He was hit by the fact that she was a person, not just some abstract entity. She was real, and hurting, and he was the cause of the hurt. For the first time, he actually did feel sorry. "Please," he said. "Can we get away from the music and talk privately? I would like to explain."

She nodded in response. "Okay," she said in a quiet nervous voice.

He could sense her anxiety and reluctance. He felt the need to reassure her that he wasn't going to hurt her. He was surprised by the fact that he now wanted her to think positively about him. For the first time in his life he was concerned what a nigger thought of him. He extended his hand. "The basement stairway is quieter," he said as he led her to the stairway and down a few steps.

This was the first time he really looked at Shay. Her angst distorted an otherwise pretty face. He had yet to experience her winsome smile. He caught a quick breath as he watched her settle on one of the steps as the slit in her dress exposed her tantalizing leg well up her thigh. She made no move to cover. Looking down he got the full effect of her cleavage. The "man-killer" configuration definitely had an effect. He felt a sense of loss when their hands parted and he too settled on to a step.

It was Shay's first real look at her detractor. She looked up at him as she settled. He was moderately tall with handsome features. Her main focus was on his torso. He was well muscled and, despite going to a party, he wore a t-shirt that looked to be a size or two too small. He had chiseled pecs and six-pack abs. Looking up, she saw his eyes flicker and almost imperceptibly, his tongue darted through his lips. She too felt a loss when their hands parted.

As soon as he settled, Josh started talking. "Hey, I'm really sorry. I've had a lot of beers and I don't think straight after the first few."

Shay just looked at him. Her expression changed from being nervous and hurt to bored and unbelieving. She had heard the "beer-made-me-do-it" excuse way too many times. Josh, seeing he was getting nowhere fast, plunged on. "Look, I don't have anything against blacks. It's just that..." He stopped and watched a couple of guys pass by. The stairs were close to the back door where the smokers went. Josh looked annoyed. "Let's go into the basement where we won't be interrupted," he said, standing. Again he extended his hand.

Shay felt a twinge of fear in the pit of her stomach. She had heard of party rapes and she feared this was the kind of guy who would do it. She couldn't deny a sexual twinge intermixed with her apprehension. Hesitantly, she took his hand. This time she was aware of the touch. Undeniably, it fed her sexual awareness.

He felt it too. He couldn't take his eyes off her as he led her into the basement. He could feel the fabric of his shorts graze his cock as it started to expand. Flushing slightly, he released her hand and shifted so his reaction would not be noticed. Was it his imagination that her anxiety was also masking her sexual excitement? Wishful thinking, he concluded quickly. He thought frantically about what to say. How could he appease this girl who he had so offended?

"Hey, I'm really sorry." Somehow he couldn't get past apologizing. "I know sometimes I'm a jerk around black people. It's not like I hate blacks or anything." He paused trying desperately not to make things worse. "When I was a kid well, you know, black kids bullied me. I think that's why I act that way. Do you know what I'm trying to say?"

Shay nodded. "I'm pretty sure I do," she replied, her voice leaving no doubt that she understood all too well and was getting a different message than what he wanted. Her anxiety subsided as she watched Josh try to dig his way out of a hole, but she still found pleasure at looking at that tight t-shirt. "He might be a jerk, but he's a well built one," she thought to herself. Out loud she continued, "And that makes it okay for you to call me nigger and demand I leave the party?"

"No, no," he said hastily. "You're not a nigger like those other guys. There's a difference between niggers and black people." For several minutes, he continued along that vein, throwing in stories about niggers that wronged him and colored people (like her) who he liked and respected. As he spoke, her eyes settled on his lips--moving, articulating, kissable lips. She tuned him out as started thinking about how they would taste, how they would feel grazing her neck, how the tongue would feel on a bare nipple, how her stomach would quiver as those lips grazed by on their way down...

Breaking the spell of watching his lips and tired of his senseless rambling, she responded. "It's alright. I've forgotten it. We're good."

He blinked unbelieving. She didn't look like she had forgiven and forgotten. He looked at her. "You sure we're okay?"


Josh felt some of the tenseness leave his body. He again gazed at her and remembered the effect of her hand touching his just a few minutes ago. She was devastating in that dress. Again, he could swear that she felt sexually attracted to him. He watched her chest rise and fall with her breathing. He wanted to feel those breasts against him. Each breath she took was calling to him. "How about a hug as a gesture of forgiveness?" he said hopefully as he opened his arms.

Shay hesitated. She had a mental flash of the rapes she had read about. Regardless of that thought (or perhaps because of that thought), she felt sexually excited as her gaze passed those promising lips to his pecs. She wanted to feel that hard body against hers. Suppressing her anxiety, she nodded and hesitantly stepped closer to him. His arms circled her and pulled her close. She felt her breasts press against his chest and her arms circled him.

Josh was getting hard just looking at Shay. Maybe Josh just imagined it, but she seemed to radiate sexual energy. The pressure of her breasts against him was enough to bring him to full erection. He hadn't intended for the hug to be anything more than a simple hug, but suddenly he wanted to feel her body press on his cock. He arched slightly and lifted her off her feet in an unsuccessful attempt to get her body to press against his groin. A little embarrassed, he put her down. "Are you sure you're okay?" he asked again, more to hide the fact that perhaps he went too far with the hug than his having a real interest that she was all right. He was still reluctant to release her from his embrace.

Shay trembled slightly as she tried to cope with the emotions running through her. Her mind whirled as her body responded on its own to the effect the embrace by someone she was both attracted to and repulsed by. She could feel his breathing when he hugged her until he lifted her off her feet. Once off her feet, she felt helpless in his grip. A wave of sensual surrender washed over her. Even when he put her down, she clung to their embrace, her body wanting what her mind was trying to deny. Afraid to speak, she nodded her head in response to his question.

They heard footsteps on the stairway and backed away from each other before Josh's friend came in. "Hey Josh," his friend said in a teasing and taunting voice. "You enjoying yourself here alone with this chick?"

"Um... we've come to terms," Josh replied quickly. Turning to Shay, he continued. "Thanks for listening to me. I'm sorry about my outburst," he apologized for the umteenth time as he turned and followed his friend back up the stairs.

Shay stood in the basement for a couple of minutes regaining her composure. She tried to reconcile the response of her body to the cold facts of reality. She finally took a deep breath, straightened her dress and returned to the party.

The party was unremarkable. Most everyone drank too much, said things they didn't mean, danced as close as possible, tooted horns at midnight, and either left or sprawled out somewhere to enjoy (or endure) the effects of the alcohol. Josh and Shay kept their distance. The party goers who were aware of the Josh/Shay conflict did their best to assure the two would remain separated. Though Josh always had a beer in his hand, he only sipped a bit and never refilled. He couldn't get his mind off Shay and felt a small but pervasive thrill every time he got a glimpse of her. Even if all he saw was the back of her head, it reminded him of the image of her in the basement--and of the feel of her body pressed close to his--and her subtle but distinct scent. He didn't feel much loss when the red-headed cheerleader that he had the hots for left the party with another guy.

Shay too drank little. She mostly stayed on the sidelines, danced a bit but without enthusiasm. She didn't know many people there, her girlfriend was preoccupied with Chris, and she didn't feel any empathy with the party-goers. As the party wound down, she retired to the basement. There were a few people already there, scattered around the room and feeling the effects of drinking too much. There was a large U-shaped sectional sofa and she grabbed a small lap blanket, took off her boots, and stretched out on the large mid section. Soon Katie and Chris came down and reclined on one of the end sections. A few minutes later, a couple of Josh's friends came down with a girl and they settled on the other end still leaving Shay alone on the large center section. Someone turned out the main light leaving the room dimly lit by a couple of corner lamps. Josh came in and sat by his friends, who mumbled a bit about being crowded. Shay sat up which opened some space so Josh could slide over to her sectional. She then rolled away from him and closed her eyes.

Josh didn't move for several minutes. He watched Shay and watched the slight rhythmic movement of her body as she breathed. His cock stirred and became more rigid with every breath she took. He rolled over on his side closer to her. He tentatively reached his hand to touch Shay's ass cheek. His cock throbbed. Seeing no reaction, he became bolder, the touch became a caress and his hand came to rest on her hip. He felt her stir and he closed his eyes to slits as he feigned sleep. He saw her twist and look at him. Her figure was silhouetted in the dim light, and oh, he so wanted to cup those breasts in his hands. She settled back. Josh noted that she did not remove his hand from her hip.

Shay barely admitted to herself that she hoped Josh would find his way to the sectional. She smiled to herself when he did settle and she was eager--too eager--to make a place for him. She felt a bit smug when he touched her ass and rested his left hand on her hip. "Eat your heart out, bigot," she thought to herself. She grinned to herself when she turned and saw him pretending to sleep. Though his eyes looked like they might be shut, she could almost feel his gaze on her body. She arched, displaying the form of her breasts as she turned to feign sleep herself. She thought about his cock--how it must be straining to touch her. Her own excitement caused her to think about what his hard shaft would feel like pressed against her ass cheeks. That thought morphed into a desire to find out. She stretched as if still asleep and shifted so her ass was almost touching Josh's groin.

She wasn't wrong about the state of Josh's cock. After Shay had shifted, he could almost feel the heat on his needy shaft. After a few long seconds, he too shifted slightly, bringing his cock in light contact with her. She responded with a slight wiggle "in her sleep" that pressed against his cock. Each knew the other was awake but neither was about to stop the charade. Josh felt a twinge of anger. She was teasing him. Well he would show her a thing or two about tease! He stretched and twisted "in his sleep" so his hand slid across her stomach and his finger tips grazed her breast from the bottom. "Involuntary" finger twitches caused the fingers of one hand to brush over her nipples. He gloated that he was getting to her when he felt her hardened nipples. He discounted the fact that his finger play was doing as much if not more to his arousal than hers.

Shay suppressed a small gasp when his fingers touched her nipple. It was like a small but pleasant shock that emanated from her breast straight to her loins. She needed a man--now. She shook off that feeling and twisted, careful not to dislodge his hand but to pull her ass away from his groin while her right hand found its way to rest on the now accessible hard bulge. She barely suppressed a snort of satisfaction at finding him so hard. "Can't resist the charms of a nigger girl, huh boy?" she thought smugly to herself. She felt him arch involuntarily trying to press into her hand. She didn't quite suppress a triumphant giggle at his reaction before she resumed her "sleep."

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