tagIncest/TabooNew Year's Eve Seduction

New Year's Eve Seduction


He couldn't believe his luck, it was New Year's Eve and he was going home early!

What a night for his girlfriend to dump him for another guy. There was certainly no way that he could stay at that party alone. The only problem was that his parents were having their annual NYE party at their house and so to make matters worse he would be spending the night with a bunch of boring old people.

Eric was a 20 year old college student who still lived in his parents' basement and was now single.

What a loser.

His parents Mark and Diane threw a NYE party every year. His mother had spent the past week getting everything ready; buying booze, making food, setting up decorations, and anything else the she could think of.

His parents were in their mid-forties and always wanted to be his friend instead of his parents. It wasn't such a bad thing because they gave him a lot of leeway growing up and even now they let him drink even though he wasn't 21 yet. But he always felt weird about how close they wanted to be to him.

Walking into his house at 11:00pm on NYE, Eric felt like his life couldn't get any worse.

His parent's party was in full swing, there must have been forty people throughout the house. Everybody was drinking and laughing and having a great time. Nobody even noticed when he walked in the front door.

Eric tried to sneak downstairs to his bedroom so he could spend the remainder of the night hiding out in shame but his mom's friend, Janice, caught his arm as he approached the stairs.

"What are you doing here Eric? I figured you would be out partying with your girlfriend."

Her voice was pretty slurred as she spoke and her balance seemed wobbly as well. Just how much have these guys been drinking?

"Well, she dumped me so I just wanted to be alone the rest of the night."

"WHAT! You got dumped on New Year's Eve? What a bitch."

Her drink was spilling on the carpet as she became more animated and used her other hand on Eric's arm to help her keep her balance.

"You can't ring in the New Year alone, go get yourself a drink and stay here with us until midnight at least."

He really didn't want to party with my parent's friends, but he really didn't like the idea of spending the night alone either.

"Ok, I guess I could have one drink."

"Much better, now let's get you a beer."

Pulling on his arm she dragged him through the living room into the kitchen.

It seemed like the kitchen was the only quiet place in the house.

Janice turned to his mom, the only other person in the kitchen.

"Diane, did you hear what happened to your son tonight?"

"Eric? What are you doing here? Why aren't you out with your girlfriend?"

"She dumped me. I don't want to talk about it."

"Well, you're welcome to join us. Do you want a beer?"


My mom brought me a beer from the refrigerator and said "I guess I won't be the only one without someone to kiss tonight."

"What do you mean? Where's dad?"

"Oh he passed out a half hour ago. He never stays up until midnight."

"That sucks, I'm sorry mom."

"Don't worry about it; I'm used to it by now."

At 45, his mother still had a great body. She and her husband had always had a great sex life but in the past few years things had slowed down between them so she maintained a disciplined workout schedule to keep herself attractive to him.

Her dark brown hair fell past her shoulders and had been styled so that it framed her pretty face in big loose curls.

Diane wore a silky silver cocktail dress that fluttered around her body as she moved through the kitchen. The hem of her dress ended several inches above her knees leaving most of her stocking covered legs on display. Her legs were accentuated by a pair of 5 inch black patent leather heels.

The neckline of her dress came down just enough to show off a hint of the her chest and as she moved around the edges of her black bra occasionally peeked out.

Eric had never thought of his mother in a sexual way but their family was always very close. When they talked, she would often put a hand on his arm or his leg if they were sitting.

Both his parents were big huggers and not a day went by without at least one hug from each of them.

"Why don't you finish that beer so we can dance. You can be my date for the night!"

Diane had a twinkle in her eye as she said that. She adored her son and if her husband couldn't be with her at least she would be in good hands with her son.

"I don't know mom that sounds weird."

"There is nothing weird about a son dancing with his mother."

"Just one dance."

Eric finished his beer and his mother led him back into the crowded living room where everyone was dancing.

The radio was playing all of the big dance songs of the past year and everyone was having a great time. Eric lost himself in the moment and actually enjoyed dancing with his mom.

After a few songs passed a slow one came on the radio and everyone took their partners in their arms for a slow dance.

Diane reached out for Eric but he hesitated.

"What? Aren't you having fun?"

Blushing he said.

"Oh, ok"

He stepped forward and awkwardly put his hands on her hips as she slid her arms around his back pulling him into her.

Diane's chest pressed into her son as they swayed to the music.

"You really a pretty good dancer you know. That girl doesn't know she's missing."

"Mom..." Eric whined.

"I know, I know. Just let me enjoy the moment. Ok?"

"Fine, whatever."

Her perfume filled his senses as his mom leaned her head against his shoulder.

They rocked back and forth in the crowded room with their bodies pressed against each other.

The mixture of the alcohol and the warm body pressed against him was making Eric horny and he started thinking about sneaking downstairs to jerk off to some internet porn after midnight.

Diane's hands slid down from his shoulders to the small of his back and she gave him a little squeeze. Eric didn't realize it but his hands had slipped further down his mother's hips and were now resting on the upper curve of her ass.

As soon as he noticed where his hands were he quickly jerked them back up to the sides of her hips. His mother giggled into his neck.

"It's ok honey that felt good."

With that encouragement he convinced himself that it was harmless enough and he let his hands slide back into place on the upper curve of his mother's firm ass.

"mmmmm....." She cooed into his neck.

Her warm breath felt good against his skin.

Another slow song came on and the whole room continued slowly rocking back and forth in time to the music.

Eric was surprised that his mom's ass felt so firm. I knew that she exercised but he never guessed that her body was so tight. He immediately felt guilty at the thought of his mother's body and tried to push it out of his head.

As Diane nuzzled into her son's neck she lost herself and began rubbing her body against his. Eric felt his mother's chest pushing against him. The soft mounds of her breasts felt good as her body swayed back and forth in his arms.

Eric closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment forgetting for a second that he was holding his mother. They had both been drinking all night and were feeling warm and fuzzy inside from the alcohol and the physical contact. Neither one of them wanted to admit to themselves what they were starting to feel for the other.

Eric's hands slid further down his mother's body and were now blatantly grabbing her ass. He squeezed her through her dress sending a shiver through her body. Diane released another moan into his neck as she pushed her hips into him.

Her soft lips parted and brushed against his bare skin.

She was in heaven.

The song ended and the countdown began.

Everyone stepped away from their dance partners and began shouting along with the radio.

Diane and Eric took a small step back from each other but were still caught in the moment.

Their eyes were locked onto each other and a confusing mix of sexual thoughts and desires swirled around in their heads.



The room erupted in a raucous scream and which fell silent as everyone pulled their date close for the New Years kiss.

Diane looked into her son's eyes feeling horny and confused. She hadn't felt like this since she was a teenager.

Slowly she reached up and slid her hand around the back of his neck and pulled him into her.

Their lips met.

They kissed softly at first and then Eric gave in. His mouth opened and he pushed his tongue into his mother's mouth.

Their tongues touched and danced in their mouths.

Eric regained his grip on her ass and pulled her into him causing a yelp to escape her mouth as their bodies connected.

Eric's hands slid further down until his hands made contact with her stockings. He could feel her heat through the thin material as his hand moved back up under the back of her dress.

He was surprised when his fingers hit bare flesh. He didn't realize that his mother was wearing a garter belt.

Her soft skin against his hand sent a jolt through his body. His cock hardened in his pants, straining against the material.

Diane could feel her son's hard penis pressing against her and knew they had crossed the line.

She broke their kiss.

"Meet me downstairs"

She stepped away and disappeared into the kitchen.

Eric stood there stunned at the realization of what just happened.

He was kissing his own mother... and he liked it.

Nervously he looked around the room to see if anyone else witnessed their sin.

Thankfully for him everyone in the room was pretty drunk and seemed much more interested in making out with their own dates than with whatever he had just done with his mother.

Breathing a sigh of relief he quickly fled the scene of the crime.

Eric got himself another beer from the kitchen before catching his breath.

Was this really happening?

Could he actually go through with it?

Did his mother really want him to fuck her?

His mind was racing as he sucked down the beer. Instead of snapping himself out of it, the beer helped to dull the voice in his head that was telling him how wrong this was.

She is in my bedroom waiting for me...

Taking a final swig of his beer he set it on the counter and walked towards the stairs.

His heart raced as he approached his bedroom door.

He could see that the light was on and he heard music playing.

His mother looked incredible. She was standing in the middle of his room nervously awaiting their illicit rendezvous.

She was starting to think that he was going to back out when finally the door opened.

They looked at each other and all of their doubts melted away.

Wrong or not, this was going to happen.

He swiftly moved across the room and took her in his strong arms. Her hair swooped around them as he spun her around in their embrace.

Their lips met again and they kissed as if they were long lost lovers.

Her body melted into his.

Eric's hands explored her curves through the thin material of her dress. Her hips swayed as his hands slid up her sides and cupped her breasts.



She moaned into his mouth.

Diane's body was on fire.

She reached for his crotch and fondled his hard cock through his jeans. Not content she pulled apart his belt and ripped open his zipper.

Eric shimmied his hips to help her and his jeans and boxers fell to the floor. Diane's hands grabbed the bottom of her son's t-shirt and pulled it over his head.

She paused for a moment to take in the sight of her naked son standing before her with his rock hard cock inviting her to him.

She pushed him back onto his bed.

Eric positioned himself in the middle of his bed and waited for his mother to join him.

Standing at the foot of her son's bed, Diane reached behind her and unzipped her dress. She took the shoulder straps in each hand and peeled them from her shoulders.

Eric could see the hunger in her eyes as she released the dress. The silver material fell off of her in a blur leaving her dressed in only her underwear and high heels.

Diane always wore special underwear on New Year's Eve hoping that this would be the year that her husband would stay up.

This year she was wearing a black lace bra that that shimmered with small rhinestones.

The bra was tied together with a bow in the front instead of the standard clasp. The lace was so thin that her hard nipples were visible to Eric from across the room.

She wore a a ruffled lace garter belt that was just as thin as the bra and also allowed her milky white flesh to peek through the material. Beneath the ruffled edge of her garter belt was a pair of black silk thong panties that only barely covered her wet pussy.

The garter held up a pair of sheer black thigh high stocking that her son had already discovered earlier in the night.

Dancing to the music in his room Diane reached up and gently tugged on the bow holding her bra together. The thin lace material fell to her sides presenting her bare breasts to her son.

Eric couldn't take his eyes off of his mother who was now doing a strip tease for him. His cock slowly bounced up and down with the rhythm of his pulse as he watched his mother undressing.

How could his night that started so badly end up like this?

Diane let her hands trail down her sides hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her panties. Shaking her hips they slid down her long elegant legs.

She stepped out of her panties and using her right foot she hooked the toe of her high heel into them and kicked them up at her son.

Eric couldn't believe how incredibly sexy his mother was. He couldn't move when he saw a blur of black fabric fly at him landing on his face.

Her panties felt warm against his skin and smelled like her sex.

Diane stepped forward and crawled onto her son's bed knowing full well how wrong this was.

This was the last moment for either of them to stop before it was too late.

Her soft stocking-clad legs rubbed against him as she worked her way up his body. Looking down into Eric's eyes as she straddled his waist she pressed her dripping wet pussy against his hard cock.

Diane slowly rubbed her juices along the length of her son's cock.


She kept moaning and moving faster.

Eric couldn't take the teasing any more. Her grabbed his mother's hips and positioned the tip of his cock at the entrance to her waiting pussy. He pushed his hips up into her as he pulled her down onto his cock.


"OH GOD!!!"

Diane felt like she was going to explode. Her body quaked with her first orgasm in months. She pushed herself down onto him and gyrated her hips into his. Her pussy clenched down on his hard cock with each wave of orgasm that passed over her.

Panting, she sat on top of her son as her body trembled.

Eric couldn't believe that he just gave his mother an orgasm. He enjoyed the feeling of her pussy squeezing him in between her moans.

Diane looked down into Eric's eyes as her orgasm slowly subsided. She began rocking her hips into him, pushing his cock further inside of her.

They quickly fell into a rhythm with their thrusts. Eric could feel his mother's juices pouring out of her and covering his cock and balls while as she rode him.

Her hands gripped onto his firm chest as they bounced up and down on his bed.

Her fingers dug into his skin as he brought her closer to another climax.

Eric's cock pulsated inside of her as he shot his first burst of cum into his mother's pussy.

Feeling her son's cum pouring into her set her off and her pussy again squeezed tightly around his cock draining it of his cum.

They didn't move while they both came together. Out of breath and sweating Diane collapsed onto her son leaving his soft cock inside of her.

A lifetime passed before either of them moved.



"That was incredible."

"I know."

"Nobody can ever know about this."

"I know."

"But that doesn't mean that we can't do it again sometime."

"I was hoping you would say that."

"I need to get back to the party before anyone misses me."

"You're right."

"You stay here, if anyone asks I can tell them that you crashed early."

Eric watched as his mom slipped back into her silver dress without panties or bra.

Eric's warm sticky cum slowly dripped out of his mother's pussy as she moved across the room.

Closing the door behind her Diane turned back to her son and blew him a kiss before going back up to the party.

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Mum revists son

I would like to see the mother go back and fuck the son again . In the morning have sex with the husband starting with him eating her out. Then when they have fucked like now tomorrow and he eats her outmore...

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Fantastic delivery

This is how you do a quickie. Steamy and breathless. Electric. 5/5

(I should point out that there needs to be some proofreading, but it doesn't detract enough to warrant any further comment.)

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