tagIncest/TabooNew Year's Eve Party

New Year's Eve Party


I had been looking forward to New Year's Eve for quite some time. I was mostly looking forward to getting drunk off my ass, but I always saved room for drunken orgies. I was 18, so I couldn't legally buy my own alcohol, and I had no luck finding a party to go to. Most of my friends were traveling or were grounded. So I decided to convince my parents to go out for the night. They were the easy ones. I also had to somehow get my older brother to leave the house for the night, since he didn't approve of me getting drunk. My younger brother was easy, I helped him arrange a sleepover at his friends house. Last was my sister. I tried so hard to get her to go spend the night at someone's house, but she wouldn't have it. I guess I was kind of relieved to have someone home with me though. So I left it at that.

A few days before the fateful night, my parents told me my sister was having a few friends over. I argued with them about it, but in the end they were staying whether I liked it or not. My sister was 18 and her two friends were 18 and 19 respectively. All three of them were sexy as hell too! My sister had dark brown curly hair. She was about 5' 7" and had a perfect round voluptuous ass with moderate sized tits. Her friend Sally was a blond. What more to say other than she was slightly shorter than my sister, and her ass was so big every time I saw it I wanted to just drop my pants and mount it right there on the spot. Her tits weren't very big, but oh my god she had the face of an angel. Her older friend Lisa was also a blond. Unlike Sally her ass was as big as her tits. She was more a freak than both my sister and Sally put together. She had had a crush on me since about the third grade, and we kind of grew up around each other. I had seen her tits when we were both about 14, but since then we'd hardly looked at each other.

The night was upon us and I had just gotten my parents out of the door, when the fun started. I had told my sis my plan to get shitfaced, and she thought it would be fun to watch. So, as soon as I turned around from closing the door, she had two shots of some kind of bourbon my dad kept in the cabinet. I said " I didn't know you wanted to get liquored up too sis." ,but she just giggled at me and told me that they were both for me. Her and her friends spent the next hour or so handing me drink after drink. I had never really realized how much of a tank I was , but damn did I drink a lot. I was just starting to feel my buzz when I got an idea.

"Hey sis, why don't you three make yourselves a mix drink? They're really good, besides you're all sleeping here, so why not get drunk too?" I said.

"Because we aren't alcoholics like you, you big perv! I know you just want to get into our pants!"

"Aw sis, you know that's not true! I wouldn't want to catch herpes or something..." I said jokingly.

After some tough negotiations, I finally got them to drink. I Made three extra strong drinks, and they didn't like the taste at first, but they eventually warmed up to it. About four or five drinks later, they were starting to get drunk I could tell. So I started up a conversation about sex.

"How far have you gone sis? I know you've given some guy head before."

"Very funny dick. I'll have you know that I've never even seen a guys....thing before."

"A guy's thing huh? Very mature way to put it. Go ahead and say it with me, Penis."

"I've done everything but anal." Sally blurted out.

When I heard that I couldn't help but laugh hysterically, along with my sis and Lisa.

"Well I've never actually put a guys... penis in my.... vagina before, but I've given my boyfriend head and he's given me oral...." Lisa informed us.

"You girls are fucking prudes! HAHA!" I said.

"Well, how far have you gone, tough guy?" My sis said.

"I've...uh..." I muttered.

"AHA! I knew it you fucking virgin!" Said my sis.

"Hey! Be nice you two!" Sally chimed in.

"Yeah! Let's cool things down with a game..." Lisa said with a smirk.

"What kind of game?"

"Well how about truth or dare? For old times sake." Said Lisa.

We all agreed with the game rules. If you chickened out on a dare, you would have to take your clothes off and run around outside in the -10 weather. So I started with a dare to Sally first.

"I dare you to take your pants off...."

"Okay!" Sally said energetically.

She had them off in less than a minute and was looking fine as hell in her pink lace panties. I shifted into a pretzel position, so the girls couldn't see my aching boner. My cock, I'm pleased to tell you, is about 8 inches long and pretty thick.

"My turn! Hmm... who to dare... Okay. I got it. Dick, I dare you to take off your shorts and show us that hard on, you're miserably hiding."

"Uh...well...Alright" I said.

I stood up, and right away the giggling started. My dick was sticking straight out, and my shorts were having a hard time stretching out that far. I yanked them off with a jerk and my dick sprang out like a spring! They girls were amazed with the size I think. They all kind of stopped talking and just stared at it for about a minute before the game started up again.

"Yeah, okay. Um. Well. Lisa I dare you to pull Sally's panties off with your teeth!" My sis said as a joke.

"Fine!" Said Lisa!

I don't think my sis actually thought she would do it, but she did. She sexily started towards Sally with her mouth. She was on her hands and knees behind Sally who was also on the floor in the same position. She bit her ass cheek first as a joke, and then started yanking them down little by little with her teeth. I could see her pearly white ass crack getting bigger and bigger, and wow did that turn me on. I swear my dick grew another inch, and I could feel the pre cum starting to ooze out.

"Damn that's so fucking hot!" I blurted out.

Sally was now just in a pink Holister shirt and bra. Her pussy was so wet I thought she must have peed a little. I could smell it though and I just kept getting harder. My sis offered to make everyone another round of drinks. When she left, Lisa dared me to do something I was hoping to god for.

"Well, since your cock is out and hard... and her pussy is wide open and all wet. Why don't you show us what that thing can do!" She said.

"I, uh, alright." I said licking my lips.

Sally laid flat on the carpet and put her knees up so it looked like she was going to do a sit up, except her legs were spread far far apart. I nervously slid my huge throbbing cock into her pussy. It went in slowly, and her breathing got heavier. I could tell she liked it by the way she softly moaned and pushed against me as I was going in. Lisa started to pull her shirt off and rubbed her own pussy as she watched me slowly slide in and out of Sally's pussy. My sis walked in and laughed.

"You guys started with out me?! What the fuck guys!" She said with a gorgeous smile.

"Don't worry babe, it looks like Dick's dick is going to last a while!" Said Lisa.

I was now fucking Sally at a constant fast speed. Her tits were bouncing back and forth as I pumped my cock into her soaked pussy. I looked behind me and saw my sister start to lick Lisa's gaping hole. Lisa was leaning on the couch bottom and my sister was on her hands and knees. She started to finger and lick at the same time, and I got so hot I could tell I was going to cum soon.

"Oh! Fuck! Yes! Oh babe! I'm gonna cum soon! You want it in your mouth or on your tits?" I asked.

"In my mouth baby! Yes! Oh! Uuuuuuuhhhhnnn." She moaned.

I was ready. I pulled out and moved up to her mouth. I hardly made it in time to shoot my huge pearly load into her mouth. I got some on her cheek and chin too! She licked her lips and swallowed it all!

"Oh that was soooooo good!" Sally said.

My sister and Lisa were both naked now and they were scissoring slowly. My sister's pink pussy was sliding all over Lisa's! I to this day, have never been so turned on!

"Hey sis! Save some for me!"

"Wait your turn Dick!" My sis said.

Sally was now sucking my still rock hard cock. She had nearly the whole thing in her mouth and was moving her tongue on the inside. I could feel it against the bottom part of my shaft!

"Wow Sally! You're a fucking expert at this!" I said enthusiastically.

"Grots grof gractice" She said with a full mouth.

My sister and Lisa decided to join in on the fun. Sally stopped sucking my dick and moved to my sisters pussy. Lisa bent over and welcomed me in. Her pussy was a lot tighter than Sally's and WOW did it feel good. I pumped hard and fast for what seemed like fifteen minutes. We were both sweating and starting to get tired. Suddenly I felt Lisa start to shake and quiver! I was surprised to find out that I had just given her the best orgasm of her life!

"Wow dick! I love your fucking cock! I wish my dildos worked that well!" Lisa said out of breath.

"Excuse me. Hello? Is it my turn now?" My sis said.

To be honest, I was a little surprised. I didn't really expect to fuck my sister that night. At first it was kind of weird to see my sister naked, but when she started to gobble my cock, I had no problem with it.

"Okay. Fine. I'll fuck you too!" I said with a smirk.

"Good, and you better make me cum!" She said.

I put my dick in my sisters tight tight pussy. She had some light curlies down there and it tickled my cock in a good way. I started to slowly fuck her, but she insisted I fuck her as hard as I could.

"Fuck dick. Just fucking fuck me. Ooooooooooh god. Fuck. Yes!" She screamed in pleasure!

It was the best pussy of the three. I fucked her until my dick hurt and she was sweating all over. I was on the final stretch to my orgasm and I really wanted to make her cum. I fucked her even harder and deeper than the other two, but she still wouldn't cum. Unfortunately I came first.

"Oh god sis. I'm going to cum. Where do you want it?" I breathed.

"I want it all over my tits!" She moaned.

I pulled out and started to shoot my load in spurts all over her boobies. She must have liked it too, because her nipples got even perkier! Lisa and Sally both shared my cum off of her tits as I started to eat my sisters wet juicy pussy.

"You like that?" I asked.

"Oh yes! Oh god! Mmmmhmmmm!" She started to yell.

I put two fingers in and licked her clit as I started fingering her tight virgin pussy. She started to scream! I had given my sister an orgasm!

After we spent the next half hour sucking each others body parts, we cleaned up the mess and finished off another bottle of some UV Blue. We said our good nights and went our separate ways. I to my room and her and her friends to hers. Since that night I've fucked them all again and again, but it's never been as great as it was on that New Year's Eve.

The end.

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